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Feature Title: LUST DEMONS

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Lust Demons

This ritual is best first performed alone were you will not be interrupted or feel uninhibited by anyone!

First print out three sigils and have them with you. Be sure to let any sexual inhibitions that you have go for the time being. Think about what it is that you lust for most. What sexual act do you desire most? Free yourself, allow your cock to become erect , allow your pussy to become warm and wet, with the thought of it, the sight of it. Porn helps here. Watch how they freely commit sins and how much they enjoy doing it. Feel free to allow porn to play while doing the ritual.

Masturbate yourself and say the following aloud so Satan and his demons are able to hear you.

“Lord Satan, I dedicate my mind, body, soul and cock/cunt to your service.”

Allow your lust demons to possess me and empower me to spread your lust and sin upon the earth. Allow me to penetrate/be penetrated in your name. Allow me to corrupt others to commit these lustful acts with me.

(You alternatively may ask Satan for other things as well in return, wealth, fame, beauty, etc;)

Once you begin saying this you will feel a rush, an excitement when they enter the room. This is normal. Once they attach themselves and take possession of you, any pleasure you feel will be greatly intensified. It is an awesome experience, the feeling of power and pleasure they give you. If you wish you may also allow the demons to take control of your body and they will guide you in masturbation and pleasuring yourself during the ritual. Allow yourself to come to full orgasm at the end.

You may also make up your own dedications and use whatever wording best expresses your intentions. I always do my rituals several times a week and have become comfortable enough to have done them in front of my fuckbuddy a couple times. Its hot to ask him if he likes sucking my cock for Satan and hearing him say…

“MMMMmmmm Hhmmmmm.”

Don’t rush yourself, this maybe something that comes later if you feel comfortable with it in the future.

2 thoughts on “Lust Demons – Non-Fiction”

  1. Mmmmm love this one, I’m hard just reading the words, “Lord Satan, I dedicate my mind, body, soul and cock/cunt to your service.”

    1. HAIL LUST … “Lord Satan, I dedicate my mind, body, soul and cock/cunt to your service.” … ever since I was eleven years old … I have been dedicated to the cause… XP

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