Feature Writer: Libertine
Feature Title: Gail’s Halloween
Story Codes: FF, Black Mass, Anal, Toys, Satanic, Human Sacrifice. Sacrilege, Torture, Mutilation, Blood,
Author’s Note: I wrote this “to order” for a bisexual student who wanted a kidnap by lesbians and snuff story about herself.


Gail’s Halloween

Her aunt, the one she never liked very well, invited Gail to visit New Orleans, reserving a room at The Frenchman, a quaint hotel just outside the French Quarter. It was late October, and the muggy summer had given way to really nice weather. Gail, free to explore and learn, outfitted herself at one of those touristy boutiques, the better to experience Bourbon Street at night. She put on her new thong “panties”, no more cloth than it would take to cover her hand, and some black vinyl low slung very short shorts. A matching black vinyl halter top almost covered her breasts, which weren’t huge but which bulged out a bit around the edges. She put on her new black fuck-me pumps with 4-inch heels and a long black wig to cover her long brown hair. The final touch was more than enough “Gothic” black eye make-up, which suggested she might be related to a raccoon. She had no pockets, so she tucked the room key in her thong. She was too young to drink, and it was only walking distance, so she figured she didn’t need money or identification.

Any night, after dark, Bourbon Street is a crush of party goers, and this night was more crowded than usual, with jazz blaring from half a dozen bars. A dozen guys offered to buy her a drink or take her for a ride, and few groped her, which she found sort of flattering at first but then a bit frightening when one guy wouldn’t take no for an answer. “Listen, if it dresses like a whore and it struts like a whore, then it must be a whore. You’re asking for it.”

She was about to explain that she wasn’t old enough for that sort of thing when a husky female voice said, “Back off, Buster. She’s jail bait.” and the guy melted into the throng of people carrying plastic cups of beer or Margueritas. Gail looked and saw a striking blonde, probably six feet tall and built like a swimsuit model. For an instant, Gail thought she might be a plainclothes cop, but Gail didn’t think a cop would dress like that. She had a black dress with a zipper all the way up the front, and the top of the zipper was open to the navel, and the lower part was open pretty far, too. “You a tourist?”


“Sometimes we girls need to stick together, for mutual protection. Mind if I stick with you?”

“No, not at all. I’d be grateful. It is rather crowded, here, isn’t it? And some of these guys…”

“We’re safer together. Do you know your way around?”

“No, not really.”

“Let’s go down to Jackson Square, by the cathedral.”


“Would you like a Marguerita? I’m buying.”

“OK, thanks.”

“Here, take this one. I haven’t touched it. I’ll get another.”

The blonde bought another from a street vendor while Gail sipped at hers. She’d never had one before, but it tasted pretty good, fruity. “My name’s Wendy.” said the blonde, taking Gail’s elbow to guide her.


“Good. Follow me, Gail.”

They made it as far as Pirate’s Alley, in the gloom behind the cathedral, when Gail’s legs gave out. “I don’t understand.” she said, “I can’t seem to walk straight. I can’t be drunk, with one drink, can I?”

“Here, let me steady you, Gail.” That was the last voice Gail heard before she passed out.

When Gail regained her senses, she was lying on her side on a bare wooden floor in a dim room. Her wrists were taped together behind her back. She seemed to be alone, but then the blonde, Wendy, appeared with a small crowd of men and women. Wendy hauled Gail to her feet and turned her to face the crowd. “Nice, teen-age flesh. Cleaned up a bit, she’d look like a virgin. She might even be a virgin, for all I know. What am I bid?” Gail was really frightened then. She had lost her wig and heels, and she felt like a helpless school girl in front of these people.

“Come on, let’s see the goods.” said a hoarse-voiced man. Wendy released the strings of the halter and peeled the vinyl away from Gail’s breasts.

“See, womanly yet girlish. Nice pink nipples.” Wendy pinched Gail’s left nipple. “Responsive, too.” Gail was so embarrassed, and she couldn’t cover herself with her hands. Her mind was still fuzzy…she must have been drugged…and she didn’t even resist when Wendy pulled the vinyl shorts down to Gail’s knees. Wendy pulled the thong down, too, and took Gail’s room key. Gail kept her knees pressed together and tried to bend over. She couldn’t handle having all these men staring at her down there. “There you have it. What’s Jennifer Lopez got that this chick hasn’t got?”


“A better business manager.”

“Girlie, have you ever given head before?” called an unshaven man. Gail shook her head.

“Do you like to take it in the ass?” asked another. She shook herhead.

“Come on, what am I bid?” said Wendy.

“Shit.” said a bearded man in a fancy suit, “I can’t put her on the street, and if the word got out that she was in one of my houses…. You couldn’t pay me to take her off your hands.” In a few minutes, it was clear to Wendy there would be no quick sale. She shooed away the pimps. Then she blindfolded Gail and pushed her down a hallway and into another room.

“Esther, this is Gail. Gail, Esther, my room mate. Be a nice girl and say hello to Esther by licking her pussy.”

“No, I’ve never done that.”

Wendy forced Gail to her knees and, with a hand around the back of her neck, pushed her face toward Esther’s pussy. Gail felt smooth thighs against her ears and cheeks, and then her lips were pressed against the hairless lips of a woman’s vulva! “Lick!” Gail tentatively extended her tongue. The ammonia smell of stale urine made her pull back, but Wendy shoved hard and forced Gail to kiss the puffy lower lips. “Slide your tongue between her labia and lick that clit.” Gail couldn’t bring herself to do it.

“All right, brat, I’ll give you some motivation.” While Wendy held Gail down, Esther got up and came back with a bottle with a long, tapered neck, which she slid across Gail’s breast, so she could feel it. It might have been a wine bottle. Gail cried out as Wendy unexpectedly thrust the mouth of the bottle into Gail’s anus. “Now, you do as I say,or I’ll push this bottle deeper and deeper until your asshole tears wide open. Understand?”

Gail already felt terribly raped by the bottle. “Yes, I’ll do as you say. Just don’t….”

Again Gail’s mouth was forced against Esther’s cunt, but Gail did as she was told and explored Esther’s vulva with her tongue, even sucking on Esther’s large clit until Esther came with a gush which drenched Gail’s face.

“Now do me.” Gail repeated the performance on Wendy’s naked cunt, making Wendy come three times before being allowed to lift her head.

With the bottle still in her ass, Gail was made to straddle a bench and her ankles were taped to the legs of the bench. Then a rope between her taped wrists pulled her downward into a squatting position, knees bent, with the base of the bottle against the bench. The rope was tied off, and Gail was left in an awful position. Her whole weight was supported by her bent legs, with the muscles in the front of her thighs keeping her knees from bending further. If she allowed her knees to bend, the bottle would be forced deeper into her body, stretching her anus. Minutes went by, and Gail’s muscles ached with the strain.

“Please.” she called out.”I can’t stand the pain!” At one point, she couldn’t help relaxing her legs for just an instant, and the bottle stretched her anus painfully, making her strive to support her weight. “Unnngh!” she groaned, and sank once again toward the bench, raping her ass with the bottle. Finally, her tortured muscles could stand it no longer. She fell back on the bottle, taking the weight of her body on her tortured anus, while her thigh muscles, the quadriceps femoris, twitched uncontrollably with a searing pain.

Gail felt Wendy and Ester lift her up and remove the bottle. She could feel blood trickle down from her torn anus. “She’ll learn to take it in the ass.” said Wendy. Gail, of course, could not see what she was doing, but Wendy drove a corkscrew deep into the end of a cucumber. She lubricated the end and pushed half the cucumber into Gail’s rectum, so it stretched Gail’s anus. Using the corkscrew as a handle, she fucked Gail’s ass with the cucumber, while Gail struggled to escape it.

Esther said something Gail couldn’t hear, and Wendy pushed the cucumber all the way in, so that Gail’s anus more or less closed around the shank of the corkscrew and the handle prevented the cucumber from getting lost inside her. The two women rolled Gail onto her back and forced her knees up toward her chest. They passed some sort of strap behind Gail’s back and her bound arms, with the ends coming forward at the arm pits. They passed the strap behind Gail’s knees and fastened the ends together. As they tightened it, Gails thighs mashed her breasts, forcing them together and she rolled up, with her vulva facing the ceiling.

Someone poured a vile tasting drink into Gail’s mouth, strongly flavored with lime or something. They pinched her nostrils to make sure she swallowed it all, and then they made her drink a quart or more of water, so her stomach felt it would burst. They lifted her and hung her on a wall, the strap between her bound arms over a hook in the wall. Then they left her to suffer.

Time dragged. There were gassy gurgling sounds in Gail’s belly, and the pain of guts stretching. Her rectum filled, but she couldn’t shit, for the cucumber blocked the exit. Finally, her tortured intestines spasmed as if in knots,and with a scream she propelled the cucumber from her burning anus. It was followed by a gush of smelly stuff and then dribbles for what must have been hours. Finally, the pain subsided, and she thought she could smell lime; the vile stuff had gone right through her!

In time, she heard some sounds of traffic, and she figured it must be dawn. Then Wendy and Esther returned. “Look at that.

Little girl Gail has made a mess of herself.”

“All the better to take it in the ass.”

Gail felt them hosing her off, and sluicing the shit down some sort of drain, she supposed. They shoved the hose into her rectum and kept pushing as the water spewed out her anus around the hose. She could feel the hose turning a corner, reaching way up inside her almost to her ribs, before they stopped rinsing her out. “Should we?” asked Esther.

“Why not.” replied Wendy. “She’ll enjoy it.”

Curled up as she was, Gail’s vulva was thrust upward and outward.

They positioned the hose at the upper juncture of Gail’s outer labia and taped it in position, so that the water ran down her genital groove like a river down a canyon. The initial thrust of the water beat on her clitoris, and then it ran between her inner labia, making them flutter, and swirled around the entrance to Gail’s vagina, before it finally splashed to the floor. She had never felt anything even vaguely like it, an unrelenting stimulation of her clitoris and vagina which sent tingles through her. The sensation built and built, until Gail experienced an orgasm the like of which she hadn’t even dreamed of, reading romance novels about explosions in the loins.

No sooner had she caught her breath than it started building again, slowly but relentlessly, until once again her mind was blown by a super orgasm. Then there was another and another. The cumulative effect was like a drug. She had no conception of time; everything was in the present, and each orgasm was like the very first, for she could hardly remember the last. She lost track of time and number, fifty? A hundred? Who cared? Unlike a finger or a vibrator, the water didn’t rub her sensitive membranes, so they did not get sore or numb from over stimulation.

Sometime, hours later?, they ripped off the hose and lifted Gail down from her hook. “Need a drink?”

“Yes, please. And I’m very hungry.”

“You can have a Coke. You can’t have anything solid, after all the work we did cleaning you out.” They untied her, but left the blindfold on. They put her on her feet, but she was too wobbly to stand, so they let her sit and sip her drink. The doorbell rang.

“Back to work, bitch.” Wendy answered the door, while Esther bent Gail over a bar stool, belly down, and tied her hands and feet to the rungs of the stool. Her rump was uppermost, and her head was somewhere near her knees. The visitors were several men. They raped her ass and stuffed their dicks down her throat, but never bothered with her vagina. Gail thought she must have swallowed a cup of cum, and another cupful was running down her thighs. There was no pleasure in it, only a sore jaw and a burning ass hole.

Another few visitors came in, and it was more of the same, except that one “client” douched her ass with a bottle of soda, unwilling to take sloppy seventeeth. Another, when he was done, left a burning cigarette in her anus and watched her squirm as it burned down and heated the tender skin around the anus. She was saved from a serious burn only by the timely arrival of another man, who was impatient for her ass.

When more customers failed to show up, the women made Gail eat out their pussies and then tied her, spread-eagle, on a bed, where she was able to get some sleep.

Morning, however, brought more torment. Two more lesbians showed up, and the four of them made Gail go down on them. One even insisted Gail “rim” her anus. By now, Gail was light-headed from hunger and abuse; she hardly cared, just did what she was told.

Someone put a vacuum cleaner hose over Gail’s left nipple and tried to suck her breast into it. That hurt. One put Gail on her back on the floor, then sat on Gail’s stomach while she used a rolling pin on Gail’s breasts. Three of them held Gail down while someone poured nail polish remover over Gail’s clit, laughing as Gail thrashed and screamed and cursed them all for burning her cunt.

One of them said, “I’ve never seen it done. Let’s hang her by her tits.”

“OK, I’ve got some clothesline.” It took some experimentation, but they finally had Gail’s breasts looking like round, ripe tomatoes, and they hauled her up until her toes left the floor.

The pain wasn’t as bad as the nail polish in the cunt, and there was even a sexually stimulating component, some sort of nervous connection with her crotch. Still, the women decided to stop Gail’s protests with a gag. Then they took turns whipping her with a cane or a fishing rod or such, all over, even her tortured tits, until her body was a mass or red welts. They lifted her ankles and held them far apart, while someone poured a hot liquid over Gail’s pubic hair, all the way back to her anus. The liquid cooled to a semi-solid mass. They must have embedded an eye or a rope in the mass, for when the women released Gail’s ankles, she did not fall. She hung there, almost upside down, with most her weight supported by her pubic hair. With a ripping noise her entire pubic bush tore loose from her body. Her pelvis dropped and she swung like a pendulum from her bound breasts.

A phone rang, and Wendy answered it. “Got a customer.” They lowered Gail to the floor and unwound the rope from around her tortured tits. The sensation, as blood flow was restored, overwhelmed her. A finger slid between her labia. “Yup, she’s wet. We’d better get her cleaned up.”

“Should we wash off that awful eye make-up?”

“Naw, let’s just leave the blindfold on. Help me massage her tits, so they will look fairly normal, and then, while we wait, she can lick our pussies.

Gail was in no shape to resist whatever they wanted to do to her.

She was tired, thirsty, hungry, and bruised all over. The blindfold prevented her seeing; she didn’t even know where she was or what time of day it was. She just couldn’t think straight.

He jaws and tongue were tired by the time the buyers arrived.

The buyers examined the goods, and seemed happy to get a good looking teen-age girl. “You say she’s a virgin?”

“Oh, yes.” assured Wendy. “She’s never had a man’s prick in her cunt.”

“Is that so, girl?”


“OK, we’ll take her off your hands.” Gail, still blindfolded and with her wrists taped behind her back, was stuffed into a trunk.

The lid was closed. The trunk was carried out and placed in a vehicle. Gail could not tell the time, but it seemed a long ride, with not many stops, so she concluded they were no longer in New Orleans, were likely in a rural area. She felt the trunk being lifted and carried and dropped on a hard floor.

When the lid was opened, they hauled Gail out and stood her, naked, barefoot, on a wooden floor. The tape which bound her wrists and the blindfold were removed. She saw that she was in a place like a church, but it was crazy. The candles were black. Behind the altar was a heavy wooden cross, but it was upside down, with the crossbar at the bottom. Her new “owners” were dressed in black hooded robes, like monks, except that some were women who let their robes fall open. They were naked underneath, with their pubic hair removed. The one in charge seemed to be an older woman with pendulous breasts and an apron of fat that hung half way over her cunt. She wore a heavy gold chain with a pentacle pendant. Number two was thin and wrinkled and toothless.

She looked as if she had died and been dried out, a walking corpse.

“Welcome to the church of Saint Syphilis.” said the fat one. She wheezed a little laugh. “It’s All Hallows Eve, Halloween, time for a black mass, and you are the guest of honor, our human sacrifice.”

The words, “human sacrifice.” really got Gail’s attention. Not even thinking, she bolted for the door, though the chances of escaping, naked, out in the bayous of Louisiana, were pretty slim. She didn’t get twenty feet before she was tackled and buried under robed bodies. “Shall I pluck her eyes out?” asked the thin one.

“She won’t escape.” replied the fat one. “Let her see what’s in store.” Turning to some of the “sisters”, she added.”Put some weights in that trunk. We’re going to have to sink the body when we are through. Before we start the service,we need to make the communion wine and consecrate the host.”

Struggle was useless. They lifted the cross down and laid it on the altar. They lifted Gail and placed her on her back, atop the cross. Her feet they pulled apart and bound to the cross beam, the soles flat against what would be the vertical surface of the cross. Necessarily, then, her knees were bent, even as her “virgin” cunt was obscenely displayed between her widespread thighs. Somehow, it was worse, with no pubic hair. It was all so exposed. They bent her arms back and tied her hands to the upright of the cross, behind her head. The dried up hag brought communion wafers. She fingered Gail’s exposed labia and clitoris until her vagina fairly oozed pussy juice. Then each wafer was dipped into Gail’s exposed vagina, until they had several dozen.

For the communion wine, they needed virgin’s blood. The fat one teased Gail’s clit to stiffness, then deftly sliced the tip off with a razor. The erect clitoris, like an erect penis, is engorged with blood. Gail howled with despair, if not actual pain, as she half filled a silver communion chalice. While the thin witch added wine and stirred, the monks picked up the cross and erected it behind the altar.

Now Gail was “crucified” on an upside down cross. With her arms beside her ears, she could not support any of her weight with her arms. Her strangely spread and bent lower limbs, with her toes pointed straight down, had to support her, but the strain on her muscles was extreme, much as it was when she was straining to keep the bottle from stretching her anus. The church filled with “monks” and “nuns”, who genuflected before Gail and took their places, standing, for the service. Blood from her severed clitoris dribbled from between her legs until the fat one cauterized the wound, stopping the bleeding, with a glowing hot poker. “The Devil’s mark!” she said, louder than Gail’s sobs of anguish, and she drew a pentagram on Gail’s hairless mons veneris, just above her labia.

The mass itself was incomprehensible, recited in Latin, backwards. Gail caught very few words, but she heard from time to time the names of devils or demons: Magog, Baal, Beelzebub, Asmodeus, Astaroth, Abbaddou, Azazel, Belial, Leviatian, Mammon, Pafman, Ariton, and, several times, Satan. At one point, the fat one turned to Gail, proclaimed, “Satan’s penis”, and thrust a huge, spiked phallus into Gail’s virgin vagina. The invading tool was supported by a telescoping rod, braced against the crossbar of the cross, so Gail needed every bit of effort to hold her body up. If her knees bent even a bit more, Satan’s rod would rend her vagina. Her sobs and cries nearly drowned out the rest of the ritual, as she pleaded for relief. It was not coming.

As the ceremony ended, the thin witch touched Gail with a cattle prod, sending a jolt of electricity through her anus and perineum. Her muscles contracted, momentarily lifting her up, so the barbed penis lacerated her vaginal walls. Then, exhausted, her muscles gave out, and she sank down on the Devil’s tool, which displaced her womb and tore into her abdominal cavity. She knew then that she was going to die. Even if she were rescued, she would die of peritonitis over the next few days, and there was no way a surgeon could repair her ruined sex organs. She sank further, almost squatting as the spiked penis tore through her guts. She did not suffer much longer, however, for, to the accompaniment of chanting, the Satanic priestess took a box cutter and slit Gail from between her breasts, down the midline of her belly, almost to the Devil’s brand above her stuffed and ruined cunt. Initially, the incision didn’t hurt much, for the blade was sharp and it was cutting through connective tissue.

However, when the witch thrust both hands into Gail’s abdomen and began to pull out loops of intestines. Gail shrieked and fainted, never to regain consciousness.