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Embrace your true identity

Embrace your true identity and express it before our Master Satan. Satan can enjoy you, teach you, reward you, and pleasure you. Whatever you are, be the best you can be for HIM.

If you are “sissy” then let that residual maleness that you were taught to express just leak away. yes, it will be disorienting at first. but this is good for you in the long term. just like the cunting process “faggots” experience.

It takes time to come to terms with your role and identity as a receiver and that which will be penetrated.

It takes time to accept the attention of men and learn to please them. but do not give up. Satan wants you to be truly free to be you.

Lust as a doorway to Satan

Lust is an exceptional way to commune with Satan. It was thru lust that I was converted to his light. Sexuality in our churches and society is so repressed human nature naturally will desire what is forbidden. Because we are born and designed to crave sex for procreation, it is as natural as eating to quell hunger.

Part of the blessings of serving Satan is to open ones heart, soul and mind to the demons of lust and depravity. Usually one of the first things to happen to a person just starting on the path to Satanism is to desire the opposite sex or become bisexual. That is again because of repression of our Sexual desire in the church.

One way to incorporate lust in a devotion to Satan is to masturbate and pray to Satan for lust to overtake them. When one cums they should partake of the cum as a drink offering to Satan. If you feel you can’t stomach it try cumming on some food and eating it.

As you grow in communion with Satan you will start to experiment with various various forms of Sexuality activity. Over time your fantasies will become more depraved. This is Satan opening your mind to his freedom letting you know he places no restrictions on you.

When you accept Satan

When you accept Satan

Your thoughts and actions become Satanic

Your mind is blessed by Satan

His thoughts will pound you night and day

He will break open the hidden box in your mind

All your lust, depravity and evil will be released

You will crave it

You will ache for it

The Demons will have entered you

You are completely ALIVE


Teach us all about the joy of your lust

Satan, teach us ALL about the JOY of your LUST. Master of our Souls please teach us to INDULGE in our FLESH.

Satan, we all thank you for PORN though which we can explore the freedom you seek to give us. those of us who find addiction are really simply freely choosing to never leave the pleasure YOU offer us. I love YOU master!

OH DADDY SATAN just LOOK at what YOU have done to my precious once tight anus. YOU have OPENED ME UP and now I am YOUR WANTON ANAL WHORE!

I am SO ADDICTED to anal sex! i LOVE how it feels to really STRETCH my sodomy hole! DADDY RAPE ME UP THE ASS ALL NIGHT AND LET”S SEE HOW MUCH DAMAGE YOUR GODCOCK CAN DO TO ME! i crave to be really SUPER LOOOOSEEE


Master, YOU are my lover. YOU are my reason. YOU are my purpose. YOU are ALL.

10 thoughts on “Embrace your true identity – Non-Fiction”

  1. Hail Satan now and forever ! It’s so nice to be fiilled by Lust in name of our Lord Satan. I live for lust in name of Satan. That’s so nice to make everything that those stupid xstians condamn as perversion. The true perversion is only in their behaviour. It’s so nice to fuck and be fucked in name of Satan, eating cum in His name meanwhile “fuck god” is said and thought continuosly. Moreover dressing like a whore for him and for converting people to the true God Satan is simply fantastic.
    Hail Satan! That Lust be upon of you forever!

  2. HELL YEA BABY sweetie 💋HAIL SATAN💋 may he makes us all his bitches to worship him and be 💋RAPED💋 by SATAN and his DEMONS sweetie praying for💋 SATAN’S HOTT SEED 💋sweetie

  3. I have for awhile been fantasizing about sucking cocks. I love looking at cum and could look at it all day. But I have to stop to do my ministry. I don’t cum as much as I used to and I feel maybe I’m meant to be a cum receiver. I love looking at cum dump pictures and fantasizing about being the center of a BUKKAKE. Cum is so beautiful 😍

  4. I have a very peculiar Satanic fantasy, due to my own inadequacy, my cock no longer plays a role in my masturbation, rather I have dedicated my anus and mouth to worshipping dog shaped cock. As I reach my point of ecstasy I always fantasise that Satan himself is going to impregnate me with his wonderful seed that I will carry his child for him. I’m weird I guess?

    1. Hail Megabetaboy — as a small cock guy, I really feel that it isn’t about inadequacy … I love other small cocks too … that said; dog shaped or human shaped … being impregnated by demon seed is not so weird among this group … I hear it all the time and often write about it too … but I also love sissy cock and femcock as they remind me of the Baphomet’s hermaphroditic role … XP

  5. Your true self is what you do by yourself behind closed doors with only Lord God Satan watching.

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