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Convent Education

Mary hated school. She hated the teachers, she hated most of her classmates, she hated the pressure of exams and above all, she hated the pressure of conforming to a set of material values that had no meaning to her, just to be accepted by the so called “in crowd”.

About the only things she was good at were sucking cock and fucking. She began giving head at the tender age of nine to some of the older boys in the area, and by the time she turned ten she was an expert. It was just after her tenth birthday that a boy popped her cherry and she had been fucking ever since.

It was of immense relief to her to be able to leave school at fifteen and even although she had no qualifications, she knew exactly what she wanted to do with her life. For many years she had told her family that she was going to become a nun and dedicate her life to the church. It therefore surprised no one when the day after she left the school for the last time, she packed a small case and presented herself at the door of the closest nunnery that was about forty miles from what used to be her home.

Now, Mary wasn’t stupid. She fully realized that she would have to give up sex when she joined a convent and she figured that she could suppress her desires. This however proved to be far more difficult than she first thought.

She was placed in a dormitory with seven other trainee nuns and she was always horny when she woke up in the morning. She masturbated regularly but her moans and the movement of her hands beneath the bedclothes left her roommates in no doubt what she was up to.

She was reported to the Mother Superior who punished her and gave strict instructions that she was not to touch herself between the legs again. Although she really did try to obey, her burning clit demanded attention and it wasn’t very long before she was rubbing herself off and naturally
she was reported again. The Mother Superior decided to wash her hands of the problem child and sent her to a different convent.

Within the space of six months, she was in six different convents all with the same results.

That was why she found herself getting off a bus in the middle of nowhere and as it pulled away, she saw a sign at the bottom of a gravel drive said Convent of Saint Venus – All Will Be Made Welcome. As Mary trudged up the long drive, she was filled with a sense of resignation that
this would be just another large house in which she would spend a few weeks without making any friends before moving on. As her eyes glimpsed the building through the surrounding trees, she tried to place the name of Saint Venus. She thought she knew the names of all the Saints, but Venus was new to her.

Thankfully the sisters of Saint Venus were not required to take a vow of silence and the nun who answered the door was very nice, and after listening to Mary, she showed her into a side room. She introduced herself as Sister Alice and told Mary to take a seat and she would return in a few
moments with the Mother Superior.

While she waited for them to return, she gazed out of the window at the well kept gardens and her eyes were drawn to the young man who was removing the weeds and generally tiding up. The heat of the mid day sun blazed down on him as he worked. He had removed his shirt and a thin film of sweat covered his upper body making it shine like polished bronze. He looked to
be in his late teens and as Mary continued to watch, he stopped to catch his breath and wiped the sweat from his brow with the back of his arm. Mary felt a tingling between her legs as she drank in the sight of the muscles rippling just below his skin and she resisted the temptation of slipping her hand up her habit and fingering her moist cunt.

Her daydream was broken with the sound of the door opening and Sister Alice came in with another woman. Both women were dressed in the simple black habit of the order tied with a rope around the waist. Alice looked to be about nineteen or twenty and the Mother Superior was much younger than Mary thought she would be. It was difficult to tell because of the black wimple that covered her head and sides of her face but Mary estimated her age to be late thirties and certainly no more than forty.

“Good afternoon my child,” the Mother Superior said motioning with her hand for Mary to sit beside her.

Mary returned the woman’s greeting as she sat in the chair beside her and she pulled a sealed envelope out of her habit.

“My last Reverend Mother asked me to give you this,” she said handing the envelope over and she sat quietly whilst the woman opened it and read the contents of the letter.

Eventually the woman looked up and said, “You’ve been a member of quite a few of our orders, my child. Why have you moved around so much?”

“Well, I’ve had a few problems Reverend Mother,” Mary answered evasively.

Not being put off by the reply, the woman probed, “What kind of problems Mary?”

Mary was silent for a few moments trying to think how she could best phrase her answer and she eventually responded, “I sometimes find it hard to control my sexual desires Reverend Mother.”

The Mother Superior nodded slowly and then asked yet another question. “What do you think your last sin was Mary?”

The Mother Superior raised an eyebrow when Mary immediately responded, “Lust.”

“Lust,” the woman repeated looking across the table at Alice. “Please explain.”

“Just before you came into the room, I was looking out the window at the young man in the garden and I had lustful thoughts,” she replied.

“I see,” the Mother Superior replied getting up from her chair and crossing to the window. She gazed at the young man who was still working away and thought for a long moment. Turning her back on the window she took a deep breath and said, “You’ll find that we have a much more liberal view of lust and sex here compared to our sister orders, and that is why you’ve been sent to us. Would I be right in thinking that you’re not a virgin?”

Mary looked into the woman’s face and held her head high as she replied, “You would be correct, Mother Superior.”

The woman smiled and said, “Just Mother will do Mary.” The girl nodded her understanding and listened as the woman continued, “Have you had much sex Mary?”

Mary thought this to be a strange line of questioning but she replied, “Yes, quite a bit.”

“And with different partners?” the woman persisted.

“I’ve have quite a few boyfriends,” Mary acknowledged.

Alice spoke for the first time and asked, “Have you ever had sex with another girl?”

The memories of hot summer nights spent sharing a bed with her best friend Helen flooded Mary’s mind and she nodded her reply and nodded again when Alice asked huskily, “Did you enjoy it?”

As Mary sat looking between Alice and the Mother Superior wondering what the hell was going on, Alice got up from her chair and went to stand beside the woman.

The Mother superior cleared her throat and began to explain. “I think you are suitable to join our convent Mary, but you have to understand and accept our lifestyle first.”

Mary looked puzzled, and the woman continued, “I have already told you that we have a very liberal attitude to sex and Alice will now show you what I mean.”

Mary watched in amazement as Alice began pulling her habit up and Mary’s mouth dropped open as she revealed her naked cunt and the thick spunk that was oozing out of her hole and coating the inside of her legs. The outer lips were still swollen and very red revealing that she had been fucked not long ago. The Mother Superior looked down and pulled her finger over
Alice’s swollen cunt lips to scoop up some of the sperm and pop it in her mouth.

Mary’s mind was in a whirl and she couldn’t think of anything to say except, “Where did you get the spunk?”

Alice replied, “We have four Fathers live with us. Father Matthew and Father John have been ordained and Fathers Mark and Luke are trainees.”

The Mother Superior then explained, “We do not believe in celibacy Mary. We have about fifteen nuns here in the convent and they all allow the Fathers to be intimate with them. The Fathers also know and accept that the girls also have sex with each other.”

Mary could feel her cunt moisten again as she returned her eyes to Alice’s fuck hole that was still on display and the Mother Superior continued, “All the nuns here have a very high sexual appetite and that is why the Sisters of Venus were formed. Now, do you still want to join us?”

Mary thought for no more than a few seconds and answered, “Fucking right I do.”

She stood up and crossed the room towards the two women.

“Can I have some of that spunk?” she asked Alice.

“Help yourself,” she answered, parting her legs as Mary sank to her knees in front of her.

As Mary pulled Alice’s cunt lips apart even more spunk ran out and she glued her mouth over the open hole and sucked the slime down her throat.

She quickly cleaned out Alice’s fuck hole and then glued her lips over the girl’s prominent clit and lashed it with her tongue. Alice gasped at Mary’s touch and dropped her hands to the back of her head pulling her harder into her sex.

The Mother Superior watched the two girls for a few minutes with her fingers pressing the fabric of her habit between her legs with small circular motions. She bent over and kissed Alice full on the lips allowing her tongue to roam around in the girl’s mouth, patted Mary lightly on the back of the head and said to Alice, “Get her settled in and tell her to be at my office at 2 o’clock.”

Alice only had time to nod once before she groaned loudly and started to shudder as she orgasmed. The Mother Superior smiled and left the girls in the room.

About half an hour later, Alice showed Mary to her room, or cell, as it was more properly called. This was the first time since joining any convent that Mary had had a room of her own and she bounced up and down on the bed nodding approvingly.

“Okay,” Alice said opening the drawers beside the bed. “You have two habits and you are responsible for keeping them clean.” Mary nodded and she continued, “You also have one wimple that no one bothers to wear unless you go outside or we have guests who are not of our order. You’ll be told if we have guests and if you go outside for any reason, you must wear it.”

“Okay,” Mary agreed as Alice shut the drawer and opened the one below it.

“Panties,” Alice said pulling a pair out and tossing them at Mary. “You don’t have to wear them but some of the fathers prefer that you do. Especially Father John.”

Mary smiled and asked, “What are the fathers like?”

“They’re nice,” Alice replied promptly. “They are always horny but with over twenty nuns to satisfy you don’t exactly get fucked regularly but it’s enough to stop you going crazy. Besides if the Fathers are occupied there’s always plenty of cunt to go round. Most nights you’ll find one or
two girls fucking each other and other nights it’s ten or twelve.”

Mary could feel her slit begin to juice up again and she asked, “What time is it.”

“Don’t worry,” Alice answered. “It’s only about one o’clock. You’ve plenty of time before you have to be at the Reverend Mothers office.”

“Good,” Mary said standing up and pulling her habit over her head. She was completely naked and she flopped back on the bed and looked up at Alice.

“Please fuck me,” she said spreading her legs apart.


At two o’clock precisely, Mary knocked on the door of the Mother Superior’s office and opened the door when a masculine voice said, “Come in.”

The Mother Superior was bent over the desk with her habit pushed up around her waist. A church candle was jammed into her cunt with only the last few inches sticking out and a nun, that Mary hadn’t met yet, was very slowly pulling a string of rosary beads out of the woman’s asshole. In the corner of the room, sitting on a sofa was a man dressed in a brown monk’s robe. The robe was up around his waist and he was gently fisting his erect cock as he watched the Mother Superior build to her climax.

“Come in my child,” he repeated with a smile. “You must be Mary.”

Mary nodded her head and crossed the room as he patted the seat beside him. She sat down and he said, “I’m Father John, Mary.” As he spoke, he reached out and ran his fingers over her chest and gently fondled her breasts. He couldn’t judge the size of the girl’s tits because of the loose fitting habit she wore, but his fingers told him that her breasts were firm and the hard nipple pressed into the palm of his hand.

“You have nice tits Mary,” he said.

“Thank you father,” she replied, her eyes darting between his cock that was leaking pre-cum and the Mother Superior who was moaning continually as the young nun beside her worked two fingers into her shit hole. “Would you like to see them?”

“Later my child,” he replied. “Are you wearing panties? Those, I would really like to see.”

She pulled her habit up around her waist and then sat back down on the sofa with her legs drawn up and her knees wide apart.

Father John reached out slowly and very gently ran his hand over the outline of her slit. “That’s a beautiful sight Mary,” he said.

She had just put on the underwear and they were sparkling white and unstained. His thumb was rubbing harder over her cunt now and the material was being pushed between her outer lips. Mary was sure that he would either pull the material to the side or slip his fingers into the leg hole to get to her cunt, but his voice was husky and the pre-cum was flowing much faster out of his prick as he said, “I have to go and fuck the Reverend Mother up the ass Mary, but I’d be very grateful if you make your panties wet for me. I love wet panties.”

She looked a bit confused and then asked, “Do you want me to piss in them or cum in them Father?”

He thought for a few seconds and replied, “Do you get wet when you cum?”

“Very,” she confirmed feeling her little cunt respond and begin to drip.

He groaned slightly and said, “Then please cum in them Mary. I’ll lie in my bed tonight with your dirty panties over my face and jack off my cock thinking about you.”

As he stood up and crossed over to the desk, Mary pushed her hand into the waistband of her panties and slid two fingers up her fuck hole.

The nun with her fingers driving in and out of the Mother Superior’s asshole looked up at the priest as he approached and said fondly, “She’s ready now Father. Fuck her hard.”

“Thank you Ruth,” he responded as the nun reached out to grasp his cock and pull him towards the woman’s shitter.

The woman cried out as the Father’s cock stretched her asshole and she pushed back as he slid up her bowels. Ruth got onto her knees at their side and grasped the thick candle that was protruding from the Mother Superiors cunt. There was only about four inches of the candle sticking out from between her legs and Ruth found it difficult to hold because of the thick cunt cream that was covering its surface.

She began slowly pulling nearly six inches of the candle from the woman’s fuck hole before plunging it back in again. Father John was shafting the Mother’s shit hole with long smooth strokes and Ruth increased the speed of her fucking until she matched the man’s thrusts. Mother Superior was groaning constantly as she repeatedly orgasm-ed and Mary had three fingers jammed inside her panties and far up her cunt as she watched the show.

Father John’s prick was flashing in and out of the woman’s shit hole and he gasped, “I’m going to cum Ruth.”

The girl immediately raised her other hand and drove her index finger between his ass cheeks and into his bowels. As she massaged the inside of his shitter, he gritted his teeth and blasted his hot spunk up the Mother Superiors asshole. At the exact moment of his ejaculation, Ruth drove the candle fully up the woman’s cunt causing her to climax again. As the Mother Superior screamed and her body shuddered and convulsed, Mary also orgasm-ed and spurted her cunt cream into the already wet crotch of her panties.

Ruth pulled her finger out of Father John’s asshole and pulled his softening cock out of the woman’s bowels before sucking it into her mouth and licking the shaft clean. The Mother Superior stood up slowly and as she did so, she clenched her cunt muscles to expel the candle, which fell to the floor with a loud thump.

Mary pulled her fingers out of her hole and pushed her panties into her slimy slit to catch the last drops of her cum. As Father John walked back to the sofa, Mary stood up, dropped her now heavily stained underwear to the floor and picked them up to hand to him. He brought the garment to his nose and sighed contentedly as he breathed in her fragrance.

“Wonderful Mary,” he said. “Your cunt smells wonderful.”

He smiled at them all before turning and leaving the room.

Having recovered from her fuck, the Reverend Mother introduced Mary to Ruth and then said that the rest of the day they could do as they pleased but that Mary was to report back to her tomorrow morning and she would introduce her to the other Fathers


The Fathers office was much bigger than the Mother Superiors and when she ushered Mary inside all four Fathers were present. The woman made the introductions and Mary solemnly shook their hands. All of the Fathers were wearing an identical brown cassock and all had short hair although not severely short. She had already met Father John so she concentrated on the other three. Father Mathew was in his early forties and stood about 5 foot 10 inches tall. He had a pleasant face enhanced with laughter lines around the eyes and looked fit and tanned. The two trainees, Father’s Mark and Luke were both in their late twenties and were identical in height at
exactly six foot tall. The loose cassocks hid their bodies but even so, the girl could see that they were well built and fit men.

Father John broke the ice by reaching below his robe and pulling out Mary’s dirty panties from the previous afternoon.

“I’m returning your panties,” he said passing them over.

She tried to unfold the material but found the gusset stuck together with dried spunk. As she pulled it apart, she grinned and said, “I’m glad you found them useful.”

She sucked at the stain in the briefs tasting her own cunt and Father John’s sperm and the other three men smiled at her sluttish behavior.

Father Mathew spoke up and said, “I have to do the rounds this morning with Father Luke. Perhaps you’d like to come with us Mary.”

Mary nodded and then asked, “What rounds?”

Father John answered saying, “In addition to the nuns such as yourself who live in the main house, we have four small houses scattered in the grounds. They’re no more that a living room, bathroom and bedroom and we allow some of the local people to use them for a short time if they’re having trouble at home. At the moment three are occupied and one is empty.”

Father Matthew spoke up again and said, “If you give me a moment Mary whilst I collect my notepad, we’ll get going.”

He left the room leaving Mary to stand and wait and the Mother Superior walked over to where Father John and Father Mark were sitting and dropped to her knees in front of them. Her head was bowed as she said, “Forgive me Fathers because I have sinned.”

A slight smile crossed Father Mark’s young face and he replied, “Confess your sin to me Reverend Mother.”

“I’ve had lustful thoughts about you and Father John ever since I came into the room.” she said raising her eyes to look him in the eyes.

“Don’t worry Mother Superior,” he answered pulling up his robe and allowing his erect cock to spring free. “I’m sure we’ll be able to satisfy your lustful thoughts.”

“Nice prick,” Mary thought, getting no more than a glimpse of the 8-inch long shaft before the Reverend Mother bent forward and sucked it into her throat.

Father John had just stood up to reveal his brown robe being tented by his cock when Father Matthew came back into the room and smiled at the young Father’s prick sliding in and out of the Reverend Mothers throat. Mary’s cunt was just beginning to juice up nicely at the loud slurping noises coming from the woman’s mouth, and she was slightly disappointed when Father Matthew said, “Right Father Luke, Mary. Let’s go.”

It was a beautiful summer’s morning as they walked through the grounds of the convent and Father Matthew consulted his notebook and briefed Mary about who they were going to see.

“Lorna Taylor and her family are in the first house. She has a six-year-old daughter called Stacy and a two-year-old son named Jake. Both she and her husband have a history of drinking binges and they normally end up in fights. When the husband starts beating up on the kids, she normally has the sense to get them out of the house for a while.”

Mary listened carefully to what Father Matthew was saying and tried not to be distracted by Father Luke’s hand caressing her butt as she walked. She flashed the young man a few quick smiles to encourage him and turned her attention back to the older priest.

Father Matthew glanced back to see what his young protégé was up to and continued, “You will have gathered that this is not her first time here and she’s been staying in the house for just over two weeks.”

They all stood on the doorstep as Father Matthew knocked the door. Father Luke gently took Mary’s hand and placed it on the front of his robe where she could feel his hard cock beneath the material. She gave the shaft a squeeze and had just started to stroke him when the door opened.

She was surprised to hear his quiet laughter as she quickly snatched her hand away and Father Matthew said, “Hello Stacy.” He turned to Mary and said, “Mary, this is Stacy.”

Mary gazed down at the little girl who had opened the door. She was dressed in a floral patterned summer dress that stopped just above her knees. Her feet were bare and her round face was framed with thick curls of her blonde hair.

“Oh, she’s gorgeous,” Mary said squatting down in front of the child and holding out her hand. “I’m very pleased to meet you Stacy,” she said. “My names Mary.”

“Hello Mary,” Stacy replied. “I haven’t seen you before. Are you new here?”

“Yes I am,” Mary confirmed standing up to take the child’s hand and follow the two Fathers into the house.

Lorna Taylor was sitting on the sofa in the living room wearing a white blouse and a black skirt that was short enough to give a good view of her thighs when she was sitting. The material of the blouse was quite thin and clearly showed off her bra-less tits beneath. At 34B, they were one of her best assets, being pert without even a hint of sagging, and topped with rock solid nipples that pushed out the material like two little tent poles. She got to her feet to welcome her guests into the house and everyone remained standing whilst Father Mathew made most of the conversation asking how she was doing and if things had settled down enough at home to let her
return to her husband.

“Bastard of a man,” she spat at his suggestion. “I was speaking to my sister on the phone yesterday Father and she tells me that he’s got some young whore living with him.”

Father Matthew shook his head sadly but before he could answer he was interrupted by the sound of crying coming from the bedroom.

“That’s Jake waking up,” Lorna said. “Stacy please go and get your little brother.”

Stacy was still holding Mary’s hand and she obediently let go and skipped into the bedroom.

Father Matthew continued, “You know that these houses are only for short stays Lorna and you’ve already been here for over two weeks. I really think you should be making more of an effort to reconcile with your husband.”

Mary watched Stacy lead her little brother into the room. He had obviously just woken up and he was wearing only a vest and diapers. The tears were still wet on his little cheeks as Stacy led him over to the sofa and lifted him up.

“Reconcile,” Lorna cried in response to the priest. “How are we meant to reconcile when he’s fucking the shit out of some young slut in our bed? Tell me that Father.”

As interesting as the discussion was, Mary was watching little Stacy as she unfastened Jake’s diaper and pulled it off.

“Shit,” she muttered and elbowed Father Luke in the ribs when Stacy bent froward and wrapped her lips around her brother’s small soft cock. The little boy giggled happily as his sister suckled on his prick and Mary couldn’t help interrupting Father Matthew and drawing Lorna’s attention to her children.

The woman appeared unconcerned and shrugged her shoulders, “Yes, she’s always doing that,” she said. “She watches my husband and I fuck all the time and she just copies us. She gives really good head,” she finished proudly.

Father Matthew was staring at the little girl as he repeated, “Now Lorna, you’ve been here for over two weeks and I think it’s about time you were returning to your husband.”

The fingers of Lorna’s right hand ran down the rope that was around the priest’s waist and Mary could swear that the woman was also rubbing his cock. The rapidly growing bulge beneath the robe convinced her she was right and Father Matthew looked Lorna in the eye and said, “Kneel down my child.”

As she dropped to her knees, her eyes shone and a slight smile played around her lips as she innocently asked, “Are we going to pray Father?”

“No child, we’re not,” he replied pulling his cassock up to his waist. “We’re going to fuck.”

His prick sprang free and Lorna immediately sucked it into her mouth. Mary’s cunt was on fire and she could feel her wetness drip down the inside of her legs, as she wasn’t wearing any panties. Little Stacy could see her mother out of the corner of her eye and she left her brother and moved close to Father Matthew to gaze at her solid cock fucking her mothers throat.

Lorna was aware of her little girl standing beside her and she pulled her face away from Father Matthew’s prick trailing long strands of her throat slime and offered the shaft to Stacy. “Want a suck baby?” she asked huskily and smiled as her daughter nodded enthusiastically and bent her
small face to the priest’s cock.

Even with her mouth wide open, the prick was much too big for her and she could only get a couple of inches into her throat. Her little tongue however danced over the sensitive head teasing his piss hole and causing him to groan with lust.

Satisfied that her daughter was pleasing the man, Lorna got up and walked over to gather little Jake into her arms. His loose diaper fell to the floor and she pulled his vest over his head. She held him under his arms and lifted him over her head shaking him gently and talking to him
constantly. He smiled down at his mother and began giggling as she lowered him slightly and sucked his little cock into her mouth.

Mary’s cunt was on fire as she watched the woman sink down onto the sofa still sucking on her son’s flaccid prick. When Lorna lay back, her short skirt rode up her legs revealing that she wasn’t wearing any panties. She splayed her legs wide and sighed contentedly as Father Luke knelt on the floor and bent his mouth onto her cunt. Lorna changed her grip on her baby
who was now sitting on her face with his little prick as deep in her mouth as she could suck it and her left hand pushed between his ass cheeks to push her little finger into his shit hole. Mary could swear that the little boy’s eyes were shining as his cock and asshole were stimulated.

Father Matthew groaned loudly and pulled Stacy’s mouth away from his cock and lifted her to her feet. As Mary watched, he said, “Give me your foot Stacy,” and reached down with his hand.

The little girl immediately complied and stood on her left foot as the priest gripped her right ankle in his large hand. He slowly pulled her foot upwards until she was performing a vertical version of the splits and Mary supported the child’s body as it was forced to the side. Stacy’s dress was pushed up revealing her naked sex and Father Matthew stared for long moments at the little girl’s slit. She was of course, completely bald and she was still too young for her outer lips to have formed. Her deep slit was glistening with juice and the area between her legs was red and swollen.

The Father shuffled forward slightly until the girl’s leg rested on his chest and his throbbing cock nudged against the entrance to her cunt. Mary pulled her habit up with the hand that wasn’t supporting the child’s body and pulled her little blonde curled head into her dripping cunt. Stacy began lapping at Mary’s hot and saturated fuck hole burying her face into her slit. Mary felt little Stacy suddenly jump and she screamed loudly into Mary’s open cunt as Father Matthew began penetrating her little hole.

Stacy’s little arms encircled Mary’s waist and she held on tightly as the priest’s thick cock pushed slowly up her fuck hole. Mary watched enthralled as the child’s cunt walls were forced wide apart and Father Mathew didn’t stop until his balls were resting on the inside of the little girl’s leg that was still on the floor. He rested for a few seconds savoring the tight hot flesh that gripped his prick and he smiled at Mary as she pulled the child’s face back between her legs and gasped, “Suck me.”

Lorna’s body suddenly tensed as Father Luke’s tongue brought her very close to climax. Her back arched from the sofa and she wailed wildly as her orgasm exploded inside her. Her entire body shook violently and baby Jake giggled happily as her mother’s little finger twitched inside his shit hole and massaged the inside of his bowels. The young priest sat back on his heels as he continued to rub at Lorna’s clit and grinned as her slime flowed out of her cunt and stained the material of the sofa.

He eventually stopped stimulating her throbbing clit and let her slowly recover for a few seconds before he stood up and lifted her feet over his shoulders.

Lorna’s fuck hole was soaking and swollen red with lust as he bent his legs slightly and, with a single thrust, drove his hard cock fully up her cunt. She gasped loudly as she was penetrated and moved little Jake down her body to sit on top of her tits and she looked into Father Luke’s eyes
as he began fucking her. She managed to balance the child in the palm of her hand and her little finger was still embedded in his asshole as she used her forefinger and thumb to gently grip his small cock and begin to masturbate him. The baby actually opened his legs and gurgled happily as his mother played him and Father Luke shook his head at the depravity of the situation.

Father Matthew’s balls were slapping against Stacy’s leg with every thrust as he held her other leg tightly against his chest. Her supple body had allowed him to pull her leg straight up and give him the maximum penetration.

Mary could feel the familiar tingling begin between her legs as the child suckled on her burning clit and she slid her hand over to knead the little girl’s bare ass cheeks. Her fingers slid deeper into Stacy’s ass crack and brushed against the priest’s shaft as it pounded in and out of her hole. Pulling back slightly, she gently massaged the child’s shit hole and was surprised at how quickly it loosened up.

She idly wondered at how many things the little girl had had inside her bowels in her short life before adding her index finger to the list. She slid in all the way to her knuckle and could feel every ridge and vein on the cock that was fucking her on the other side of the thin membrane that separated them. Stacy moaned into Mary’s cunt as her asshole was violated and she lashed Mary’s clit with her tongue, which was enough to bring the nun to a crashing orgasm. Thick cunt cream sprayed out of Mary’s open hole as she shuddered and convulsed in climax and soaked Stacy’s face.

Father Matthew gritted his teeth as he fucked the child. Her fuck hole was very tight and gripped his cock like a vice. As he watched Mary climax, he couldn’t hold back any more and slammed up Stacy’s cunt one last time and groaned as his boiling hot spunk jetted out of his piss hole and blasted into her cervix. The little girl screamed as she felt the hot slime fill her fuck tube and she shook and shuddered as her little body climaxed.

All three took a few moments and at an unspoken signal between Mary and the priest, they gently lowered Stacy to the floor to recover fully. As his softening prick plopped out of the child’s cunt, Mary dropped to her knees and sucked it gently into her mouth to tongue it clean.

Stacy soon recovered her senses and as Father Mathew and Mary sat down to watch Father Luke fuck Lorna, the girl climbed to her feet and crossed over to her mother. She lifted Jack out of Lorna’s hands and laid the baby gently on the floor. As Lorna’s little finger came out of Jake’s asshole, she sniffed it appreciatively and sucked it into her mouth as she turned her head to watch Stacy. The little girl squatted over her baby brother and pulled open her young cunt to let the priests thick spunk drop into Jake’s mouth. The baby has started to look upset when his mother’s fingers stopped stimulating his little cock and shit hole but he was soon smiling again as he slurped the priests slime into his mouth.

Lorna smiled as she watched her daughter and then turned back to Father Luke. “Fuck me baby,” she said lifting her cunt up to match his thrusts. “Fuck me hard and make me cum.”

Luke gritted his teeth and pounded faster on her cunt. Now that her hands were free of baby Jake, Lorna’s fingers rubbed furiously at her clit as she gasped, “Fuck, I’m nearly there. Keep doing me, I’m going to cum.”

Father Luke’s balls were slapping against her butt as he made sure that the full length of his prick was buried inside her with every thrust and he speeded up his thrusts again. High pitched gasps and little screams were continually escaping Lorna’s throat as she approached her climax and she
suddenly screamed loudly as the waves of ecstasy ripped through her body and every muscle contracted and shook as she orgasmed. Father Luke wasn’t far behind and as she convulsed beneath him he relaxed and felt his spunk immediately rush out of his balls and splatter into her cunt.

He collapsed on top of her for a few seconds before taking a deep breath and pulling his cock out of her body. As Lorna lay on the sofa with her skirt wrinkled beneath her and her legs wide apart with a thin trickle of sperm leaking out of her, she looked over at Father Mathew and said, “I hope you’ll let us stay here for a few more days Father.”

He smiled at her words and as he got to his feet and made ready to leave, he nodded his head slowly and said, “Yes, you can stay for a few more days Lorna.”

When they were back outside the house, Father Matthew said, “I think that’s enough visiting for today. Let’s go back to the convent and we’ll do the rest of our rounds tomorrow.”


For the rest of the morning and the afternoon, Mary helped out in the vegetable garden before being summoned to the kitchen to help prepare the evening meal. She had been befriended by another nun called Anna and had taken great pleasure in describing in graphic detail what had happened that morning. She finished the story by saying, “It was so perverted and I really enjoyed it. I would have liked some cock inside me though. By the time we left the house, both fathers were fucked out and weren’t interested in any more cunt.”

“You should have come and played with Bruno,” Anna replied with a grin.

“Who the fuck is Bruno?” Mary asked. “I thought the only men here were the four fathers.”

“You’re forgetting James the gardener who lives in one of the houses,” Anna replied, “But to answer your question, Bruno is a dog. He’s an Irish wolfhound and he’s usually lazing about in the kitchen. He looks more like a small pony than a dog but he’s very friendly.”

As Mary digested this piece of information, her thoughts were interrupted as her friend spoke again.

“Fuck, that story’s made me really horny,” Anna said looking into Mary’s eyes.

Mary returned the look and suddenly became aware how attractive Sister Anna was. She had short blonde hair and stood about 5 foot 8 inches tall. Although she wasn’t wearing any make-up, the naturally high cheek bones and perfectly formed eyes made her very appealing and Mary wished that the habits they were both wearing weren’t so baggy so she could imagine what her body looked like underneath.

Anna had just taken Mary’s hand and whispered, “Let’s find somewhere private. I really need to cum,” when another nun came to the door and shouted that Mary was to report to the kitchen.

Mary squeezed her new friend’s hand and smiled as she said, “Later.”

There were four nuns in the kitchen preparing the evening dinner and Mary kept glancing through the open door into the dinning room where a massive animal was curled sound asleep in the corner. She could see the rhythmic rising and falling of the shaggy grey coat as the dog breathed and could only imagine his size. Sister Nancy was preparing the salad. She had a huge bowl of chopped lettuce, various kinds of peppers and onions and looked around for the cucumber that she was sure she had taken from the fridge.

“Sister Angela,” she suddenly said to a young nun who was standing at the stove stirring a pot. “Give me back my cucumber.”

Angela looked round, shrugged her shoulders and stuck her hand under her habit. There was a loud plop and the hand reappeared clutching the vegetable. The skin was glistening with the girl’s cunt juice but Nancy simply took it out of Angela’s hand and began slicing it into the salad bowl. “It’ll give it a bit of flavor,” she said winking at Mary. “Everyone loves cunt juice.”

That evening, after prayers, a group of twenty nuns gathered in the dinning room and took their places at the table. The mother superior sat at the head of the table and said grace before the food was served.

Mary was disappointed that none of the fathers were eating with them and she commented on this to Anna who was sitting beside her.

“They normally eat in their own dinning room,” she replied “But sometimes they do eat with us. Occasionally they’ll request that one of the nuns serves them the food. That’s really cool.”

“Why?” Mary asked helping herself to some salad and passing the bowl on.

“Because the four of them gang up on you and fuck every hole you’ve got. It’s fucking marvelous. It happened to me about three weeks ago and I couldn’t walk with my legs together for about two days. They really screwed the shit out of me.”

Mary could feel her cunt begin to get wet at the thought when she caught a movement out of the corner of her eye. Bruno had heaved his massive body up and he slowly padded over to the table and he had to lower his head as he walked under the table.

Anna saw her watching the animal and she said, “He doesn’t normally need to be fed because all the nuns feed him below the table.”

Mary looked around and sure enough, a lot of the sisters were slicing pieces of meat on their plates and lifting them below the table. Not wanting to be left out, Mary did the same and held a scrap of meat in her hand below the table. Sister Nancy was sitting on the other side of Mary and she lifted the table cover slightly to see what Mary was doing.

“Not that way silly,” she scolded. “Watch me.”

She took a piece of roast beef, covered it with gravy, and dropped the sloppy treat between her legs. Just like the other nuns, she wasn’t wearing any panties and she pulled up her habit so Mary could get a clear view. She then smeared the gravy over her cunt lips and stuffed the meat up her hole.

“Now you wait,” she said. “He’ll get around to you.”

Just as she had finished speaking, Bruno’s huge head appeared between her legs and his long tongue began lapping at her sex.

“Fuck,” Mary breathed. “That’s hot.”

Nancy was savoring the sensation of the huge animals tongue thrashing around inside her cunt as it tried to get at the roast beef. She was just finishing a small orgasm when Bruno eventually got the meat out of her hole and moved on to his next tit-bit.

Nancy’s eyes fluttered open and she looked to Mary with smiling eyes and softly said, “Try it.”

The table had gone quiet and it was obvious that the other nuns were waiting to see what Mary’s reaction to Bruno’s antics would be.

With all eyes upon her, she leaned back in her seat, brought her feet to the corner edges, and moved her habit up to her waist. With her knees laid flat out to the sides, she swabbed a large slice of roast beef over her cunt getting the gravy all over and inside the lips before stuffing the meat up her hole using two fingers. Most of the nuns leaned left so that they could see everything. That didn’t bother her in the least because she was quite happy to put on a show and was giving most of them their first good look at her fuck hole. After she got the meat well stuffed inside her, she lowered her feet to the floor and within a few seconds, the dog’s head was between her thighs. Bruno began licking her with long wet strokes of his tongue that started at the bottom of her sex and came all the way up to her hard clit.

She spread her legs wide as the animals tongue pushed past her outer lips and began thrashing about in her fuck tube. Mary had made sure that the meat was pushed far up her hole and she wasn’t going to make it easy for the dog to get it.

Some of the nuns were watching her face as she was licked out whilst others had lifted the table cover and bent their heads below the table to watch Bruno at work.

The mother superior was watching closely and she cleared her throat and said, “Mary, as most of the sisters haven’t had a chance to meet you properly yet, they would like you to strip so they can see your body. Would that be okay with you?”

Mary could feel her first orgasm approach but she still replied, “That’s okay. I don’t mind if you see me naked, and I’d love to show you my tits.”

Anna and Nancy gripped the bottom of Mary’s habit and she raised both arms above her head to let them remove the garment. Her nipples were rock hard and the girls on either side of her bent their heads forward and pulled them into their mouths. This extra stimulation was all Mary needed and as the dog’s nose pressed hard against her clit and its long tongue thrashed about inside her fuck hole, a powerful orgasm ripped through her.

“Fuck, I’m creaming,” she gasped as her body began shaking and shuddering.

The mother superior slipped out of her chair and crawled on all fours beneath the table to where Bruno was still licking at Mary’s cunt. His cock had already dropped and the solid red shaft was over ten inches long and almost touched the ground. At just under three inches in diameter, it was an enormous shaft and she had to open her mouth wide as she sucked it into her throat. The large animal was well used to this type of treatment and he continued to lick out the climaxing nun while the mother superior sucked him off.

The amount of cunt cream that was spraying out of Mary’s convulsing fuck hole soon washed out the last scraps of meat and she had to use both her hands and her feet to push the animal away.

“Fuck, no more,” she gasped. “I’m wasted.”

With a loud slurp, the mother superior pulled Bruno’s prick out of her throat and she crawled out from under the table.

“Girls,” she said in a loud commanding voice. “I think its time that Bruno was properly introduced to Mary.”

The rest of the nuns cheered and clapped their hands and the plates and food were soon cleared from one end of the table. Four of then grabbed Mary and carried her still shuddering body to lay her face up in the cleared space with her butt just at the end of the table. At the same time, the mother superior took a hold of Bruno’s collar and pushed his nose back into Mary’s cunt.

The nuns gathered around Mary and in a well practiced routine, held her in position. Two held her arms down on the table whilst another two took her legs and held them up and open. Yet another two sucked her nipples into their mouth and lashed them with their tongues. Finally, the remainder bent forward and covered Mary’s face, mouth, nose and eyes with wet kisses.

The mother superior surveyed the scene with satisfaction and she nudged the dog in the ribs with her knee and commanded, “Up Bruno.”

The animal immediately jumped up and placed his paws on the table on either side of Mary’s body and his hindquarters began thrusting in the air. His huge cock stabbed the air as the mother superior grabbed it at the base and positioned at the entrance to Mary’s cunt. Instinct took over and when Bruno felt the first touch of hot wet flesh around his prick, he shuffled a couple of steps forward and with a powerful thrust, buried his entire shaft up the girl’s fuck hole.

Even although her mouth was covered by someone else’s, the mother superior could still hear the muffled scream that was torn from Mary’s throat as she was fucked. Mary had had a number of different cocks up her cunt but nothing as big as Bruno’s and the suddenness of the penetration took her breath away.

As Bruno’s thrusts increased in speed, the reverent mother crawled forward, sucked on her index finger and wormed it between the cheeks of Mary’s ass. She spread the saliva around her shitter before sliding her finger knuckle deep into Mary’s bowels.

Mary had never in her young life experienced such intense sensations as those that were now racing through her body. Every erogenous zone in her body was being stimulated and she was in continual orgasm. Every thrust of Bruno’s cock forced a spurt of cunt cream out of her hole and there was a wide, white and frothy ring around the base of the animal’s prick. Any sound that Mary made was muffled and incoherent but she suddenly screamed loudly and the mother superior grinned as she knew that Bruno’s knot would be starting to form. Still keeping her index finger deep up Mary’s shit hole, she lowered her face until it was only inches away from the dog’s thrusting prick.

The swelling at the base of the shaft was battering in and out of Mary’s open cunt and it was getting bigger with every thrust. The other nuns also realized what was happening and increased their efforts to stimulate her further. The girls sucking on her nipples brought their teeth against the tender teats and chewed them mercilessly.

The knot grew ever bigger and Bruno began shortening the length of his thrusts to keep it embedded in her fuck hole. The swelling was now about the size of a tennis ball and still growing. The mother superior’s eyes were huge with lust as she watched Mary’s cunt walls being forced apart and she gasped at the grapefruit size swelling that was now lodged inside her.

Bruno was whining and his back paws were prancing on the floor as he suddenly gave a powerful lunge and battered the tip of his cock against her cervix and held it there. Once every two seconds, the mother superior watched the big dog’s balls twitch and she knew that every movement was spurting another stream of hot dog spunk in Mary’s fuck tube.

The other nuns gradually pulled back from Mary’s body, as she was almost unconscious and continually shuddering.

The mother superior pulled her finger out of the girl’s asshole and smelt it appreciatively as she got to her feet beside them. Bruno’s cock was still spurting and Sister Anna stepped forward and rested her fingers gently on Mary’s lower stomach.

“God, she’s full,” she said in awe. “I can still feel him pumping doggie cum into her.”

It took about five minutes for Bruno to empty his balls into her and a further fifteen minutes before the swelling of the knot began to subside. Mary was just starting to come to her senses when Bruno pulled his prick out of her battered hole and a torrent of dog cum sprayed out of her cunt. She screamed as three of the nuns dived between her legs to drink the spunk and at the same time, stimulate her abused clit.

“Fuck, no more,” she cried in anguish, but they paid no attention and she had to let them suck her out until every last drop of dog cum was in their stomachs.

When they had all finished with her she sat up on the table with her red cunt battered and open and her tits bruised and sore and she smiled happily. “I think I’m going to like it here,” she said.


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