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Feature Title: Y’rei – A Dark Tale From Japan

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Author Notes: ‘Y’rei’ are Japanese ghosts, ones who have been bound to the physical world through strong emotions, which do not allow them to pass on. According to traditional
Japanese beliefs, all humans have a soul called a ‘reikon’. When they die, the ‘reikon’ leaves the body and is thought to enter a form of purgatory. However, if the person dies in a sudden or shocking manner such as murder or suicide, or if they are influenced by powerful emotions such as a desire for revenge, love, jealousy, hatred or sorrow, the ‘reikon’ is thought to transform into an ‘y’rei’.
Story Codes: MF, exh, inc, fantasy

Y’rei – A Dark Tale From Japan – CHAPTER ONE



Kazuko woke up with a start, sweating profusely. He was not sure whether he was dreaming or sleeping. He gripped his head, attempting to recover from the sudden rush of blood in his head. Slowly, he began to regain focus, recognizing his new bedroom. There was a shelf of books, a window, a television, and a desk with a stack papers on top, and a lamp. He saw his father staring at him.

“You’re going to be late! Hurry up and get dressed!”

“Okay Pa”

Two weeks earlier his dad Mr. Shigeru had been offered a job as marketing manager at a new electronics factory in the suburb of Nagoya. Mr. Shigeru had taken it immediately without thinking how his family would react to this. Kazuko didn’t really have a lot of say in the matter anyway but his mom Kasumi had made sure his father knew how unhappy she’d been that he’d decided to take the job without consulting her first, after a few days of tension the issue was resolved and plans were made for the move.

“Today’s the big day! It’s your first day in new college.”

“Okay Pa,” He hoped that he would make some new friends in his new college.

Kazuko walked into the kitchen, it felt strange this new home and it wasn’t just the fact he was still getting used to it, their was a weird atmosphere that he’d first noticed when they had come to view the house a week before he’d mentioned it to his parents but they told him he was imagining things, maybe I am, Kazuko thought.

“Hi Dear,” said a soft female voice from behind him, Kazuko turned to see his mom leaning over to unpack a box of kitchen stuff.

Kasumi was a Jukujo (‘mature women’) but with her fresh face, dark black wavy hair, and trim body she looked a lot younger. She was in between jobs at the moment and had become bored just sitting around at their previous home and looked forward to the challenge of decorating
this new house, it would give her something to occupy her mind, she smiled at her handsome son and thought again how quickly he was growing up, he seemed to get taller every time she saw him, he was surely taller than his father.

Kazuko smiled back and as he did he couldn’t help but admire his moms body, particularly her breasts as they pushed forward against the thin cotton t-shirt she wore as she leaned down to pick some cutlery out of the box at her feet, he felt a little excitement in his stomach and his thingy stirred slightly, even though he knew it wasn’t right to feel sexually attracted to his mother. Since he’d begun puberty he’d not be able to stop the little fantasies he was having about fucking his own mother, it always made him horny.

“Need a hand?” He asked.

“No, I’m o.k. thanks hon, but you could go and find Libby if you like, he disappeared about an hour ago haven’t seen him since, probably upstairs somewhere,” Libby was the family dog, he too hadn’t be happy about moving and barked all the way there.

“Sure mom,” Kazuko replied and walked out the kitchen and up the stairs.

Kazuko reached the top of the stairs and heard Libby whimpering from the other end of the landing, Kazuko turned the corner and saw the ladder leading to the attic was pulled down, funny he thought, who’s been up in the attic? He wondered, again Libby whimpered, this time Kazuko could tell it had come from the attic, damn dog probably got stuck somewhere, Kazuko thought, he began to climb the ladder.

It was humid and dark in the attic, Kazuko stood at the top of the ladder and pulled the string to turn the light on, nothing, Kazuko tried again, still nothing, he peered into the darkness.

“Libby c’mon,” Kazuko called out, he waited for a few seconds but heard nothing. Kazuko climbed up into the attic, there was a thin wood beam on which to stand, then he heard a rustling in the shadows.

“Libby get your ass over here now, there’s some beef chunks in for you if…” Kazuko felt something begin to crawl up his leg, inside his trousers, he could feel sharp claws digging into his skin, he panicked and started to wave his leg around wildly, then he felt teeth biting into his flesh, he yelled loudly and lost his footing falling to the floor, he felt the little feet continue to crawl up his leg, and lay there frozen in terror as it did, finally it reached the top of his leg and for a second did nothing before sinking it’s fangs into his scrotum, Kazuko yelled out again as a wave of pain swept over him then he passed out.


Two hours later Kazuko regained his senses, he was lying on his bed in his new bedroom, his head felt light and woozy, and his throat was incredibly dry.

“Kazuko are you o.k.?” It was his father, Shigeru, was leaning across the bed looking at his face.

Kazuko looked up at his dad and smiled weakly.

“What the hell happened? Me and your mom hear you screaming and find you passed out in the attic,”

“I’m not sure, but something attacked me,”

“Attacked you? Son are you doing drugs?” Asked Kazuko’s dad, he was getting angry, Shigeru always felt Kazuko was a bit of cry baby, or mommies boy, in fact Shigeru had the sneaky suspicion his son was gay and Shigeru didn’t like gays but he wasn’t sure and he at least had to act like he cared about his son.

“Drugs! Dad, something bit me that’s why I fell over and hit my head,”

“Then show me the bite!” Demanded Shigeru, he thought Kazuko was looking for some attention.

“It’s erm not that bad dad…really,” Kazuko suddenly remembered that he had been bit on the scrotum and thought about how embarrassed he would be to actually have to show that to his father.

“O.k. then,” Said Shigeru has he stood up and walked from the room, Kazuko felt tired so got undressed and slipped into bed, five minutes later his mom knocked and came in carrying a small bowl full of hot water and some cotton wool and plasters.

Kazuko watched his mother as she walked across the room, she had changed out of her t-shirt and jeans and into a summer dress, the dress was slit high up her left thigh and Kazuko could see glimpses of her fine legs as she swayed across the room towards him, Kazuko felt himself get a little horny again.

“Dear your father says you’ve been bitten, can I have a look at the wound?” Asked Kasumi concerned.

“Mom really I’m o.k. Just a little scratch,” Kazuko said.

Kasumi leaned over her son and placed a hand on his forehead checking for a temperature.

“You might get an infection Dear all because you are trying to act like a typical man, now let mommy take a look.” Kasumi remembered she had read in the paper about another young man in this area been bitten and getting some weird infection a few months back, but she couldn’t remember what had happened to him.

Kazuko could smell the slight scent of his mom’s perfume, a lemony fragrance that filled his nostrils as he took an intake of breath.

“Mom it’s kinda embarrassing the thing, something crawled up my leg and bit me on the… errrr… scrotum, I’d feel a little uncomfortable showing you,”

“Kazuko, it wasn’t too long ago I saw you naked all the time, I used to bathe you, remember? Now if it something bit you it’s important that it’s washed and cleansed,”

“But mom I…”

“Kazuko!” Said his mother angrily.

Kazuko sighed loudly; he pulled the sheets off the bed slowly to reveal his naked body underneath.

Kasumi told herself it was only her son and yes she had seen him naked before but now he was older and even though it was her son she was curious to have a look at his manhood, she was quite surprised he was a well developed young man, his pubic hair was bushy and thick as it curled around his quite large uncut cock. Due to pain in anus it was in the state of rest.

“Where did you get bitten then Dear?” Asked Kasumi, she couldn’t see any bite marks.

Kazuko moved his hands to his balls and turned them to the left to show his mom the wound on the side of his sac, there was two clear bite marks there that were a deep red in color.

“Oh you poor baby, mommy’s going to take good care of that for you,” Kasumi purred, she sat on the edge of his bed and took the cotton wool and soaked it in the water, she placed her hand over the top of her son’s as it cupped his balls and began to wash the wound.

Kazuko flinched as the first drops of hot water hit his wound, there wasn’t a lot of blood or anything, more than anything it ached, like a deep throbbing, Kazuko could smell his mothers perfume again, it was intoxicating and sexy smell, he tried to think about other things to take his mind off the little fantasies that flashed through his mind he looked across at his mom, the dress she was wearing had hitched up half way up her thighs when she’d sat down on his bed and Kazuko couldn’t stop himself from studying her toned, white legs, he imagined himself running his hand up the inside of those legs until he reached his mom’s panties… unconsciously Kazuko had began to get an erection.

Kasumi ran the cotton wool over her son’s wound for the last time, it didn’t look too bad, more a flesh wound, she turned away for a second to move the bowl onto a bedside table and took a plaster from the packet, she turned back to place the plaster on the wound and she saw Kazuko had become almost fully erect! Kasumi gasped audibly.

Her son’s ‘Chin chin’ (cock) was hard and quite thick particularly around the base as it emerged out of his pubic hairs, she could see a big blue vein creep it’s way up the shaft to the top, now his cock-head was almost fully emerged from his foreskin and was deep red in color as the blood pumping into it made it pulse about a little from side to side. Kasumi could do nothing put stare she hadn’t been expecting to see her son lying there fully erect just inches from her, without thinking she rubbed the tip of her tongue across the outside of her lip.

Kazuko heard his mother gasp and looked down to see he was fully erect and he felt it as well, the deep throbbing which seemed to be emitting from his sac and pulsing up into the base of his penis made his shaft sway slightly as the blood rushed through the large blue veins, he wasn’t sure what to do, he felt his face flush a deep red color.

“Well,” Kasumi said, “Look who got a little excited,” She tried to make it sound like a joke but it didn’t come out that way, more that she was making an observation, she wanted to look away but was gripped by the sight of her only son’s cock-head throbbing just inches in front of her.

“Geee mom I’m sorry it’s just…”

“Kazuko,” Kasumi said cutting her son off, “You don’t have to be sorry, I know young men get easily excited, it’s nothing to be ashamed of, maybe it wasn’t such a good idea for me to have washed your groin, I think you’d better put this plaster on yourself.” Kasumi gave Kazuko the plaster and stood up and began to leave.

“Mom, you won’t mention this to dad will you?” Asked Kazuko a little worried.

“No Dear, it will be just our little secret.” Kasumi replied, or in her son’s case, their big secret she thought.

Kazuko watched his mom as she left, his eyes focused on her ass as he swayed from side to side under her thin cotton summer dress as she walked from his bedroom, his \’chin chin’ pulsed wildly again and a small drop of pre-cum emerged from his ‘chin chin’ head, he couldn’t remember ever having such a stiff erection before, it was almost painful.

Y’rei – A Dark Tale From Japan – CHAPTER TWO

It was night and so late that everyone was sleeping. Kasumi was sleeping along with her husband Shigeru. She was surprised when Shigeru approached her in the dark. Kasumi and Shigeru used to have frequent sex in past but since last three years sex have become occasional between them. Earlier she suspected that her husband was meeting a whore or had a lover secretly but then she failed to find anything concrete.

He reached over and as his lips met hers. Their tongues danced like two pagan spirits, performing a ritual dance. His hands quickly disposed of the flimsy nightgown she was wearing, and were all over her, just taking her in. He then broke the kiss, and removed robe
and hood in one deft motion. Now they were both naked. She wanted to open her eyes but she heard him say, ‘don’t open your eyes.’ His mouth moved greedily down to her full, sweet breasts, his teeth gently clenching erect nipple, tongue running over it.

Then he gave the other breast the same treatment. She could feel his hardness against her, reflecting his growing sense of urgency. He lowered her to the floor, mouth moving down, tenderly kissing her stomach, finding her navel, his greedy tongue seemingly focusing there, for a moment, before it found her clit, tasting her fear, her want for him. He then slowly moved his tongue into her ‘manko’ (cunt), the place that adolescent boys dream about, and grown men lust after. After a while, he enters her, but not as a husband, but as a long lost lover. He has her knees pinned to her shoulders, thrusting away, like a man possessed. She was surprised when he took her hand. She saw him retrieving a dagger from the floor, and making a small cut in the palm of her hand. She cried and tried to free herself.

She opened her eyes and realized she was in her nightdress and Shigeru was lying besides her in his nightdress.

“What happened darling?” she heard Shigeru ask her.

“Nothing, I was perhaps dreaming.”

“Just relax and go to sleep.” He said and started sleeping again. After a while her shock was over. She too felt sleepy and went to sleep.

She awoke in the morning and found out that she was alone in her bed. Her husband was in bathroom. Now she was convinced that her adventure the night before was the most vivid enthralling dream of her life. Then she noticed a small cut on the palm of her hand. It was
something she couldn’t tell her husband. He would only make a mockery of her. She might have got it during setting her house. She got up to freshen up and went down to the kitchen for preparing the breakfast.

When she opened up the toaster oven it was extremely warm inside as if someone had just cooked something. But nothing was in it. Perhaps her husband came here before her. She thought. Then she remembered something about the house, told by one of the neighbors, she and her husband met after coming there.

He told them that a woman with the name of Lady Momiji built that house just after the World War II. She was the widow of an army general who committed suicide after hearing the news of Japanese surrender. He left her a lot of money and she used some of it to build that house. Just after settling there she started to behave rather strange. She often would go for walks
with her dog around stark naked. People said she was dark haired, very pretty and busty. They started calling her Chijo (meaning an aggressive or perverted female who forces herself on hapless male victims).

One day, however, she and her dog were found dead. The authorities got there and saw the scene, the dead Momiji and her dog. They ruled out the possibility of murder as nothing was stolen from the house. They declared it a case of suicide (hara-kiri). Afterwards People started saying that the ghost of lady Momiji can be seen and heard in this house. People going through
the woods have seen her walking around and heard her dog barking some nights, and people have even claimed to have seen both of them together walking on the property or in the house.

“You made that up to scare to us, well it didn’t work, we don’t believe in ghosts.” It was something said by her husband to their neighbor.

“If you’ll stay here long enough you’ll see. No one had ever stayed in this house for more than a year, and that was a record.” He replied.

As Kasumi remembered all that she felt like she was being watched and there was an air of expectancy about the house. Finally, It was the appearance of her husband that brought her back to present. She served him breakfast. This was going to be his first day at his new job. Soon he left and Kasumi moved towards the room of her son Kazuko.

“Kazuko Dear, are you awake? Is it okay if I come in?” She asked as she knocked lightly on his door.

“Just a second mom,” Kazuko replied, He had taken his cloth off somewhere in night, now he was nude. He threw the bed covers over him to hide his nudity.


Kasumi opened her son’s door carrying a bowl of water and some cotton wool, she was wearing her pink bath robe tied tightly around the middle which only helped to show off the shape of her curvy breasts as they pushed out against the robe, she smiled sweetly at her son as she came over to his bed.

“Good morning sleepy head, how you doing today baby?” Kasumi asked her son.

“I feeling good today mom.” Kazuko said as he didn’t want to worry his mother, he looked up at her as she stood over him and he smiled weakly. Kasumi sat down on the edge of Kazuko’s bed.

“Can I ask you something mom?”

“Yes dear.”

“Why were you laughing at around 4:30 in the morning?”

“What? I am sure I was sleeping; I don’t know what you are talking about.” She told him.

“Mom at about 4:30 in the morning I woke suddenly and had to go to the bathroom very badly. While I was in the bathroom I heard what sounded like your laugh.”

“You must be dreaming because of last day incident’

“If you say so then okay lets forget the whole thing.”

“Talking of yesterdays incident I think you’d better wash your wound err… yourself,”

As Kasumi tried to give her son the bowl, it slipped from her hands and fell onto the bed sheets; the hot water soaked the bed sheets instantly.

“Oh God!” Shouted Kazuko, some of the water splashed onto his neck and face, he jumped from the bed quickly.

“Oh god! Kazuko are you okay?” Kasumi rushed over to her naked son who was wiping the droplets of water from his body with a towel.

“Yes mom, I’ll live.”

“Oh baby I’m so sorry.” Kasumi suddenly realized her son was standing naked; she couldn’t stop herself from looking down to his ‘Chinchin’, again she saw her son had an erection and it seemed almost bigger than the one he’d had yesterday, his ‘Chinchin’ head pointed towards her as it weaved from side to side like some kind of snake.

Kazuko followed his mothers eyes and realized she was staring at his hard ‘Chinchin’, he couldn’t help but smile, the weird infection from the bite was making him unbelievably horny, he had a dull ache in his stomach, a deep, wanton need, something he knew wouldn’t go away easily.

“I guess I got a little excited again huh?” Kazuko said, his eyes were running over his moms body, this close he could see her nipples poking through her robe, Kazuko wasn’t sure but he thought his mom might have been a little excited herself.

Kasumi looked up at her son’s face and he was looking back at her with an intense stare.

“I think mommy should leave now Dear and let you get dressed, breakfast will be ready in ten minutes,” Kasumi turned to leave. “Maybe you should go and have a shower, cool you down a bit then come down for some breakfast,”


By the time Kazuko had his shower and then the breakfast he felt a lot saner. He shifted his
attentions to other things like buying some books. He told his mother that he was going out to a bookstore.
He spent some time at buying books he needed for his studies and then bought some Mags. To his surprise the bookstore was selling soft porn Mags too. A look at them made him horny again. He bought two of them along with some others.

By the time he returned back it was past 1:00 PM. He walked into the house and dropped the bundle of books he bought in the entry room. He then walked into the living room and then he heard a thud, which of course was from his mom’s room. The first thing that went through his mind was that a burglar had broken in and was trying to steal something. Perhaps his mother was in danger. He grabbed his baseball bat that was leaning in the corner and quietly went out of his room towards the room of his mother. He walked there and saw that the door of the room was slightly open. What he saw inside shocked him completely.

Kasumi was inside the room and was standing at the foot of the bed, with her back turned to Kazuko. The sheets and quilt were off the bed, and she was bending over to pick up a box, which she had dropped on the floor when she had pulled the new clean sheets out of the closest. But what shocked Kazuko was the fact that his mom was completely naked except for only a pair of ankle high socks. She must have taken her shower recently. He knew that seeing his mom’s naked ass was wrong, but he could not tear his eyes away from what he thought was a flawless and sexy ass. He could even see her thick ‘manko’ lips peeking at him between herb thighs. His animal urges started flowing through him as his dick sprang to full attention.

Kasumi straightened up and turned towards her dresser, which fortunately for Kazuko was on her right side. He could perfectly see her stomach, which had the slight roundness to it, and the side of her bare ‘oppai’ (breast). Because her breasts were quiet big they slightly hung down, but not by much. Oh God how sexy she looked. He thought.

She walked over to the dresser and her breasts jiggled from her movement and it just sent shudders through Kazuko and made his dick throb inside his pants. He saw her bare ass cheeks sway in a sexual manner and felt his heart beating as if it was going to burst from his
chest. Kasumi then turned around which caused her to fully face him for a second. It was only a second but it allowed him to get a good look at her front side.

He saw her small bellybutton and the roundness of her stomach. But what really caught his attention was the fact that her pussy (MANKO) was completely bare. Shaven clean as a whistle, and thick meaty lips with a long slit. He could have sworn that there seemed to be a heavy moistness to her nether lips. She looked as she was in twenties and not in thirties. He no longer saw the naked sexy woman in front of him as mother, but more as a sexual fantasy, one that would make young male teens cum in their beds from the result of a wet dream.

She picked up a bundle of bed cloths and placed them on the low table at the foot of her bed. And then crawled onto the bed on all fours and began to crawl across the top of her bed. As she crawled he saw her pussy lips peek out at him every time her legs separated, and her ass jiggled. He saw her lovely breast (oppai) dangling down and swaying a little side to side.

He didn’t know when he dropped his pant and when he moved forward. His hard cock was waving around as he moved forward, the red bulbous cock-head was pointing towards his sexy mother and small drops of pre-cum were leaking from his japs-eye onto the carpet, he’d never been this aroused before, he felt a fire burning through his cock as it throbbed harder and harder.

Kazuko suddenly moved forward quickly catching Kasumi a little by Surprise.

“Kazuko!” Yelled Kasumi slightly shocked. She felt cold air on her pussy lips that despite her had become a little wet from the circumstances she now found herself in.

“Don’t worry mom, I’m not going to hurt you… just fuck you,” Kazuko growled.

“No Dear, we can’t… this isn’t right,” Kasumi said, panicking she grabbed the bed cover and wrapped it around herself.

“Ohhh mom, stop teasing me, you know you want to, now let go of those high morals and lets do the dirty.”

Kasumi was shocked, she’d never seen her son speak or act this way before, maybe it was the stress of the move she thought.

“Kazuko please I know what you want to do but I’m your mother it wouldn’t be right for us to do it, it’s wrong and naughty.”

“Mom there’s too much talk going on here and not enough action.”

Kazuko strode over to his mother and pushed her forcefully onto his bed, he pulled the bed cover out of her grasp without too much trouble and threw it behind him, and now again before him was his naked mother, he leaned over her, placing his arms either side of her and used his sweaty, hot body to pin her to the bed.

Kasumi looked up at her son and saw the fire in his eyes, god, she thought, he’s going to fuck me to within an inch of my life, and that made her pussy twitch again, this time it was no accident.

Kazuko lowered his head and bit down on his mom’s right nipple with his teeth.

“Ohh!” Kasumi murmured, she couldn’t stop herself, her nipples were erect and very sensitive.

Kazuko stuck his tongue out and using the tip began to slowly run it over his ‘ hard, ruby red nipple.

Kasumi closed her eyes as an intense wave of sexual pleasure shoot through her body, she looked down to where her son was licking at her nipple and couldn’t honestly believe what was happening, she knew her son wouldn’t stop, not now before he’d cum inside her.

“Kazuko please we can’t… Ummmm,” Kasumi moaned as Kazuko moved his hand to her other breast and began to massage it slowly, his fingers tweaking her left nipple, while his tongue toyed with her right nipple.

“Got…tooo… stop… this…” Kasumi murmured, she felt her son very hard ‘chin chin’ shaft rubbing against the inside of her left thigh, the pre-cum smearing her skin.

Kazuko moved down his mother’s body, working his way towards her pussy, he placed little bites on her skin as he did and ran his tongue from her bellybutton down to her small band of pubic hair.

Kasumi felt her son moved his wet, hot tongue down her lower body, then she felt his hot breath on her wet pussy lips, she looked down to see her son about to stick his long tongue inside her Boor and she opened her thighs to accommodate him.

Kazuko moved his face up to his moms ‘manko’ (pussy) and placing his mouth over her pussy lips and sticking out his tongue he began to slowly run it across her small folds of flesh that covered her pussy, he could instantly taste her sticky, wet pussy juices that lubricated her pussy. He slowly worked his tongue in between her fleshy lip and into her pussy.

“Ohhh Goddd!!” Moaned Kasumi loudly, she couldn’t remember the last time she’d had her pussy licked, Shigeru certainly didn’t like to do it but his son obviously did, she arched her back and writhed around on the bed grabbing the mattress as the sexual pleasure rode through her.

Kazuko began to work his tongue deeper inside his moms wet pussy, her small patch of pubic hair rubbed against his top lip as he pressed his lower face hard against her pussy, he was quite surprised how tight his mom’s ‘Manko’ was, but all Kazuko really wanted to do was locate his moms clit.

“Ohhh… ummmm…YES!!!” Screamed Kasumi as she felt her son run his hard tongue over her small clit bud, she was holding onto the mattress hard now, making her knuckles go white, she threw her head from side to side, her eyes closed tight as she felt every little movement her son did inside her pussy with his tongue, she could feel an orgasm building within her.

Kazuko realized by his mothers reaction that the hard nub of flesh he’d just licked at was his mom’s clit and moved his tongue back over it to give it some more attention, her could feel his moms pussy tighten then release and more of her pussy juices flowed r around his tongue, and knew his mom was on her way to an orgasm, the first of many he thought.

“Ummm Kazuko!! More, lick it…More.” Kasumi groaned as Kazuko teased her clit, the orgasm building in her lower belly was about to be unleashed, she moved her hands and placed them on her son’s head, pushing his face further into her pussy.

Kazuko began to lick at momma’s clit a little slower, wanting to drag out her sexual pleasure.

But for Kasumi it was too late.

“Oh Yes… Ummm, YES! YES!!!” Screamed Kasumi as she threw her head back and began to thrash about on the bed wildly as her orgasm shot through her body, she’d never has such an intense orgasm before, she felt her pussy juices almost explode inside her sending shivers
of delight up her spine, her lower body bucked up off the bed as her hip took on a life of their own for a few seconds.

“Mmmm… God! Yes… Yess!” Was all Kasumi could say as the last of her orgasm swept over her, she lay still with her eyes closed panting like a dog, the sweat dripped from her body.

Kazuko had continued to lick his moms pussy throughout her orgasm when her pussy juices had shot from her Boor covering his lower face and now dripped from his chin, he pulled his tongue from his moms Boor slowly and there was a slight sucking sound as he did, he moved his hand to his face and wiped away the salty tasting juices.

“I think you enjoyed that didn’t you mom?” Asked Kazuko innocently.

Before Kasumi could answer a car could be heard crunching it’s way up the driveway outside.

“Oh no!” Yelled Kasumi she jumped from the bed and ran to the window, her firm ass cheeks wobbled as she did, looking out she could see her husbands car just pulling to a halt in front of the house, she turned and looked at her son’s bedside clock, it read 2:05 pm.

“Oh God!” Kasumi yelled and ran over to pick up her bathrobe. Kazuko watched as his sexy mom ran around the room, he watched her breasts as they bobbed about and her ass cheeks as they swayed from side to side as she moved, he still had his hard erection and was hoping to
have had it solved by now, but his father had foiled his plans.

Kasumi quickly pulled on her robe and without looking again at her son ran from the room and into the bathroom to quickly freshen up before her husband came in.

Kazuko lay back on the bed and with no other choice took hold of his long stiff ‘Chinchin’ and began to tug on it.


Y’rei – A Dark Tale From Japan – CHAPTER THREE

Kazuko finally emerged from his bedroom several hours later after a lengthy masturbating session, he strolled to the bathroom for a shower then went downstairs, he found his father sitting in the kitchen doing some paper work.

“Hey dad, where’s mom?”

“Hi Son, your mothers gone out for a walk and get some fresh air,”

Kazuko was surprised his mother could walk anywhere after the pussy licking he’d given her earlier.

His father stood up and gathered his paperwork together putting it in his briefcase.

“Son, I’m going to have to go back to work now, could you tell your mother I won’t be home till late tonight, the old manager leaves today and I need to make sure I know how stuff runs down there before he goes.”

“O.k. dad, no problem.”

“Thanks son, see you later on, could you keep an eye on your mom, she was acting a little weird this afternoon might be she needs a hand getting this place ready.”

“Sure dad, I think mom wants me to help her out with a few things anyway.” Kazuko replied with a slight smile.

Thirty minutes after Shigeru left, Kasumi returned from her walk to the local shop, she’d actually been trying to get her head around what had occurred earlier, she couldn’t quite believe she’d let her son lick her out, it had been very nice but it was so wrong, Kasumi
dropped her bag of groceries onto the kitchen table and was about to begin to unpack when she heard a noise behind her, she turned to see her son standing there leaning against the doorframe, he smiled a wicked little smile, looking like the Dog Libby, which made Kasumi slightly angry.

“Kazuko, about what happened this morning, I need to explain, you see I was a litt…”

“-Little horny I think you were going to say mom, well I’m a little horny myself now.” Kazuko said, he moved towards his mother, she was wearing a light colored summer dress held up by thin shoulder straps, it was tapered in at the waist and showed off her fine slim waist and ample bosom.

“Kazuko! If you hear me out I was going to say we could never have a repeat of what happened this morning.” Kasumi said sternly, but still Kazuko stepped towards her, his eyes bright and burning with desire.

“God baby no, we can’t, we just can’t…” Kasumi’s words trailed off, as Kazuko now stood right in front of her.

Kazuko moved his hand to his moms left cheek and traced a line down her face, then down her neck and finally over her upper chest until he reached the front of her dress, he took hold of the thin material and pulled it towards him, the thin straps holding the dress up broke easily and the dress came away in his hand to reveal his moms fine, firm, round breasts.

“Oh!” Kasumi gasped as her son forcefully ripped away the upper part of her dress.

Kazuko ran his hand over his moms right nipple until it became hard, then pulling his moms dress down with his left hand he moved his right hand down his moms body, his fingers teasing her tanned skin.

Kasumi closed her eyes and leaned back against the kitchen table as a little sexual sensation coursed through her as her son’s fingers danced across her skin.

Kazuko pulled his mom’s dress down to her hips then let it go as it slid to the floor and lay around Kasumi’s ankles, Kazuko studied hi moms ripe body, all she was now wearing was a pair of white panties which clashed against the tanned skin, again her could smell the
fresh, lemon scent he’d smelt earlier coming from his moms pores, Kazuko lowered his head and began to suck on his moms left nipple while moving his hands down her sides to the elastic of her panties.

“Ummm… MMmmm,” Kasumi groaned, her fingers gripping the edge of the wooden table as her own son skillfully teased her nipple, she couldn’t do anything to resist her son now, it was too late, she was going to let him do whatever he wanted to her and she knew she was going to enjoy it.

Kazuko scooped his fingers under his moms panties and began to slowly pull them down her thighs till they reached her knees where he left them, he then took hold of his moms ass and lifted her quickly off the ground and dropping her back onto the hard kitchen table with a jolt, it made his moms tits shake up and down in front of his face.

“Oh!” Gasped Kasumi as her son lifted her onto the table, her ass cheeks slapping down on the cold kitchen table, she leaned back and opened her legs to allow her son access to her Manko (cunt), now wanting his big, hard Chinchin (cock) inside her.

Kazuko smiled at his moms actions, he thought he’d have to work hard to get mom to act like she was but she’d seemed as though she wanted him to fuck her, now he was gazing at his moms sexy body as she lay before him with her legs spread, he could clearly see her pink pussy lips and her dark, curly pubic hair trimmed short into a triangle shape. Kazuko pulled down his running shorts quickly and his hard prick almost shot out of his pants, the shiny, red cock-head shone under the kitchen lights as he moved towards his naked, slightly panting

Kasumi watched her son move towards her with his massive erection wavering in front of him, she could see his tight sac underneath and could just make out the wound that now looked a bright green in color, it almost looked like it was glowing.

Kazuko took hold of his mom’s firm upper ass cheeks, his fingers digging into her flesh as he prepared to enter her, his cock-head rubbed up his moms inner thigh as he slowly guided it up towards his mom’s pussy.

Kasumi quickly undid her son’s shirt letting it fall to the ground, he now stood before her naked, his youthful body was toned and fit, he was quite thin which made his large cock seem even more out of proportion with the rest of his body, she felt her pussy twitch as she
watched her son cock-head touch the outside of her pussy-lips leaving a small drop of milky white pre-cum, Kasumi couldn’t wait any longer, her need to have her son’s Chinchin fill her Manko was all she now craved.

“You going to fuck me now?” Kasumi asked with some urgency.

“If you insist mom,” Kazuko replied and pulling his mom towards him he slid his cock into his mom’s wet, tight pussy.

“AHhhhh!!” Moaned Kasumi as her child inserted his penis inside her.

Kazuko pushed more of his cock into Kasumi’s cunt, his mom was nice and tight and he felt the friction of her pussy walls rubbing against his shaft.

Kasumi almost passed out from the amazing sensation of having her Son’s long prick feed into her pussy, she leaned back on the table now and raised her legs, wrapping them around her son’s hips and interlocking them behind his back, she then pushed herself forward taking the rest of her son’s Prick inside.

“Ohhh god!!” Kasumi screamed out as Kazuko rammed his cock into her to the hilt.

For a second Kazuko and his mom did nothing, they were both breathing heavy, the sweat beginning to form on their brows, Kazuko looked at his mother and grinned wickedly, he moved in and French kissed her then quickly pulled his cock almost all the way out of her wet pussy then slapped it back in fast, his cock rubbing the inner walls of his mom’s pussy.

“Yesss… Ohhhh… yessss!!!” Yelled Kasumi breaking off the kiss her son was giving her as he began to fuck her, his Chinchin pushing in and out of her wet Manko making little slurping noises as it did.

The table began to squeak as Kazuko pushed his cock in and out of his moms tight pussy, he was holding onto her ass and pushing his hips forward quickly, he watched his moms face as she closed her eyes and threw her head back as the sexy sensations swept through her,
Kasumi’s long curly hair was getting stuck to her sweaty forehead as the lovemaking became more intense.

“Ummm…Ummm..ohhh..Yes… YES!” Kasumi cried out as again and again Kazuko pushed his big long cock into her.

“You like..ahh… this mommy?” Kazuko asked as he quickened his pace more, furiously pumping his cock forward.

“Yes..ohh..uhh… mommy likes this a lot…” Kasumi managed to reply as she gasped for air, she was leaning back completely on the kitchen table now, her hands gripping the front edge as she slid back and forth along the shiny surface.

Kazuko planted both his hands on either side of his mom and leaned over her more as he thrust into his mother again making her gasp with the sexual excitement, their hot, sweaty bodies joined at the middle in this taboo coupling.

Kazuko lowered his head and began to lick his moms left nipple with his tongue, he could feel the cum building in his scrotum and knew he had little time left before he came.

Kasumi also could feel her orgasm building as her son cock rubbed against her clit making her writhe about uncontrollably on the table.

“Ohhh…Yes… Faster baby! Faster!” Kasumi urged.

Kazuko did as his mom said and pumped his cock into her quicker, he was grunting now like some primitive ape as he thrust his cock into his own naked mother.

Kasumi couldn’t take any more, her orgasm exploded inside her.

“OH GOD YES! YES!!” Kasumi cried out very loudly, her hips bucked off the kitchen table and she twisted about wildly for several seconds as the orgasm took hold, her legs pressed tightly against her son’s thighs.

Kazuko lasted a few more strokes but as soon as his mother began to come and her pussy tightened around his cock he began to cum, he jerked his hips forward as his hot, steamy semen pumped out into his mom’s pussy, he closed his eyes tight as let out a loud moan as his seed flowed out.

Finally after a few moments Kasumi and her son lay still, they were both breathing heavy with sweat dripping from their bodies and forming in pools on the kitchen table. Kazuko looked down at his mother who still had her eyes closed savoring the last of her powerful orgasm, he smiled then pulled his cock out from within her, his moms slick pussy juices covered it and some dripped onto his moms dress which lay at his feet.

After her powerful orgasm Kasumi began to feel the guilt build inside her, she’d fucked her son, her own flesh and blood, and she’d enjoyed it more than she would ever admit, but it was so wrong, she looked up at Kazuko and he smiled back at her, his eyes were playing across her body, she looked down to his cock to see it already beginning to grow again as the blood rushed up the shaft, Kasumi panicked knowing she wouldn’t be able to resist if her son tried to fuck her again, she lifted herself off the table and picking her dress off the floor she pushed past her son and out the room.

Kazuko turned and watched his mom’s sexy ass quiver as she left the kitchen, he was already getting hard again thinking about the illicit sex that had just occurred, but he wasn’t that bothered about fucking her again – yet.

Y˚rei – A Dark Tale From Japan – CHAPTER FOUR

Several hours later Kazuko’s father came home and he and Kasumi had a nice meal, Shigeru noticed his wife was quiet and was thinking of other things.

“You o.k. Dear?” Shigeru asked concerned.

“Yes, I’m just a little tired, it’s been a busy day, you know what I think I’ll take a shower,” Kasumi replied trying not to sound like she was hiding something.

“You do that, and don’t worry about the washing up I’ll manage that,” Shigeru said smiling at his beautiful wife.

Kasumi turned on the shower taps and began to undress, she hadn’t seen her horny son for a few hours and wondered where he’d gotten to, she was feeling very guilty about what had happened in the kitchen earlier and she would have to explain to Kazuko how what had occurred was so wrong.

Kasumi had just gotten down to her bra and panties when there was a knock on the door, Kasumi thought it was Shigeru wanting to ask her something so she unlocked the door and opened it, Kazuko stood there, his eyes staring at her intensely, he was only wearing his boxer
shorts and as Kasumi looked down his body she could see the large bulge pressing out against the front of the material, before she could do anything Kazuko forced his way into the bathroom, he turned and locked the door behind him.

The bathroom was beginning to fill with steam as the shower heated up, Kazuko was feeling totally horny again, his cock felt like it was going to explode and the only female who was readily available was his own mother, he didn’t care that his father was down stairs and might hear what was going on.

“Kazuko! Dear whatever you’ve got on your mind isn’t going to happen, what occurred earlier was a mistake, I know I didn’t try and stop you and that was wrong but you have to understand what we did was bad,”

Kasumi was talking to her son carefully, she could see he wanted ton fuck her again and she also knew that she was only just in control of the situation, her eyes kept flicking down to her son’s obscene bulge in his boxer shorts and Kasumi knew if she didn’t get her son out of the bathroom in the next few seconds there would be another naughty encounter.

Kazuko stood there listening to what his mother said to him but was really only studying his moms sexy body, she was wearing a white wonder bra which pushed her breasts upwards and inwards, he could see her nipples pushing through the satin material, her panties were
small and tight and had been pushed down a little so he could just make out a little pubic hair curling from the top of them, he licked his lips, his cock was painfully pressed against the front of his boxers.

“Ready to be bad again then mom?” he asked the rhetorical question, before he could let his mom answer he moved in.

Kasumi knew it was too late; she couldn’t resist her son and his big and long cock.

Kazuko took hold of the front of his mom’s bra and pulled it away from her body with a loud snap of the elastic, he was moving quickly now, no time for foreplay, he almost growled as he watched his moms tits shake free from their confines, the large nipples erect and deep red.

Kasumi ran her hand down her thighs as the hot steamy air made her sweat, she felt her pussy begin to throb with the excitement of what was about to happen.

Kazuko kneeled down and licked the front of his moms panties, he stuck his tongue out and rubbed it against Kasumi’s pussy mound, then moved his hand to the elasticized waistband and quickly pulled them down around her ankle, he took a deep intake of breath smelling the aroma of his moms aroused pussy right in front of him then he stood up again.

Kasumi moved her hands to her son’s boxer shorts and began to pull them down, as she did her son’s cock sprung from their confines, the cock shaft was very hard and thick, and his cock-head pointed directly at her waiting for some attention, Kasumi couldn’t resist and grasping Kazuko’s cock shaft she kneeled down and inserted it in her mouth, her lips running along the shaft as she did.

Kazuko put his hands on the back of his mother’s head and pulled her down onto his cockhead, he felt his mom’s wet tongue lick the underside of his cock as she began to give him head.

Kasumi didn’t care any more that she was giving her son a blow-job, she gripped the shaft tightly with her right hand and clamped her mouth around her son’s cock as she started to suck eagerly, her tongue danced along the underside of his shaft and she felt his cock-head swell up from her touch rubbing against the roof of her mouth as she sucked her son’s cock harder.

“Ohhh… god mom that’s good,” Kazuko murmured, he looked down and watched as his own mother sucked on his cock and smiled.

Kasumi’s head bobbed up and down as she went down harder of her son’s cock, she was sucking him hard now, her lips tight around his large cock shaft, she didn’t want to make him cum though, not yet, she needed him hard so he could fuck her pussy yet again.

Kazuko felt his cum-sac begin to tighten and his cock swelled even more as his moms wet mouth sucked on his cock, he could feel her wet tongue licking the underside of his shaft, he ran his hands through his moms wet hair, the bathroom was now filled with steam and he was sweating heavily.

Kasumi felt her son’s cock pulsing as he came close to erection and opening her mouth she pulled his cock out, standing up again she took her son’s hand and pulled him into the shower cubicle.

Kazuko followed his horny mother into the shower cubicle, the warm water began to run over their bodies was away the sweat but not the lust, Kazuko took hold of his moms thighs and lifted her up and leaned her up against the shower stand, he lined his moms pussy up with his cock and slowly lowered her down onto it.

“Ohhhh… Mmm,” Moaned Kasumi as she was impaled on her son’s stiff cock, she watched as Kazuko’s cock disappeared inside her pussy, she wrapped her legs around her son’s hips and began to slowly raise herself off her son’s cock then back down onto it, the tightness of her pussy meant she could feel every inch of Kazuko’s cock as it slid back into her, she threw her head back and moaned.

“Ugghhhh!!” Kasumi cried out as Kazuko’s’ cock deeply probed her pussy, she slowly worked her body back and forth as her son began to thrust his hips forward, feeding his cock inside her as the water ran down their entangled bodies.

Kazuko held the back of his mom’s thighs firmly letting her slide down his cock shaft as he pushed his cock into her, then he lifted her up a little then down again, his cock easily slid up his moms wet pussy passage and the intense sensation of it meant he wouldn’t last long.

“Ugh..Fuck me baby…Mmmm…Fuck me..faster, faster!!” Urged Kasumi, she’d never told her husband to fuck her faster but she was now telling her son exactly what to do.

“Harder….Ohhhh..that’s it…hhar… harder… Mmmm,” Kasumi cried out, she’d forgotten her husband was just downstairs and was totally focused on this erotic moment, she took hold of her son’s ass cheeks and digging her fingernails into his flesh pushed his body forward so his cock reamed into her even harder.

“Ohh Goooddd!!” Kasumi yelled out, getting a mouth full of shower water as she did, she spat it out and it ran down her son’s body, she felt her pussy begin to wildly twitch and spasm as her son’s cock kept thrusting into her as another powerful orgasm began to build inside her.

“C’mon fuck me, fuck mommy.” Kasumi was saying words she’d never thought she’d ever say in a million years, her breasts rubbed against her son’s chest as their bodies squashed together in this intense moment, Kasumi closed her eyes and bit down on her lip knowing her orgasm was about to be unleashed.

Kazuko listened to his mothers obscenities and it made him even hornier having never heard his mom speaking like she was before, he watched his moms beautiful face as she bit down on her lip as the bolts of sexual electricity swept through her, he watched the water run down over her breasts, her nipples erect and deep red in color, their bodies pressed together as Kazuko thrust his cock inside his own mother again and again, suddenly he felt his cock almost explode as his orgasm began, his hips jerked forward wildly, his cock became even more swollen and pulsed inside his moms pussy.

Kasumi felt her son’s cock swell deep inside her as his hot cum pored out, she felt her pussy erupt as her own orgasm began.

“Ohhh God… Yes…YES…YES!!!” Screamed Kasumi as loudly as she could, she felt her whole body shake about wildly, her ass slapped against the wall behind her as her legs shook, her pussy tightened around her son’s cock and she felt the intense sexual friction as he kept slamming his cock into as the last of his hot semen pored out, she had her eyes closed tight feeling the amazing sexual energy surge through her.

“Ohhhh baby!!” Kasumi purred as her pussy juices shot from within her covering her son cock shaft, she pressed herself against her child’s body as the last of the amazing orgasm swept through her spasming pussy.

Kazuko kept hammering his cock into his mother even after the last of his sticky cum had squirted into his mom’s pussy, he almost felt like fucking his mom again, then there was a knock at the bathroom door.

“Kasumi are you o.k.?” Shigeru asked, he’d heard the creams from down stairs and thought his wife might have hurt herself.

Kasumi panicked as she heard Shigeru voice, she’d been so caught up in the intense sexual moment she’d forgotten Shigeru was downstairs, she pushed her son away from her his cock slipping from her wet pussy as she got out the shower.

“Yes Dear I’m fine,” Kasumi replied.

“It’s just I thought I heard you screaming,” Shigeru said concerned.

“No, I was just singing, that’s all.” Kasumi lied, hoping her husband believed her.

“Oh, o.k. I’m going to bed now,”

“O.k. Dear I’ll be there in a minute,” Kasumi said breathing a sigh of relief.

“I’m going to make you sing like that everyday from now on mom.” Kazuko said from behind his mom, he ran his hand across her ass cheeks, then moved his fingers in between her legs and began to rub her pussy lips with his fingers.

“Mmmm… promises, promises,” Kasumi said as she felt her son rubbing her pussy lips and smiled as the sexy sensations made her pussy twitch and begin to get wet again.


It was night again and Shigeru was sleeping. Suddenly he woke up and felt an urge to pee. As he got up from his bed he heard his name being called in a whisper. He felt an unusual chill down his back and a really weird feeling in the pit of his stomach. He ignored it and started moving towards the bathroom. Just near the bathroom he heard someone flushing inside. He stopped and looked towards the bed. Although it was quiet dark but he could see Kasumi sleeping peacefully.

The flushing continued meanwhile. So out of curiosity, he knocked on the on the door.

When nobody replied, he gave the door a slight push.

What he saw totally nailed him to the floor.

There was a woman standing naked, flushing the W.C. At first he mistook her for Kasumi. She turned and looked at him.

She was a total stranger to him. He was about to reach out to her and ask who she was but suddenly she vanished.


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