Feature Writer: SilkStockingsLover


Published: 17.03.2017

Story Codes: Lesbian, Religious

Synopsis: Submissive serves MILF at church during Sunday service

Author’s Notes: This is part two of a series. Part one, Church Girl 1 – Perfect Turn, sweet, innocent virgin Mary is selling raffle tickets door-to-door when she arrives at Mrs. Taylor’s house. Mrs. Taylor, a seductress of teen girls, takes the opportunity to seduce the minister’s daughter and make her a submissive pet

Church Girl 3 – Oaths of Obedience

Mary headed straight home after the life-altering encounter… both because she was exhausted, and also because that wonderful Mrs. Taylor had, in addition to gifting her with her first orgasms ever, generously bought the rest of her raffle tickets.

Once back home, her mom asked, “How did it go?”

“I sold them all,” Mary answered.

“Well, that’s great,” Mary’s mother nodded with approval. She then added, “You look exhausted. Go take a bath or a cool shower.”

“I think I’ll do exactly that,” Mary agreed, feeling sweaty both from the heat she’d endured during her six block walk home (it seeming even hotter outside after her hot experience with Mrs. Taylor), and from the excitement of the experience itself. Accelerating from total virgin to submissive in under two hours had been wonderful but strenuous, and her body needed a rest.

Mary went to her room and carefully unfastened her new stockings from her new garter-belt. She then rolled the stockings, which were so much silkier and somehow more erotic than the ones her mother purchased for her at the drug store, lasciviously down her legs. (She wondered if a recently deflowered virgin could technically be described as ‘lascivious’ while she was alone… it certainly felt like it.) Once the stockings were off, she hid them in the back of her underwear drawer, as well as the garter-belt, positive that her mother would not approve if she discovered either of these lascivious undergarments in the laundry hamper. She realized she had left her panties behind at Mrs. Taylors’. Wherever they were, they were lascivious too, not because they’d been designed to be, but because of how lasciviously wet they’d gotten before Mrs. Taylor had whipped them off.

Mary grabbed her robe and went to the bathroom to start her bubble bath. As the tub filled, she

replayed the entire last couple of hours in her head. Her entire world had changed in moments… quick shocking moment after moment after moment:

-The two drinks accidentally spilt on her by Mrs. Taylor

-Mrs. Taylor suddenly removing Mary’s soaking wet dress and bra

-Seeing Mrs. Taylor totally starkers, seemingly oblivious to how strange that would appear to a virginal eighteen-year-old girl

-Hearing the foul-mouthed, intense sex scene on the laptop in the bedroom

-Assisting a naked (and breathtakingly beautiful) Mrs. Taylor in putting on her stockings

-Her panties somehow getting wet too (she’d figured out later how that had happened)

-Mrs. Taylor lasciv… never mind… putting stockings on her

-Mrs. Taylor seeing the wetness in her panties and whipping them off

-Mrs. Taylor smelling her soiled underwear

-Mrs. Taylor retrieving her own wet panties from the hamper and handing them to her

-Touching and fondling the wetness in Mrs. Taylor’s panties and smelling them… not even realizing she was doing either

-The shocking, sudden, lascivious… yes, definitely… tongue on her vaginal lips

-The intense pleasure that suddenly consumed her

-The possessive finger sliding inside her, literally staking a claim

-The intensity of heretofore unknown euphoria swirling inside her

-The double pleasure on the inside and outside of her vagina building and building unbearably… and at the same time better than anything ever… until as promised, her head had exploded in the very first orgasm of her entire life… a discovery of the intense, heavenly sensations the Lord had created for her to revel in… the orgasm she’d never before even contemplated, sending her completely off the planet, totally overcome by the pleasure coursing throughout her entire being… Aaaaahhhhh!!!! Why had nobody ever told her there even was such a miraculous thing?!

-Mrs. Taylor straddling her face even as her orgasm continued to bring her pleasure she’d never known existed.

-The scent… the taste… the invitation… the sudden desire to lick and please

-The adrenaline of licking and the thrill of the full flood of Mrs. Taylor’s torrential cum… a taste she was instantly addicted to


Mary got into the tub and allowed the warm water to soothe her. Her body ached… a sweet ache. Her energy had been drawn completely out of her by the multiple orgasms cascading through her.

As Mary lay there, she recalled the awakening of her natural desire to obey, to please… feeling compelled mentally and physically to do whatever Mrs. Taylor had instructed.

Mary recalled the terms ‘pet’ and ‘goddess’… each, she realized in retrospect, being terms describing the natural hierarchy between Mrs. Taylor and herself… the former term should have been demeaning, but it somehow felt natural to her… obedience being part of her nature… part of her upbringing… part perhaps of her innate DNA.

As her vagina continued tingling in the warm water…she let the true reality set in… she’d had sex. She wasn’t a ‘good girl’ anymore.

Worse… she’d had sex out of wedlock.

Even worse than that… she’d had committed an ‘abomination’… sex with a woman.

Sudden guilt consumed her at these revelations…

She wondered if having a finger inside her meant she had lost her virginity.

Her father would be ashamed of her… he had lectured about the sins of the flesh dozens of times both from the pulpit and, unappetizingly, at the dinner table… and condemned homosexuality almost as much… although this message had softened somewhat during the past couple years with the changes of values in the average citizen and even in the country’s laws. What if he…!? No, that was impossible!

Her mother would see her as a slut, and probably would even call her one in a loud voice if she knew what she had done.

Even as her vagina still tingled… as if begging for attention… the discovery of the pleasure that existed inside itself opening a door that couldn’t just be closed up again… she questioned what to do next.

Mary lay soaking in the warm water, more confused than she had ever been about anything before.

How could such pleasure be a sin?

Why had nobody ever told her about these pleasures?

Were these pleasures really a sin, or was that a mistake?

Would God really tempt us with something he’d created himself?

That didn’t make sense.

Even as Mary felt guilt, she also felt an urge to touch herself… to attempt to replicate the pleasure Mrs. Taylor had introduced her to.

She moved her hand to her vagina and paused. Masturbation was a sin… she had heard that many times… yet how could it be? God was a merciful, loving Lord, and creating a pleasure inside her own body that wasn’t supposed to be experienced or even touched (except briefly without looking while she was washing), didn’t make any sense. No, it made no sense at all.

God wanted his children to be happy; it said so in the Bible. Where did the Bible say he wanted us to be frustrated?

He wanted his followers to be happy in Mind, Body and Spirit… and through faith and the church, happiness could be found in Mind and Spirit… and as Mary’s hand began to slowly rub herself she realized that the pleasure that could exist inside the Body was now available to her… the third aspect of the Holy Trinity.

Mary closed her eyes, let the guilt fade as her ‘righteouspleasure grew.

As she slowly pleasured herself, she closed her eyes and allowed her mind to wander. Of course, it wandered back to Mrs. Taylor’s bedroom….

Mrs. Taylor’s finger awakening new sensations inside her (as Mary slid a finger inside herself… which was definitely more awkward than when Mrs. Taylor’s finger was in her… she’d never attempted this before… so Mary repositioned her body to try and make it easier)….

Mrs. Taylor’s lips and tongue lingering so wonderfully on her vagina…. (Mary moving her free hand to her clit and tapping it even as she slowly continued to finger herself, trying to discover the way to replicate the pleasure Mrs. Taylor had created inside her)….

The beauty of Mrs. Taylor’s shaved pussy… (Mary recalling she’d been instructed to shave her pussy, but couldn’t fathom how to do that on her own)….

Oh, for heaven’s sake, she’d totally forgotten… she was supposed to call it a pussy, or a cunt, or a twat, or a slit (words she’d heard in the gym where girls talked like boys), or… there seemed to be many choices available, just not the childish “V” word. She was eighteen, she was an adult, she could use the taboo words.

The intoxicating scent of Mrs. Taylor’s tasty muff (good one, Mary!)… (Mary’s mouth salivating at the idea of licking Mrs. Taylor again… wishing she could just do it right now)….

The exotic taste of Mrs. Taylor’s wet cunt (yes, her cunt… thinking of the nasty word somehow enhancing Mary’s pleasure as she felt the heat building inside her)….

As Mary replayed the afternoon’s entire sex encounter in her head, she began to finger herself faster, began to tap her clit harder… lifting her ass up so her fevered cunt was out of the water so she could slap her clit faster and harder.

The position was awkward and frustrating, her new friend the orgasm simmering in her, but not erupting like it had when Mrs. Taylor was in charge. Suddenly, Mary had an idea. She didn’t have any toys like the ones that had been lying all over Mrs. Taylor’s bed, but she wondered about the showerhead.

Mary pulled out her finger, stood up and removed the showerhead and hose from the stand, adjusted the taps to a nice warm temperature, lifted one foot up onto the rim of the bathtub and pointed the strong spray directly at her pussy.

The initial contact startled Mary, an intense pleasure hitting her, making her stumble slightly as she chuckled to herself that this would be a very wasteful way to die. She then angled the spray to a different position after turning down the knobs to a milder spray.

Mary then returned the jet steam to her vagina… sorry, beaver… and enjoyed the self-pleasure. She closed her eyes and resumed replaying the earlier encounter with Mrs. Taylor as her orgasm resumed its advance.

In under a minute, the pressure on her vaj (a word Mary just made up), was enough to get herself off, and she let out a loud moan as her orgasm finally swam to the surface.

And although not as intense as the earlier orgasms that had erupted at the lips and fingers of Mrs. Taylor, it was an amazing experience… as she leaned against the bathtub wall to allow the orgasm to wash over her… as she dropped the showerhead… too consumed with the pleasure swarming her very being to hear the showerhead hitting the top of the bathtub before landing on the floor, still spraying.

Mary remained leaning against the wall for a couple of minutes, just enjoying the orgasm and feeling one with the universe. When she opened her eyes and stood all the way up, she finally noticed the showerhead spraying water all over the bathroom floor.

She scrambled out of the tub, redirected the showerhead and turned off the taps. She looked at the flooded floor and wondered if this was a sign from the Lord that she had just sinned. The flooding seeming like a not so subtle reprimand; Noah’s flood had happened because people were bad, hadn’t it?

She had to use four towels to clean up all the water as she scolded herself for her moral weakness.

As she finished cleaning up, she told herself she would not touch her vagina again. Yes, her vagina. Those other words were naughty and sinful.


Mrs. Gloria Taylor was giddy the rest of the day. Her conquest of Mary had been the most satisfying one of her life, and one she envisioned leading to long-term perks. The idea of moulding the perfect pet from scratch was exciting, and it had her mind spinning with possibilities.

It also had her pussy tingling after dinner… her husband having called to say he was going to stay at the golf club so he could watch the ball game with the boys.

So, wanting to get off again, she texted one of her pets: Slut, are you in town?

A couple minutes later: Just finished work and heading home.

Gloria ordered: Well, change directions and come by for a lick stop.

Gloria roared at her witty play with words: lick stop.

Instantly, a response back: Yes, Mistress.

Gloria had a variety of lovers. Some were submissive sluts, some were friends with benefits, some were quickie lickies (her version of a quickie) and some were long-term projects like Mary had just become.

But on her way over was Astrid, a teenaged Norwegian still living with her parents, who was not only a beauty, but was equally a bitch. The kind of girl who’s not only a blonde bombshell, but knows it, and uses that as leverage to crush her peers and control the boys. Astrid too had been a fun turn, her parents both doctors, so she likely belonged to the wealthiest family in the community. Astrid had just graduated from high school and worked at a fashionable clothing store in the mall.

Gloria was enjoying a glass of wine and watching the greatly underrated Joe versus the Volcano as she waited for her slut to arrive and pondered her plan for her newest pet… maintaining a clear distinction between the terms slut and pet.

Gloria used Slut Astrid for quick pleasure, no more than that; while she planned to train Pet Mary as a valued and treasured companion. Together, she and Pet Mary would be movers and shakers.

When Astrid arrived, the moment the front door had closed, she called out, “Knees, slut.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Astrid replied, instantly dropping to her knees; Mistress Gloria was the only person in the world she would allow to speak to her like that.

“Crawl,” Gloria ordered, languidly finishing her glass of wine.

“Yes, Mistress,” Astrid repeated, knowing there were consequences for disobedience. She crawled from the vestibule and into the living room, not surprised to see her Mistress in nylons, which she too was expected to wear at all times when coming to serve. Although she didn’t always wear them, especially in this southern summer heat, she kept a couple of pairs in her purse and another in her glove compartment so she would always be prepared.

Yet, because Astrid was coming from work, she had already been wearing a pair underneath her cute pastel plaid skirt and pink blouse.

When Astrid reached her Mistress’s feet, she did what was always expected, she lowered her head respectfully and kissed the nylon-clad feet.

Gloria smiled at the complete obedience of the diva. Astrid was the only slut she always required to bow down and kiss her feet or to invariably ask the following:

“How may I serve you today, Mistress?” The blue-eyed bombshell asked, after kissing each of the nylon-clad feet.

“Massage my feet, slut,” Gloria ordered, leisurely pouring herself another glass of wine.

“Yes, Mistress,” Astrid obeyed, this often the first requirement.

Gloria added, “With your tongue.”

Astrid was startled, as this variation was new to her, but she responded obediently like she always did, “Yes, Mistress,” and began to lick the sole of Mistress Gloria’s right foot.

Gloria smiled, loving to humiliate the stuck-up bitch, even as she shifted her thoughts to her polar opposite, Mary. At church tomorrow, she planned to test her new pet’s obedience by having her serve her during the service… during the time her father was lecturing about some sin or other.

This idea had Gloria’s pussy dampen; the idea of sneaking in a sin or two during church was wickedly fun.

Astrid kissed and licked every inch of both of the nylon-clad feet for a few minutes… anticipating the privilege of licking her Mistress’s delicious pussy… the only one she ever licked… usually it was the dykes and nerds who were required to lick her.

“Hungry, slut?” Gloria asked, her cunt hungry from her naughty idea of having sex at church tomorrow.

“Famished, Mistress,” Astrid answered, craving Mistress’s pussy.

Gloria hiked up her skirt and indolently snapped her fingers.

Astrid was conditioned to know that a snapping of fingers always meant ‘get licking.’ She buried her face in the delicious delicacy that never failed to seduce her away from her usual dominant persona.

Gloria closed her eyes and enjoyed the licking… Astrid being surprisingly good for a girl who was otherwise a receiver, not a giver.

And for a good thirty minutes, Gloria was pleasured through multiple orgasms before she sent Astrid home without ever touching the teen’s cunt.

Gloria went for a swim and a lengthy hot tub soak as she relaxed and planned the details of how she would manipulate Mary tomorrow.


The next morning as Mary got dressed for church, she paused.

Mrs. Taylor had instructed her, twice, to wear the garter-belt and stockings today.

Yet, she was still rattled by the rather obvious message The Lord had seemed to give her when he had flooded the bathroom during her carnal sin.

Feeling insecure, she dithered for over fifteen minutes, before she decided that she would obey the order, and yet also clarify to Mrs. Taylor that yesterday had been a mistake. And, of course, no panties. Mrs. Taylor had made it clear she was not to wear panties and definitely wouldn’t be pleased if she wore panties, and she did want to please her. But she would be resolute: no more delicious, exhilarating, ummm… sinful sex. If she explained that point clearly enough, she was sure Mrs. Taylor would understand.

Although, even that was giving her conflicted feelings.

Her body was clearly telling her that yesterday hadn’t been a mistake, but a revelation.

Her mind, however, was scolding her for the temporary moment… ummm, two hours… of weakness. Plus what she’d done later in the tub. When she’d been reprimanded by the Flood.

These conflicting emotions created back-and-forth wobbles of insecurity in her… something she wasn’t used to feeling.

So she pulled the garter-belt and stockings out of her drawer and slid them onto her legs… recalling how nice it had felt when Mrs. Taylor put them on her. She then put on a conservative blouse, and a knee-length skirt to hide the lace tops of the stockings.

As usual, Mary was at church early to help set up the youth ministry room as well as the day care.

Everything was in place as Mary was heading to the sanctuary to prepare for the musical performance… where she always played piano… when she noticed Mrs. Taylor for the first time.

Mary instantly felt anxiety wash over her… and excitement, and an instant tingling sensation in her vagina.

Mrs. Taylor was also dressed in a conservative blouse and skirt, long enough to hide the thigh highs she was wearing and the naughty reality that she wasn’t wearing panties… she wanted very easy access to her pussy for a plan where time was of the essence.

“You look delicious, my pet,” Mrs. Taylor smiled, whispering to her pet, her breath hot in the teen’s ear.

“Thank you,” Mary responded. Her more or less strong resolve to object that everything they had done yesterday had been wrong, was already withering away as her body seized control of her mind, and her Mistress’s hot, moist breath sent chills down her spine and tiny tantalising icicles directly to her pussy.

“Put your phone on vibrate,” Gloria instructed, before adding, “and when you feel it, I expect you to meet me in the women’s downstairs bathroom.”

Mary was surprised by the instructions and was about to ask why, when Mrs. Taylor abruptly walked away, leaving Mary again feeling excitement and trepidation spinning through her… these recurring and opposing feelings keeping her confused and bewildered.

“Are you coming?” Her mother asked as she walked past her.

Mary thought daringly, ‘not yet’, then chided herself for such an inappropriate thought, especially in church and towards her mother. “Yes, mother,” Mary answered, shaking the inappropriate thoughts out of her head as she headed for the piano to begin the prelude.

Mary played piano beautifully, and just became one with The Lord like she always did when she was playing music and leading hymns.

After the opening prayer, the hymns, the announcements and the tithes, Mary sat down beside her mother in the front pew like she always did while her father preached. Usually she was drawn into his messages, riveted by his fire and brimstone approach and his passion. Yet today, Mary couldn’t focus on the message as her mind kept wandering to sexy thoughts of Mrs. Taylor.

Gloria watched her pet from a back row pew and saw that she was agitated… fidgety. Not a problem; it just demonstrated that she was still hooked and ready to be reeled in again. She waited for about five minutes into the sermon before she slipped out and headed downstairs to the rendezvous spot, then texted Mary: NOW!

Mary felt her phone vibrate against her left thigh, where she was holding it out of sight of her mother, having no pockets in her outfit.

The vibration, although harmless and one she’d felt thousands of times before, this time sent a vibrating tingle straight to her pussy. Shoot! She’d just thought the word ‘pussy’ in the house of worship. Shoot, she’d done it again!

Mary knew the obvious. She was in the House of God, and her father was behind the pulpit just getting to the shouting phase of his tirade about the dangers of sin. She should ignore the buzzing, ignore Mrs. Taylor’s instructions and ignore the growing excitement in her loins, as well as the dampness beginning to leak out of her.

Yet, even as her thoughts were being drawn into this reverse temptation away from sin, she hid her phone slyly in her stocking top and stood up, whispering into her mom’s ear, “Please excuse me, Mother, I’m suddenly feeling lightheaded,” which wasn’t a complete lie.

Mom whispered back with a look of concern (Mary had never left during one of her father’s sermons before), “Do you need me to come with you?”

“No!” Mary said too quickly and loudly, before dissembling with, “You stay and support Dad.”

“Okay,” she nodded, as Mary quickly left and headed out, with the phone in her stocking feeling weird, and worrying it might fall out.

As soon as Mary was outside the sanctuary and with nobody in the foyer, she pulled the phone out and checked the message. It was indeed from Mrs. Taylor and had just one simple word, just three letters, and yet it spoke volumes… the exclamation mark not even necessary.


Mary stared at the word for a moment… knowing it had implications… yet, as every step of the way had been guided ever since she’d accidentally gotten lemonade spilt on her (it was an accident, wasn’t it?), her body, not her mind, led the way.

Thankfully the meeting place would be in a secluded corner in the basement and likely to be empty. Although Mary still wasn’t sure what Mrs. Taylor had in mind. Surely she wasn’t thinking of having sex in the church… was she?

Yet, as Mary headed down the stairs and passed through a long hallway, she realized that was likely exactly what she wanted… and although Mary knew it was wrong, she walked into the bathroom, her pussy tingling with anticipation.

Gloria was just about to send a second text, one with more emphasis, when the bathroom door opened. “Lock it, my pet,” she ordered, already having a story planned in case someone knocked on the door and the two of them were discovered there together… but she was saving that for only if necessary.

The reality was there was a pretty big, and still growing, number of women in the community who played with each other, but there were also many non-players who still perceived her as a prim and proper community leader. She didn’t wish to taint her reputation unless she made a tactical decision that it would be worth it so she could also taint someone else.

Mary locked the door, the same feelings of trepidation and excitement as she’d felt yesterday washing through her… although this time a fresh guilt was also added to the equation; she was skipping out on her father’s sermon.

Mrs. Taylor hopped onto the bathroom counter, hiked up her skirt and ordered, knowing giving it a religious spin would ease the nervous pet, “Come and savour The Lord’s holy creation.”

Mary worried, “I really need to get back to the service.”

Early in any pet’s training there were always moments where the pet was second-guessing a decision she’d already made. Guilt was usually the trigger emotion that held a pet back from complete obedience, and that was definitely the case with Mary. The seductress could see guilt written all over her face, yet the red cheeks, the fidgeting with the phone and the longing look in her eyes also showed the presence of lust lurking behind the guilt, begging to be unleashed.

Mrs. Taylor sighed, knowing also that pets like Mary hated to disappoint, and decided to bring a different slant to Mary’s guilt by reminding her, “My pet, I thought I made it clear that I expect complete obedience… I want your utter loyalty and dedication, just like you would offer to the Lord.”

Mary’s guilt obediently sidestepped… from guilt for leaving the sermon, to guilt for not obeying Mrs. Taylor, even as she became distracted when she saw for herself that the older woman wasn’t wearing panties. “Sorry, ma’am,” Mary apologized, her eyes focusing totally on the shaved, glistening, pussy.

“My cunt has been dripping wet all morning with anticipation for you, my pet. Now come and serve your goddess,” Gloria ordered, knowing the brief moment of resistance had been just that… brief.

Mary had two different levels of guilt fighting within her, yet as they battled internally, externally her body began walking towards the older lady, the succulent pussy drawing her in like a moth to a flame.

Gloria smiled as she watched the brittle resistance shatter like Humpty Dumpty… and like Humpty Dumpty, once her pet was broken away from her restricted, innocent past, she couldn’t be put back together… but only recreated into something new.

Mary reached Mrs. Taylor’s nylon-clad legs, noticing there wasn’t a garter this time, wondering how they stayed up.

Mrs. Taylor, noticing her pet’s confused look, explained, “They’re called thigh highs. Those are another type of sexy hosiery, and perfect for quick access when my pet needs a snack.”

Mary could feel her mouth-watering, feel a hunger that was consuming her entire being, and all she could muster was, “Oh,” as she bent forward and buried her face in the enticing, beckoning cunt.

“Good pet,” Mrs. Taylor moaned, a rush of adrenaline hitting her with the reality she was getting her box munched by the minister’s daughter even while he was upstairs trying to frighten the sin out of everyone. This was by far her greatest turn… even greater than her mother-in-law a few years ago.

As soon as the sweetness of Mrs. Taylor’s pussy reached her taste buds, every last one of her doubts faded, and Mary knew she was where The Lord wanted her to be… worshipping His tender creation.

As Mary licked and probed hungrily, knowing time was of the essence, unlike the timeless heaven when she’d been on Mrs. Taylor’s bed, she wondered why her father preached that this was a sin… it just didn’t make any sense to her anymore. God wouldn’t create such pleasure if his servants couldn’t even enjoy it… that made no sense at all! And if something like this was a step on the road to hell, why would he have created it to taste so heavenly?

Gloria closed her eyes and just enjoyed the pleasure of being serviced by her pet. Letting her body take over as her orgasm built slowly, she cast her mind loose for dreams and plans. She decided what her pet’s next task was going to be… since her period was due to begin tomorrow, she would launch her pet into the pleasures of masturbation.

Mary licked and licked, for the moment forgetting where she was, as her lust took control. She wanted to hear her Mistress moan, she wanted to make her Mistress come, and she wanted to taste the full potpourri of her Goddess’s cum as it flooded out of her.

Gloria moaned, a couple minutes later, “That’s it, my pet, keep licking; worship my cunt.”

Mary indeed did see what she was doing as worshipful. She was worshipping one of the greatest, if not the greatest, of the Lord’s creations. The vagina, the pussy, the cunt, the full-flavoured honeypot, was so multi-purposed as an entire region: from pleasure, to creation, to urination. The vagina really was an enigma.

Mary listened to Mrs. Taylor’s moans, analysing the nuances, trying to comprehend the workings of the entire erogenous zone and how her Goddess responded when she did this or that in different regions. Mary was an academic, and she was learning from her recent new experiences as she strove to excel at pussy pleasing, the same way she already excelled at calculus and her other subjects at school.

“Oh yes, move that tongue, bat my clit around, you eager pet,” Gloria ordered a couple minutes later as her orgasm continued to swim toward the tactile tongue of the teen.

Mary obeyed, moving directly to the clit and beginning to flick it with her tongue, watching in awe how the tiny clit could make an entire body twitch as Mrs. Taylor’s legs quaked and her moans became ever more urgent.

“Oh yes, you’re a perfect pet, Mary,” Gloria sighed rapturously, impressed with the surprising improvement from the first time to the second.

Mary felt a rush of adrenaline at the compliment, wanting to be the best pet, to bring her to climax through obedient worship. She leaned forward, took the clit between her lips, tugged, and was almost instantly rewarded with a female facial.

Gloria was surprised by the sudden aggressiveness of the teen and the intensity that washed through her body as her orgasm cascaded throughout her like the flooding of the Nile. “Yes, lap up the Lord’s firmament,” the seductress moaned, grabbing the teen’s head and holding it against her flooding cunt, wanting to keep reminding the easily influenced teen that what she was doing was the Lord’s will.

Mary licked the best she could as her face was coated with the Lord’s juices, feeling like she was being baptized by a higher power… being drawn into a higher purpose… becoming one with the Lord.

Gloria just kept coming and coming, her orgasm more intense than most, the rush of who and where enhancing her euphoria. Once the main eruption of joy had finished running its course, her pet kept eagerly licking away, but now it was too much, she was now extra sensitive, and she lost track of her surroundings, of her pet, and she pushed Mary away with a spasmodic shove.

Suddenly discovering herself rejected from her oceanic feast, her face suddenly two feet away from Mrs. Taylor’s pussy, which had so recently been showing her such sumptuous welcome, Mary looked up with a hurt look on her wet face. “Did I do something wrong, Mrs. Taylor?”

“Oh no, you did a lot of things soooo right,” Gloria smiled, loving the eagerness and insecurity of her pet. “It’s just it was so good, I’m suddenly a bit sensitive down there.”

“Oh,” Mary nodded, not completely understanding, but very relieved it wasn’t her fault.

Gloria got off the counter, pulled up her kneeling pet and offered, “Do you want to come too, my pet?”

“If that’s okay with you,” Mary nodded, her cunt leaking down her leg just because of her licking Mrs. Taylor.

“Hop up,” Mrs. Taylor ordered, glancing at her watch. They still had a bit of time.

Mary obeyed, hiking up her skirt first, and spreading her legs in anticipation of the pleasure that had been consuming her attention ever since she’d first felt it.

“Horny, are we?” The MILF asked with a smile, once again enjoying her pet’s eagerness.

“My cunt is so wet,” Mary replied, the ‘c’ word now rolling off her tongue naturally.

“I see that it is,” Gloria nodded, admiring the thick sheen of wetness on the teen’s pussy lips. It was as if they had been varnished with a permanent glaze.

“I can’t help it, Mrs. Taylor, my cunt has been burning ever since I left your house. I even had to get myself off in the tub, yesterday,” Mary revealed, no shame at all anymore at her sexual weakness, or at least not in the presence of her amazing mentor.

“With your fingers?” Mrs. Taylor asked, her fingers grazing the teen’s pussy lips.

“Ooooh,” Mary moaned, her body trembling from the older woman’s touch, “No, I tried, but it was awkward, so I used the showerhead.”

“Great choice,” the hungry MILF approved, sliding a finger inside the teen’s wanton wetness.

“Ooooh, but after I came, I dropped the showerhead and flooded the entire bathroom,” Mary admitted.

“I bet you did,” Gloria smiled, imagining the double flooding of the teen’s cunt plus the floor… as she slowly fingered the eighteen year old.

“I thought… maybe… it was… a… oooh… a-sign-from-God,” Mary admitted, although that one sentence took over thirty seconds to finish, with the finger inside her making her so light-headed.

“It was more likely a metaphor from God,” Gloria countered.

“How… so?” Mary asked, her orgasm on the fast track to arriving.

“Well you’re a flooder, and that’s a gift given to very few women,” Mrs. Taylor explained, which she knew to be true from her massive experience munching, fingering and fucking cunts. “And I believe this was the Lord’s subtle way of telling you that he has given you this gift so you can share it with the world.”

Somehow this made sense to Mary in her flushed state, even though she was still distracted by Mrs. Taylor’s wonderful finger exploring her insides.

“Yes, you have many gifts my pet, but I believe the Lord has now spoken, and your main purpose in life will become to lead a women’s sexual revolution,” Mrs. Taylor explained, just making it up as she went along, before adding, “that has always been my purpose. To allow women to become one with their bodies and become one with the Lord through God’s greatest creation… a woman’s cunt.”

“Oh yes, oh God, oh God,” Mary moaned, as she said the Lord’s name in praise and thanks for the pleasure she was about to receive, the idea of sharing the Lord’s message and secret pleasure with the world, suddenly an exciting possibility.

“Come for me, my disciple,” the Goddess demanded, tapping Mary’s g-spot while bending down to savour the teen’s growing wetness before the approaching flood.

“Oh God!” The teen screamed, way louder than she meant to! Her orgasm hit her hard the moment the double pleasure attacked her.

Gloria moved her mouth up to a catcher’s position and was ready for the flood of cum as she focused on receiving it all, but still avoiding getting her make-up all messed up… unlike her pet, who looked like she’d just been roughly face fucked by a cunt… which, of course, she had been.

Mary felt the flood gush out of her, feeling thankful for the rare power to come so hard and so much.

Once Gloria had caught the full flood of sweet nectar except for the tithe that had leaked onto the counter, her pet easily the messiest, most abundant squirter she’d ever met, she stood back up and smiled, “Well, I think I’ve just drunk the holy cum.”

Mary, still breathing heavily, her head light, her body quivering with the aftershocks of the Lord’s ultimate gift, struggled to respond, “I think yours is the holy cum, dear goddess.”

“Oh I do too,” Mrs. Taylor agreed, before adding, “but I think I’ve found my apprentice, my princess in training, and future goddess. If that is something you wish to be trained to become.”

Mary heard the words. She couldn’t process the grand scale of the meaning, but she knew she wanted to be trained completely in the art of holy sexual servitude. She nodded with the little strength she still had remaining after her erotic pilgrimage, “Yes. Goddess, please teach me.”

“If you undertake this path, you must never question me,” Mrs. Taylor began the lesson, beginning to share with her pet the expectations she had for a princess in training.

“Of course,” Mary nodded, thinking this was the same as never questioning The Lord.

“My teachings will be unorthodox,” Mrs. Taylor warned.

“As are the Lord’s,” Mary pointed out, the Bible sometimes self-contradictory and yet somehow making complete sense.

“I will push you to your limits,” the sly Mistress continued.

“Test me like The Lord tested Job,” Mary offered, willing to do whatever it took, not only to continue to receive this glorious pleasure that could only come (or cum?) with a true connection and faith with The Lord, but also to be able to give and awaken this pleasure in so many of his followers who were mindlessly oblivious of what The Lord really wanted from his vestal-virgins-to-be as they walked the earth, as yet unsure of their purpose.

Many times had Mary wondered what her real purpose on earth was, and through fate and the Lord’s will, it had now been offered to her in an unorthodox and yet exhilarating way.

“Are you ready to take your Oaths of Obedience?” Gloria asked.

“Oaths?” Mary asked.

“Yes, the chapter and verse of your commitment to me as your Holy Goddess,” Gloria explained.

“I’m completely committed,” Mary nodded.

“The salvation is in the details, my dear. Back onto your knees,” the sly Mistress ordered.

“Yes, Mistress,” Mary obeyed.

“Oath One: Repeat after me. Mrs. Gloria Taylor is my Goddess, my Mistress, and I will obey her every command without hesitation,” Gloria began.

Mary repeated the words verbatim, curious about the term Mistress… it seemed so formal, “Mrs. Gloria Taylor is my Goddess, my Mistress and I will obey her every command without hesitation.”

“Oath Two: I will always wear thigh highs or a garter-belt and stockings for my Mistress,” Gloria continued, just inventing the blarney as she went along.

Mary loved the stockings she was wearing both because of how sheer silky they were and also by how sexy they made her feel… something she never felt at school. She declared, “I will always wear thigh highs or a garter-belt and stockings for my Mistress.”

“Oath Three: My purpose in life is to share the Lord’s heavenly flood with the lost,” Gloria finished, setting her up for her long term goal of having her pet seduce others down the road, who would then seduce still others… very much like a pyramid scheme.

Mary was a little confused by this oath, but was so consumed with the idea of submission, of belonging to Mrs. Taylor body and soul, she didn’t hesitate at all, “My purpose in life is to share the Lord’s heavenly flood with the lost.”

“You are now officially my Undying Pet in Training for your True Purpose in Life,” intoned Gloria portentously.

A chill went up Mary’s spine and a gush leaked out her pussy as she nodded sincerely and breathed happily, “Thank you, Mistress,” the term flowing easily off her tongue.

“To begin your training, for the next seven days you will pleasure yourself and bring yourself to orgasm using a different item each time at least once a day, but you may come as often as you need to. Be creative… I want you to report to me what you used and how it felt. Impress me with your creativity as you begin your exploration in the art of the holy cum, and gird your loins for a revolution that has been centuries in the making.”

“Revolution?” Mary asked.

“The Lord will awaken that knowledge in you when the time comes,” Mrs. Taylor answered cryptically, just as there was a knock at the door.

Mary’s eyes went wide; the voice on the other side was sure to be her mother’s.

“Are you in there, Mary?” her concerned mother asked.

“Yes, Mother,” Mary said, hastily hopping off the counter.

“Are you okay, dear?” The mother asked.

Mrs. Taylor put a finger to her pet’s lips and replied for her, “She was feeling a little ill, Mrs. Martins, but I’m taking good care of her.”

“Is that you, Gloria?” Mrs. Martins asked.

Gloria pointed to the puddle of Mary’s cum on the edge of the counter and whispered, “Lick it up.”

Mary was stressed by her mother’s proximity, but recalling the path of complete obedience she had just pledged, she bent down and licked her juices off the counter as she listened to Mrs. Taylor.

Gloria said, “She’ll be out in a couple of minutes, Fran. I’m just helping her to relax and breathe.”

“Okay,” Fran agreed, “I’ll be upstairs if you need me.”

“Thanks, Mom,” Mary said, in awe of how smoothly Mrs. Taylor had handled the incident.

Mrs. Taylor explained, “Nothing can stop you in your journey to one day leading the revolution.” She was suddenly horny again, and gently guided her pet down to her obedient position on her knees.

As Mary watched Mrs. Taylor lift up her dress to again offer her the Lord’s most tasteful and tasty gift, Mary did what she now knew she was born to do… she Obeyed and Served The Lord.


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