Writer: Destiny1961

Subject: Welcum To Your New World

Link: FetLife / 09.12.2023 / PithosDCLXVI

Welcum To Your New World

I grew up catholic and was taught their version of right and wrong. I was gifted even at a young age to see things most cannot fathom. I was also born a Gemini and have always felt this feminine spirit that some called a demon inside.

I have heard about demons such as Lilith and others and told they will destroy me. I found myself interested in the back end of the bible as some would tell me that God wins in the end, and yet what would stand out to me was the part about Satan being the ruler of this world and sitting on a throne and yada yada.

I could feel that so-called evil feminine twin calling and liked it. Although when I first learned about sex I enjoyed being with a woman, the first time I laid down and let a man fuck me I felt this feminine spirit and it felt good. Then the first time I sucked a dick and tasted a man’s seed I was hooked. But this is a sin, right?

So years go by and I am fighting both sides. I start to realize I have feminine talents when it comes to sucking and like the feel of a dick in my ass. I met this trans-witch who is black. She tells me the Bible even says we have our choices and am told to read the Satanic Bible.

I read where it says to indulge and enjoy with who I want as who I want to be. It even says can do drugs if want to. I decided I was going to open my mind up and body as well. I was on vacation when I found this church that has every religion under the sun, including Satanism. It also caters to the LGBTQ community with trans and dressers.

I go a few times and am talked into going dressed. I meet a couple like me who say they have been invited to a “Black Church of Satan”. It is about the new world and the new ruler. I decided to try it with them.

We get there and sit as there are a few thrones on the altar for the preachers. And there is what seems like a sort of exam table on the side. All the male members are either black or white femmes.

The service starts with the message about the new world and how Satan is the God of the world. and is black. A cup is passed to the few dressers and me with wine. But this is very strong. It gets to a point in the service where we are asked to be part of the new world and worship.

A few black preachers come to us and take our hands. We go to the altar and kneel. The men are standing over us and the head preacher prays over us and it is like hypnosis. We are asked to give and as we agree the three now stand in front of us with cocks out.

We slowly suck them then are commanded to drop our arms to give control to our masters. We are face fucked and gagged and drool. We are told one will be chosen to take a place as the sacred prostitute as it is an honor.

After some hard face fucking they explode and the lack of breath has me dizzy. A preacher approaches me and guides me to one of the thrones where the associate preacher is sitting. His eleven-inch cock standing straight up as I am told to sit. He pours a slight bit of lube on the head and I get into position.

He takes me by the waist and slowly pulls me down as he stretches my hole. I moan as I feel the stretch as he tells me I belong to them now. I am pulled up and down as my hole starts to gape and then am pulled as my inner door pops open and he fills me. I go partially limp from the pain.

I am then guided to the exam table and my feet are put into stirrups which gives full access to my oozing gape. The table is rolled to the front of the altar, and the leader of the group stands between my legs. I look down at his cock which is probably fourteen inches and the thickest thing I have ever seen.

He calls out and tells me I am no longer a man but “Satan’s White Sissy”. He then slowly enters me as I gape even more. The congregation lays hands on me, as he pounds into me. Then he welcomes his new bitch, as he explodes inside my sissy womb. I now feel a new purpose.