TO HELL AND BACK by KinkyFaerie

Feature Writer: KinkyFaerie

Feature Title: TO HELL AND BACK

Published: 13.07.2021

Story Codes: Erotic Horror

Synopsis: Rebecca sells her soul to a brothel in Hell

Author’s Note: Trigger Warning! This story deals with a character who has committed suicide, and this is repeatedly addressed. Please do not read if you find this to be triggering. If you are struggling with suicidal ideation, please call the Suicide Prevention Hotline to receive help.

To hell and back

The cycled Muzak playing on a loop was beginning to drive me absolutely bonkers by the time the partition slid open and a receptionist reached out to grab the clipboard I’d scribbled my name onto forever ago. This chair was uncomfy and too small for my fat ass; this arm rests dug into my thighs, the upholstery was ripped and stiff recycled foam made the back of my kneecaps itch where it poked out of the unusually coarse texture of the musty gray fabric. It was sweltering in here, like they still had the AC set to heat even in summer. All around me were other people who seemed equally bored, aggravated, and stuck waiting.

A man with a haggard cough was making me seriously uncomfortable. A summer cold would mean spending all of my PTO to recuperate and missing my birthday weekend. Sure, it was just a cheap dinner and some box wine with my two best friends, but working in retail meant that the small luxuries of life made all the difference. Every single day, I came home from my eight hour shifts and contemplated just giving up, living off cold cans of ravioli and FM radio as I slept in supermarket parking lots and bathed in gas station bathroom sinks. Would I be thriving? No. Would I be finally, truly living?

Well, that brings me to the real hook in this internal monologue, huh? The hand that reached out to grab the clipboard was reptilian. The voice that finally called my name was dark and guttural like a dog trying to do a trick and earn a treat from it’s master. When I went up to the window I saw a horrific lizard with rows upon rows of sharp teeth, jutting horns and tusks, and perfectly manicured talons like a velociraptor.

“Suicide, homicide, or natural causes?” The monstrous receptionist asked in a bored tone.

“Uh, suicide.” I replied in a small voice.

“Figures.” She muttered, giving me a once-over. My face became a tomato as it burned red with embarrassment.

“Wow, okay. This is literally Hell but you don’t have to be rude.” I scolded her.

“And you don’t have to be dead, but here we are. Both prisoners to our own shitty life choices.” The beast of a woman grumbled, her claws tapping away at her keyboard with an impressive speed and precision. “Goremonger will see you now.” There was a click and the unassuming door by her window seemed to unlock.

Hesitantly, I slowly opened the door. My fate awaited me just beyond this threshold, and I’d been forced to ruminate over my regrets and unfinished business with nothing to distract me in here. No TV, no phone, no magazines. God, I would have killed for a decade old People or Us Weekly, even just a TV Guide. Instead, I’d been trying to wake up from a nightmare where, finally, no one made it to my shitty apartment in time to save me from myself. Maybe they’d all gotten sick and tired of my constant jokes about ending myself, or hearing me over the phone at 3 AM when I was holding a bottle of pills, trembling, trying to get someone to talk me off the ledge. Maybe–

“Shit, or get off the pot.” The receptionist’s voice broke me out of my spiraling post-existential dread. I was still standing in the waiting room, holding the door open.

“Fuck you, I’m having a moment.” I scoffed. Seriously, this was Limbo? Who hired her?

“If everyone who died got to have ‘a moment,’ I’d never have a lunch break. Close the damn door already.” She growled, slamming the window shut before I could even think up a response. My blood was boiling. There was nothing worse than just wanting to smack someone but losing the opportunity to do it! Furious, I stomped out of the waiting room and slammed the door shut behind me.

“Woah, careful.” A man’s voice said. I turned, shocked to find that the hallway I’d been faced with outside the waiting room had suddenly become a tiny cubicle. But where was the door? Turning 360 degrees, I looked around so quickly, so utterly confused, that I nearly tripped over a chair leg. “Those portal doors date back to the 1980’s, they’re pretty fragile. Don’t just go slamming them around. Putting in a service ticket down here is a nightmare.” The man chortled, shaking his head. I stared at him openly. Like, wide-eyed and deep-set grimace staring, none of that bewildered good natured shit I always did in Wal-Mart.

“You’re a cow.” I stated.

“Incorrect.” The literal bovine at the tiny desk replied. “I am a demon. Goremonger, to be specific.” He informed me, introducing himself without batting an eyelash.

“But, you look like a cow.” I insisted.

“But, I’m not a cow.” He retorted.

“If it walks like a cow, talks like a cow, and looks like a cow–”

“Do you want me to send you back to the waiting room?” The cow named Goremonger asked me, a thinly veiled threat.

“Ah, I see you’re familiar with receptionsaurus rex.” I muttered, finding my way to the single chair in front of his desk.

“Sheila gets grumpy around lunchtime. She’s always a treat after she’s had her low-fat mealworm salad.” Goremonger assured me, but I found it hard to believe. “Now, let’s pull you up in the database. Name?” He asked me.

“Jubilee.” I sighed.

“Full name.” He told me.

I hesitated. “Rebecca Ruth Lawrence.” I finally said. If I was dead, being difficult wasn’t going to do me any good. Not like I could turn back, now.

“Birthday?” He asked. I told him, and he entered that as well as my place of birth and parent’s names. “There we go. Seems you committed suicide by self poisoning with painkillers. Pronounced dead upon arrival to the St. Laurel Memorial Hospital.” He murmured under his breath as I looked around his office. An odd amount of feline related decor. A certificate framed on the wall of some sort. A trash can full of crushed cans that were a crimson red with gold and black accents. I squinted to look more closely, hoping to god it was a Hellish version of Red Bull so I could have a good laugh.

“Virgin Blood?” I gasped, looking up at him in horror.

“Demon.” He said in a sing-song-y voice as he pointed to his giant cow head.

“You’re in a cubicle! Wearing a button down shirt!” I pointed out, my voice rising as my blood pressure did. The pounding in my ears was growing louder and I felt panic rising in my throat as I fully began to process that I was actually dead. Not only that, but I was in Hell for taking the ‘easy way out.’

“My leather and chains are at the dry cleaners.” Goremonger replied with mild sarcasm. He snorted, the ring in his wide nostrils moving with them. “Now, I just need to place you accordingly. Hm, let me just…” His meaty fingers jabbed at the keyboard slowly. While he worked, I studied him in detail. It helped keep me grounded, at least a little. He resembled a dark brown bull, perhaps a Longhorn, though he had four sets; the two biggest atop his big head, and three sets that protruded down his neck and back in smaller and smaller sizes. His eyes were completely red, no whites at all, and when he picked some food from his teeth I saw that they were like a tiger’s; two huge fangs at the front, and made for ripping into jugular veins. Glancing under the desk gave me the view of two bovine hooves, though they were as big as the silver platters he probably had his virgins served up on each night.

“Are you really a demon?” I asked him in a voice barely above a whisper.

His eyes met mine. “Yes,” He replied. “I really am.” Everything about his demeanor changed, and I felt the truth of it drag the air from my lungs.

“This isn’t just…a nightmare?” I asked, some small sliver of hope lingering. Maybe I’d wake up, go to work, and have a renewed sense of purpose…just for a few days?

“Do you often spend three months stuck in your nightmares?” Goremonger asked.

“Three months?” I demanded, shocked. It had felt like a few days but nothing that ridiculous! I’d only fallen asleep a couple of times since showing up in the waiting room. “Why have I–how have I–just, what!” I pressed my palms to my eyes and pushed. The pressure made the throbbing vein on the side of my head recede just a bit.

“It’s a normal amount of time to wait for a registration. Humans have become so numerous, and you’re all increasingly damned by the day. We’ve been seeing some record numbers of intakes in a day ever since you discovered, uh, what is it…internet.” He snapped, pleased with his observation of human social evolution. “One porn ad is now a seed that reaps bountiful souls bound for damnation. Truly a marvel.” Goremonger grinned wide and smoke billowed from his nostrils.

“Does that mean I’m going to burn in the fiery lakes for the rest of eternity?” I asked, every passionate warning from those crazy people outside the Planned Parenthoods and my parent’s coffee shop coming back to me in a symphony of righteous accusations and slut-shaming.

“You know, everyone thinks that.” Goremonger smirked and shook his head. “That’s pretty much been taken over by the seriously nasty souls we house. Rapists, murderers, people who double dip.”

“Naturally.” I nodded.

“Souls like you, however, are not so easily placed. Did you commit a sin? Yes. Do we, as a non-Heaven affiliated entity, see it as such? No. So, we have guidelines on these sorts of situations, but it’s largely up to the discretion of the intake professional.” He explained, cracking open a can of his favorite gruesome beverage as we chit-chatted idly over my potential immortal fate.

“So,” I took a deep breath. “Where are you going to place me?” I asked.

“Hm,” He slurped the last of his drink that he had so casually chugged in one go and crunched the can in a fist before tossing it aside. A large black tongue licked his lips as he cleared his throat. “I could send you to work as a slave for one of the Kings or Dukes, or I could let you live in one of the Rings of my choice as an indentured servant since I see no reason to punish you for wanting to escape life, especially in America. Honestly, it is just a mess up there.” He said, shaking his head like an old woman watching the local news.

“Yeah. Yeah, that is true. Wh-what do you mean, uh, indentured servant? Isn’t that a fancy word for a slave?” I asked him almost rhetorically. I knew exactly what it meant.

“Oh, yeah. You’d be bonded to a demon sponsor, typically a merchant in the Rings.” He told me lightly.

“Can you elaborate on that?” I asked.

“So,” Goremonger leaned back and his office chair shrieked like a banshee under his immense weight. “There are nine Rings. We’re in the First Ring, otherwise known as Limbo or Purgatory. This is honestly just a giant business office that handles intakes and other boring paperwork. Beneath us is the Second Ring, the most populated. That tends to happen when all the lustful souls and demons get together in one place.” He chortled.

“Wait, so souls can procreate?” I interrupted.

“No, absolutely not. Well…not with each other. Let’s leave it at that.” He waved a hand dismissively and continued. “Third Ring is all about gluttony, and it usually functions as the most famous buffet in the entire underworld. Honestly, the baby back ribs? Immaculate. I’m getting hard just thinking about the fall-off-the-bone meat.” He groaned, eyes rolling back in his head for a second.

“Uh, okay.” I replied, completely thrown for a loop on that one. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it definitely wasn’t an infernal Golden Corral.

“Fourth Ring is a bunch of snooty rich Dukes and Lords. Private property, and all. Fifth Ring is something similar to, what is it you human’s have…oh! Monster trucks. But, Goliaths instead. So much blood and gore.” He grinned, a rumbling growl overtaking his voice when he spoke of the violence in that ring. “Sixth Ring is super boring, in my opinion. Went there once, just a bunch of hippie drum circles and weird off-tune self proclaimed witches doing seriously cringy stuff with rocks and burning grass. Not worth the day trip. The Seventh Circle, which is ironically where you should be sent for suicide, is something like the slums. Lots of pick-pockets, cut-purses, fight clubs. Got some good, cheap hookers down there. Nice for a night out every once in a while, but if you’re down there too long it can get pretty depressing.” He told me, going over all of this like a city bus driver explaining the route map for his line.

“What about the other two?” I asked him, because he seemed to be done with his little segue into the sociogeographical layout of Hell, and I had only counted seven out of nine rings.

“Don’t worry about those two, they’re not options for you.” He shrugged. “So, we can set you up as an eternal waitress at the Third Ring–”

“I’ll literally find a way to kill myself again.” I interrupted.

“Alright, not that one then. Cool, cool.” He clicked out of a few open screens. “Hm. This one might be promising.” Goremonger’s dark, rich voice rumbled in his chest like rolling thunder. Looking over at me, his eyes moved from my hair to my bare feet, and every inch of me in between. “How would you like to be one of the most desired women in all of Hell?” He asked me.

“Depends. Would I be eaten literally or euphemistically?” I asked, my interest piqued but my cautious nature causing me to hesitate.

“Depends on what you’re into, really. How much money you wanna make.” Goremonger replied easily.

What did he mean by that? Was there really a market for souls who wanted to be eaten? “You might need to elaborate more for me, Gorey, my man.” I said, slumping in my seat a bit. My ass was sore from all the seated waiting I’d done since death.

The demonic cow turned his computer screen to display an ad for what appeared to be some sort of strip club. Perhaps a brothel? Two naked women clad in strikingly different clothes–one in ancient robes with Grecian curls under a veil, and the other in modern attire reminiscent of a Forever 21 clearance rack–posed in similarly opposing stances bordered the ad for Brimstone, which appeared to be the name of the club. Along the bottom it read, ‘Tits, Slits, and Clits! Mortal Whores and Holes!’ At the sides were some of the services offered. “Ritual Service, Worship, Idolatry…Breeding, Humping, and Pumping?” I read aloud, giving Goremonger an open-mouthed look of horror. “Do I look like a whore, to you?” I demanded, a bit insulted.

Those red eyes stared at my chest and thighs. “Something of a butterface, but those fat tits and wide hips make up for it.” He shrugged.

“Hey!” I exclaimed, offended. Sure, I wasn’t a stunner, definitely never called a looker, but I had a couple good angles! In dim lighting you could barely see my acne scars, eyebags, or chin hairs.

“You’ve got, what is it…a dump truck ass? Is that what they’re saying, now? Whatever. Might as well use all those assets to make a living now that you’re dead.” Goremonger told me, but I wasn’t convinced. He seemed to pick up on that. “You’re dead, Becky. Might as well take advantage of that. Reputations are different in Hell. It’s not about how pure and proper you are, it’s about who has your back and how steady you are on your own two feet.” He said, providing a small speech that actually made me feel almost bold enough to accept this job offer.

My fingers tugged at my loose hair as I sifted through everything holding me back; my family, my friends, my dignity. Not that my family had ever really had high expectations for me, though; they’d personally escorted my sister to college and paid for everything, thinking she was ‘The Golden Goose’ of the Lawrences, slotted to succeed and mete out their lofty goals for the oldest child. I’d been kicked out before graduation and left out of every vacation, holiday, and funeral ever since. Even when Sarah became hooked on drugs and buckled under their pressure, even when I’d tried to guide her through the harsh world of adulthood and poverty she found herself in after our parents moved the spotlight onto our youngest sister, she had bit that hand that fed her like a feral wolf and left me scarred and traumatized from the entire ordeal.

My friends? The ones who constantly become pissed off because of these small, insignificant things like giving my opinion on their favorite movie, or trying to get them to stop leaving me on ‘read’ even during incredibly important rental related discussions? The ones who ruined my credit on a lease they kicked me out less than halfway through? Who stole my car to buy weed and damaged it, got caught driving it while it was unregistered, and racked up a couple thousand dollars in court fees and tickets? They talked shit about me in a private group chat I wasn’t invited to, and I knew it. I’d ignored it, thinking I could work myself into the selective inner folds of our group for two years. Maybe I’d just been an idiot they strung along? Would real friends ignore your cries for help?

My dignity. Did I have any? No one in my life had ever respected me, not even my cat. He was probably eating my corpse when the cops finally did a welfare check on me. I’d never expected respect from anyone, and always given it freely to everyone. Did that make me polite, or a fool? Could you be one without the other? In the end, all that mattered was my opinion of myself. I wanted to be happy. Maybe, in death, I could let go of all my inhibitions and just finally live.

“I’ll do it.” I told Goremonger confidently.

He looked up. The soft music was recognizable to me. He was playing Frogger while I had my little ‘Come to Jesus’ moment. ‘Come to Satan’? Same difference. “Perfect. We’ll head down there and I’ll introduce you to Basalt.” He stood for the first time and I gasped. The demon behind the desk was a giant, easily nine feet tall and built like a Mack truck.

He also had an enormous erection under those khaki pants. “Um.” Was all I could say, my eyes locked on the encased sausage that could justifiably rearrange my organs, literally.

It twitched. “Yeah, tends to happen whenever I get to talking about Brimstone.” Goremonger laughed and reached down to adjust it’s position from where it lay pinned to his inner thigh to a more comfortable place at his hip. “Get used to it, though. Brimstone caters only to immortal patrons.” He advised me as he came around his desk. My head turned to follow his bulging trousers as if my eyes were lasers locked on his schlong. “You gonna follow me for our field trip, or you wanna just stare at me all day?” He chuckled, sounding very amused by my reaction.

I couldn’t help it; he was twice the size of human men, and something about his scary looks and self-confident ego just drew me in. In a display of my complete lack of an ability to think things through, I reached up and pressed my left hand to the biggest part of his bulging package, where his balls were essentially held prisoner by the buttons of his pants, which were seemingly on the verge of snapping off. His cock throbbed and Goremonger groaned softly as I leaned forward to lick the drooling wet spot where his tip was. My tongue moved over the fabric in circles as I kneaded his bundled sac gently.

“Oh, fuck.” He sighed, a large hand cupping my head at the back and pressing me against his straining sex. As my tongue continued to move over his head, and in an expected yet startling display of his size and virility, his trousers popped open and he sighed with relief as the pressure against his loins was released. My hands dug into his pants and found him thick, hot, and throbbing with every heartbeat. “Pull it out.” He commanded, and I struggled to hoist the heavy shaft in an awkward way that had him flopping out and smacking me right in the face with that fat dong.

Goremonger threw his head back and laughed. I frowned. That would definitely bruise, and I was lucky it hadn’t cracked my cheekbone or broken my nose. As soon as I licked the underside of his tip, my tongue caressing his exposed glans, his raucous laughter became a surprised gasp followed quickly by a moan of indulgence when both of my palms cradled his overwhelmingly massive sac and massaged his testicles gently within the fleshy cradle housing them. I could feel two firm organs moving against each other and their inner walls, and he groaned softly when I pressed my face into the folds of his loins and licked the hidden depths nestled between his organs. A veritable wall of musk hit me as I did this, but it was spicy and attractive in a way I couldn’t explain. Unlike anything I’d ever smelled, ever tasted.

I was slurping up my own saliva that had drooled into the creases and folds of his gathered nuts and low-hanging erection resting on my shoulder when he put his hand to the back of my head again and gripped me by the roots of my loose hair. “Like my scent glands, huh?” He asked. “Wait till you make me cum.” He teased, sharp teeth splitting his face in a terrifying grin. Men. I rolled my eyes and dipped my face beneath his sac. Either this would be the best idea ever, or he’d flip out. “What are you–oh!” He stumbled backwards as my lips and tongue pressed against his taint, but managed to keep his balance by gripping the edge of his desk and the back of my chair. My face pressed against his hidden gem of nerve endings as my palm stroked his shaft, and I held him in place with a tightly wrapped arm that allowed me to conveniently knead a very firm, quite fleshy buttcheek. “Oh.” Goremonger’s voice changed to something out of a horror movie and I heard wood creaking before it splintered.

“Mmnh,” I moaned so the vibrations would move through him and felt his powerful thighs tremble around my head. If he snapped them closed he could’ve cracked my head like a melon, and the thought made my own body thrum with excitement. As I pleasured him below, I switched to simply stroking the head of his cock with only his foreskin and pre-cum as a buffer and lube. The mangled noise he made was something between the deep tenor of his usual enormous self and the demonic bass of a beast. I could feel his balls becoming heavier, filling with seed as his breathing changed from deep and methodic to shallow panting. When my fingertips finally grazed his puckerhole and teased his tight entrance I heard him suck in a sharp gasp.

“Don’t!” Goremonger warned, but it was too late. I’d plunged my fingers into his ass and found tight, hot muscle and soft, velvety flesh inside of his enormous body. When my brain processed his warning I panicked and tried to remove my fingers, but his asshole clenched around them and he moaned like a shameless slut. “More.” He demanded, his muscles clenching my fingers as if trying to drag me deeper into his ass. I obliged, and began to finger his hole slowly. “Faster…harder.” He gasped, his hips bucking in tight, rigid movements outside his control as I obeyed his every command.

I’d never fisted anyone, before, but it seemed that, by the time he was letting out the distinct braying moans of a seasoned anal whore, my fingers alone wouldn’t be enough. This office was tiny, and I realized he had grown in size as his body filled with lust and pleasure. Whereas he had stool nine feet tall mere minutes ago, he was now well over twelve and his shoulders grazed the inner walls of his cubicle. Only the fact that it had no roof allowed him to comfortably remain within the small confines of his office.

“Bend over.” I instructed him. He looked down at me with disdain. “Do you want me to make you cum, or not?” I asked him, returning his look with a petulant one. He sighed and sat on the floor, his cloven hooves tearing the carpet up and overturning the furniture as he spread his thighs to reveal a glorious display of male heat. Those gigantic testicles were now the size of watermelons, and his cock laid on his belly, stiff and ripe with pulsing blood, and his asshole, the puckered reddish pink flesh standing out amidst his dark brown fur, was utterly decadent in appearance. “I said to–”

“Don’t push your luck, mortal.” He snarled, bovine tail smacking the ground by my bare feet. “Take your dress off.” He told me.

“No.” I replied. The white gown was all I’d worn for three months, and I didn’t really feel like letting a man see me, unshaved, unkempt, and unprepared.

Goremonger growled and moved to reach for me. “You–” My foot pressed against his pucker and he froze. His eyes nearly rolled back in his head as my toes sank into his tight hole and my sole spread his well-trained flesh. The gruesome hand which had nearly grabbed me, it’s sharply clawed fingers nearly at my soft mortal belly, clenched in a fist as he sighed in bliss and relaxed.

“This is what you wanted, wasn’t it?” I asked him softly, my leg moving rhythmically as I fucked his ass with my foot, stomping on his prostate and dragging my heel along his anus’ sensitive walls with every plunging thrust. “You’re a bottom, aren’t you, Gorey?” I whispered my hands cupping his muzzle and dragging his face to mine. Hot, ragged breath billowed smoke over my pale form. His hazy eyes could barely focus on me as the pleasure overcame his ego.

“Yes,” He admitted. “Fuck, yes.”

“You like getting fucked in the ass?” I asked him, pressing a kiss to his soft snout right below his septum ring.

He growled. I pulled my foot out until the ring of his asshole’s puffy pucker was under my sole, and then I stepped down on it until his hole was gaping wide open. “Yes! Yes!” Goremonger roared, his back arching as I desecrated his body. As he reached behind himself and grabbed the top of the cubicle’s flimsy wall, the metal under the thin fabric bent and cut like butter as his claws shredded it apart. “Don’t stop!” He cried out, his chest heaving as his pulsating cock spasmed, thick pre spurting from the reddened tip in rapid bursts.

I gripped his cock and pulled it towards me, pressed the tip to my pussy, and pushed it into my body as I stomped down on his infernally hot asshole again. He was so huge that only the tip fit inside of me, and even that felt as if I were split in two. “Mmnh!” It was incredible; he was pushing inside of me, and my body was slowly, painfully accepting more and more of him. “Fuck…how is this…haah…ah!” His tip hit my cervix and painted it with clear pre, the hot, viscous fluids spilling from my lips and drooling down my inner thighs.

“I’m gonna cum,” Goremonger groaned, flames leaving his lips as he exhaled in frantic breaths. I could feel his entire body tense up. His asshole clamped down on my leg like a vise, and I was shocked that it didn’t snap my bones in half. Giving him a determined, emboldened look, I began to fuck his hole with the deepest, strongest movements I could manage. The sound of my limb burying itself in his demonic fuckhole was slick and wet and made him growl and snarl and finally roar. “I’m cumming!” He cried, and his teeth clenched. His arms pinned me to his body and shoved me down as deep as I could go, securely skewering my cervix right through and burying his head into my womb even as he plunged me knee-deep into his asshole. His hands gripped my body like a doll or a pocket pussy and he used me as his own personal toy. “Haah! Aaah! Nnnnghaaaah! Oh, fuck…oh, fuck…OH, FUCK!” He cried out shamelessly.

I wanted to hate this, to feel used and abused, but I loved it. In this moment, I was just an object to him. A means to an end he desperately wanted at any cost. Nothing more than a fuck toy, and yet his entire world in those precious seconds where he could either send himself over the edge, or lose it all. Even as he used me, he fucked me, and it should’ve ripped me apart and broken my pelvis, torn my organs open and smashed them to a pulp, yet it felt as if my immortal form was specifically made for this unique purpose. I could feel every indescribable moment that his fat cock head plunged through my cervix, the tight ring milking him for more and more pre-cum with every thrust.

Finally, he bent over me, pinning me to the floor, and held me immobile as he fucked me with complete abandon. Face distorted in sheer euphoria, he snarled like a wild cat just before I felt him tense up and erupt inside of my body. It was like a water hose set to ‘jet’ was painting my insides with something thick and hot. I felt it hit the back of my womb and spill into my body, taking up every inch of free space before bloating my belly to create more for itself. “Hngh, nnngh! Unnngh…mmmmnghf…mmngh…haaaah…haah…f-fuuuuuuck!” Goremonger sighed, his huge loads tapering off finally as my distended belly peaked at somewhere around the ‘third trimester’ size.

As we lay there, I gasped for air and simply closed my eyes to enjoy this incredible sensation of a bovine demon emptying his plutonic seed into my body as if I was nothing more than a cock sheath. As it ceased, and he caught his breath, Goremonger opened his eyes and gazed down at me where I lay on my back, breasts heaving under my white dress stained with his overflowing surplus my pussy couldn’t contain. We held eye contact for a long, lingering moment and I thought he might lean down to kiss me.

Instead, he withdrew and stood. I gazed up at the ceiling, my legs still bent in the air where he had once filled the open space. As he sorted through his overturned filing cabinets for something, I mentally kicked myself for allowing my stupid hormones to take over my idiot brain and make me think fucking a stranger was somehow going to be beneficial for me. Sure, it had felt incredible, and I may very well never see such a humongous dick in my afterlife ever again, but what had I really gained?

Goremonger was dressed in new office attire and staring down at me. I gave him a soft smile. “Don’t tell anyone about the butt stuff.” He grumbled, stepping over me and grabbing something from the printer in the corridor.

Yeah, that tracked. Figures. Fuckboys in Hell, who would’ve thought? Lifting myself up off the hard ground, I grunted as my stiff muscles and joints protested. How was I dead and still suffering from early onset arthritis? Fuck this shit. When he returned, Goremonger sifted through some paperwork and tucked it into a folder, which he then safely enclosed in a briefcase. “Don’t suppose you have any spare clothes I could wear?” I asked him, looking down at my dress. It was wrinkled and becoming stiff as his cum dried in the linen.

“Nope. Come one, we’re already running behind schedule, as it is.” He sighed, giving his wristwatch a frown.

“Time doesn’t exist.” I snapped, shouldering my way into the corridor and waiting for him to lead me to my damnation. I’d forgotten how empty inside I always felt after letting a man use me like that. Facing an eternity of this dreadful experience was starting to really hit me, and I was beginning to think I’d made a huge mistake. Should I have just become a waitress, instead? Asked if there were literally any other options? It was too late for that, though. My own personal Charon was now shepherding me to the brothel I’d sold my soul to just to escape an eternity of working in the service industry.


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    Daddy was pushed back to watch her undress. She did not want a bath tonight, maybe later daddy. His tiny darling went so slow at her buttons and zippers of her school uniform as it seemed every piece just drift of in puddles. Unhooking her small training bra her two inch tubes and puffy mounds seemed to stare at him horny and hungry. Dear God, she went so slow with her panties as if presenting her even puffier pussy with a hard clitty poking.

    Her daddy could help himself as his huge meat was full 13 inches and hard as a rock. It was the most erotic thing he ever saw. His kitten was no longer his little princess but silkier hungry horny leopard.

    1. Hail Nada … poetry … “His kitten was no longer his little princess but silkier hungry horny leopard”

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