Feature Writer: Rak_Sasha

Feature Title: THE RAK-SASHA 6

Published: 14.01.2018

Story Codes: Erotic Horror, Shemale, Demonic, Bisex

Synopsis: Erica’s boyfriend is seduced and used for a special ritual


The Rak-Sasha 6

Erica slips through the doorway leading back to the living room, taking comfort in Jake’s arm wrapped around her. Slowly turning to face him as she gives him a brief kiss before telling him.

“I’ll be back in a moment, stud… then we can go out.”

Jake smiles back and lets her slip away, watching Erica walk up the stairs. Out of the corner of his eye, he caught a movement and turns to see Erica’s neighbor standing there and looking him over. Her dark dress cut down just enough in the front to give him a good view of her firm breasts. Idly turning a single finger in her long blond hair as she leans against the wall.

“Another male anxious to breed…” Sasha purrs.

“Excuse me?” Jake asks with an irritation coming into his tone of voice.

“I know that look, I’ve seen it countless times in the eyes of men… and women” Sasha explains, slowly walking towards Jake as he almost tries to take a step back from her. The sound of her high heels clicking against the living room floor were the only sounds Jake could hear, except for that of his heart racing. Watching this strange woman approach him and seem to almost sniff at him, like she could smell something on him. She offers a slight smile, a smile that bothered him in the way he could see her upper and lower canines were a bit longer than the rest of her teeth.

“Look, I’m just waiting for Erica to gmmm… Mmmmmmm…”

Jake’s voice trails off as his words become tangled in Sasha’s dark lips. Giving the young man easily the most intense and passionate kisses he had ever experienced. At first he was trying to push away from this woman suddenly kissing him, amidst the kiss he felt himself now grabbing this woman and pulling her closer. Feeling his erection now painfully erect and pressing against her through his jeans, knowing she could feel it from the smile on those sultry lips and the lustful purr coming from her.

“No… YOU look, I’ve got plans for that sweet little piece of meat upstairs. That said, I think you could still be useful.” Sasha whispers.

Jake could only feel lost in this woman’s eyes, seeing the red filter into them until they were glowing red orbs staring back at him. A deep and primal desire somehow awakening within him, forcing him to act against his own judgement and sensibilities. Helplessly watching his hand reach up to grab hold of Sasha’s dress and actually tear it open in the front, revealing her breasts for all to see. Immediately following the tear of cloth, a low lion-like growl rumbles within her as she glares at him. Baring her teeth for an instant before smiling back, reaching up to grab his hand and push it back down.

“Not here… you will feel pleasures only I can offer. Come…” Sasha purrs to him.

Erica comes back down the stairs in time to hear Sasha whispering to someone, feeling herself frozen in place at the sight of Jake holding this other woman in his arms. Noticing the torn dress and the bulge in his jeans, so much anger and heartbreak welling up within her. It suddenly erupts as a furious shout that could be heard throughout the home

“Get out you sleazy fucking bastard… I can’t believe you, you asshole!” Erica screams, stopping only to take a few breaths and turn to go back upstairs.

Wiping the tears from her eyes before slamming the door behind her, Jake almost moves to follow Erica. That instant helping him regain his composure and sense of morality, only to feel Sasha’s hand reach up and touch the side of his face.

Noticing the palms of her hands were almost a bit rough, like the pads on an animal’s foot. His eyes meeting hers once more, seeing that warm red glow in them before she whispers lustfully “Leave the virgin, I know she wouldn’t let you fuck her.”

Jake almost starts to answer and perhaps argue Erica’s reasons, but he could see from the look on this woman’s face that she didn’t care. The way she moved against him, touched him in all the right ways and turns to intentionally grind her ass against the bulge in his jeans before leading him to the door. Purposefully filling the young man’s mind with lustful ideas and wicked fantasies, she knew Jake was imagining sliding up that black dress and sliding his cock into this woman’s obviously dripping wet pussy.

Walking up to the door and opening it slowly, standing there in the doorway before turning back to him. Motioning for him to follow as she steps out the front door of Alex’s home, no sooner does she walk outside she begins removing her dress. Right outside in view of any of the neighbors who might have been watching. Jake could feel his heart begin to quicken, seeing how this woman was not only accepting of her body but proud of it. He could only stand there and watch Sasha’s backside as she walked across the yard, kicking off her heels until reaching her front door completely naked. Her back still to him and from the distance and the shrubs and darkness he couldn’t see much, but more than enough to get his attention.

Leaving her front door open before slipping inside, from her bedroom Erica could see outside. Standing near the window and looking to see if Jake had went home after a humiliating and hurtful end to their relationship. Instead of watching her ex boyfriend leave, he was walking across the yard to her neighbor’s house. “She’s a slut, you left me for some bitch in heat” Erica mutters before walking away from the window. Not caring what happened to Jake after what he did to her on the night of their date. Instead trying to occupy her mind with some of her college work, browsing through before noticing something in the chapters about Ancient Egypt.

Jake slowly walks up onto the porch, seeing the door still left open for him before hearing steps approach. First noticing a woman’s bare feet, only they seemed tipped with claws rather than nails. Even having another claw poking out of her ankle. His eyes travel up her smooth skin to see a simple and nearly transparent robe barely covering her naked body. He could see her nipples through the robe but it looked as if she still had on a pair of panties. Standing in the darkness of her living room as she looks over the young man on her doorstep, a low rumbling was coming from her. Jake could really hear it this time, it sounded like a deep purring sound. It grew louder as he approached this woman, noticing it was coming from her as he whispers back “What are you?”

Sasha smiles back, slipping her arms around his neck and drawing him into a deep and passionate kiss. Her purring becomes a vicious snarl as she suddenly tears her lips away from hiss and breaks the kiss.

“I’m what you fucking want!” She growls, grabbing him roughly and easily tossing him across the room.

Jake had been it fights before, but this felt different. Never had he imagined this woman was so strong as to actually pick him up and throw him. These thoughts racing through his mind as he lands on the couch, his head spinning from her strength, only to see this woman literally pounce him. Landing on top of him and straddling his hips, raking her claws at his chest and tearing through his jacket and shirt. Tossing the shreds aside before moving lower, grabbing a handful of his boxers before tearing them away.

Staring at them a moment, noticing the slimy wetness of his precum soaking the material. Smiling down at him and grabbing hold of his aching manhood, stroking it slowly. The pads on her hands only adding to his pleasure while she lets the top of her robe slip down. Showing off the smooth skin covering her breasts and moving her hips a little, keeping her rhythm as she strokes Jake’s cock. Making her young lover moan and grunt a little, feeling him start to thrust into her hand before she slows down teasingly.

“You want me, don’t you?” Sasha whispers.

“Mmh… yeah, yeah I want you… oh god, you fucking tease” Jake complains, feeling her movements slow down just as he was on the verge of release.

“I think you’ve earned your reward… come with me” With that, Sasha gently lets Jake’s cock slip through her fingers. Catching a bit of his slimy pre on her claw and pulling it up, allowing the substance to stretch and drip from her finger before slipping off the couch. Turning to walk further into the house and up the staircase. Jake’s eyes watching this beautiful woman’s tight ass and the gentle sway in her hips as she ascends the stairs. His mind racing at what carnal delights this woman could have planned for him, following his desire he gets up off the couch to follow her.

Quietly moving through this woman’s home as if someone else might be there, not wanting to disturb them as he reaches the stairs. On his way through her home, he couldn’t help but notice her strange taste in art. Various paintings of a feline shemale beast with both mortal and demon lovers, some male and some female. An image that seemed to hold his attention was one of this same feline creature and a black dragon-like beast. His eyes lingering on it for a moment before he slips upstairs, finding the bedroom doors left open and seeing Sasha crawling up onto a large king sized bed.

Her claw-like nails tangled in the dark silky sheets, stretching out and laying on her side. Some of the sheets tangled around and over her waist as she slithers out of her robes. Tossing them over at Jake, motioning him to come into the room before the doors suddenly slam shut behind him. Jumping a little and looking to see just how the doors shut themselves, when he turns back to face the bed he suddenly finds himself face to face with Sasha. Smiling at him and reaching up to run her fingers through his hair, looking him over as the last shreds of his clothing are torn away and tossed aside.

“Sasha, I just… Your fucking beautiful…” Jake mutters, reaching over to place his hands on her shoulders before moving down and across her chest.

Cupping her firm breasts as she begins running her fingers along his shoulders in turn. While his touch was gentle, hers seemed to make his skin sting a little. Almost pulling back as she holds him close, silencing whatever complaints of pain he was about to utter with a rough and passionate kiss.

“I promised you something special didn’t I?” Sasha whispers, still trailing her claws along Jake’s skin as the cuts on his skin began to resemble the markings Jake had seen on the Dragon in the painting. Not even making the connection as he begins pushing her back towards the bed, she takes him into her arms and turns with him until he lands on his back. Quickly climbing on top of her lover and straddling his hips, feeling his throbbing member pressed against the sheets barely covering her waist and kissing him once more.

“Mmmmmh… Yea, but…”

“…But what?

Jake lays his head back on the pillows, feeling Sasha’s claws stroke over his chest, making a few more cuts and smearing some of his blood over his skin before he looks up to see a strangely erotic statue of a dragon resting on a shelf above the bed. Looking down at him and sporting an impressive erection, the sight of the statue almost making him laugh. Sitting up a little to look at her, noticing the strange markings she placed on his chest and offering a nervous smile. “Damn, girl… you have some wicked taste. What is that?” Jake asks.

Sasha looks over at the statue and smiles back at Jake, placing her hands on his shoulders and raising her hips a little. Taking care to sensually grind her ass back onto his waiting manhood, almost letting him fuck her amidst the tangled sheets.

“Nekozar…” Sasha purrs lustfully, showing Jake her desire for this thing as she teases him while saying it’s name.

He almost tries to sit up and ask what it has to do with him or what she was going to do with him, yet these questions slip away as he feels the head of his cock slip into her tight ass. Pushing past the tight ring of muscle into the warmth of her body, the smoothness of her insides caressing his manhood as he slides in deeper. Jake could see Sasha’s eyes slowly close as she tilts her head back, moaning softly and concentrating on the feel of this young man’s cock within her. She could feel his hands moving up to caress her hips as she began moving against him, letting him fuck her with slow and deep strokes. Amidst her moans and purrs he could begin to hear a growling voice speaking words he didn’t understand.

“Evas… Kra-tora… dor’gaji… Nekozar…” Sasha moans between thrusts, keeping her eyes closed and turning her head from side to side. Tossing her long blond hair back over her shoulders, digging her claws into Jake’s shoulders as she begins to ride him.

Hearing the name of that creature caught his attention, if only for a brief moment before the overwhelming pleasure of this woman’s body made him forget. Between looking up at Sasha riding his cock and seeing those firm breasts as she bounced on top of him, his eyes briefly glance towards the statue above the bed. Seeing that this time it’s eyes were a vivid shade of purple and seemingly glowing, feeling unable to look away as a sudden intense feeling rips through his body. A series of images race through his mind, things he had never seen or imagined before.

The first was of the sun shining down on what looked like ancient Egypt where a woman that looked a lot like Sasha stood there wearing hardly anything, at her side was a man with strange markings on his skin. Before he could make sense of this he saw something else, these two tangled in sheets and fucking in various positions. What must have been hours of passionate mating went by in seconds, seeing what might be Sasha’s lovely body glistening with sweat. Her lover’s member spraying it’s seed across her face and breasts before his skin darkens and becomes leathery, his body taking on an inhuman shape. Looking like the dragon beast from the painting, while the woman beneath him looked more like a humanoid lioness. Seeing for the first time this creature was a shemale as her erection rubbed against that of her dragon lover, only for them to turn. Growling and snarling at someone who dared to interrupt and seeing only another woman with dark hair watching them, also wearing Egyptian clothing.

Jake shivers and looks up at Sasha as these images race through his mind, not understanding what he as shown or why. Still riding his cock, the woman didn’t miss a single stroke as she meets his thrusts. Tightening her insides around his cock, tempting him to release his seed into her as she bares her teeth. Revealing that they looked sharper than they had earlier, she even snaps her teeth at the air before letting out a low inhuman growl. Hearing this seemed to trigger something inside Jake while the dragon statue’s eyes continued to glow, watching the two having sex.

He reaches up to touch Sasha’s breasts, only instead of seeing his hand he instead saw a powerful hand tipped with thick claws and covered in black leathery skin with patches of rough scale. Blinking a few times before looking at his hand again, seeing that it was normal once more as she smiles down at him. Almost as if she knew what he had seen, tightening her ass around his shaft and purring to him.

“Take him, my love… Take this creature I offer to you, so that you may return… Nekozar… accept this offering of mortal flesh.” Sasha growls, slipping off his cock just before he is about to cum. Shifting on the bed and sliding down to look at that big throbbing dick, seeing it jerk a little just waiting to release it’s load as she licks her fangs.

Jake’s hands reach down to feel Sasha’s wild mane as she lowers her head into his lap, feeling the warmth of her lips wrapped around his cock and drawing in a sharp gasp when noticing her sharp teeth as well. Looking down at her briefly only to look back at the dragon statue, staring into it’s eyes just as a strange energy leaps from the statue. Pouring from the statue’s eyes and into Jake’s, the cuts on his body glowing with the same purple energy and as quickly as it started it has finished. The color from the statue reflecting in Jake’s eyes before it seem to seep into them, blinking a few time before his iris becomes a vertical reptilian slit. A low demonic growl rumbles within Jake’ chest while the glow fades from the statue’s eyes. Jake could see himself sit up a little, looking down to see Sasha still passionately sucking his cock.

Sasha reluctantly pulls her lips free of his manhood, turning to look at him as the red glow in her eyes meeting the purple one now in Jake’s. Smiling at him, as if recognizing just who and what was controlling the young man before she lets out a lustful purr, “Nekozar…”

Hearing this, he sits up and reaches over to grab a handful of Sasha’s hair. Pulling her closer and catching her lips in a rough and purely animalistic kiss, the two of them growling and snarling at one another. After a few moments they eventually pull apart, Nekozar slowly runs his fingers through Sasha’s mane. Both of them could feel Jake’s mortal hand beginning to change, growing thick talons while his skin was starting to darken and become leathery. Watching Sasha’s head slowly turn, hearing her purring loudly as she moves to kiss and lick at his hand. Shivering at the sound of the dragon god’s voice speaking to her for the first time in thousands of years.

“Rak-Sasha” Nekozar growls, touching Sasha’s face and moving back to almost pet her.

He could see Sasha’s head lowering to his waiting erection, watching it swell and throb. It too was changing, becoming larger and more inhuman to match that of the dragon god wearing this mortal skin. With those dark lips just a breath away from his drooling cock, he stops her with a brief snarl “The sorceress has failed me, is everything prepared?”

Sasha nods a little, purring back to him “Yes… my love, everything is as it should be.”

Shifting on the bed a little, looking over at his other clawed hand. Feeling his muscle tone becoming more defined as a pair of horns begin to push out from his skull and curving back. His lips pull back to show off his sharpening teeth before growling at Sasha “I am limited to the changes I can make to this body” Nekozar purrs, bringing his clawed hand down to caress Sasha’s naked ass. Feeling the soft fur beginning to grow out underneath his fingertips, looking over to see a now feline muzzle in front of him.

“Take me, fill me with your dragon seed…” Sasha growls to him, crawling up to straddle his new body. Careful to let his aching member to slide up along the crack of her ass, brushing against the base of her tail as it sways back and forth behind her. The teasing of The Rak-Sasha only continued to further arouse the Dragon God, pulling a lustful growl from deep within him as he grabs her hips. Digging his claws into her fur and roughly pulling her down on top of him, sheathing his inhuman member within this feline seductress. Pulling a powerful roar from Sasha’s throat as she arches her back, shivering at the feel of Nekozar within her once more. Despite being in a mortal body, it was still him as he began to fuck her, it was Nekozar with Sasha bouncing on that beastly dragon cock.

It didn’t take long for the ancient beast to succumb to Sasha’s willing form, she could feel Nekozar’s cock twitch and jerk a little within her. Suddenly venting it’s burning seed into her guts as she roars once more, Nekozar joins in her roar while Erica is awakened by the monstrous sounds coming from next door. Having since fallen asleep in her bed sometime earlier, hearing this she looks towards the window but doesn’t get up. Her heart telling her that something was seriously wrong with all of this, yet her logical side argued that what she suspected was impossible. Another roar draws her attention to the window once more, inviting her to imagine what could have made such horrible sounds or why.

A sudden gulping sound could be heard coming from Sasha’s bedroom while Azetlor looks over towards the bed, resting there and watching the two continue their lustful reunion. Sasha’s lips remain wrapped around what was once Jake’s cock, but Nekozar’s was bigger. Too big for a mortal to handle but Sasha swallowed it with the skill of an experienced porn star. Not gagging, but easily deep-throating the Dragon God’s beastly erection, her purring only adding to the pleasurable sensation. Only stopping briefly to pull her lips from his cock, savoring the sticky strings of precum and even some of his seed as it stretches from his shaft to her lips. Turning her head and allowing his cock to slap against the side of her muzzle as she snarls viciously. Biting at his cock with her sharp fangs, almost drawing blood before taking him into her mouth once more.

Erica whispers while still laying her head on her pillows, dried tears having since made her makeup run after crying. “Goodbye, Jake” Deep down she knew she had lost him, she just didn’t know how… or to what fate. The sounds next door reminding her that he had become something other than the man she once loved. Whispering a prayer to herself as she drifts back to sleep, trying to ignore the noises from her neighbor’s house. Sounds of monstrous roars, savage growling and snarling, moans, screams, the sounds of intense animalistic sex that seemed to go on and on until the sun began to rise the following day.

The sunlight seeping into Sasha’s bedroom through the open curtains and pouring onto the bed, revealing the silky sheets were destroyed. Ripped and cut from both Sasha’s and Nekozar’s claws and talons, what wasn’t damaged was smeared with a mixture of both their seeds and slimy drool. Sasha’s bare human foot twitches a little before her leg slides up against the body of a man resting next to her. Jake’s body was much larger now and muscular, various scratches and bite marks were healing on his mortal skin. Neither of them needed sleep, but they savored it after taking one another the entire night. Sasha having reverted to her human form and laying against her lover in his human skin, their bodies painted with dried cum and a little bit of blood. Sasha’s own cum-soaked member rested against that of Nekozar’s, despite both of them being flaccid she still loved being this close to him.

Purring softly as she began to awaken, looking over at the beast laying next to her. Catching a brief wisp of smoke trailing from his nostrils before reaching down to touch his cock. Carefully taking it into her hands and stroking it slowly, the moment she moves up and down a low demonic growl rumbles within Jake’s chest as Nekozar begins to stir. Slowly opening his eyes, at first they looked normal like the human he was possessing. Blinking a few times, they return to their purple reptilian appearance. “You serve me well, creature…” Nekozar whispers to her.

“The Queen of Beasts… needs a proper king. What better than The Dragon God?” Sasha purrs, crawling up on top of her lover. Stroking her fingers across his muscular chest while straddling his hips, making sure to rub her growing erection against his own rising manhood.

“Mmm… indeed”

She nods a little, moving her hips teasingly before she asks “What of the sorceress, she should pay dearly for her betrayal.”

Nekozar could see from the glow in Sasha’s eyes that she was ready tear this woman apart, loving her feral nature and fierce loyalty he couldn’t help but reach up and touch her face. Reminding her in a reassuring tone “She will, she will share the fate of…”

A single claw placed on Nekozar’s lips silences him from speaking the name of that mortal the sorceress had betrayed him to save. “Our children will feast on their flesh, my love” Sasha whispers, reaching down to touch his cum-slick shaft as it grows erect once more. Feeling it rubbing sensually against his, swapping precum between them as he lets out a lustful growl.

“And how will you do this, you cannot carry them?”

“I can’t, not like this… But I am willing to sacrifice what little humanity I have left. I will possess your mortal whores so that it will be ME your fucking, and I who carries your children and gives birth to them”

Nekozar could only stare into her smoldering red eyes, such lust and such passion he had never truly experienced. Not even with his sorceress was their such unquestionable devotion, willing to make such a sacrifice to please him. After a long silence between them he suddenly leans over and kisses her roughly, biting her lips and snarling lustfully. With this Sasha leans into the kiss, meeting it with equal passion and even letting their forked tongues writhe against one another before reluctantly pulling back. Looking into his eyes and whispering to him “And what does the Dragon God desire?”

Nekozar smiles up at her through Jake’s body, showing off his sharpening teeth while a lustful growl rumbles within him “Mating with you, my beloved Queen… to feel the savage lust of the beast once more” Without another word the two roll across the bed, finally stopping on one side with a ferocious humanoid feline creature resting beneath a powerful male. Her legs hooking around his waist and drawing his beastly shaft into her once more, closing her eyes tightly as she bares her fangs. Savoring the feel of the Dragon God’s impressive member stretching her insides, growling and snorting a few times before opening her eyes. Looking up and him and raising her hips a little, helping him slide in deeper as she lets out a ferocious lion-like roar.


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