The Christian Advantage of Blasphemy Sex by GarySix – Non-Fiction

Writer: GarySix

Subject: The Christian Advantage of Blasphemy Sex

Link: LS666 / 24.07.2022

The Christian Advantage of Blasphemy Sex

Among the many reasons I respect this site and the contributors ( XP above all for all the work it takes), is that all manner of beliefs are expressed here freely and I have not, to date, observed anyone who disagrees with postings, to do so with anger, accusations, judgments or otherwise. We can all take something away from what is posted.

Over time I have come to realize that no small number of Christians visit this amazing XP site. There is a clear irrefutable proof of that unique and powerful satanic attraction and seductiveness about doing so as a “believer in Christ.”

And that very reality of belief is the reason for the thorough satisfaction, thrill and sensory joy that masturbation with, for, and in the cum offerings to Satan, make it so deeply satisfying and addictive to the Christian.

For Christians who explore and adore and in many cases, worship Satan and all his glorious sinful filth and depravity sex, the experience hangs on the fact that it is evil and filthy against something we hold to be so holy and pure. One cannot enjoy that deep intrinsic joy of filth and sexual blasphemy sin arousal pleasure without blending Christianity and its symbols and sacred words and images into the filth sacrilege.

There are many, but here is an example of one way I get off as a Christian whore while adoring Satan.

It’s one thing to have filthy perverse porn on your computer screen and masturbating. It’s another thing to have filthy perverse porn on your computer screen and masturbating an offering to Satan. But for me as a Christian, it’s a whole other thing to have filthy perverse porn on my computer in a split screen. One side has the true filth running and on the right screen I have the crucifix surrounded by filthy words.

While I watch, I talk to the crucifix image and call it filthy names such as “The Fucking Cross.” “The Fucking Cock Sucking Whore Cross,” and so. I tell the fucking cross what kind of filth I am viewing and invite him to look at it while my cock gets fatter and harder and I offer the masturbation cum load to Satan as my sacrifice right in front of the cock sucking cross bitch.

It is still somewhat difficult for me to say these blasphemy words aloud and I want it to stay that way so I obtain the fullest sin filth blasphemy experience in my cock. Even better, when Christian men and women email me and want to do this with me by phone. Of course doing so with another Christian is almost unbearable in its ecstasy.

These are only a few of the advantages that we Christian enjoy with Satan’s guidance. I always welcome other Christian males and females in sexual satanic acts like this and of course much more. Yes it truly is a Christian advantage.

12 thoughts on “The Christian Advantage of Blasphemy Sex by GarySix – Non-Fiction”

  1. Fuck God, it rolls from tongue.

    Fuck the Holy Spirt, Lilith said nothing should be asked of it.

    Fuck Jesus Christ, the technical bastard child of a twelve year old, unmarried mother.

    I feel good now saying and sharing this.

  2. Like many, I came from a xtian background… born and raised to believe and have “faith”. But after many years of questioning and doubts that faith began to fade. And after really opening my mind and listening to some very enlightened Satanists that I met online my eyes have now been truly opened. As you describe above, this led to a love of blasphemy porn and masturbation where I felt like I was doing something sinful but I kept on telling myself I could always ask for forgiveness and turn back to goodness. However the more I learned and the more I discovered the many gifts of Satan and how fulfilling and real they are in my life, I came to realize that all those years of faith had gotten me nowhere except a bunch of unanswered prayers and unanswered questions with no logical answers. My eyes were opened to how truly foolish such believe in a faith that gets you nowhere really is. At the same time I kept seeing more real tangible evidence of Satan working in my life for my betterment. And I came to realize who my true father really is. Who actually loves and cares for his children. And the one who is worthy of my respect… because I am commanded to do so or threaten if I don’t but through his actions have developed a complete love and devotion to Him and now I serve Him and have forsaken the false god, the whore mother, and the bastard son. And most importantly, I have renounced and blasphemed and rejected the so-called holy spirit and driven it from my soul, body and mind. I rejoice in thinking that my name has been erased from the worthless “book of life” if such a fairytale even existed. I still enjoy blasphemous images, stories and posts. But now I use my masturbation as a form of satanic worship and prayer to reinforce the truth I have found and to drive another nail into the body of the worthless bastard on the stick. If I could be there in person to drive the spikes through his flesh I would gladly do so. I would love to rape his ass or choke him with my cock. Or even fuck the holes in his hands and feet. I would love to sodomize his whore mother in front of him and turn her from him to the ways of Satan so that together we can both blaspheme and mock him and his worthless cunt of a father. The whore mother was actually the victim of forced pedo rape by a vile and evil tyrant. So if we could turn her against the tyrant and open her eyes to the example set by Lilith then I think that would be a fitting turn of fairplay. I would love to impale her son’s ass on my cock while she drowns him with her piss down his throat. All while she and I are singing praises to Satan and Mother Lilith. The fact that they so-called all powerful father would actually be helpless to stop us makes me laugh. I think of him as nothing but the pathetic cuckold who deserves nothing more than to set and watch his creations and family destroyed before his very eyes and he is powerless to do anything about it. After we have completely destroyed his son I would love to slit the father’s throat and toss his worthless head at the feet of my Lord and Master Satan. I know that my words are nothing but pure blasphemy to the xstian sheep. And so if something I have said excites you and makes your cock hard or your cunt drip then I am happy to add fuel to your imagination so that you may enjoy such sin to the fullest. Fuck god. Fuck jesus christ. Fuck the holy spirit. Hail Satan. Hail Lilith. Hail sin and blasphemy.

  3. Yes bestial lust in women, when they fornicate with animals, is the most stimulating form of sexual debauchery and depravity, pure female perversion at it’s finest.

    1. It’s primarily ssomething women do, and the laws against it are just more sexist BS.

  4. Hello and my name is Aaron Mccraine and I am looking for women on here that wants a man like me to do or being a part of her life and I am single and I am 45 and I live in Columbus Georgia

  5. Hello and I am back looking for a Woman into Satan and I really want to be used by a Woman and maybe anyone else and I really want to experience the other side of the World

  6. Hail Satan and Lilith . Thanks, you have described what I feel and experience. Thanks for putting this into words, descripimg what I feel. Regards Ron.

  7. Hello
    I’m james I’m single Christian guy from uk
    My search is endless for clergy fellow Christian filth slut perverse whores like myself
    I am a porn addict which consumes my life totally
    Totally commuted slave to Satan

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