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Spirit Extraction – Chapter 1

The five nude women, all mothers or former mothers, knelt in a circle, masturbating themselves and each other. The shades were drawn and the only light shone from the 6 black candles surrounding them. The grotesque smell of baby puke, sulfur and hazel incense filled the room. The object of their affection was a naked, 18-month-old boy, lying on his side on an inverted pentagram, not breathing. His skin was pale and bluish.

There was a calm, but pregnant silence as one said, “It’s been about a minute, so let’s bring this sexy boy back.”

Another woman pulled the child firmly by the ankles toward her, bringing him onto his back and began sucking his cock as the others began chanting. One woman dove her head down and covered the baby’s mouth and nose with her mouth and began to resuscitate him. After three inhalations and exhalations, the woman removed her face from the child’s and they all looked for the desired rise and fall of the toddler’s tummy. The chanting increased in fervor. Life had not been restored yet, but this had been the baby’s seventh time that afternoon that it had been “choked out” by the sadistic, Satanic pedophile women, and therefore, it’s responses were beginning to dull. It would probably survive no more than 1 or 2 more trips to the netherworld today, because even though he had had his energy extracted since day 1, he had never been choked out more than five times at any one ritual before.

The woman who tried to resuscitate the child tried again, this time breathing in and out of the child five quick times while meditating, sending buffered electric energy to the child’s lungs. The chanting became intense, the woman reared back, and they all watched to see if the child would remain with them in the world of matter. The baby started breathing again. Mucous dripped from the other woman’s mouth as she abruptly withdrew it from the toddler’s erect organ.

This was no ordinary, secret group of abusive women, and this was no typical breath-play session. This was a Satanic ritual, used to extract an extremely high amount of useable, spiritual energy from babies. The younger a child is, the closer to the spirit world it is, and the more spiritual energy it has. This little boy had been out of the womb for 18 months, but children his age still have a huge amount of spiritual energy, compared to an adult.

The child’s energy, extracted though it’s breath, would be stored in a quartz tetrahedron for use at a later ritual, when and where the energy would be summoned, harnessed, amplified and directed toward a specific goal, agreed on by the group’s High Priestess and High Priest. The quality and nature of the child’s breath was important, though. To be most useable for the Satanist groups’ purposes, it had to be filled with twisted and warped energy, with an extreme amount of emotion in it. The way to do this was by a ritual such as this, which causes the child a great amount of fear, distress, and sometimes, physical pain. There is a great amount of energy released when a child is sent to the spirit world and brought back, which is what happens when it is suffocated and then resuscitated.

The way this is accomplished is that the child (either male or female and as young as possible) is placed, face-up, on the altar, it’s little head placed off the end of the altar surface and onto a lower support for the back of it’s head. A black leather strap is put across it’s forehead, assuring that the child’s head stays down and pointed forward. The baby has been hypnotized, so that it does not express it’s fright or discomfort till a specific point in the ritual. The child, at this point, usually seems mesmerized by the bright candles and the women (and sometimes men) chanting and dancing, even though it is seeing them upside down. At a certain point in the ritual, when it is clear that the energy raised by the group is effectively repelling any of the child’s guardians or ancestors, and if this is the baby’s first energy extraction, its legs are parted and it’s magical, Satanic name is whispered into it’s vagina (or anus if male) by the Mistress. The mother and father of the child are usually present at these energy extractions, being members themselves. It is just as likely for the mother or father of the child to be the one doing the actual extraction as anyone else in the group.

The child’s energy and spirit are then dedicated and offered to the presiding demon through incantations, the deal having been struck on the prior full Moon between the High Priestess or High Priest and that particular demon. The demon’s presence is, at that point in the ritual, very palpable to to everyone in the chamber.

Depending on the level of energy raised and other conditions, the demon might appear, visually, and other phenomena could take place. It is the job of the members to control what manifests from the spiritual world at the ritual, however. The Master will signal to the group when and if any supplementary defensive actions need to be taken. Intrusions of unbidden spirits from the dark side are as much of a threat and nuisance as those that might appear from the side of light.

The Mistress claps her hands twice, bringing the child out of it’s hypnotic state, and it’s little, upside down head immediately begins screaming as it senses the pervasive evil. It is amazing to note that the child is sexually aroused at this time. I’ve personally seen baby girls with their little slits glistening with pre-cum. They instinctively respond to the amplified sexual energy around them.

Two assistants, usually young teen females who are priestesses-in-training, wearing just black, high heeled pumps and half-body harnesses, approach and stand on either side of the child, facing the woman who will do the spirit extraction.

A different, rhythmical chanting begins now, as either the Mistress or one of the members, (usually female) walks to the altar and removes her black cloak, standing in front of the child. The assistants remove the leather strap from the child’s forehead.

The tempo and intensity of the dark, erotic chanting increases to a crescendo, at which, the assistants hold the little baby’s head straight and the woman steps forward and covers the mouth and nose of the crying child with her vagina. She presses and positions it just right to prevent any air from reaching the baby.

The chanting stops and a silence reigns at the ritual as the baby struggles for breath and life, screaming it’s fear and anger into the womb covering it’s nose and mouth. The most excited and exciting silence imaginable transpires, as the young one’s very life breath is taken by and into the genitals of the receiving member. The woman then cycles this energy from her first chakra to all her others, then pooling it in her brow chakra to transmit to the quartz tetrahedron on the altar. This takes years of practice and study.

If the woman shifts her vagina slightly forward, the little nose will be exposed and the infant can breathe, somewhat. The more experienced a woman is in these extractions, the better she is able to sense when to let the infant’s nose or mouth surface for some air: She can hold it’s little wrist to tell by it’s pulse, hold her hand over it’s diaphragm or lungs, feel it’s heart-rate at the chest, level of sweat on the skin, or tell by a highly-developed sense of intuition and ability to read auras. It’s usually a combination of these things.

Once the nose is uncovered, awful, labored gasps are heard on the inhales in between cries as the infant exhales through just it’s nose. Almost unable to catch it’s breath, the infant is, at this point, absolutely terrified. If the baby passes out from hyper-ventilation and slight oxygen deprivation, the group simply waits for it to recover. During most of the ritual, the baby’s mouth is covered, but it is allowed to cry through it’s nose. This gives a sensuous feeling to the woman’s perineum and adds greatly to the energy circulation as the baby’s breath blows onto it.

The assistants have been trained how to touch the child in a way that will calm and lightly hypnotize it. Usually, a piece of celestite or white jade, applied to the baby’s crown chakra, is enough to calm it, when desired. A lot of energy manipulation goes into this, as with all aspects of this ritual.

Sometimes, if asked, the assistants momentarily help to give more leverage to the woman extracting the baby’s spirit, standing behind her and applying a little pressure to her butt. They must not touch her coccyx, though, because of the energy cycling that is going on: The coccyx is an energy center and someone touching it could short-circuited the energy. The momentary extra pressure felt by the child as it screams into the vagina causes it even greater distress, which is desirable.

The assistants also work constantly to keep the baby sexually stimulated, one manipulating his or her genitals and ass and the other massaging the nipples and chest. It is amazing to note that the closer the infant gets to suffocation, the closer it gets to orgasm. These happen simultaneously. When the child looses consciousness and stops breathing in the ritual, little-but-strong, rapid pulses are felt by the lips of the young woman sucking it’s cock, or by her tongue tip as it lies wedged in the child’s tiny vaginal opening.

Once the child goes into respiratory distress, the woman taking it’s spirit can either let it go unconscious or give it some air. Usually, for the greatest amount of distress and panic, the child is brought to near suffocation with both the mouth and nose closed off, and then the nose is released and allowed to breathe. Weak, thin gasps, then, are heard by everybody as the baby desperately tries to regain it’s breath using only it’s nose. It is this furiously-breathing little nose that the woman then mounts, turning to face the same direction as the assistants and straddling the child’s head, grinding her clit against it’s tiny, hyper-ventilating bump.

If she holds the child’s head level when she cums, it will not choke on her fluids. The assistants can help hold the back of the child’s head level as the woman pulses her fluid into it’s mouth. Sometimes, it will take a short squeeze of the nose to make it open it’s mouth inside the vagina. It is important that the baby receive the fluid, but it is usually destined for it’s stomach.., not it’s lungs.

This ritual causes almost constant orgasms in the woman doing the extraction, even without the little button nose being applied directly to the clit. It is the vibrations of the child screaming and howling into the vagina that cause such viscious female ejaculations. If the woman places her clit area over the child’s mouth and keeps it’s nose breathing and the child crying, she can climax 20 times an hour, because the vibrations are amplified by the ritual environment.

Although they would never be able to handle the intensity and frequency of the orgasms caused by the baby’s vaginal screams in this ritual, the assistants often climax. Occasionally, without anything even touching their pussies. The ritual energy created is that intense.


Spirit Extraction – Chapter 2

The sexual element of this ritual adds a great deal of power to the warped energy raised and how effective it will be when used. In a magical sense, when you blend sexual energy with child energy, it creates a rare and extreme, grotesque, distorted product, and one exceedingly valuable to Satanists. Especially when the child has absolutely no idea what is happening to it. This confusion adds to the emotional power.

The element of violence in this ritual makes the energy produced more potent, as well. The child believes (and rightly so), that it is going to die. This extreme threat of death, being experienced by a being so close to spirit, coupled with the fact that it is sexual violence, fills the child’s breath with the maximum level of twisted, negative emotion, making this ritual one of the most intense and effective in all of Satanism.

The baby’s fear, anguish, confusion, rage and dread are increased immeasurably by the fact that it is (usually) a woman doing the extraction. It’s panic is compounded if it is the mother of the child, herself. The child instinctively believes that women (especially it’s mother) are nurturing and will offer their help and protection. Children do not understand that there are at least as many women who are sadistic pedophiles as men, whether directly connected to Satanism or not. The women just do a better job at hiding it.

All the members, from the High Priest and High Priestess all the way to the initiates, are highly-trained in energy manipulation, and as the woman extracting the baby’s spirit in ritual is working her magic, bringing it to the point of it’s suffocation and orgasm over and over again, she is constantly directing the reclaimed and fused energy into the large quartz tetrahedron on the altar, which the High Priestess and High Priest monitor, protect and guard constantly and intently, throughout the ritual. She also has a smaller, personal crystal, usually a garnet, within her vagina.

The assistants apply specific gemstones to certain parts of the woman’s body at times when it seems her chakras need to be either excited or quieted, the energy of this ritual being so high that it could cause some temporary nervous system problems. The learned application of crystals prevents that. These young women (age 10-13) also wipe cum, urine and sweat out of the baby’s eyes, occasionally, during the ritual. Usually on cue from the High Priestess or High Priest.

As I have said, the extraction is done usually by a woman member of the group. It can just as easily and effectively be done by a trained and talented male, with some alterations being made in the ritual: If a male is going to do the extraction, then the contents of the child’s stomach are emptied pre-ritual. His erection being inserted into the baby’s esophagus would otherwise cause vomiting and perhaps the child choking on the vomit.

The male extractor often reaches down to close the little nostrils under his scrotum and co-ordinates that with the oral suffocation induced by his erect cock in the infant’s throat. The orgasmic effect is the same for men and women: If the nose is left open, the infant will continue to cry through it’s nostrils as long as the cock stays hard. The vibrations of the crying throat will keep him hard for the entire ritual and he should cum at least 4-5 times. The man or woman extractor’s genitals remain in constant contact with the youngster’s mouth or nose for the entire ritual, which may last an hour and a half. They chant continuously, along with the rest of the group.

Babies are people too, so every one reacts a little differently, but even one spirit extraction ritual gives the extractor a heightened, intimate awareness of babies in general, but also specific babies; what the individual reacts to and how much. This assists him or her in future extractions if he or she is coupled with this same, little soul.

A subtle-but-powerful aspect of this ritual, when done by a male, is that his scrotum can obstruct, either partially or entirely, the little nose from getting air. As with the female energy extractor, monitoring the child’s energy field, facial color and breathing and heart rate will always tell what’s going on with him or her. Dry heaves are nothing to worry about.

Assistant’s can be helpful in moving the scrotum to one side if they see it covering the nose completely and they are certain that the spirit extractor is not intending to choke the child out at that particular point. The man can request, from the assistants, any kind of ball/scrotum ring, stretcher or spreader, too, to make the scrotum more round and less inhibinitive of the infant’s breathing. Many sorts of “tassles” and weighted implements attach to the scrotum as well, which will whip and knock the baby in the face and forehead as he glides or thrusts in and out of it’s soft, defenseless mouth.

The baby’s excited, nasal breath on the man’s scrotum and testicles has a hypnotic effect on the sperm inside, helping the man to circulate more energy. It is the same effect felt by the woman extractor on her perineum. This is the first chakra (the “lower gate” in Taoism).

The male spirit extractor will soon find that if he steps forward a bit so that his cock angles down and towards him, it will cut off the baby’s trachea. This eliminates the need to pinch off the nostrils, though some men dislike the sensation of their cock being angled back for any length of time. It is a particularly good technique when the man decides he has been working on the child long enough (fifteen minutes, for example) and is going for a “choke out”.

As he does this, he lowers his head onto it’s genitals to orally molest it and plunges his scrotum over it’s little nose as it convulses and suffocates. The child usually climaxes when it is suffocated, a boy sometimes shooting sperm-free semen, and a girl showing a momentary widening of the vagina, swelling of the clitoris and slight lubrication. The extractor can offer these gifts from the child to one or both of the assistants.

The easiest way for the male extractor to suffocate the child, though, is to hilt himself inside it’s throat and push his testicles down onto the nose. An assistant can hold the scrotum down, over the nose of the child, if any air is finding it’s way to the baby. The spirit extractor signals to one or both assistants by means of specific hand signals.


Spirit Extraction – Chapter 3

The younger a child is, the more spiritual, usable energy it has. The child closest to spirit is the unborn child. Some believe that the child’s “spirit” does not inhabit the material body till “the quickening”, around week 20, but for the purposes of Satanic magic, the most valuable child energy is that of one who has just been conceived, in ritual. It seems the only point that Catholics and Satanists agree upon is that life does begin at conception. So in Satanic terms, a 3-month-old child is actually 12-months-old. It has two “birthdays”; the day it was conceived and the day it was born.

As the most energy is in a single atom, it is also in a single cell, fertilized. A crystal placed on the body of the female, over her uterus, immediately after she has had ritual sex, will clearly change at the exact moment of conception. It will turn cloudy as spirit tries to align itself with matter.

Chanting will ensue immediately, around the carrier (female) and her vessel (male) and an intense, perfectly-timed effort will take place in ritual as the mother and father of the child, as well as the rest of the members of the group, strive to cut the child off from the mother’s energies. If they do not, then when the child’s energy is extracted, much of the mother’s energy would be, as well, to the point of it being very dangerous for the mother of the single-celled being.

The mother has been trained for years for this event and she knows several ways to psychically seal her energy off from her child and to prevent the child from sending messages to her. The child is placed in a spiritual abyss where not even physical nutrients reach it.

Usually, over 100 members attend an unborn extraction, because if there were fewer, there would just be too much energy released and it could be difficult or impossible to contain. Many chants, incantations and energy manipulations are done over the woman’s body on the altar, as the father of this child stands beside her and meditates intensely, helping to cut off the energy flow in the umbilical.

The rest of the members work hard to soothe and placate the child, who has noticed and reacted to the mother’s withdrawal of her energy. In this sense, the congregation becomes the child’s surrogate mother (and father).

As in all spirit extractions, the fetus’ ancestors and guardians need to be repelled, and two circles of members guard the ritual for this purpose. The cone of protective energy is absolutely incredible to feel and be a part of. When the child’s spirit rises from the mother’s body and into the crystal, moreover, the intensity and beauty of this feeling is many times greater. Some members will pass out.

When the High Priestess senses that the carrier’s and the child’s energy have been separated and isolated from each other, the extraction can happen, but it must be coaxed out in a special way, or the baby will just will itself to death as soon as the congregation’s vibrations weaken from fatigue.

Naked little girls, under the age of 3, walk to the altar and speak to the child, lying to it, telling it that everything is okay but that it’s mommy is sick and that they need to take energy from it (the child) to bring to the mommy to make her well again. 19 times out of 20, the unborn child buys it.

It seems not to even wonder why the two two-year-olds are naked, but it probably figures that is just their natural state, even if their hymens are gone. A baby that young (just conceived) believes in the innocence of youth and can not comprehend that it is being lied to by sweet-sounding 2 year olds with pretty faces and musical, hypnotic voices and actions…, 2-year-olds who profess their desire, to the fetus, to be it’s big sisters when it is born.., and that they love the baby. They sing to it and lightly trace and tickle over the carrier’s uterus. If there is anyone who knows how to communicate and seduce a baby, it’s a 2-year-old Satanic girl.

The changes in the baby’s aura are seen by everyone near the altar, and that is the sign that the baby is willing to co-operate.

The extraction, once the incoming spirit has been deceived, is a simple and fairly quick process of placing a new crystal over the uterus of the woman on the altar. This action alone immobilizes and stuns the child. The just-conceived entity’s entire soul is extracted by this process, not just some of it’s energy, though, and the carrier of the child will feel some sometimes-intense pains from it. Often, these pains are coupled with orgasm.

The crystal is held down, in place, as the woman’s hips thrust up, off the altar and she cries out. The child knows, at this point, that it has been had, but there’s nothing it can do to change it. Chants, incense, touch and crystals are used to comfort the carrier. At this point, the baby makes a last ditch psychic plea to it’s father, who re-doubles his efforts to rebuke and isolate the child. The High Priest or Master stands behind the father, just in case.

The spirit of the child is often seen, then, as it rises and is then trapped inside the crystal. The pregnancy ends at this point, the physical body of the child expiring. It’s the most beautiful thing you could ever witness and feel. Trust me: 300 people being in the presence of pure, amplified child energy is something that will change you. You’ll know beyond a doubt, then, that there is no such thing as death.

A great deal of selection, through spirit contact and divination, goes into choosing and directing the kind of energy incarnated upon conception. What is most sought-after are energies or entities with lost, ancient, occult knowledge. Once trapped inside the crystal, their knowledge can be extracted (or extorted) by a channeling ritual. The date and time of the extraction is usually determined astrologically. Don’t think the 2-year-olds were forced to deceive the unborn child’s spirit. These little girls were brought up in the Satanic church and they have learned to accept their power over those weaker than themselves. They absolutely live to hurt, frighten and restrain little babies and animals. It took a while for them to learn to take their time with a baby once they had one in their possession, but now, when they get one, they just ask, “Where are the pins? In the kitchen?” They are much more methodical about torturing it.

One spreads the child’s legs and takes off her diaper. The other places her on the couch and takes off her shirt. One holds the newborn’s legs open and the other slowly fills the baby’s pussy face full of needles while the other holds the screaming, twisting baby down. Hundreds of needles. One by one. Sometimes, as this is going on, one of the two-year olds slides underneath the infant and restrains it’s little arms behind it’s back as it screams, red-faced, chubby legs kicking. She speaks to it sweetly as the newborn’s labia are punctured about an inch deep with needle after needle. The girls laugh and talk while they’re doing this. They love it.

I suppose by now you guessed that they are my twin daughters. One has had a newborn for a pet for three weeks, now, that she “walks” on a leash and keeps different types of gags and blindfolds on. She has a great time experimenting with bondage tape on the infant and she keeps it in a 18″x12″ dog cage. I told her as long as she keeps the baby clean, she can do whatever she wants with it, but that if it dies, I won’t get her another one until she proves she can be more responsible. Maybe I’m being too harsh on her. Even if she does kill it, I’ll get her another one, even though white babies are a little hard to get for pets unless you want to pay top dollar.


Spirit Extraction – Chapter 4

The five Satanic women at the beginning of our story picked baby blue up and set him on his back on their altar, which was covered in black satin. They showed him some symbols and hand gestures to stop him from crying, and he did. He’d sleep great that night, having screamed out his nose and mouth for over an hour and a half, been surrounded and inundated with evil vibrations, gone in and out of spirit seven times and threatened at every moment with death. They decided that he had had enough energy extracted today, so the baby’s mother held him down, placing a hand on his rib cage and diaphragm, and as one squatted to kiss, lick and suck on the boy’s scrotum, another member ran a long, thin, spiral-handled curette slowly up the boy’s urethra to harvest some of his semen.

It looked like he was going to cry again, so some of the members performed some more hypnotic gestures with their hands and began a certain chant, which calmed him down. He only turned his head and kicked his chubby legs as the ultra-thin spoon went deep and collected a drop of his sexual fluids from his seminal vesicle. The curette was withdrawn and the semen wiped onto a black, silk cloth on a small, silver tray and placed on the altar.

(In ritual, it is almost as easy to get a baby girl to deliver some of her eggs).

Approximately 3 hours later, the women would gather in ritual and consult the crystal to find out what the boy had experienced when he was out-of-body. The crystal contained and would reveal all the energy and experience of the entire ritual. The women would formally deliver this child’s energy to the presiding demon and ask that it’s part of the bargain be confirmed and the specifics detailed.

Three of the five Satanists were not pregnant, so at the previous full Moon, they had petitioned Lilith to bring about the conceptions of evil entities inside them. Lilith loves to steal newborns, so she is in possession of many, many young souls.

Lilith’s hatred for males would mean she would be particularly brutal to this little boy’s energy. His life on Earth, and even his afterlife would be affected. The child is no victim, though: From a Satanic standpoint, individuals choose the circumstances of their life, so this little boy had decided on this situation before he was even conceived, and has to pay the consequences, just like all of us.

The women would have to begin shielding themselves from empathy with their unborn children now, before they even conceive, because they knew that when a demon is offered child energy and asked something in return.., it usually delivers. They knew better than to underestimate the power of “love”, though: Unborn children have a way of eliciting empathy from the woman carrying them, but these women knew all their tricks.

By the time they became pregnant, they would be fully-shielded from any emanations of “love” coming from their wombs. These children would be either sold, aborted in ritual, tortured till their spirits left their bodies in ritual, or kept as slaves. If not sacrificed in ritual, their energy would be extracted at various ages until they reached puberty, when they would be bred.

The individual child’s fate would be decided through astrological means as well as by direct spirit contact by the High Priestess and High Priest. The process would begin by the High Priest summoning one of the Grand Dukes of Hell, who would help him select a soul to incarnate. Then, a sex ritual would be planned, astrologically. The child would be conceived, in ritual, by members of the group.

Often, these members are brother and sister, especially if the group is a hereditary one. The energy qualities of brother and sister mating is ideal for Satanic purposes.

As part of a Satanic pedophile group, these five women often requested, from the forces of darkness, information on and access to undocumented children. Also, they placed a high priority on fresh and darker ideas about how to hurt and frighten children of all ages in ritual. Especially the unborn. An entire book could be written on Satanic practices concerning the unborn, alone. These children’s energy is the real jewel.

They concluded their ritual with chanting, dancing and sex. Each member then kissed the lips, heart and genitals of each of her fellow members as well as those of the child. After all the women had mounted him and orgasm-ed from his little, 1 1/2 inch prick, the little boy’s mom got him dressed and she took him home, the boy not needing to be there at the later ritual. The preparations for that night’s ritual, where the boy’s highly-charged emotional energy would be exchanged and utilized, had been made.


Copyright 2010. S.Moulder


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  1. So happy that this author knows that “there are at least as many women who are sadistic pedophiles as men, whether directly connected to Satanism or not.’
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