Satan’s Call by Lobo Rex – Non-Fiction

Writer: Lobo Rex

Subject: Satan’s Call

Link: MEWE / 06.08.2022

Satan’s Call

Today I have felt Satan’s call for me to corrupt someone. He wants me to lead them into depravity and the truth be said, I want to lead them into depravity because that is where I am myself. Isn’t it such a rush to feel Satan touching your soul and allowing it to do his will without Him even asking you to because it is what your soul was created for in the first place. You know you love Satan when you feel that rush inside that says to you, This is what you were born to do — and it is what makes your life so fucking depraved and enjoyable. Follow me down the rabbit hole to eternal bliss.

10 thoughts on “Satan’s Call by Lobo Rex – Non-Fiction”

  1. Thank You My Brother Xpanther

    I only Follow The Masters (You are one)

    My goal is to corrupt christians
    As I was corrupted

    Hail Lilith
    Now and Forever

  2. I have heard that one can tell that Satan is calling by the thrill that fills your body when the call is answered.

  3. I feel the same. I always try to corrupt others. when I do, I get such a rush, which I feel Satan is giving me his approval

    1. The two most important things Lord Satan wants you to do is Blasphemy and corrupting the innocent, especially Christians. The latter gives me such a massive hard-on.

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