Praise for Through The Looking Glass


Praise for Through The Looking Glass

Note that the image above was adapted from the original movie poster — back in the day — how I love the sexual freedom of the 70s — alias, I was too young to appreciate it. 


Just read the story ‘Itchy in her cunny’. Loved every bit! Sheer pedophilic delight! Heya, Plot looks super hot! Love to see evil moms as protagonists! Will surely check it out soon! — Damn! Evil moms always turn me on. However the mirror reflection part was dangerously sexy! Carry on the good work!


@xpanther 2008 I just loved the first three chapters. I can definitely see my self sitting in front of a mirror while I play with myself. I am not going to say I hear my reflection guiding me however … I’m reading the final three chapters and half way through. Your skill at sharing the tale is so lust provoking. Littlesally666 is my go to for public material as well as at home … You are Lilith’s blessing😘. Four orgasms and growing ! 👌


Excellent work my friend — Hail Satan.


Hi – a belated big thank you for Through the Looking Glass, a really engaging work that was equally strong in narrative and erotic delight. You are great at defining the personality of you characters and seduce the reader so effectively into becoming obsessed with the plot. I also thought your blog update providing guidance to a query from AM was excellent, I, like you, grew up without the web or mobile phones, but also had a strong early calling to Satan, Instead of web porn we’d stumble upon someone’s secret adult mag stash in a tree trunk in the woods and find out lots from them, which led me to the stumble upon glory holes by the age of 13 and found myself to be very popular … now that could make a story and a half. Keep up the good work x


Loved this story! As this mother and daughter were drawn into the mirror, so I was drawn into the story. I haven’t watched the film. Is it available online? There’s something about those large Gothic mirrors that is so evocative. They are used a lot in movies about haunting or horror. I love that claustrophobic atmosphere that is created in these old pictures, and your story re-created that perfectly. And I loved Catherine’s descent into evil. That struggle to try and evade it but inevitably being seduced.


Luv the new chapters, darker and better than the first….please continue and expand the stories. I was so wet reading it.


Top story! I read it as soon as it was posted on the blog!  I look forward to the sequel.  I  can’t wait to see what Catherine will do to her daughter Jennifer! I adore you dear XP! … Another great story dear XP.  I liked how young Jennifer masturbated with a crucifix.  I look forward to your new stories.


Love how Satan inspires u to write such perverted taboo stories, Hail Satan!


Great story.  Liked the parts about Jennifer.  Her using the crucifix as a masturbation aid is nice touch.  I generally like stories that include defiling the crucifix and the rosary.  Black Masses are nice too.


Fascinating story! It kept me riveted the whole time and I wanted more. There are so many incredible themes wrapped up into one story. Awesome. Can’t wait for more.


Thanks XP! I’ve had some serious family shit take away my worship time … but will make time to read “Through the Looking Glass”!


Love your stories.


That is fantastic! … You write some great stuff! Love your film adaptations too! Fuck the world’s morals. Morality was created to control man. Created to control the sheep. It doesn’t apply to the poor. Because those in power say. They are too ignorant to understand. It doesn’t apply to the rich. Because they make the rules. But we know the truth. Morality is an insidious tool. To keep the sheep in chains. Obedient to their false god. This bullshit western morality. Socialized into us from birth. Is a scam. Priests. The rich. Those in power. Don’t believe in them. Nor do they follow them. So why should we? We shouldn’t. Not ever. Only to the extent. That we are not imprisoned. Otherwise. Do as thou wilt …


I like it so far. To bad she miss her lunch date. She needs to watch Richard take there daughter and turn her into a devil live cunt!


Beauty thank you.


Great job! … I read the story! It’s great!


Hail Satan!


Love your imagination.


My thanks. You are the true master.


Thanks Xpanther. Without you I would not have a sex life!


Just finished reading through … delicious!


Fantastic story, my friend! Enjoyed it, looking forward to read more!


Both through the looking glass were good, Looking forward to next release.


Thanks Xpanther … I’ve read several of your stories and enjoy them in my own little way … Pleasure and frustration are words I can relate to … Many of your stories have these scenarios so I thank you for helping me tap into those emotions … In many ways I feel like poor Daryl … A subject going through a certain type of therapy … Nice alternative to a cage I must admit.

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