Feature writer: Writhinginhell
Feature title: Lindsay & Shannon
Uploaded: ASSTR 16 April 2006

Story codes: Panty Pooping, Drug Use, Scat, Satanic, Piss, Vomit, Enema

Warning: This story contains descriptions very heavy scatology.

Reaching out to Writhinginhell or anyone who knows his latest email address. I read this story in 2006 on ASSTR – I kept a copy of it (as I do with all my favorite stories to read when offline) because I really enjoyed it. I have tried to reach you by email, but all the emails given on ASSTR bounce back – please contact me on

Lindsay & Shannon

I met Lindsay in a pub, through mutual friends. We had all decided to go back to her place, being the closest, and I was thrilled when our friend Christine suggested that she ride on the back of my motorcycle. Not 20 feet from her door we got pulled over by the coppers. I wasn’t wearing a helmet, having lent mine to her and I was in violation of MOT regulations. Having being cleared by the Breathalyzer we were released. This bonding experience made it easier to get another date with her-this time to watch F1 racing at my house one afternoon. She ended up spending the night where, instead of an F1 session, we had F session 1. The first time we had sex was in the bathroom in the tub. I remember thinking even then how delicious she looked bent over it, with the pillows of her ass parted to reveal her moist lips and puckered anus.

I quickly established a sexual relationship with her that involved anal sex. We were both; it turned out, immensely drawn to Satanism. As such, sodomy seemed the perfect way to worship. Our pleasure, forbidden by scripture, was made it all the more pleasing to us and, we hoped, to the dark master we both loved. One night as Lindsay and I were enjoying a particularly vigorous session of butt fucking, I noticed something I’d never experienced before.

I smelled Lindsay’s fecal matter. Her poop.

I quickly realized that, not wearing a condom, I was actually feeling her poop being smeared into the skin of my cock. This, I thought, was unimaginably sinful and dirty. But it was the odor that sent me over the edge. I thousand times stronger than the pleasant tang of the outside of her anus. I had, of course, sniffed her anus many times while performing cunnilingus. I also enjoyed pushing my tongue up her brown-eye.

Now however, the smell was of actual poop. And I could feel it on my cock. It was so hot it almost burned. Lindsay’s face wrinkled in displeasure as the smell reached her nostrils. I was worried for a moment that she would ask me to stop. By this point, for better or worse, I knew that I was turned on by this new development.

Lindsay looked deep into my eyes and said softly, her breath coming in short gasps “You know what’s happening don’t you? Are you sure you want to keep going?”

“Yes!” I panted heavily. “Don’t make me pull out until I’ve come in your bowels!”

“But it’s so dirty in there, sweetie. I don’t want you to be uncomfortable. But if you want to keep going you can. I’ll try to hold it in.” By way of reply, I kissed her lovingly and tenderly.

She did an admirable job. She clenched her sphincter around my aching cock. I knew that if I could have seen it that the head of my cock was dark purple and the veins of my shaft were popping out. But even if I had pulled it out to look I knew it would be stained a deep brown color. My shaft was completely covered in shit.

“Oh god Shannon!” she screamed. “It’s so dirty and I can feel my shit oozing out and the smell of it’s driving me wild! You’re not even wearing a condom!”

This more than anything else sent me over the edge. She was right. I was touching her poop. It was being rubbed into my skin and now the pressure inside her rectum was forcing her softest shit deep into my pee hole. The burning sensation of having her poo inside my pee shaft caused me to explode. My semen blasted the shit out of my cock and Lindsay grunted with the bullet force of my orgasm. The thick cream shot out in long streams deep into her incredibly filthy rectal passage.

Both in the throes of incredible orgasms we collapsed in exhaustion.  The heady mix of alcohol, marijuana, Amyl Nitrate, and Nitrous Oxide, sent us into a hallucinatory orbit. We surrendered to the tide of lust and our bodies went limp. As I lay there, I was faintly aware that my penis was shrinking. This caused the pressure in her bowels to subside. My penis was helplessly forced out and I felt the sudden warmth of her soft poo as it oozed out of her anus. Lindsay was helpless to stop herself from shitting all over both of us. My cock, balls, and pubes were covered.  Lindsay moaned softly, aware that she was taking our conduct to new levels of depravity and helpless with lust to stop it.

“Shannon…I’m shitting on you…on your cock…Shannon….” Then she passed out.

It took nearly two hours, in the middle of the night for me to clean everything up. Lindsay was breathing steadily so I felt she was ok. The smell of her shit in the room was heady and powerful. After gently washing her filthy ass crack and cheeks I noticed that some of her softest poo had dribbled down into her cunt. I hoped this wouldn’t be a health risk, but we were both consenting adults and what had happened had happened between two consenting adults.

The following Friday we made plans to continue our satanic depravity.  She promised not to poop all day at work, to save it up until she got home. She did not keep her promise. I felt strangely liberated with Shannon that week. What we had experienced was too incredible for words. He had reamed my anus several more times that week and there was a nearly constant dull ache in my rectum from the pummeling he gave me. Several times I noticed cum strains on the back of my panties where his semen had dribbled out hours later from my relaxed anus.

But on Friday I was determined to keep my cheeks clenched all day. I work in tech support at a local firm. All day I answered calls, trying to keep my mind off the increasing pressure in my bowels. There was a massive quantity of poop, which completely filled my colon and rectum. By five o’clock I was sweating bullets. I couldn’t imagine how hard it was going to be to keep from shitting myself on the ride home. I walked with a limp to the bus stop, praying I’d actually make it.

The bus was packed as full as my bowels. There were loads of commuters already on and I had to stand. As the double-decker rolled out with a jerk I felt my guts churn, desperately trying to keep all my poop inside me. As we headed up the Gloucester Road I began to realize I’d never make it. My ass muscles were cramping and tears welled up in my eyes as I felt my anus shudder in preparation to complete surrender. I was trapped. I was so arrogant to think I could do this after all the butt fucking I’d had that week. Cum stains on my panties. How could I hope to keep from shitting my panties if I couldn’t even keep my aching anus from seeping sperm?

Mercifully I didn’t let go at once. My anal collapse was slow. Two more stops. I could hear a very slight squeak of a fart as my intestinal gas passage heralded the coming of something ever dirtier. No one noticed. At first I didn’t even realize it was actually coming out. My pantied ass was damp with sweat so I was never exactly sure when the magic moment was.

I knew however when the smell began to assault my lungs. The all too familiar smell from a week ago when, in the hold of the most intense anal orgasm of my life, I had actually shit on my lover after he filled my fudge tunnel with sperm. Now however, things were very different. Not only was I not tripping on a cocktail of hallucinogens that had released my inhibitions, I was far from the man I trusted and loved. Rather, I was surrounded by strangers.

Now we were at the last stop before mine. I could feel the elastic of my panties being stretched as they filled with tons of soft poop. I thanked my dark master silently that the elastic seemed to be containing my shit. Up into my ass crack and out onto my cheeks it was pushed–almost to overflowing. Ever more was being squeezed between my legs, all the way over my sopping cunt and into my dark pubic hair. My panties were totally filled up with shit now and the passengers were starting to wrinkle their noses at the smell I was producing. With my panties full and the elastic holding, I finally relaxed and allowed the last of the hitherto seemingly endless procession of feces escape my rectum. Now, however, there was only one place for my poop to go.

My cunt as I’d mentioned was moist already. I may have been panicked at the thought of shitting my panties in public, but the feel of all the moist poop being smeared all over, made me horny as hell. Now I realized with awe that my shit was being squeezed into my vagina. I couldn’t imagine how unhealthy that must be but by this point I was far too emotionally accelerated to care.

Finally, we reached my stop. By this point I could hear people whispering about the stench in the bus. I was sorry to have made them uncomfortable but I had not been able to control myself. My only real worry was how Shannon would react. I had failed him. I had wanted so badly to be able to give him the joy of plunging his meat into my shit-filled rectum, but my rectum was no longer filled with shit. Instead the poop was filling my pretty pink satin panties. I felt it sliding all over and working further into my cunt as I stepped off the bus and began the two-block walk up the hill to our house.

I wished I had been wearing a pantsuit. In my desire to please Shannon I had dressed in bobbi-sox, a plaid skirt and ruffley blouse that enhanced my almost always-stiff nipples. The skirt was the problem because as I walked, my shit was being pushed beyond the confines of my panties. With over a block to go I realized with horror that my poo was leaking out and running down my bare legs. By the last block, anyone who had passed me would not have failed to notice the brown rivulets of shit that dribbled down me. Tears of shame streamed down my face as I walked toward the back door. *** I knew what had happened the moment I opened the door. It was the smell. The smell from the previous weekend. The memory of the smell had been my most tangible link to the events of the previous weekend when my lover and I had surrendered to our Satanic lust in a volcanic frenzy of depraved activity.

Now my olfactory senses were once again assaulted by the smell of Hell. Lindsay stood in the doorway, with tears of shame steaming down her beautiful face. I took her in my arms as she stepped inside.

“What is it my love? Did you have an accident?” I whispered soothingly.

“Yes,” she whispered. “I held it in all day at work as we agreed, but I lost control on the way home. I let it out. I let it all out. I pooped my panties.”

“Let me see.” I said quietly. She bent over the kitchen counter and allowed me to lift her skirt. Indeed her once pink panties were now stained almost completely through with her soft brown shit. I lifted my hand to her bottom and placed it on her rear. I began to press down slightly and soon I was working my fingers in, smearing her shit across the
perfect globes of her ass. Nor did it take me long to begin fingering her poo filled pussy. Lindsay moaned and began humping my finger, trying to work as much crap up her cunt as possible.

I scooped up a big handful and thrust it into her already poop filled cunt. Lindsay grunted with lust as she felt a thick turd enter her vagina. We both knew this was downright unhealthy but we were too horny to care. After cramming as much crap up her cunt as I could, I dropped my bathrobe and thrust my aching cock into her sluttish cunt. Her poop engulfed my meat and was pushed deeper inside, past her cervix and into her womb. I began fucking her violently, loving the feel of her warm brown shit-smeared
ass cheeks against me.

“Unngh… Satan fill my cunt with poop!” She cried helplessly. I responded by plunging my tool up her slimy rectum. She moaned obscenely, uttering filthy Satanic prayers as I plunged my cock into and out of her shit-hole. The smell was outrageous, but we continued steadily until I blasted my semen into her fudge tunnel.

Silently she allowed my spent tool to slide from her empty bowels. Semen dribbled to the floor as Lindsay turned without a sound and began to suck my mostly flaccid tool, savoring the flavor of her poop for the first time.

We continued our filthy play, stopping every now and then to utter a prayer to Satan, that our souls be truly dedicated to hell. We hoped he/she found our depravity a sign of our worthiness to be truly damned. By morning we (and our bed sheets) were completely covered in shit. Nevertheless, I was disappointed, for I had longed to plunge my tool into her bowels while they were full of her soft warm anal mud.

I got my chance the following weekend. We took my motorcycle out to a secluded park near the Avon suspension bridge. Lindsay and I often went out there for a spot of nude sunbathing. Today we packed the bong, the dope, Amyl Nitrate as well as two bottles of champagne. We even took some food and a blanket.

After a wonderful lunch we stripped our clothes and applied liberal amounts of coconut oil to our naked bodies. The sun beat down on us as we there soaking up the rays. The sun warmed our bodies and soon we were damp with sweat as well as oil. My mind swam as I lay there, half-passed out drunk and stoned. A faraway voice in my head brought me back. It was Lindsay.

“Shannon…I need to poo…do you want to pump my pooper clean?”

I needed no encouragement. She walked unsteadily over to a nearby tree and grasped the trunk, thrusting out her naked ass for my use.

“I want you to fuck me till I shit all over you like last time.”

“But sweetie, we have no way of cleaning up out here…what if someone comes?” I asked.

“I promise to suck all my shit off your cock and swallow all of it.” She said pleadingly. “Besides I can think of two people that are going to come already!”

The feeling once I pushed the head of my cock into her anus was beyond description. The heat of her poop almost made me want to piss in her ass, but I decided I wanted to cum first. Once again I could feel her moist fudge being worked deep into my pee-slit but I figured that since she had allowed me to force her dirty poop deep into her cunt that it was only fair. Her poo was softer and slicker this time and so it was able to go deeper into my urethra. In addition, this meant that she was unable to keep it from seeping out around my cock. After a few minutes of spirited pumping there were brown rivulets of shit running down her naked legs.

Just for variety I pulled out and thrust into her cunt. With her anus unplugged, her moist fudge ran out all over my cock so that more poop was able to be worked into her vagina. Finally I knew I was about to cum and I also knew it would be most pleasing to Satan if I creamed inside her filthy shit pipe. After just a few more deep thrusts into her colon I released my hot semen in long thick spurts. Now Lindsay’s legs were sticky not just with her poo but also my sperm.

I kept my cock inside her. There was less pressure on my cock this time, because Lindsay and released most of her load already. Soon I felt the need piss. Without hesitating I allowed myself to go inside her. My hot piss blasted her bowels with a urine enema. Lindsay moaned obscenely as she felt her guts being forcibly filled with my hot piss.


I could feel my entire lower intestinal tract expanding. Slowly my knees began to buckle but we managed to ease ourselves down without his cock slipping out. I pushed back hard against him to make sure he stayed inside my ass. Once I was on my knees I could lower myself so that my ass was higher than the rest of me. This allowed my enema to go much deeper. The weight of all his hot piss pressed down on my bowels, opening me up
further. All I could manage was a long moan as I felt myself expand to bursting. My belly had swollen in the front from all the piss filling my intestines. I wondered vaguely if it were possible that the one being filled would finally have piss running out her (or his) mouth. I definitely felt that I was well on my way! Then I had a thought.

“Shannon, could you stop and hold it?”

“Yes.” He answered with a hint of curiosity.

“Do it and then pull out slowly so I can hold it all in.”

Somehow, as his cock slipped out I managed to keep my anus clenched shut. When I was sure I could hold it (or as sure as I could be) I turned to face him. Shannon’s lithe body was streaked with stains of brown around his groin and I could still see some of my shit streaked on his cock though most of it had been rinsed off while his tool had become immersed in my piss filled rectum. I took his tool in my hand and looked up into his eyes.

“I would like you to finish pissing in my mouth. May I please drink your piss?”

He could only nod as I took his streaked tool in my mouth. I hoped he didn’t wait to start pissing-if he got hard again he wouldn’t be able to release his bladder.

I didn’t have to wait long though. Soon I felt the hot jet squirting the back of my throat and I had to immediately begin swallowing to keep from losing any. The taste was slightly bitter and slightly salty.  Stronger tasting than come by far, but not too much. I gulped down his hot piss while fingering myself and gripping my anus to hold in the piss which still filled my bowels. Soon there was increasing pressure from the top as my stomach filled with Shannon’s urine. I was taking it from both ends-I felt bloated beyond belief.

Now Shannon’s cock was hardening again. I lay back and spread my legs.

“Do you want to fuck my piss bloated body?” I asked. “Satan wants us to fill our bodies with piss and shit. He wants us to drink, eat, writhe, and fuck in our piss and shit. I want to be your anal shit slut forever Shannon.”

He closed his eyes as his cock head eased into my shit slicked pussy.  There wasn’t as much poo in my cunt as there had been when I shit my panties on the way home from work. Still there was enough that I could feel it oozing between his cock and the walls of my vagina.

For his part Shannon scooped up a small bit of poo from between my legs and placed it on my parted lips. I flicked my tongue against it.

“And I want to be your shit slave forever, my love. I want to spend eternity with you in this filthy embrace. I love your shit Lindsay and I love you and I’m so glad you feel the same. It makes me feel so dirty and sinful-and yet loved at the same time.” I was panting, nearing orgasm.

“Oh Shannon…fuck…I love…you…so…much….” I let my head roll to one side. My eyes were closed against the light of day. I never wanted this to end. I never wanted to be normal again. I wanted to be the ultimate Satanic shit-slut with Shannon as my filthy incubus lover. Our tongues danced over each other’s lips, coloring our mouths brown with our shitty kiss. I found the taste addictive and stimulating. The piss inside me rolled about and I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold it much more. “God Shannon I can’t hold it much more….”

“Can you stand? I want to kneel down behind you. I want you to release in my mouth.”

I was somewhat unsteady, but able to stand. I felt him push his face into my ass cheeks and when I felt his open lips press against my anus…I released. Of course there was no way that he could drink it fast enough. For my part all I could think of my the orgasmic release of pressure. I couldn’t have slowed the flow a bit. My anus surrendered completely, hanging slack as Shannon’s piss and my shit blasted into Shannon’s gulping mouth. Finally he gagged and in a moment of sheer courage, brilliance, and love, forced his mouth against my anus and vomited….

We were saturated in shit, piss, come, and vomit. We knew we needed to get home, so we pulled our clothes on over our stinking flesh. All we had to do was get home, so we didn’t worry about being seen. As Shannon pointed out, traveling on the bike we would not be noticed. As soon as we got home, we collapsed exhausted into the satin sheets of our bed.  Fortunately we’d put plastic between the sheets and the mattress or it would’ve been quite ruined. We stayed in bed for most of the rest of the day and night, our filthy bodies wrapped around one another. Occasionally, we let out a little more shit, to smear on our naked bodies. We no longer cared about how we smelled or how the house smelled. Over the course of the next months, we gave over to shit sex totally. Yes, we had to work hard to get the smells off our bodies for work, and we had fewer occasions to have friends over, because we had to air our the house first, but our brave new world was perfect for us. Our bed was our temple to satanic depravity, and our destiny was with each other.

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