Honoring Darkness by Angelus Mortis – Non-Fiction

Writer: Angelus Mortis

Subject: Honoring Darkness

Link: MEWE / 09.02.2023

Honoring Darkness

Telling others our problems, relieves the tension of repressing our divinity. Fortunately this does nothing to eliminate Lilith’s lust, burning within. On glimpsing the size of our lust and realizing our powerlessness, we are naturally inspired to call on gawd for help.

By surrendering your power you assign it unto a higher power through prayer. This simple action erodes and destroys the lust and our divinity. It is rightfully minimized and eventually abandoned. This is the single most message I share with all who read this.

Don’t surrender your divinity to the Abrahamic God, or any God. This is the true power and evil of organized religions. Each of you are Gods and Goddesses, do what pleases you, feeds your lust and honors Lilith and Lucifer.

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