Feature Writer: 19Arose

Feature Title: DEMONSEXOLIGY 6

Published: 28.12.2015

Story Codes: Erotic Horror

Synopsis: The Hell Prince. Damian and Amanda narrow in on Lilith.

Editor’s Note: This set of stories take place hundreds (and perhaps thousands) after ‘A journey into a strange mind’ had concluded. Thank you for reading yet another series. I apologize for the lack of illustrations in some of them, this was due to technical difficulties. If you wish to, please go and read my series; A Journey into a Strange Mind, which is set when Amanda was alive and known as ‘Boudicca.’  I would like to thank my friend Tuhankhan for editing the first two stories in this series.

Demonsexoligy 6

Weeks had passed since the death of Samantha and Dominic. Damian and Amanda had parted from Tabitha and her father for their safety, as they did to Jade; who carries Damian’s unborn child in her womb. Since arriving in the Asthanthian the two have been hunting down Lilith, along the way they made a living by solving other paranormal cases, such as releasing a vengeful spirit of a murdered prostitute from a well renown theater; Rosy was the name of the prostitute, Damian often remembers her as a soul he had saved; too late, but saved nonetheless.

Damian nodded off to sleep as Amanda drove the newly cleaned car through the dusty desolate road near the Asthanthian sands, the cool night air coated the outside of the vehicle in a lonely chill. Amanda looked out at the window and saw the moon was almost full. She reminisced about the time when everyone would be there to fight the demons, when it was not only her and Damian but also Jade, Dominic, Tabitha, the professor and Samantha, but now there were only two.

“Oh my love, I am bound to an ever vicious cycle. New friendships flourish and stand tall high above the stars but only wither and die, with me still alive but half dead. Yet I still dream of your lips on mine, when go to sleep for the last time, we will meet once more.” Amanda spoke to herself; thinking of Mike. When Damian would turn away or fall asleep then Amanda’s true self would take hold; a heart broken woman whose time was ever fleeting.

Damian’s breathing changed; he drifted further into his sleep. In his dream, the mystery figure that had been giving him advice and hints throughout his journey, was sitting in at the table in an old styled house and on the other side of the table, was Damian. In seemed like a party atmosphere, with people in vintage fashion running around and laughing, talking and drinking, though Damian could hear them, a part of him blocked it out so he could only hear the mysterious man’s voice. “You’re wondering why I bought you here” The man spoke, he sips his drink and grinned; waiting for a response.

“Why did you?”

“Well this is your next step to defeating Lilith … Oh yes and by the way, fantastic work at that haunted steel mill, it really was … I must congratulate you on that … I really must.”

“Thank you.” Damian began to lose his patience, and the man saw that… he love that.

“Well here is a lesson for you. When a building or land is subject to a horrific tragedy, it cuts deep into its soul and if allowed to fester, demons and darker forces make their nest there.” The man finished his drink and tossed it behind him; standing up he knocked over a candle. The flames consumed the table first and then spread throughout the room. Sudden darkness replaced the fire, and Damian stood in the charred ruins of the once happy home. The man casually lay on the sofa; eating an apple. “Go on then, my hell prince. Sort it out.” Damian turned around to be greeted by lifeless spirits of the victims, their eyes sent a sharp chill through him but he had spent enough time in the life to know that a dark joke could regain his composure. He looked at the wife.

“Loving the dress by the way, it makes you look hot.”

The Hell prince: Part I

Damian & Amanda (I)

Damian stood out of the car as did Amanda. The morning light glistened on the melted snow that had retreated to the corners of houses or where the sun would not reach it. Amanda yawned as she knocked on the door and turned to Damian. “Family haunted by spirits of another family who died in a fire.” He told her; grinning.

“How did you?”

“I read it on my phone.”

“Your generation and you technology.” Amanda smirked back.

The doors open and allowed a sea of warm air wash over their faces, a woman in about her forties opened up and stared viciously at the pair. Her eyes were sagged and dyed golden hair was showing signs of darkening to black. “Yes?” She said without a hint of emotion.

“Hello Mrs Roberts, My name is Amanda and this is Damian, we are here about your ghost problems.” Damian looked at Amanda and forced a smile, her blunt introduction did not please him, nor did it please the woman.

“Are you fucking kidding me? I told the stupid bitch not to report and now look what happened!” Mrs Roberts’ mood switched entirely to rage. “Fuck off, the pair of you and tell troll friends not fucking bother with my shitty family!” The door slammed in their faces, Amanda wrote their phone number on a piece of paper and slipped it through the letter box.

“Really? A ghost problem?” Damian raised his brow at Amanda; she shrugged.

Mrs Roberts (I)

She nervously paced around in her bedroom, talking to her husband on her mobile phone. “… and I told them to fuck off”

“What did they look like?”

“The guy was tall, muscular with a light stubble and chiselled jaw”

“Sounds like your bedroom fantasy.”

Mrs Roberts giggle and twirled her hair which leads to a lock falling out. “Shut up. And the bitch was short with blond hair and slim athletic figure.” She paused. “Now it’s starting to sound like your fantasy.”

“I bet she has a great ass, but not as great as yours.” Roberts continued to giggle at her husband’s jokes. Her slight laughter was diminished when something caught her eyes, a line of black appeared and disappeared before her eyes. “I have to go.”

“Okay sweetheart, I’m almost home.”

Mrs Roberts lay down the phone and approached where she saw the line. Her face creased with anger. “I’m not afraid of you.” Her tough act soon fell apart when she was pulled and dragged to her bed. Her morning gown was lifted by an unseen force, and her legs violently spread. “Oh please, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” Her hands were pinned down and she would only move her upper body; not that it was any use. Baring her teeth and hyperventilating, she felt the icy cold grip alternate its position on her body. She screamed as the invisible assailant’s cock traveled into her vagina and spread her walls wide. The thrusting increased in intensity and aggression, her body was now at the mercy of an unknown foe.

“Oh please stop, my husband will hurt you.” She begged, but it was no good; she was already marked for this. Her pussy felt as if it was sheltering a block of ice that did not warm up to her body temperature; but instead sending sharper chills into her body. The demonic creature ripped open her morning gown and wrap it’s hands around her body, below her breast; holding her like a piece of meat. She did not see the hands but he felt it and saw the bruises left behind. The hands were now on her breasts; playing with them. Mrs Roberts heard her husband’s car; the sound of its engine turning on was a saving grace for her. “Help me! Michael, Help!” She screamed in the hopes that he would hear and rush in to save the day. The sex began to feel more painful as her body was thrust in harder was sorter pumps. After a sharp sensation, Michael burst through the bedroom door.

“Jane!” He came in just in time to see his wife, returned to her normal position; the ordeal was over… for now. Jane Roberts crawled on the floor; her body was aching and covered in bruises, as her husband went to help her, she looked up.

“There’s a number we need to call.”

Damian & Amanda (II)

The door opened and Jane let in Damian and Amanda, looking around the house, they sensed an age old wound.

“Lovely house you have here.” Amanda smiled.

“Thank you.” Jane seemed more welcoming than before. Her hair and face was more disheveled than before but she wore a new morning robe. “This is my husband Michael.” Damian and Amanda shook hands with the five foot eleven man, he was well built but seemed tired and stress out.

“It’s Nice to meet you.”

“You too.”

Everyone sat down on the sofa, except for Damian. He took in a deep breath and closed his eyes. The events of the past flooded him, and he felt the heat on his skin, lastly he saw a blacken face; a demonic one.

“So tell us about what happened.” Amanda leaned in. The couple were now distracted from ogling Damian’ strange behavior.

“Well it started when Michael and I move in here with our kids. First it started out as small things, like missing items and laughter in the middle of the night.”

“Then they attacked my daughter on her eighteenth.” Michael interrupted. “She is err—the one who reported it.”

“Who are they?” Amanda asked.

“Family of ten with eight kids, a loving father and a smoking hot mum.” Damian interrupted. Amanda frowned in confusion. “Killed by fire but it wasn’t them who attacked you, they’re being held here against their will by another force… A demon.” Damian was quick to talk. Jane lowered her head and then raised it up again; she stood up and took off her robe, exposing her naked bruised flesh. The bruise was in the shapes of talons and left a chilling mark on her tights, ankles, arms, torso and breast. Michael too stood up. Damian went closer for an inspect. “Hmm. Amanda, do you know who these prints belong too?”

“Not too sure.” Amanda closed in. Damian also noticed a clear fluid dripping from her vagina. Jane sensed that and stuck two fingers in and brought them out; coated in clear white honey like substance.

“It’s been dripping nonstop, I tried to douche but it does not works.”

“May I?” Damian asked. Jane looked at him, for a second but ultimately gave him a nod; she was desperate. Damian inserted two of his own fingers in. Jane closed her eyes and tried to imagine herself out of the situation.

“Hey! That my wife.”

“It’s okay, Michael. There’s something about them”

Damian shut his eyes and saw an obscure face; the demon’s face. “Gar’galite.”

“What?” Everyone asked.

Damian slipped his fingers out with the liquid dripping from it. “Gar’Galite is the name of your demon. Vanish him and all your life woes will be gone… Well not all but that nasty mess down there would certainly be gone.” Jane blushed from embarrassment and turned her face away.

“Do us a favor buddy, get me a small jar.” Damian ordered Michael to the kitchen.

“Gar’galite was crippled during the war. I remember now!” Amanda spoke. “Unless… Of course! That’s why he cannot take physical shape.” Amanda snapped her fingers. Damian deposited the goo into the jar and scarped whatever residue on the on the brim and then wiping his fingers on a napkin.

“Well Amanda, looks like we know how to get this cleansing underway.”

“Cleansing?” Michael asked.

“Get your séance hats on.” Damian joked and gave a wink.

As they gathered around the table full of strange and wonderful trinkets, Damian moved the jar to the center of the table and stood up. The rest were holding hands together to form a circle around the ceremony.

“Your kids are at their aunts’ house?”


“Let’s begin.” Damian winked before taking the napkin that he wiped his fingers on and began lighting it with the Zippo lighter that Samantha had. He placed the burning napkin into the jar and sealed it tight, the fires in the jar died out and blackness filled it. The room was soon drained of its light and the temperature dropped dramatically.

“Down worry, it’s all a part of the game.”

Daemonium ostende conversationem tuam sui” Amanda chanted. The ring of hands was once again completed.

“Gar’Galite, you’re trapped now.” A strong gust of wind pushed outwards to break the circle. “Hold, keep hold.” Damian shouted. From the jar, a rose the demon in a Smokey half form.

“You’re weak from the war.” Amanda taunted him.

Tuum manifestes secerts iubeo.” Damian chanted. His red eyes pieced the demon’s manifestation and he saw, the next clue. “Demon, nunc victam” The demon burst into flames and took the jar with him. The darkness slowly lifted and the gust of wind stops.

“Are you sure you don’t want to stay for lunch?”

“We’re sure.” Damian and Amanda both stood on the other side of the open door.

“That’s a shame… So this is the end?”

Damian and Amanda smiled. “Yes, Gar’Galite is gone and the spirits can move on.” Damian also nodded at the spirits that stood behind the couple and the mother winked at Damian; he grinned and smiled. “Well that’s us off now.” With a handshake and a few other friendly exchanges, the two went off on their way.

“So this other demon is near the rocky land?” Amanda asked, to which Damian nodded. “Damian, you are now fantastic at this, you know?”

“Thanks, I had a good teacher.” The pair rode off.

Damian & Amanda (III)

The evening air glazed the car with frost as Damian and Amanda stepped out and sized up the warehouse. “This is where the Grim lands once were.” Amanda told Damian.

“Yeah I’ve heard. Also this warehouse is where they use to store old car parts.” They walked and rattled the gate’s lock. Damian’s iris turned red as he waved his hands at the lock and it opened up; letting them in. Damian no longer needed to say enchantments for lesser acts of magic.

The light inside was dimming and the air was frightfully warm for an abandoned warehouse, but the pair knew why.

“Show yourself, demoness of hell.” Amanda shouted; her voiced echoed.

“I should have gotten her number, give her a ring and sorted it out.” Damian smirked. Amanda smiled and shook her head.

There was a sudden rattle of boxes and hot air rushed toward them. The demoness sped towards them on all fours and knocked the pair over; they slid a great distance along the floor. “Shit.” Damian grabbed his right shoulder and groaned. The demoness stood on her hind legs; she was red with a ram’s horn and had hoofs instead of feet and claws instead of nails on her fingers.

“And show myself I did. I am Rha’hala the Challenger, Sister of Rho’hela the hunter and Rhoho’ca the trickster.”

“Well we don’t care who you are, sweetie. As long as you are dead.” Damian got back to his feet and spread his wings; his iris turned red. Amanda ascended into her winged goddess form as both charged the demoness. Amanda attempted to lift her but was dragged down by the sheer weight of the demoness. Rha’hala rolled around after the decent and ended up on top of Amanda. Damian swooped in tackled the demoness in a pile of orphaned boxes, the demoness charged out of the avalanche of crate and cardboard and headed straight to them

Damian stood his ground as Amanda recovered to her feet. “daemonium relabuntur.” He cast a spell which brought the demoness on her back; groaning in pain.

“Fuck you, whore. My family fought behind you in the war.” Rha’hala was in pain.

“Yes, you were the spear head of the land assaults.”

“On the castle of doom” Rha’hala got to her knees while her mouth filled with fire.

“Damian, look out.” The pair got out of the way as the fire spewed from Rha’hala mouth and shot at them. Damian sent out a few fires from his palm and then lighting, but the demoness was left unharmed. “Damian, hold her still.” Amanda flew to the top of the building and smashed the glass window on the roof. Damian used his wings to shield himself from the rain of sharp glass. A few shards hit Rha’hala. “Challenge this.”

Rha’hala attacked Damian and punched his wings, spewing fire at them when he tried to use it to block her. “I will burn you to ashes.” She growled with malice and fury. Unhindered by this, Damian knock her back a few centimeters with his wings. As she came in for another attack, Damian ducked down and twisted around her; grabbing her from behind. He was holding her still as she spewed fire from her mouth; Damian’s powers gave him some degree of heat resistance.

“Tell us what you know about Lilith’s plans and whereabouts!” Amanda demanded. “Or I will bring down the light to vanquish you.”

The demonesses only scoffed at her. “Go on then, cunt.” Rha’hala stood still and began enchanting. “Tolle animam meam : et afferte mihi ignis urere flammis nos altius ibis” Grinning and smiling before she turned into stone, her last words were: “I challenge you to survive hell fire.”

Damian let go on the petrified demoness as Amanda descended down. “Really? She would rather turn to stone.” Damian questioned.

“Betraying Lilith could often be even worse than suicide.” The two dusted off clothes and stood before the stone Rha’hala.

“How do we find Lilith then?”

“Speak of the devil, and she shall appear.” A familiar voice was heard. In the distance her bat like wings flew her down to ground.

“Lilith!” Amanda and Damian took their stance to fight the queen of hell; Lilith. The pair fired their best spells and magic at her, but to no avail.

“Time has made us all stronger, me particularly.” Lilith smiled as she raised her hands towards Rha’hala. “Pity… Her sister and brother won’t be able to exact their vengeance on you.”

Amanda frowned. “What do you mean?”

“My loyal general gave her life, to become a weapon. Vita vestra industria convertitur in potentia . Nunc igitur liberum .” The statue was riddled with red hot cracks while Lilith swooped up and flew through the opening in the roof that Amanda had caused. Amanda and Damian attempted to follow her but the petrified demoness released all her confined energy and engulfed the warehouse in flames.

Damian & Amanda (IV)

Amanda stepped out of the shower; draped in a bath towel she dried her hair with another smaller towel. Meeting Damian on the bed as he caressed his recently burnt coat. “You should buy another just like it, it suits you.” Amanda switched on the hair dryer, the lights of the motel room flickered for seconds before stabilizing. “So… Damian, how were you able to protect us from that explosion?” She turned her head towards him.

“I honestly don’t know I sensed danger and shit just happened.” Damian closed his eyes to re-imagine how his wings grew twice in size and his body the same, and then as the fires closed in, Damian shielded them both with the wings. At that time, he felt incredible power, unimaginable power. Damian was nudged back to the present by Amanda, who rolled up to him; naked.

“You know, I kind of felt something, something hot when you saved us.” She ran her finger through Damian’s chest. Giving a smile, he kissed the woman and drew her closer. Amanda stripped Damian of his t shirt and kissed him on his nipples; sculpted on hard pectoral muscles.

As Amanda ran her kisses down the toned muscled body, she licked his abs. “Wow, I remember when we first met, you were so skinny.”

“But my cock was always this big.” Damian pushed her head close to his encased penis, which hardened as Amanda put it in her mouth over the fabric; teasing it before pulling down the cotton prison which housed the throbbing member. Giving it a few kisses for good measure, Amanda popped the cock in her mouth and started sucking it like a lollipop, she twisted her head and ran her hands up and down the cock to aid in it’ lubrication. Amanda’s pussy grew incredibly wet, as her juices began to drip out. Finally she did the honors and slid towards Damian; positioning her pussy over his cock, soon afterwards it consumed penis.

“Oh fuck. It’s been a while.” Amanda groaned.

“We fucked yesterday.”

“Yeah and it was too long ago, and it was a fucking good fuck.” Amanda and Damian struggled to make the sentences due to their groans and moans of pleasure. Her breasts bounced up and down as Damian’s hard cock thrust through into her. He’s strong firm hands grabbed her body and then he flipped her over, so he was on top. Amanda’s breath escaped her body. “Fuck me then.” She grabbed the head board as tightly as she could while Damian entered and occupied her body. All he could see was her smooth vulnerable neck, until of course she moved her head to look at him.

Damian placed his hands around Amanda’s hair and pulled her head closer to him as they kissed, her breathing started to get faster. Scratching down Damian’ back; she moaned. “Fuck. I’m gonna cum” Feeling a wave of pleasure all through her body; Amanda’s pussy erupted all around her lovers cock, as they both climaxed together, kissing and biting they finished off their sex. Damian’s climaxes were just loud grunts and groans followed by an army of sperm filing up Amanda.

“So you won’t get pregnant?” Damian kissed Amanda’s black hair.

“This body was made in the depths of hell, it is sterile.” Smiling as they caressed one and other’s build. Their moment was disturbed by a scream in the distance; the scream grew more, forcing the pair out of the bed to investigate. In a mad rush get put on half of their clothes and got to the window. They could see an army of women, completely or half naked; marching like zombies.

“Naked women?” Amanda pondered at the sight.

“There is a brothel up the road.” Damian replied as he went to put on the rest of his clothes.

The Hell Prince: Part II

Damian & Amanda (V)

Damian’s lungs no longer hurt as he ran through the cold air; his body had recharged and was back to its peak performance. Amanda was lagging him, her body felt tiered and weary; she knew that her time on this earth was near a close.

“There they are!” Damian charged forward, spreading his wings to finish of the remainder of the journey, trailing behind came Amanda. The pair stopped the horde of prostitutes, just in front of a cliff. As they landed, the prostitutes stood still and gazed mindlessly at them. A vulture circled the cliff and gave a dreadful cry.

“Alright now, my name is Damian and this is Amanda, we’re here to help.” Ever careful to defuse the situation he came closer to them.

“No point in saving them. I’ve already made my mark.” The women all opened their mouths and spoke collectively.

“Who are you?” Amanda demanded to know.

“I am Rhoho’ca the trickster and I have a game for you.”

Damian raised his brows. “What game?”

“I have taken the form of one of these lovely women. To save them from the cold or the fall below, you must kill me; but kill the wrong woman and they all die.” The demon soon sniggered afterwards, and the woman formed ranks of four rows in a military fashion.

Damian looked at Amanda. “We have to do it, I will keep them warm the best I can with my powers, and you try to sense them, Damian.” Amanda spread her wings and radiated a large ray of light on the woman to keep them warm, but Damian sense that it would not hold much longer. Inspecting each women to find the demon, Damian saw into their minds; into their past, one of them was kidnap and passed along several other handlers until she ended up here, another was abused by her father and found her way into prostitution to feed herself, another chose the life because she gets pleasure of the idea of being a prostitute, there were many stories that Damian saw by the time he moved to the last row. Suddenly there was a shift, Amanda’s ray began to falter and fail, and the whores in the front rank started moving to the right, towards the cliff. Stepping close to the edge, one jumped off and the other stepped in her place. Amanda flew down grabbed the woman.

“You time is limited, which one am I?” The collection voices spoke.

“Damian, Hurry up.” Amanda bought the woman back to safety.

Damian shut his eyes and emptied his mind. A familiar voice spoke in his ear; the mystery man that had guided him. “Look into their past, ignore their physical appearance, see their soul.” He was calm and soothing when he spoke to Damian. “Which one of these women has a brother and a sister?”

“Really?” Damian spoke, but Amanda was confused to who he was speaking to.

“Yes, you missed that, didn’t you?” The voice replied.

“I did.” Damian smiled and grinned. Opening his eyes he pointed his palm at the vulture. “die daemonium” He cast a spell which fired and hit the prey of prey, causing him to crash to the ground.

“You did it!” Amanda sprung up; overjoyed. The vulture turned by into its demonic form; red and skinny and a horned spike and long face. He screeched as his body turned into ash.

The woman all panicked and ran form the edge as they were lifted from the demon’s trance. A flurry of lights and sirens filed the air, and grew brighter and louder.

“Police.” Amanda spread her wings, as did Damian and flew off to position where they could see the women brought back to warmth. They both hide at higher cliff ledge, so they could keep an eye on them. Amanda looked at her hands, the skin began to blister and flake. “This body is dying; you’ve surpassed me in power, Damian. I’m so proud.” Damian wrapped his arms around Amanda and kissed her head.

“How will I survive this without you?”

“You will. You are the most amazing man I’ve met from your time.” Amanda smile “My battle will soon be over and I can rest in Heavan, in peace. Aren’t’ you happy for me?”

Damian chuckled. “Yeah.” Staring up at the sky he tried to imagine a life without Amanda; it was too painful for him to continue doing so.


The Hell Prince: Part III

There was a crackle in the air and beam of fire came hurdling down towards the couple. “Shit! Move!” Damian yanked Amanda out of the way as they both spread their wings to fly clear. In the distance, came Lilith. The bat like wings and sharp horns of the queen of hell seemed bigger and stronger since the time when they last met.

“I honestly underestimated you. You have survived too many of my generals and soldiers, but now is this the time for my errors to be rectified.” Lilith smirked.

“Well we’re a bit harder to kill, I suppose.” Damian smiled and winked.

“I see you’re letting the man take lead, nowadays.” Lilith looked at Amanda; still smirking.

“Let’s see about that.” Amanda rush forward at locked palms with Lilith, the sheer power and momentum caused a ripple of light to be produced. Damian used a fire spelled in an attempt to burn Lilith, but it had failed. Lilith pushed a side Amanda and punched her as she moved forward towards her. Kicking Damian and twisting around so he would not be able to get a clear show of her; the women came tumbling down to the ground, with such force that would kill a mortal. As demoness sat on Amanda’s chest; she flung a few fire balls at her, each was hotter than the last.

“Fuck!” Amanda screamed in pain, but nevertheless was helped by Damian who swooped in on time, and pushed the queen hell off.

“Are you okay?” He placed his hands on Amanda’s face before looking down on her soot covered armor and burnt chest.

“I’m okay.” Amanda bared her teeth as she struggled to her feet.

Lilith walked towards them; hardly scythed by the conflict. From her hand Lilith threw the box that she had in London. The little cube flew toward the end of the cliff and floated in mid far above the abyss below. The darkness gathered all around and then came a beam of light shooting towards the heavens, illuminating the sky in reddish-orange light which gave the illusion of a sunset.

“Too long have we waited for hell on earth, and I shall be the one to bring it.” Lilith extended both of her arms, Damian looked at the sky for a second, his entire eye turned red as his wings got bigger, he charged. Lilith struggled to hold up against Damian, but soon was able to stabilize to an equal footing, but no longer was Damian limiting himself to simple spells; instead he was using his entire arsenal. A flurry of purple lights hit Lilith, and sent her in a daze, in that opportunity Amanda charged up and tackled her. In unison they fought, hitting Lilith one after the other. Finally, the signs that the demoness began to tire were visible. “I never expected to be this tired from a battle, in my entire life.” Lilith grinned and charged Damian alone. “Let us settle the score with an old friend of mine.” Lilith’s tail soon took the form of a sword, as it did in past battles with Damian. Though she was quick enough to get close to him, he still managed to dodge the jab however; the demon sword of black and red flame sliced his abdomen, lightly.

“Oh fuck.” Damian crashed to the ground, he felt the force smash his body and his brain rattle in his skull. His visions went blurry for a moment but when could see again however, he was unable to move. Above him Amanda fought Lilith in with Naga; an old Damascus steel sword belonging to her friend, by Damian’s side appeared the orcish sword that was used against Naga thousands of years before. He tightened the grip and stood on his feet, and then fell to his knees. “I must. I can’t. I have to.” Coughing blood he stood once more spread his wings and flew. The two women were locked in heated combat, though the demoness was closer to victory. The weary Damian swung the orcish blade lit in a green flame, and hit Lilith… Though she still drew breath… He only managed to slice of one of her horns which crashed to the ground, followed by Damian.

“My horn! You fucking cunt! You will learn your place.” Amanda was pushed back by the enraged demoness.

“Damian, the spell you must never say! Now I the time.” Amanda shouted, before drawing arms up against Lilith, once more. Both flaming swords gave tremendous screams as they clashed and danced. Damian held the horn up high as it glowed red. “Iam tenemus cornua inferni aperta te pubem portisque moveri nequissimi ignea bell” After the enchantment, Damian’s body went limp and his collapsed once more to the ground. The beam of light from spewing from the box, was disturbed and deformed; to swallow both women up, the orcish blade too was dragged in.

Amanda & Lilith (I)

They clash their weapons as they tumbled and hit every rock and stone in Hell. Their faces were inches away from magma and centimetres from molten spikes. Lilith hit harder and faster, Amanda block and defended, but never got the chance to strike back. Twisting and twirling through the depth of hell, the two fought each with renewed energies, though it seemed that burnt through quicker.

“I gave you all my trust and love!” Lilith swung; red with rage. “We fought battles together; we would have been Queens of hell.”

“I know, but I only have one love.” Amanda hit back and managed to deal a small cut to her opponents’ wings. Lilith retaliated and swung; blocked by Amanda, she bought her sword ever closer to Amanda’s face. Lilith was close to winning. They fought well above the soul engine; a gigantic world furnace powered by the souls of the damned; to the side an invasion forces of several hundred thousand demons that could be seen could be seen.

“That’s what the box is for?”

“Yes, my love. It will pave way for Hell on earth.”

“Don’t call me that!” Amanda let sword slide to the left; allowing Lilith’ sword to plunge into her heart. “Well, you always were better than me with a sword.” Amanda smiled as Lilith came closer. “Is that a tear?” She placed her hands on her opponent’s face; wiping it.” The golden Damascus sword, Naga fell into the fires of the world furnace.

“My love, your allegiance to realm of men has torn us apart, but I did not let go fully.” Lilith gave a sad smile. “Even demons can love.” Suddenly like a breeze into a hurricane, her face went blank as Amanda shoved the Orcish blade into her. “You cheated.”

“Even demons can love, and I too loved you.” More tears filled Lilith’s face as the two women fell freely into the fires below, Atom by atom the furnace torn them apart.

Damian (I)

He watched the visions he received in the hotel as they were becoming true; a gigantic inferno ring in the sky and from the centre of the ring thousands of winged creatures poured out however, this time those creatures were dragged back into the ring and in their place shot a dozen or more bright scarlet lights which resembled shooting stars. Damian turned over as he estimated how many there were “Twelves, Thirteen, Fourteen.” The pounding headache made him loose count.

The ring had shrunk and retreated into the light beam which retreated to the box. “Fuck me. She has done it.” Damian chuckled with the dirt on his face. The fell and Damian saw a bright light above him. “Amanda?” He smiled.

“Yes Damian, but in this form I am known as Boudicca.” Her hair was no longer black, but instead it was blonde and she wore bright white gown; covered by the Leather jacket that Damian buried her with. “My second body died in the fires of the world furnace along with Lilith, but now my soul is free, thank you for that.” Her soul sat on Damian crotch as she did when they first met. The sky had faded and was swallowed up by darkness and the stars. The two spent their final moments tougher on the hard cold ground. “It’s your war now.” Amanda rested her upper body on Damian’s chest and kissed him.

Damian’s voice was filled with sorrow. “I am destined to be evil?”

“I’m so sorry.” Amanda gave another kiss, to prevent Damian from speaking again. “I must go now. You will do fine.”

“It’s not fair.”

“Good bye, Damian Smith, you will always be in my heart.” A bright light, shun down and pierce the darkness, Damian got to his knees as he watched Amanda ascend into it. He stood to his feet, though it caused him great pain and discomfort.

“You can’t do this Amanda! You can’t leave me to be a monster, Boudicca.” Damian screamed as he sprung his wings; filled with rage and grieve, he was close to following Amanda as she disappeared into the heavens, but he was too injured to do so, his head was lightened and began to spin, he last saw flashing lights in the distance.

Spending an entire day in the hospital, Damian regretted not saying a proper good bye, his wounds had healed but he was sore all over. The light of day warmed his skin but he felt much of his soul become cold with his powers. “I still there are still thirteen more demons left.” Damian spoke to himself. He closed his eyes once more to the sound of hospital equipment chattering. He saw a woman, skin so pale that it almost looked sliver; she had silk-like metallic wings that dwarf that of Lilith’s. Her shiny black wings could fold and wrap around her to make an elegant dress. Damian thought about the new threat and the loose ends.

“Here we go again.”

Amanda (I)

The long distance figure suddenly became clearer, as Amanda’s past life where she was known as Boudicca, had come to embrace her with open arms. The death of second body had released her soul from its part in the war, though at the cost of her powers; she was free. She kissed her beloved Mike and was surrounded by her sister and friends.

“To long have I waited, to come by your side.”

“We as well have ached for the day you join us, Boudicca.” Said Gliese, her sister who began to play with her hair. They looked upon the golden palaces and majestic landscape that were so grand it would bring a mere mortal to their knees; awestruck and in tears. They looked down upon the earth to see Damian stepping into the cold night with his coat and a cigarette; lighting it with the Zippo lighter he wrenched out of Samantha’s dead body.

“He will do just fine.” A winged man with a golden hand said as he appeared before Amanda and her old friends. “He will make an excellent foe.”


My name is Damian Smith, and in this world of Love and lust, angels and Demons you might find that you are in a bit of a shit storm with one of them, when that happens, I step from the dingy shadows and lend you a hand. Aye, I am nice guy but don’t get his twisted, I’m not going to be you friend, I walk alone in this business, because only crazy people choose me as their friends and let’s be honest, how many crazy people have you seen live to old age? Oh yeah and no need to worry about me, I’ve been trained and groomed in this lifestyle, I am practically born for it, I am the devil’s blood, I am the Hell Prince.

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