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Choosing Satan

Anonymous asked

I study English Lit so I study lots of Christian and Catholic texts although I am not religious. It’s said that Satan is evil and damnation awaits for those who choose him while the promise of heaven awaits for those who choose God. My question then is what would be the incentive for choosing Satan? I was also wondering what are some basic beliefs within the Satanic religion? I’ve had trouble finding reliable, general info on the subject. I enjoy your blog very much.

Answer from Witch333s

That’s another reason why I believe that it’s possible God himself created Satan. Or at least the idea of it before it became embodied. Also, the beliefs of Satanism aren’t as dark as you would probably think. (I’m not a Satanist, I practice no religion). Satanism, at least in the modern world, focuses more on existence and knowledge than — “blind” faith — Absolute love only to those — who “deserve” it — And that indulging is preferred, while most religions see most of our human gratifications as a sin. Anyone: feel free to add! Like I said, I practice no religion. Only study, with effort, everything I can.

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