ANDI by Good Little Church Girl

Writer: Good Little Church Girl

Subject: Andi

Link: Email LS666 / 21.09.2022

Disclaimer: The characters and events depicted in this work are fictional. The author does not condone or promote any unlawful activity such as is depicted in the story. By continuing to read this work you acknowledge that you are an adult who wishes to read works of fantasy and fiction for the purpose only of fantasy. All the characters in this story are adults. They may play different ages for the fictional character that they are depicting but they remain at all times adults.



Hail XP, my cunt is on fire. I wish you were fucking my sick pussy. Just used the inspiration from little slut Andi and Mommy (Me) emails. Any good? Please be kind …



Dearest Andi, Your last email to Mommy said you have been touching yourself. That doesn’t surprise me. But, darling, I have warned you: you must tell Mommy every time you cum. I need to know. I will give your eyes a feast, with cruel, rough child rape images and videos. I want you to tell me what you see, and then thank those sexy pedophiles who made it possible. \

You love pedos don’t you, Andi? You want them to choose you first! Because of them, we can watch tiny cunts be molested, abused, raped, hit, punched, even … Discarded.  Oh my love, most of the time Mommy can control herself but it’s time for me to feel good. I want you downstairs, in t-shirt and panties only. We are having guests. Remember Mommy’s pen pal from prison, the infamous kiddy rapist killer? Well he was just released on a technicality and needs somewhere to hide from the media for a while.

He will be moving in. You must keep it a secret. I cannot guarantee your safety if you tell anyone. And knowing this evil pedo s ways, I think it’s best if you are confined to the house.

“If I find out little Andi-cunt told anyone, you know I will fucking destroy her body. You will watch, you filthy pedo-mom, and you will fuck yourself while I systematically rape and fucking snuff your little girl.”

He said those things and more, Andi my darling daughter! I had to make that deal with him. So anything can happen to you. He’s going to be a the best Uncle you ever had! Don’t worry, you can earn his love eventually. Bring him toys to fuck and kill and he won’t need to end you. Try to be good. I cannot guarantee anything, but allow Uncle Jack to rape you and don’t forget to scream and cry. It won’t help you but it makes Mommy and Uncle Jack fall in love! Good girl. You look like a tiny baby girl, innocent in your panties.

Inspection time. Now! Good girl. Spread open your legs and show me your panty covered slit. Your little fat pussy is a fucking magnet for pedos. I have no clue how I’ve kept you alive so long … So many rapists have been inside Mommy’s cunt, just waiting to get to little Andi. Fuck. You are a cunt treasure. Spread open. Now.

Slap! … Don’t cry yet. Mommy needs to get the camera.


Andi, why are you ashamed to cum? Because shame is delicious. You should be ashamed. You’re a vile little wicked girl. You will cum from being used. “Whore” is the word for someone whose cunt controls her. Is that you, Andi? Does your slutty fucking hole make you sin, bitch? Yes? You better be nodding your slut head, Andi. You can learn from Mommy.

Now let’s watch a children’s movie together, Cunt-daughter. This is the film of Uncle Jack’s very first child cunt, and he is about to fucking rape and kill it. See that six year old blond cunt? The little innocent bitch is called Sarah. I was the one who brought her to Uncle Jack, Andi. His very first victim was delivered by me! I’m so proud of myself, darling.

See how little Sarah is blonde and tanned and just a disgusting fucking hole? She’s wearing her Catholic school uniform of plaid blues and a tight white frilly dress shirt. The plot clearly depicts Sarah fundraising for her church and school, selling sweets. She looks very gullible and stupid. Fucking innocent, as six year old sacrificial cunts always are.

Do-gooders anger Mommy. They should mind their own fucking business, right, Andi? Sarah is about to learn that lesson. Watch. Look right there Andi, see Mommy on the film? I’m wearing that pretty and sparkly eye mask. She doesn’t know who I am, does she? See me holding her hand? She’s willingly following me to her own fucking snuff. Isn’t that hilarious? Her childlike innocence offends me. Don’t worry, Mommy and Uncle Jack will ruin it. Forever.

Andi, watch this part! Uncle Jack looks sexy in his first ever fuck and kill film, doesn’t he? His monstrous pedo-dick is very pretty, pink and quite thick. I love how the piss slit on that fat cock head is gloriously leaking pedo-slime just for Sarah. Fuck, she’s lucky isn’t she, Andi? But that dumb slut only sees a scary rapist who wants her dead. What an idiot. And you’re scared too, aren’t you Andi? You should be. He’s so fucking mean, my Angel. It warms my cunt and my heart. He has killed with his cock many times.


Andi, look the fuck up!

If you look away again, I will tie your neck to the motherfucking table leg again. That didn’t end well for you last time, did it? You had to wear turtlenecks for a month. Fucking sensitive tender skin. Mommy often wants to hurt you! So quit testing my patience, or you won’t make it long enough to meet Uncle Jack. As I was saying before you interrupted Mommy like a cunt, this is my favorite children’s movie in the entire world because killing Sarah’s worthless cunt activated Uncle Jack’s evil.

Created an evil blood-lust for trashing kids and cumming on their innocent dying bodies. Uncle Jack was never the same after that. He thought all he was doing was getting paid to do a snuff kiddy flick. No problem for him. But one taste for Uncle Jack was all it took, Andi. He was infected with Mommy’s seed. Learn from Mommy.

I’m telling Uncle Jack, Andi, about all these tears of yours. Don’t cry for that whore. Don’t feel sorry for that bitch! She deserves it. Now look at the fucking movie and I don’t want to see you as much as fucking blink for the rest of Sarah’s debut, Andi. Mommy’s keeping a list of all your childish little fuck-ups. Uncle Jack will be enraged. Uncle Jack is yelling loudly in Sarah’s ears, damaging her eardrums permanently. Her nipples are bleeding bright red on the front of her white church shirt. Uncle Jack had bitten both of them just to get her screaming.

“I’m going to rape your six year old snatch and bury you out back,” he screamed into her ear hole, “Fucking stupid whore-crack slit, tiny and fucking bright pink. Ridiculous that this bitch is still breathing! She should have been snuffed at birth!”

Oh, Andi, here’s where Mommy starts hitting it in the face and on its ears. Yes, darling I called Sarah, “It.” Do you understand, Andi? She is not a person, like us, darling. She is garbage. Alright? She’s an I-T.

Nod your fucking head, Andi.

Fuck, don’t piss Mommy off when she’s excited, bitch. Remember what happened last time. That’s when I nicknamed you Raggedy Andi, didn’t I? Couldn’t open your left eye for days. Remember how I laughed as you got fucking raped out? Back to the fucking film, Andi. Quit distracting Mommy or we will play the choke game, dumb slut. Quit being a fucking retard. Sometimes I fucking wish I’d sold your ass to a pedophile!

Stop crying, Andi. You need to see Uncle Jack being a fucking pedo god. Suck your thumb so I don’t have to clamp your mouth. See how Mommy is now getting involved in Sarah’s rape? Do you wonder why Mommy is screaming and finger fucking four deep into its bloody, gaping six year old hole? Andi, hurry, spread your legs for this part. Let Mommy suck your cunt-hole.

Listen to Mommy shouting, “Jack, abort her! I’ve waited so long to abort this bitch, Jack! I promised myself the day she is first destroyed by dick, I will abort the fucker!”

Yes, that’s Mommy encouraging Uncle Jack to kill this fucker and call it an abortion. I’ll keep slurping on your cream-hole, okay, Angel? Keep watching.

“What the fuck do you mean? She’s six, bitch. You can’t abort her,” Uncle Jack said, spitting in Sarah rape-toy eyes and slapping her face over and over. She was fucking crying and screaming like a twat.

“I’m running this fucking show. Now make your fucking whore daughter scream so I can burn her alive.”

Jack was already in Sarah’s hole up to the beautiful ridge of his corona, then pulling out slightly. Can you see how Uncle Jack’s cock has been kissed by the unholy desires of his perverse heart? His powerful cock is christened with the claret-colored blood of innocence! Look at Mommy’s reaction on film, Andi. Yes, Angel, Mommy is laughing. Don’t I look lovely and wicked on film darling? I look at my most radiant because I’m about to kill your older sister. What? You’re confused, Andi? You can be awfully slow, but I forgive you. It’s a bit of a fucking shock to watch a sadistic deadly rape as it is, right Andy? But, my Angel, Sarah was special, do you know why? Sarah came out of Mommy’s cunt-hole snatch, Andi, and she’s finally gonna get the abortion I should have enjoyed at her birth. I hated her even then. She’s a fucking nothing stupid little six year old nuisance with a cunt made for killers like Uncle Jack!

Good girl, Andi.

4 thoughts on “ANDI by Good Little Church Girl”

  1. Das ist gut – Gott segne Satan und auch Lilith, die ewig hochgeile Töterin. Im Gegenteil, Satan und gerade Lilith hat di Mama gesegnet mit herrlichster Geilheit, weil sie so mit ihren Töchterchen umging und so zu ihnen redete. Sechs Jahre, es wird Zeit Dich abzutreiben, was ich schon nach deiner Geburt hätte tun sollen. Jetzt atmest du stück Mist immer noch. Du bist es doch nicht wert, dass du überhaupt lebst. Jack wird auch deine kleine, rosa Fotze restlos kaputt Ficken und teil deines Unterleibes mit seinem Schwanz vernichten und ich mach dich dann endlich tot. Du bist ja jetzt nur lebender Müll und wie Müll, wie Abfall – so wie deine Schwester – werden wir Dich in der Erde verbuddeln. Und wir werden herrlich geil dabei sein. Schwester schon vernichtet und wenn eine Mutter so zu ihr kleines Töchterchen redet und es sogar ehrlich meint und weiß, dass es genau so sein wird. freut sich ihre Fotze darauf schon so riesig und wird bei ihrem Gerede so geil, dass Orgasmen in ihr Toben werden. Aber bei ihrer Ausführung dann wird die Geilheit aus ihnen nur so heraus Spritzen. Beide Töchterchen haben mit ihren Leibern und ihrem Leben und auch mit ihrem Tod allergeilste, herrlichste Dienste geleistet. Und auch schon vorher, beim dauernden Quälen ihrer Leiber. Ja, sowas Ganzes ist schon eine herrliche, sau geile Sachen mit so kleinen Mädchen. Aber auch eine echt tolle Geschichte.

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      That’s good – God bless Satan and also Lilith, the eternally horny killer. On the contrary, Satan and especially Lilith blessed the mother with the most glorious horniness because she treated her little daughters like that and talked to them like that. Six years, it’s time to abort you, which I should have done after you were born. Now you’re still breathing piece of crap. You’re not worth living at all. Jack will also fuck your little pink cunt to pieces and destroy part of your abdomen with his cock and I’ll finally kill you bury the earth. And we will be wonderfully cool. Sister already destroyed and when a mother talks to her little daughter like that and even means it honestly and knows that it will be exactly like that. Her cunt is so looking forward to it and gets so horny as she talks that orgasms rage in her. But when you do it, the lust will squirt out of you. Both daughters have done the most awesome, most glorious service with their bodies and their lives and also with their deaths. And even before that, with the constant torment of their bodies. Yes, the whole thing is a wonderful, super cool thing with such little girls. But also a really great story.

  2. @GoodLittleChurchGirl MMMMMMFUCKYESSS!

    This was a delight to read, really got me thinking about all the evil things that can be done to little rape toys. Your writing style is perfect, long may you continue to publish perversion.

  3. Ja stimmt, ein toller Schreibstil. Aber man hofft auch, dass sie ganz exakt Beschreiben würde, wie Jack dann ihre kleine Fotze und Unterleib zerstört – wie die Mama sich hoch geil beim Zuschauen freut und ihm laut zuruft und anfeuert sie fester unten total zu zerstören. Wie sie spürt, das ihre Fotze sie beim Ficken unbedingt Töten will. Das sie es nicht wert sei überhaupt zu Leben. Und alles laut zu ihr. Ihr kleiner Leib sei zwar schön und gerade richtig vorher noch richtig lustvoll kaputt zu machen um meine Fotze zu erfreuen bevor sie dich dann Totmachen darf. Schatz, meine göttliche Fotze zuckt schon wie wild vor Freude, das sie dann dein wertloses Leben beenden darf und du dann tot bist.- und noch mehr solcher Worte und die Taten und Qualen und Schreie exakt zu Beschreiben. Wie beide dabei riesig über sie Abspritzen und Stöhnen vor Wonne. So in dieser Richtung und das kann die Mama garantiert bestens. Denn sie will und wird mit solchen Worten und Taten auch den Tod ihres zweiten Töchterchens im höchsten Maße genießen. Und die wo es Lesen mit ihr. Hoffentlich schreibt sie noch mehr Geschichten in denen Kleinstmädchen dran glauben müssen. Mal abwarten. Wenn sie das überhaupt noch darf, wie man hört. Sie wollen ja perverse, freie Gedanken auch verbieten.

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