YOU by Bernd

Feature Writer: Bernd

Feature Title: YOU

Published: 20.08.2020 /

Story Codes: Demonic, Threesome, Initiation Ritual

Synopsis: A short story about YOU by Bernd in second person


Today you want it — that I fuck another woman in front of your eyes — you have chosen her, she is thin and looks like you, I am a little shy because my lust belongs to you — but since you are my mistress do i have to do it she lies on the bed as you wanted it to you have her arms and legs tied up so that it looks like an X.

Beautiful sight, you say I should stand by the bed and wait. She’s got your skirt on and nothing underneath. You go to her and sit on her face — rub your cunt through her whole face so that it gets wet on her mouth.

She licks you sticks her tongue into your hole your juice runs and you can hear how greedily she sucks, your demonic juice that i love so much. You ask me to jerk off on me, you watch me — also she blinks but she is thirsty on your juice.

My cock is hard I should come to you and you take it in your beautiful mouth. you suck full of lust excited by licking and the cock in your mouth, jerks him suck it. I twitch with lust — you break off and send me to her.

I should lick her cunt and I should look you in the eye. I do it kneel down and lick it, slowly only then greedily because I see how you burn with lust. you moan loudly and come for the first time — love your face when you come. Consumed, clear and lustful.

You stand up now i should put my cock in your mouth and fuck you. she picks it up and sucks licks and takes it deep in her mouth. You get between her legs and finger her hard. put several straight into it and fuck — then your mouth goes to her and you lick her wildly and roughly. Fuck with your fingers and lick.

You call me to you and want me to fuck you from behind while you lick, I’m horny, it’s never been like this — I want you — I look at you and love what you do. I rub your cunt from the front while my cock fucks you.

You come back soon after the hard bumps. My sperm wants out but you forbid it. I should still fuck her and you push me on — sit down on her face again until you both come.

My juice is yours now and you take it with your mouth — we happily play with the sperm in your mouth before you give it to her give in the mouth.


We have set up a cellar with an altar for Lilith and Satan.

Your symbols on the wall — candles shine in the dark room that is black and red — in the middle is a bed. Nice and big — place for our demonic sex. It’s different in this room — you feel this lust, lust for the other — total devotion.

You can literally smell the lust.

The smell of the juices of the owner. We enter the room. A woman we met at a party is also there. She has never been so close to dark lust. “Like us” — you said to me, help us out of our clothes and I slowly undressed you to wake up the mood in you you look at each other, breathing hard — you lead you to bed — put her down.

She says she has never done it with a woman — you say you have never done it with a Goddess. You are beautiful. You kneel down and spread her legs — you start to rub her cunt letting you feel how you can stick your fingers into it — run it over her lips and then lick it.

Now, deep and firm with the tongue. I see you in your greed in the eyes as you look at the altar and lick as it squirms and becomes hotter. You say “Lilith and Satan”— for you, I drink your cunt — you bring me to you. Take my cock and stick it in your mouth while you finger her cunt.

I look down at you your cunt shines with lust. I see your lips as you crouch down — stretched out so that I get pleasure to lick and fuck. But I still have to wait because you mount her mouth. Make her nice and wet. She lets you drink what you have in you.

The altar the candles all that makes it more desirable. You look at me and then to the altar you say it again and demand that I lick your cunt. I go there and say the same as you do to the altar and begin.

I look into your eyes you look so gorgeous — demonic in the candlelight. Your eyes literally glow with lust. Delicious cunt juice run down your legs — and I’m so eager to serve you.

Finally I can get my cock to you and I want you. I love to satisfy you in this room in whatever way — you take a dildo and fuck her. I fuck you from behind with my cock —  poke you tight hold your hips and feel your wetness on me.

i love the feeling when it runs down on me. your new subject comes to orgasm you fuck her well and she is already adoring you. She watches me fuck you and wants my cock too.

You see it and laugh. “No not today.”

You have to become one of us in the dark then you can have it. But now kneel in front of the altar. She does it you take me with you to her she should blow my cock if she wants to belong to us. She does it i inject her face and mouth and you get it back — you lick her face and kiss she. Steal your property back and then kiss me — then you put it on the floor in a pentagram dripping candle wax and ask for the blessing of our gods and that she is with you now — and afterwards?