Feature Writer: Cannibal
Feature Title: Witch’s Party
Story Codes: Young ones, Cannibalism, NC


Witch’s Party


Shelly looked to be in her early 30’s but was in reality was a decade in to her third century of life. With long black hair and a body that would drive a mortal man insane. She liked teasing them but otherwise they held little interest to her. Shelly was a witch and mortals were merely toys to be played with. The annual meeting of the witch’s council was next week. Shelly had been drafted to bring some particularly food to the dinner party after the meeting.

As usual she wanted the meal to be memorable one so today she was doing her shopping. Most of the recipes she wanted to use required very special ingredients. To that end Shelly sat in a park pretending to read a book. In reality she was watching the children run around the park, because children were the main ingredient in the recipe. While she had 100s of recipes for either boy or girl, today Shelly was looking for one of each sex. She would preferably around 10 to 12 years of age.

Much older and changed certain hormones which change the taste of the meat and younger would required more of them and she simply didn’t have time to possess more then 2 of them. There were a good dozen kids running around the playground. So when two children, a blond with small breasts bouncing under her Hanna Montana tee shirt and a round dark hair boy, moved away from the group and off toward the bathrooms she followed. They looked to be friends as they were talking to each other on the way to the bathroom. The 2 potential meats on the hoof were perhaps 11 years of age, the perfect age for what she wanted them for. Shelly followed them there to get a better look. She followed the girl into the bathroom let her pee then seeing nobody else there Shelly cast a freeze spell to immobilize the girl. She talked to the girl, even though potential meat couldn’t hear what was being said, as she gave her a quick exam.

“Let’s see my darling. Hmm, good thick legs,” Shelly said as she ran her hands up and down the limbs. Squeezing the girl ass she added, “Mmm rump roast is nice and firm.”

Then she moved up to her small chest squeezing it.

Shelly told the meat girl, “Ok honey I think you will do. Now then what shall I do with you while I check out the boy? I know sit right here in this stall and be back shortly.”

After Shelly put the girl away she popped in to the men’s side and instantly froze the boy, who was just starting to tuck himself in.

Snickering she said, “Oh don’t put that away my little. Well as long as you have it out I might as well check the little tube steak out.”

She moved his hands off the cock so she had the full view of it. He appeared to have three inches hanging between his legs, which was adequate for her needs. She turned him around checking on his ass. He had a big round one and that made up for his short comings on the other side of his body. Shelly decided that these two would do. She cast another spell this boy and then return to the girl and did the same. This one told them to return to the park at midnight tonight. Shelly’s reasoning was that some might have notice how she too had to use the toilet at the same time and thinking she had kidnapped the children. This was one of Shelly’s favorite hunting grounds and she want to keep this hunting here. This way in the morning they would simply be missing from their bedrooms in the morning. Shelly left the toilets and sat on a bench this time reading the book. To mortals it looked like a romance novel but to a witch who read between the lines it was a recipe book. She had yet to decide on which recipe to use yet but now that she had selected the meat it would be easy.

Shelly thought “children under glass” would be too high fluting for the other witches. She wanted something more mundane maybe a regular roast. After all, these witches wouldn’t know high cuisine from street trash. In fact she had thought of just picking up a couple street urchins but she didn’t want to poison the other guest. Who knew what kind of disease they had. Shelly thought it was better to get some nice middle class children. They probably went to doctors and they would also be well nourished, as was the case of the ones she had selected. Still they would require some fating up. She could not be considered herself a good witch or an evil one. Shelly went to the local bakery and brought lots of pies, cakes and cookies. It kind of reminded her of her childhood. Shelly had live in Germany in a candy cottage with her mother. That was until one day the children she was planning to cook managed to shoved her into the oven and abscond with the family jewels. She never thought for once that eating of children might have been from that traumatic experience. They were just so delicious when cooked in the oven or any other way for that matter.

That night when the stuck clock in the town square stuck midnight two children rose from their bed and walked over to a nearby park. Being it was the witching hour Shelly’s magical powers were amplified so she simply popped into the park. The children were waiting on the swings as she popped in. they were still under her spell. So when she commanded the children to come stand next to her they obeyed without question. Then with a wave of her hand Shelly and they disappeared. The group reappeared almost instantly in Shelly’s kitchen.

“Welcome to your new home. I guess I should introduce myself. I’m the one who’s going to be cooking you.” Shelly said.

The children stood there blank faced, the boy in just his brief the girl in a pink nightgown.

“Oh I forgot your still under my spell. Well I can fix that. AWAKE!”

Shelly commanded with wave of her arm. Their eyes fluttered for a few seconds then they began to look around.

“What going on? Where are we?” the girl asked in a frighten voice. “You’re at my house and you’re also here because I need you for a dinner party next week.”

The boy stood defiantly looking at Shelly. “Why do you need us for your party?” he asked.

Shelly gave them a smile which made them both her captives more nervous.

“Let talk about it in the morning. You can sleep in here,” she said with a wave of a hand the children were transported to a bedroom.

The children were confused of a few moments but then they ran for the door swung it open to find bars. The girl turned and ran to a window and again found bars. She slid down the wall and began to cry.

“I want to go home, Tommy.”

He came over and put his arm around her to comfort her.

He said, “I know Mary. I want to go home too but we can’t get out right now. If we act like were doing what she wants maybe we can escape later.”

Mary wailed even louder, “but I think she’s a witch and witches eat children. Did you ever read that book ‘Hansel and Gretel?’ She going to fatten us up and eat us.”

Tommy looked at his friend, “yeah I read that book and the kids got away.”

That made Mary feel a little better, but she was still scared.


In the morning Shelly brought the children down to the kitchen.

“Good morning children. I heard your conversation last night and you were right I am a witch.

But I’m not going to eat you,” she said to the children.

It was a lie of course Shelly would be eating them but just not all of them. After all they were party food.

“Now then sit at the table and I’ll give you something to eat,” Shelly added.

The children were a little wary of their captor but sat at the table because they were hungry. A steaming dish of pancakes magically appeared in front of each child.

“Don’t eat it! It might be poison,” Mary whispered to her friend.

Seeing that they weren’t eating Shelly said “eat up I haven’t poisoned it.”

That was the truth it was poison in only a little something to make them hungry all the time. After all Shelly only had a week to fatten the meat up before she had to cook them.

When they still wouldn’t eat she said, “Alright if you’re not hungry I guess it time to help me get things ready for the party. Let see first I need you to take off all your sleeping clothes.”

A horrified look crossed Mary’s face.

She said, “No I won’t do that. There a boy in the room and I don’t want him to see me naked.”

Tommy shrugged then grinned as heard Mary complaint.

“Come on Mary I can see most of you anyway,” he said.

It was true the nightgown wasn’t that tick and while she wore a training bra during the day she wasn’t comfortable wearing it while she slept. Both Shelly and Tommy could see she wasn’t wearing one and they both wanted to play with them.

“Well then if you don’t want to take it off I’ll remove it for you,” Shelly said.

Before Mary do or say anything her nightgown and panties disappeared. That left the little girl parts exposed for Shelly. Before Mary could cover herself the witch saw a pair of AA breasts had developed and she thought would been huge ones if she were to live, which she wasn’t. Also a few wisps of blond hair surround Mary’s pussy.

Shelly looked to the boy and said, “You wait here, we’ll be back in a while.”

With that Shelly and Mary disappeared from the kitchen and into Shelly’s bedroom. A look of terror was on Mary’s face. While she wasn’t sure what was going to happen here but Mary was sure she wouldn’t like it.

“Ok child were going to play a game. Climb on the bed dear or I will cook and eat you today.”

Mary began crying as she climbed on to the bed. Shelly removed her clothing and joined the frightened on to the bed.

“Move you hands, we’re both girls so you don’t have to hide anything. Good girl now just relax what I’m going to do isn’t going to hurt,” Shelly said.

She began by playing with Mary by drawing small circles around the girl’s right breast. At first it felt strange to Mary to have someone touching her in a private area. For as long as she could remember Mary had been told to keep her clothes on and not let anyone touch her chest or between her legs. But as the witch continued to play with her breast she began to notice how wonderful the feeling was. Mary began to moan as the witch slid her mouth over the nipple. Shelly’s tongue swept around the girl’s nipple licking, sucking and playfully biting it. While her mouth worked on Mary’s breast Shelly’s fingers were edging closer to the little girl’s sex. Mary’s sex was moaning loudly by now as one of Shelly’s fingers penetrated her. The girl’s virginity was not intact but that was common nowadays as girls were very active in sports. As Shelly’s fingers work the girl’s sex Mary began to moan and pant even loader until she exploded in ecstasy. Shelly knew the girl had just experience her first orgasm. She moved down to Mary’s sex began to lap up her juices. As Shelly expected the girl had a nice sweet taste to her. That was good because nobody like sour meat it tasted like it was spoiled and would only be fit for trolls.

Shelly brushed the girls hair aside and whispered to Mary, “we’ll have to do this again sometime before you’re cooked.”

Mary laid there basking in the afterglow of her first orgasm and didn’t here the witches comment. With a wave of her hand Shelly sent Mary back to her room to recover. Now that she had satisfied the girl she needed to be satisfied to that end she pop into the kitchen.

Tommy sat in a chair sulking he had tried all the doors and windows finding them locked. He even tried to break one of the windows with a chair, but it was the chair that had shattered.

“As you can see there is no escape. Now come here I got a little job for you.”

Tommy looked up at her and his mouth dropped open. Shelly hadn’t bothered to put anything on since she wanted the boy to service her. Tommy had never seen a live naked woman before. He’d seen his father’s playboys before and his little sister who was 3 now but never a real adult woman or in this case a witch.

Tommy eyes never left her the witch’s 36c chest as he asked, “What do you want me to do.”

Shelly said, “First you have to get rid of that underwear.”

He grinned and pulled them off standing naked in front of Shelly. She smiled at Tommy and licked her lips because looking at that small cock made her hungry. Still Shelly knew that this boy was to be served up at the party and they wanted a whole boy not one missing the tastiest part.

“Ok then, first I’m going to see if I can’t get you a little bigger.”

With the Shelly grabbed the boy put him on the table then put her mouth around his boyhood. Soon Tommy’s eyes closed and big grin appeared on his face. Her mouth ran up and down the length of Tommy’s shaft and could feel him getting bigger. Shelly and like his taste even if he was a bit salty. Well she could sweeten him up enough over the next week. But now Shelly needed satisfying and the only male around was this boy. Shelly would make do with him she always did with other boys. She released the now stiff member and Tommy let his body be adjusted. This was so she’d be able to ride him better.

“Now then here another thing you’ll enjoy, I know I will,” she said slyly.

Shelly then straddled the boy and she guided his 4 inches inside her love hole. Instinct took over for the boy and he began to push his cock into Shelly until his balls slap against her pussy. She loved the feeling of the boy inside her even if he was small. Shelly shoved held his head between her ample bosoms as he continued to ride her. But soon Tommy’s began to struggle as he couldn’t breathe because he face was being held so tight. Shelly was to caught up in the moment to realize the boy was being suffocated. She was to busy have an orgasm and didn’t realize Tommy had stopped until it was too late. He laid there motionless on to of Shelly head still plastered between her breasts. Shelly lifted his head and stared into dead eyes.

With a sigh she said, “damn I’ve got to remember to let them breath when their fucking me. Now I have to get another boy for the party.”

Tommy was still inside Shelly when he died and she raised herself and he popped out of pussy. She gave a little giggle and pushed the boy up on the table.

“Well then I might as well cook you. We dine well tonight,” Shelly told him with a giggle.

She picked up a knife and was about to open his belly when she heard a scream from behind her. Mary had come out of her bedroom not knowing what to expect. She had didn’t know what to expect when she came into the kitchen. The last thing Mary expected to see to carve her friend about to be carved up. That scared her so much that she screamed and turned to run but couldn’t because her feet were frozen.

“He’s dead honey. Now come here and get your last look at your friend.”

Mary didn’t want to go over to see him but her feet brought her over to where the witch was preparing to carve Tommy up. Mary was now crying as she approached the dead boy.

With a giggle she told the girl, “He’s got a nice pelt on him. Granted it not as smooth as yours but I can get several slippers out of his hide. We shall also eat well for a week.”

Mary began to sob very loud which began to annoy Shelly that she snapped at the girl, “stop your sniveling girl or I’ll roast you up right alongside this boy.”

Mary closed her eyes as Shelly raised the knife once more and proceeded to disembowel the boy. The first cut was his little cock and balls which she placed in a bowl with some flour she fry it up in a bit. Mary cringed as she heard knife slice into the boy’s flesh with a ripping sound. She heard wet things plopping into bowls and it almost made her sick. It took nearly 2 hours of cutting the boy’s skin off his body.

Shelly said, “Alright I’m done you can open your eyes now, it safe.”

Mary her eyes just a slit but it was too gruesome for her. Tommy had been skinned and his hide was pinned to the wall. Everything under the skin was spread across the table. Mary closed her eyes tight and cried. Shelly had had enough of the girl and sent her to the dungeon to await her time to be cooked. After she put Tommy away to be cut up later and clean herself up. Then Shelly went hunting once again. She thought another girl for the party because if Shelly got a boy he would most likely end in her refrigerator with the other one. Shelly floated invisibly above a local elementary school. There was a smorgasbord of plump children to choose from here but she only needed one. Shelly saw one girl lagging behind all the other children. This was because she kept dropping her books and had to stop and pick them up. The bell rang and everyone ran in except the girl who was dropping her book again. That was all Shelly needed as she descend behind the girl touch her shoulder and they both disappeared leaving the girls school books scattered on the ground. They reappeared in the dungeon next to Mary.

Shelly gave her an evil grin as she said, “I picked up a replacement for the boy. Now I don’t have to worry any more accidents being I have a pair of girls.”

The girl stood there in confusion as Mary asked, “why do you need her isn’t Tommy enough meat for you. Especially since you said you weren’t going to eat us.”

Still hanging on to the new meat Shelly answered, “As I said I need you for a party and I might have said I wasn’t going to eat you but I might have misspoken it should have said ‘I won’t be the only one eating you.’ As for Tommy, did you say, well it was an accident the way he died. He should have gone to the party and been cooked right along side of you.”

Shelly ignored any further questions from Mary to concentrate on the new girl. She was younger by a year or two and a head smaller than the other meat. The new girl clothing vanished in to thin air and Shelly began her exam.

“Hold still this doesn’t hurt just ask her,” she said when the girl began to struggle.

She looked over to Mary who gave a shrug.

“Let see you look to be 10 years old am I right?” Shelly asked.

The girl sniffed and nodded her head. Shelly gave her a disarming smile and began feel the girls meat. She found the young thing to fair from her feet to the top of her legs. She had an ample butt and small hairless pussy. Before she could protest Shelly had opened the girl’s slit and stuck her tongue inside. She gasped at the intrusion but it felt so good she didn’t fight to get away. Shelly enjoyed sampling boys were alright, but little girls were much tastier. While Shelly couldn’t be sure she thought this girl might be tastier than the other. So when she brought the younger girl to orgasm she was laid aside for the other. Mary who had been watching with fascination as the other girl was eaten out. Her fingers were involuntary scratching herself between her legs. It only took a couple of licks before Mary let go a scream of delight and collapsed to the floor. When Shelly finished she stood and looked down at the 2 pieces of unconscious meat with a smile.

“You two are going to do very well at the party,” she said and then popped out of the dungeon.

Shelly cooked up the boy’s penis and snacked as she looked tough the cookbooks again, she needed a second girl recipe.

The older one was going to be “girl under glass.” Even if the other witches didn’t appreciate fine meats, she did. She was torn though between two recipes for the younger one so she popped back into the dungeon with the cookbook in hand.

Shelly found the girls sitting on the bed talking, “I told you Megan don’t eat anything she gives you, she just fattening you us up for the pot,” the older girl said.

The other one answered, “But Mary I’m hungry and she’ll just kill us that much sooner if we loose weight.”

The girls heard a chuckle from a dark corner as Shelly move into the room.

“Megan’s right if you don’t eat well you’ll just be cooked that much sooner.”

Then with a wave of her hand the little table in the room filled with sweets.

When the girls didn’t move Shelly said, “Suit your selves. I’ll just go back and get the get the pot ready.”

That empty threat worked as the girls went over to the table and picked up some sweet rolls and began to nibble on them. Shelly look at Megan upper body she still had her baby fat and a pair of lumps for breasts. The red head was going to make an excellent roast severed up in a béarnaise sauce.

Shelly told the girls, “eat all you want the table will refill itself automatically.”


It was Friday the 13th when Shelly summoned the meat. The witch’s council meeting which would start this morning, would last several hours. This gave her time to prepare the entrées for the party. So it was time for to get the meat ready to cook. The girls appeared in the kitchen not even awakening from the transport up from the dungeon. She tied up the girls so they wouldn’t run off before she had a chance to prep them. Shelly banged roasting pans down next to the girls so they’d wake up.

“Good morning meats. Are you ready to bake today? I’ve got a couple great recipes to use on the two of you.”

Both girls screamed and trashed about.

“Mary your first your bigger and will take longer to cook,” Shelly said as she stoked the meat.

With that she transported her to the shower for cleaning.

“What are you doing? Please let me go I won’t tell on you,” Mary said though tears.

Laughing Shelly told the girl, “well I can’t serve dirty meat so I’m going to clean you, inside and out.”

She looped the rope holding preteen’s hands over a hook and pulled her up above the shower floor. Next a tube was shoved up her ass and hot water sprayed into her bowels. Mary who cried though out the cleaning process was weak when she was returned to the kitchen to continue making dinner. Experience had taught Shelly that if she wanted entertainment while prepping the meat that it need a short rest. She took Megan to the shower and began cleaning her. Like her counter part she didn’t appreciate what was being done to her young body. Whether it was having her bowels emptied and bladder emptied or being scrubbed clean on the outside, Megan screamed. She always hated this part of preparing children for cooking. But now came the fun part when the meat struggled to free itself as it came closer and closer to the oven. Mary had recovered enough that she could twist and turn so when Shelly returned from cleaning Megan she found Mary halfway off the counter. So she sent the smaller meat off to the dungeon so she could have plenty of work space. Shelly smiled at lager meat whose head and shoulders were on a chair.

“Were you going somewhere Mary? Don’t you want to stay for the dinner party?” Shelly asked and waved her hand returning her to the counter.

“No I don’t want to go to your dinner party, especially if I’m the main course,” she cried.

Shelly placed the cook book in front of the meat so she too could follow the recipe.

“You’re not the only main dish Megan is one too. Now we might as well start you got to cook for a while. This is your recipe and you can follow along if you want.”

The first thing was to put a base coat of butter over her body. This would keep it from burning during the cooking process. Next she bundle the hair into foil so it wouldn’t burn.

“Oh I forgot to ask you a very important question. Raw, medium or well done?” Shelly asked.

A very unhappy and confused Mary said, “I don’t want to be cooked so raw.”

Laughing Shelly said, “no my dear you are going to cook. Those are your choices as to how you’re served. You see raw means I’ll cook you but you’ll be awake the whole time even when you’re being eaten.”

Mary scream, “NOOO! I don’t want to be eaten alive or dead. Let me go you crazy witch.”

Shelly chuckled her answer, “if I let you go I wouldn’t have enough meat for the dinner party. Nope you’re staying but I will let you die so you don’t have to feel yourself being eaten. Now then off to the roasting pan.”

The next instant Mary found herself lying in the roasting pan.

Running her finger down the page of the cook book she said, “Let see here what next? Ah yes the wine pour half a bottle of white wine over the meat and the other half put inside the meat. Well that will calm you down then.”

The half the cold liquid was poured over her and then Mary was forced to drink the rest of the wine. After that things became blurry for the meat. Things cleared up fast when she found herself in the oven. Megan was next and she too made her felling about being cooked known. When asked the same question of raw, medium or well done she answered the same way, “raw.”

Unlike Mary though when told that meant being eaten raw Megan asked, “Will it hurt when I’m eaten?”

To which Shelly replied, “No you’ll be fully cooked. Oh you might feel a tug as pieces are cut off but no pain.”

Megan gulped hard and then said, “Alright then I want to watch.”

Shelly went to refrigerator and pulled out a small vile also a bowl of stuffing.

“Open your mouth, this potion will keep you awake from oven to table and be on,” Mary said to Megan. Then she added, “As for this it’s apple stuffing for you pussy.”

The girl felt the cold stuffing fill her love hole up and something follow it pushing it deeper. Megan had most of a bottle apple brandy pour over her young body the rest she had to drink. Now she found herself lying next to Mary in the oven and roasting.

“Wow Mary it sounds like your having a good time,” Megan said.

The answer Mary panted, “Yeah ah, ah that witch slid a rope between my legs with knots in it. Oh ah, their hitting my, EEE! It’s hitting something in my pussy it and it feels so good.”

Megan wondered why she didn’t get rope so she too could enjoy it like Mary. The oven opened and Shelly stood there with a turkey baster in hand.

“Mmm you two smell wonderful. Now I’m going to don’t be afraid I’m just going to baste you two so you can finish cooking,” she said to the meat.

They didn’t care why they were out of the oven. Just being out of the oven was good for them, because awful it was hot in there. Shelly sprayed more wine over Mary but when she got to the girls pussy and opened it she found there was no need to baste the insides.

She smiled as she said, “ohh I do like a self basting pussy. Tell you what I’m giving a last chance to see yourself eaten. Megan is going to do that.”

Mary shook her head no but smiled as another orgasm hit.

Between moans of pleasure she managed to say, “I don’t want to see who eating me. I don’t even want to be cooked. But I wouldn’t mind do this the wrest of my life.”

Shelly chuckled and said, “you will my dear girl and that’s not that far off.”

Mary was off on plant orgasm and never heard Shelly’s last words to her. Shelly moved over to Megan where she immediately checked the girl’s pussy.

“You’re drying out down here,” she said.

Shelly shot apple brand in to her using the turkey baster.

“Oh that feels good,” Megan said. “Anyway I don’t have any rope between my legs to keep it moist.”

Shelly smiled as she said, “will rope and stuffing don’t work. Tell you what I’ll retie your hands to the front and you can use your fingers.”

They went back into the oven as soon as Megan’s hands were retied in front. The large meat lasted only 30 minutes more and left the world with a smile. Megan was also dead her heart baked in her chest. Her brain was still working thanks to the potion but otherwise nothing else. Shelly looked into Megan eyes and new she was still alive in her head and could see and hear.

She told the girl, “your browning up nicely and the two of you should be ready to eat in a couple of hours. Now I just need to remove your fingers from down here. I want to keep that stuffing fresh, now that you can’t.”

Megan and Mary lay in the oven another 2 hrs before Shelly deemed them fully cooked. Shelly teleported the meat onto platters, where she added garnishments of poison ivy and nightshade. Last she added a bright red apple to each of their mouths and they were ready for the dinner party. Shelly got out her black dress with a deep “V” cut that went to almost to her belly. There would be warlocks, male witches, at the dinner party and she might get lucky.

Now she looked into Megan eyes and smiled asking, “are you ready to be eaten.”

There was fear in her eyes of course but also something Shelly could not figure out, maybe anticipation? She vanished from her kitchen, where it had been easier to cook the meat, to a lavish banquet room outside witch’s council. Shelly set the meat on the counter alongside other goodies that had been brought in for the dinner party.

She leaned down and whispered to Megan, “in order to see yourself cut up and eaten I have to remove your head. Don’t worry though you’ll still feel the cutting and eating of your body.”

In her mind Megan scream as she heard this. She now realized that she had made a mistake staying “alive.” Shelly picked up a clever and brought it down across the girl’s throat. Each girls head was placed on pole and looking down on her own body. So when the other witches came in Megan saw them all crowd their roasted bodies with plates in hand.

She heard them saying thing like, “they look delicious” and “Shelly always finds the cute ones.”

Shelly picked up a knife and meat fork and began carving. Megan once again screamed in her head as she felt the fork puncture her thigh and the knife slice though it. Megan could also feel a spoon dive into her pussy and saw it come out with stuffing. She could feel teeth ripping into every part of her body, from her little breasts to he toes. It felt strange to see them eating her, but at the same time it was exciting. It was especially exciting for Megan to hear people say how good she tasted. After the dinner party Shelly took Megan’s head down and smiled at her.

“You were a hit darling as you can see there isn’t much left of you. I just want to know that before the potion wore off.”

Those were the last words as Megan’s world faded away. The head of the council came up to Shelly.

“That was a fantasist dinner thank you. I do have a request though. It my granddaughter’s 16th birthday in a few weeks. I would like you to cater her party bring. Um, do you know if that one has any brothers or sisters,” she asked pointing to Megan’s head.

Shelly laughed, “I don’t know, but I hope so.”


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