TYING RAINBOW DOWN by Amandablonde

Feature Writer: Amandablonde


Published: 11.03.2020

Story Codes: Young, NC, Rape, Corruption

Disclaimer: The characters and events depicted in this work are fictional. The author does not condone or promote any unlawful activity such as is depicted in the story. By continuing to read this work you acknowledge that you are an adult who wishes to read works of fantasy and fiction for the purpose only of fantasy.

Tying Rainbow Down

Chapter One

Rainbow Harris was an ardent feminist. She dealt with men on her own terms, and did not suffer fools gladly.  What she really liked was bringing down rich, powerful corrupt and perverted men.  Rainbow was an enthusiastic follower of the #meetoo movement. Rainbow could have been an actress, or a business executive or a sales leader.  She had great looks and a good brain. Her flaming red hair was a trademark, and she was not afraid to use her looks to get ahead. But Rainbow had high moral scruples, and would never trade sexual favours. The men could look, but not touch.

Rainbow worked as an undercover reporter for a major national daily newspaper. She was also a paid informer for the FBI and the State police vice squad, and had a reputation for finding and exposing sex offenders. Rainbow was especially known for exposing rapists, men involved in the child porn trade, and child sex offenders. Rainbow loved her work, and every time she scored another hit, she felt she had made the world a better place. A place where women and children could be safe.

Today Rainbow was excited. She had a new assignment. Rainbow had been tasked to attempt to infiltrate what was suspected to be the largest child exploitation ring in the world. It was known to the authorities only as “The Organization”. Rainbow’s brief was wide ranging. She was to attempt to penetrate the walls of secrecy around the organization, to get inside it, and to identify the major operatives, starting first with those in America. The organization was believed to be based in eastern Europe somewhere but it had tentacles on every continent.  To date, neither the domestic or foreign investigatory authorities had managed to catch anyone other than a few customers, who knew nothing of value. What was known was that the volume of material produced by the organization was growing exponentially and the authorities were becoming desperate for a take down. So Rainbow had been called in. She had been given a blank slate.  She could investigate however she wished, using whatever tools she wished, just so long as she got results.

Rainbow began where she usually did in cases like this, by going to see a double dealer: a guy who sold material and also sold information. She went to see Spike Moran, a sleazy owner of a porn shop on skid row, near the docks.  Spike kept a few child abuse movies under the counter. Rainbow knew this and could usually pressure him for information. So Spike was her first port of call as it were. Rainbow found him at his desk, music blaring in a near empty shop.  The internet had not been kind to Spike. Hardly anyone came to buy or rent porn nowadays, because they could access it online. That made Spike bitter as well as poor, and Spike’s bitterness made him useful to Rainbow.

Rainbow walked into the store confidently.

“Hey Spike, got anything new?” Spike grinned, showing big gaps in his teeth, “Yeah, a few, wanna see?”

Rainbow nodded, and Spike produced a handful of DVDs from under the counter. They had blank covers with hand lettered titles, and the discs inside were blue backs; cheap burns of the originals. Rainbow raised an eyebrow questioningly.

Spike grunted, “Kiddie porn, real rape, and snuff. You wanna look.”

Rainbow sighed and nodded. This material disgusted her but any clue might be useful. She handed back the DVDs and went to a viewing booth. Spike would play them sequentially for Rainbow to view. It was the usually stuff. A pre teen girl being forced to suck and fuck masked men; young women being actually raped by gangs of men; a teen girl being stalked, captured, stripped, tortured, and finally gang raped and snuffed. Rainbow watched intently for clues as to the identities of the people in the movies, locations or production origins, but there were none.

When she was done, having made a few cursory notes, Rainbow came out of the booth and spoke to Spike again.

“I am looking for stuff from the net, the darknet. High production values, extreme material, lots of child abuse and snuff. You heard anything?”

Spike rubbed his dirty hand over his stubble and screwed up his face.


Rainbow sighed again and handed over a crisp one hundred dollar bill. Spike grinned again.

“Yeah I heard something. A site called Babylon. On the darknet. I ain’t been able to find it though.”

Rainbow nodded and left the shop, speeding away in her red Lotus car. When he was sure she was gone Spike picked up an old flashed wall phone and dialled a number.

“Hello. Yeah it’s Spike. Rainbow has been here. Just left. She was asking about Babylon so I told her. Yeah just left. Yep, I’ll let you know if she shows up again. Bye.”

Rainbow went home and trawled the internet for hours, searching for any clues about Babylon. She found plenty of child porn sites on the darknet, but they were small scale poor quality sites, and most were scams just after credit card details. She was about to give up when she noticed a message in one of her email in boxes. Not her regular account but one she used under cover. She clicked open the message which read …

“Hello Rainbow. So are you interested in Babylon? We are certainly interested in you Rainbow. If you would like to know more, come to this address tomorrow night at 10.00 pm. Come alone or no deal.”

There was an address given which google maps showed as a disused warehouse near the docks, not far fro Spike’s porn shop. It only took a moment for Rainbow to decide. Yes, she would go and she would go alone, but she would send a note to the cops to discreetly watch her back.

Rainbow sent an email to her vice squad contact, Inspector Jones. She reported the email related to Babylon and gave the time and address from the email to her. She asked for police backup if needed but kept out of sight. Rainbow had not met Inspector Jones. He has just replaced her old contact, who took early retirement. But Rainbow had full confidence in the force as a whole. That was her first big mistake. When Inspector Jones received Rainbow’s email he replied immediately, assuring Rainbow that arrangements would be in place to protect her. But he did nothing to make those arrangements, and deleted the email trail. Then he picked up his cell phone and punched in a number.

“Hello? It’s Jones. She is coming as invited. You can go ahead and make your arrangements. There will be no interference. Good. Bye.”

The following evening Rainbow got ready to go to the Rendezvous. She put a small pistol and a knife in her handbag and headed downtown to the port district. She located the warehouse and on the dot of 10.00 pm she went to the only illuminated door and knocked. There was no answer. She looked around. There was no sign of the cops. They must be well hidden Rainbow thought. She knocked again and this time she heard the sound of a heavy bolt being slid open. The door creaked ajar. Rainbow pushed it open. Inside the warehouse was pitch black. She drew her pistol and gingerly stepped inside. She called out. There was no response. A twinge of fear clutched Rainbow’s stomach, then the door slammed shut. Rainbow turned and fired wildly into the darkness. There was no sound. Rainbow threw down the pistol and took out her knife.

She held it outstretched and shouted, “Show yourselves why don’t you?”

There was no reply. Then without warning Rainbow felt a hand cover her face. The chloroform soaked cloth rendered her unconscious in a moment. She collapsed on the hard concrete floor of the warehouse.

At 2.00 am next morning an unmarked crate was carried aboard a tramp steamer tied up at the city wharf. It set sail before dawn, apparently bound for the remote Pacific island of Pitcairn, but it’s true destination was shrouded in secrecy. A message was radioed ahead from the ship … “Special delivery on board and we are underway. No complications.”

Chapter Two

Rainbow was kept sedated for the duration of the voyage. When the ship arrived at its undisclosed destination she was carried ashore and placed in a cell in a large underground facility. She was fed twice daily, but had no interaction with the guards who fed her. She tried to speak to them, but no-one would offer a word of reply.  Rainbow did not know where she was or why she had been brought to this place. This was disorienting and intensely frustrating for her. Her clothes were taken from her and she was given a simple cotton shift, with no underwear. This was changed once a week. After three weeks, Rainbow was stir crazy. She was desperate for release, or even some change in the iron routine of this place.

It was the second day of the fourth week. Rainbow was handcuffed by two guards and led out of the cell block and up several flights of stairs to some kind of reception area. The room was circular, and bare, except for a large marble statue in the center of the room. The statue held Rainbow’s attention. It depected a group of children of various ages but no older then ten. What stunned Rainbow was that the statue showed the children engaged in all kinds of sex acts, vaginal, oral anal, hand jobs etc. It was a mass of twisting bodies, entwined around each other and spiralling towards the ceiling. The faces of each child showed that they were all on the point of orgasm.  Rainbow was shocked and appalled. She was revolted by the statue but unable to take her eyes from it.

As Rainbow stared at the statue, each of her handcuffed arms held by a guard, twin doors in the room opened and Rainbow was led into another room. This inner room was palatial.  There was the sound of running water and fountains. Captive birds flitted around potted plants and there was an area open to the sky. Warm sunlight bathed the room. In another roofed part of the huge room tapestries lined the walls, and each one depicted adults having sex with children, women and children being raped, and even sex with animals. Towards one end of the room was another statue, this one depicting a handsome muscular man raping a female child, her head thrown back in pain and terror, while the man’s face showed intense delight. Rainbow stared at the statue in absolute horror.

“Bring her forward.”

The voice seemed to come from behind the statue. The guards frog marched Rainbow forward, past the statue and into a small semicicular alcove of the room. Here sat a handsome, blonde haired man, not unlike the man in the statue.  He sat on some kind of marble chair or throne. He wore a golden robe, richly embroidered and open at the front. He was naked underneath and his huge, erect cock was exposed. Three little girls, no older then six, were between his spread legs pleasuring his cock. The girls were beautiful, one blonde, one brunette and one red head.  Their tongues worked on the man’s cock as they held their hands behind their backs.

Beside the man stood beautiful slender statuesque blonde woman, dressed in a tight fitting black leather one piece suit. She was watching the girls pleasure the man and held in her hand a riding crop, apparently ready to use on them should they show any lack of enthusiasm.

Rainbow was dragged before the man by the guards and forced to her knees.

“Who are you? What is this place? Why am I here?” demanded Rainbow.

The woman stepped forward and gave Rainbow a sharp strike across her face with the riding crop.

“You will speak only when spoken to!” hissed the woman.

The man then spoke, in a deep booming voice, but modulated.

“You may call me Zardoz. I am master of this place. This gorgeous creature next to me is Amanda, mistress of my playthings. You are here to serve me and more importantly, to serve the business that we have created here.”

Rainbow struggled to stand.

“Never!” she screamed, “I will never serve you, you pervert, and neither will I serve that blonde bitch. You are both going to prison for life! Let me go now!”

Zardoz sighed.

“You must be taught,” he said simply.

He nodded to Amanda who walked to a communications unit on the wall and spoke into it. In moments, a door opened behind them and twenty naked muscular men strode in.  Amanda smiled at them: “These are your first teachers Rainbow.  They have all been recently rescued from sex offender prisons all over the world.  They hate women like you. They want nothing more than to hurt you as much as possible”.  Amanda spoke to the men: “Take her to the men’s toilets and gang rape and degrade her, and then return her to her cell.”  The men snarled firm agreement and the guards released Rainbow’s arms.  The men grabbed her and dragged her screaming from the room.

Zardoz and Amanda laughed as they watched Rainbow being dragged from the room by the horde of horny rapists. Zardoz put a large hand on the back of the red headed child sucking on his cock.  He smiled at Amanda. “Amanda darling I feel like raping this one right now. You and the other two can hold her for me right here on the floor.” He stood and allowed the golden robe to fall from his body. Amanda responded, “Yes of course Zardoz” she snapped her fingers and she and the other two girls pulled the little red head to the floor, forcing her legs apart.  “NOW FEEL THE POWER OF YOUR GOD!!!” cried out Zardoz as he began to force his huge cock into the bald, pink puffy cunt of the child.

Amanda watched in delight and fascination as Zardoz’s cock was driven inch by inch into the obscenely stretched cunt of the child. Her face was contorted by pain. In contrast, the girls holding her down were obviously enjoying the rape as they had been well trained. Their eyes were on fire. Amanda could feel her pussy getting wet. Zardoz was growling in pleasure like a wolf as he steadily drove his wonderful big cock into the child. He was being liberated from his annoyance at Rainbow’s defiance.

She of course would be taught her own lesson but Zardoz was punishing this red headed child as a surrogate for Rainbow.

He was tearing her open with his cock.

The child’s body trembled and shuddered under his assault.

Amanda wanted to masturbate but she knew that she could not do so without permission. So with mounting excitement she and the two girls held onto the red headed child and watched Zardoz destroy her.

Chapter three

Rainbow was dragged kicking and screaming from Zardoz’s reception room and a short distance down the corridor to the mens’ toilets. The men dragged her inside and chained her to the urinals, after tearing her simple cotton shift from her body. The men beat her and whipped her for some time, enjoying how she wailed and swore and twisted her body in a vain attempt to excape their blows. This got the men in the mood for some aggressive gang rape.

For some time the men rained blows on Rainbow’s body until she was covered in large welts and whimpered in excruciating pain. The men were taking their revenge on the famous feminist who was responsible for some of them being exposed and prosecuted. You could feel the hatred and loathing hanging in the air. The men swore at Rainbow as they beat her and called her a “filthy feminist bitch” and the like. They would have beaten Rainbow unconscious but they wanted her to be aware of her rape. So they stopped short of beating her senseless and began to rape her.

With her hands chained to the urinal two men held her up and forward by the legs, while men took turns to savagely rape her cunt. She had a full growth of public hair and the men pulled and twisted it painfully as they drove their cocks as hard as they could into her cunt, swearing at her and spitting in her face. The men rutted into her like wild beasts, ramming forward with all of their force, until they came with a rush, either cumming inside of her or spurting over her body.

Later, the men twisted Rainbow’s body till she was face down, but still held out from the urinal. They held her legs wide apart and prised open her ass cheeks. The men took turns then to rape her asshole, ramming into her equally hard, and shooting their seed into her bowel or over her back.

After about an hour of this treatment, Rainbow was pushed back into the urinal and men climbed over her shoulders forcing their cocks down her throat. If she tried to bite them they beat her more until she submitted to the face raping. She was forced to swallow cum, and had cum over her face and in her hair. Gradually, Rainbow’s body was covered in semen from her head to her toes.

Meanwhile Zardoz had raped the child senseless and her limp body had been removed. Amanda had slipped away and came to the toilets to watch Rainbow being raped. Amanda revelled in the defilement and degradation of the woman she hated. Amanda discreetly unzipped the front of her leather cat suit and slipped her hand down to her creaming shaven pussy, masturbating as she watched the ongoing rape in sheer delight.

The beating, rape and abuse of Rainbow by the men took almost three hours in all. At the end she was slumped limply in the urinal, covered in cum, her head hanging down in shame and despair. She had been broken. The men finished the session by urinating all over Rainbow and leaving her chained to the urinal.

Amanda sent for servants to remove Rainbow and to hose her down before returning her to her cell. There she would be left isolated and friendless for a further two weeks before being brought before Zardoz once again.

Chapter Four

Two weeks later, when Rainbow was brought before Zardoz again, she seemed a changed woman. She was silent and subdued. She moved slowly, held by the arms of two guards. She had a blank expression on her face. She was forced to kneel in front of the throne. The guards withdrew. Zardoz sat with a naked child in his arms and slowly masturbated the child’s clit, while whispering in her ear. The child smiled and squirmed in pleasure. The woman Amanda stood beside him, her dark eyes blazing in hatred and contempt for the shattered feminist who knelt before them.

Rainbow made no reply when Zardoz enquired whether she had “got her mind right”. He repeated the question and again Rainbow remained silent. Amanda slapped her hard across the face.

“Answer the Master!” she demanded.

Rainbow lifted her head.

“What do you want from me?” she asked softly.

Zardoz laughed deep in his throat and lifted the naked child in his lap to his face, lashing her clit with his tongue as the child squealed in delight.

“I want, no, I require that you support me in my activities here. I require that you choose to support me of your own free will. I want to see your face in our advertisements, promoting our child pornography. I want to see you participating in and promoting rape, especially child rape. I want you to betray everything you hold dear. Everything that defines you I want you to betray…”

Zardoz’s voice trailed off, and he returned to masturbating the child in his lap.

Rainbow visibly struggled, garnering every remaining ounce of her spirit as she slowly lifted her head and looked directly at Zardoz.

“Never,” she said steadily, “I will never support you. I would rather die, so kill me.”

Zardoz laughed again, “I like your spirit woman. But no, I am not going to kill you. Not yet anyway.” He responded.

Then he turned to Amanda and gave her a conspiratorial look. He winked.

“My dear Amanda here is going to remake you. After you are remade, you will do as I require. I had expected that by now we would be starting with a blank slate, but no matter. I give you credit for your last shreds of defiance. We will remove that, I promise you.”

Zardoz removed the child from his lap and took her hand.

“I am going to my chamber of dreams to watch some rape porn with little Alyssa here.”

He turned again to Amanda.

“Amanda darling, you may commence the remaking of Rainbow whenever you wish.”

Amanda tossed her long blonde locks of hair. Her face shone in anticipation.

“Thank you Master,” she beamed, “It will be an honour to serve you in this way, and I promise you success!”

Zardoz walked away, leading the child by the hand. His voice trailed off again.

“But of course my dear, I would expect nothing less of you …”

Amanda strode to the wall communicator and spoke to the guard post, summoning the guards. They strode in purposefully.

“We are going to tie Rainbow down and commence the procedure,” announced Amanda, “Take her down to the projection room and secure her there.”

The lead guard saluted.

“Yes mistress,” he responded.

The guards dragged Rainbow, now struggling weakly, from the room. Amanda touched herself as she watched the exit, anticipating what was to come.

Amanda followed the guards down stairs to the projection room. This was where new movies were shown to staff and reviewed for quality and editing. At one end of the room was a huge screen, with seating behind. A special wooden chair had been set up in front of the first row of seating. Amanda watched closely as Rainbow was forced naked into the chair. Her arms were tied to the arms of the chair and her legs to the legs of the chair, which were slightly splayed.

A vaginal probe was fixed to the center of the chair facing Rainbow’s cunt. The guards fixed Rainbow’s head into a metal brace and screwed it shut, preventing Rainbow moving her head.

Amanda let a finger trail down Rainbow’s face as she spoke.

“So bitch, now I am going to remake you. I will get your mind right, no matter how long it takes. Want to know how? I am going to make you watch violent child pornography for the indefinite future. All your senses will be assaulted and overwhelmed. In due course you will become my creature and you will bend to my will.”

In response Rainbow screwed her eyes shut. Amanda smiled and snapped her fingers. Two medical personnel appeared. They fitted clamps to Rainbows eyes to force them open and they were clamped open so she could no longer shut them. A nurse sat next to Rainbow to put drops in her eyes periodically so that the did not dry out.

Amanda checked that everything had been done as required. Then she turned to the the projection box and waved her hand.

“Begin the first film,” Amanda instructed.

The film began playing. It showed a mother and her twelve year old son watching rape porn together, as the mom stroked her son’s cock. The mom asked the boy what he wanted for his birthday the next day and he said he wanted his mom to help him rape his kid sister. The mom got excited and agreed that they would do her together that very night. The next scene shows the mom and her son creeping into the girl’s room at midnight, and ripping off the bedclothes, waking the girl with a start. She screams and tries to escape but the mom grabs her and holds her while the boy strips off her night gown.

Rainbow screwed up her face at this point and began shouting abuse, drowning out the sound of the movie. Amanda signaled a guard, who quickly gagged Rainbow, tying the gag tightly round her neck. Rainbow struggled in her bondage, making animistic noises into the gag.

Amanda signaled to the nurse, who fetched a catheter and inserted it into a vein in Rainbow’s arm. Then the nurse attached three bottles of medication to the catheter; a sedative, a potent aphrodisiac and an opioid. After a minute or two Rainbow grew quiet.

Amanda smiled and said, “That’s good. Now let’s all watch the movie in silence together, shall we?”

Their attention returned to the movie. The boy had his knees on the shoulders of his sister on her bed and was driving his cock down her throat. His mother held her daughter’s arms above her head and was urging her son on. The boy raped his sister’s throat for some minutes and then withdrew, moving down to the girl’s hips.  He forced her legs apart and began forcing his cock into his sister’s bald cunt.  His mother moved forward on the bed and sat on her daughter’s face, grinding her shaved pussy into her face. She knelt on the girl’s shoulders and leaned forward, showering her son with kisses as he drove his twelve year old cock deeply into his younger sister.

Amanda watched in satisfaction. As the movie drew to a climax and the boy sprayed his cum all over the naked belly of his sister, Rainbow began to moan softly.  Amanda turned on the vaginal probe. It began to buzz and Amanda adjusted it so that it penetrated Rainbow’s cunt and a butterfly attachment on top stimulated her clit.  Amanda’s eyes blazed in excitement.  She would force Rainbow to orgasm while watching child rape!

Chapter Five

All was in place for the second movie to begin. The vaginal probe was buzzing softly in Rainbow’s cunt and the butterfly gently massaged her clit. Amanda slowly masturbated, her panties and trousers down around her feet, as the she watched the screen. Rainbow remained bound, her head immobilized and her eyes held open by eye clamps. She remained gagged but could be heard moaning into her gag.

The second movie was more graphic than the first. A gang rape. A woman leads a preteen girl by the hand onto a beach. Both are wearing skimpy bikinis. There is a large crowd on the beach, and the woman leads the girl to where some boys are playing beach volleyball. The woman poses the girl in front of the boys and they stop their game. They approach and engage the woman in conversation. She tells them that she wants to see them rape the child, and smiles. The boys look around uncertainly at the crowded beach. The woman reassures them, and begins to strip the bikini off the girl and then her own. In moments both are naked. The woman offers the girl to the boys. People in the crowd see what is happening and start to form a circle round the boys and the girl and woman, to watch. Nobody intervenes. Everyone is expectant.

The boys are decided, and take the girl from the woman. It is as if she holds the people on the beach in some kind of spell. The boys take the girl and four boys hold her at hip height. A boy who appears a little older and bolder than the rest, the leader of the group, takes his place between the girl’s legs. He spits on his how hard cock after pulling down his bathing trunks and forces his cock into the pink bald cunt of the child. She screams and struggles, bucking in the grip of the four boys holding her.  The ever growing crowd cheers and presses in around the group for a closer look.

The faces of the watchers are shining with eager excitement. There are men, women and even children watching. Parents push their children to the front so that they can see properly, or hold them high above their heads. Girls sit on the shoulders of their boyfriends to get the best view. Everyone is willing, and cheering the boys on.

A man comes to stand behind the woman who brought the girl to the beach and presses his cock between her legs. The woman leans back into the man and spreads her legs a little, letting him enter her from behind. The man slowly and firmly fucks the woman as they both supervise the gang rape.

The boy is plunging into the girl now with wild abandon. The crowd is chanting and hand clapping with each thrust.

“Rape her! fuck her! rip her open! take her! Rape her!”

The boys oblige, and the first boy raping the child pulls out suddenly to cum over the heaving body of the child.

Then another boy takes his place, and so it goes.

Amanda masturbates vigorously now as she watches the film.

Rainbow is moaning hard. The drugs and the vaginal probe are working their magic. As the sixth boy orgasms and cums over the already cum covered body of the child Rainbow tenses, clenches her teeth and then relaxes, her body twitching in its bonds.

Seeing this, Amanda orgasms as well, in triumphant spasms of delight.

This is the first of many orgasms that she will force from Rainbow this day.

Chapter Six

The third film follows straight after the second, giving Rainbow no time for rest. This film is darker and more sadistic than the last. It begins with a scene of a child in a school uniform leaving her first grade class at grade school. As she walks home, she sees a clown figure, beckoning to her from the half open door of a large industrial building. She is drawn by the grin and wagging finger of the clown, then he disappears behind the door into the gloom of the building. As she reaches the door and peers into the gloom the child hears the sound of music and children laughing. She steps inside the building, and the door slams shut. The child feels a hand on her shoulder. She screams and breaks free, running for her life.  The camera follows her closely. The chase is on.

The child runs wildly through the building, which appears to be an abandoned factory of some kind. The camera follows her. There are running footsteps of others, but whose they are is not revealed at first. The child screams for help but she is without protectors. Gradually, the identity of her pursuers is revealed. The camera shows glimpses of masks and clothing. Then it is suddenly clear. The pursuers are clowns, all clowns. Their evil, painted grins add to the sense of tension and foreboding. The child runs screaming from one bare concrete room to the next, but she cannot find any escape. The clowns are gradually gaining on her, laughing maniacally as they run.

Amanda luxuriates in this scene, her fingers trailing lazily over her clit and pussy. She makes sure that the others in the room can see her masturbate.

Rainbow is bathed in sweat. Her breathing is becoming ragged. The vaginal probe and the butterfly attachment work their magic. The drugs in her system relax her, pleasure her and engorge her clitoris driving her wild in involuntary arousal. The last shreds of her self will, and her resistance are being stripped away.

On screen, the child reaches a dead end. She turns and four grinning clowns close in on her from all sides, laughing with glee. There is a pause and then the clowns are upon her, tearing at her school uniform, tearing it to shreds. They pull the shreds of clothing from her body onto the cold concrete floor, leaving only her panties. One clown holds the girl’s arms pinned behind her back while the other three rub her genitals through the material. The girl squirms and squeals in terror. Their hot breath fills the room as one clown finally strips away the panties, tearing them off the child in one rough motion.

Amanda is masturbating more strongly now, here eyes wide with lust.

Rainbow is breathing heavily, her hips responding to the vaginal probe, now driving deeply into her cunt. The nurse continues to put drops into her eyes, ensuring that Rainbow is forced to watch every depraved moment.

The clowns drag the child to the concrete floor. Three hold her arms and legs while the forth opens the front of his clown outfit, pulling out his cock and stroking it in front of the girl. He throws back his head and laughs a deep evil laugh, just like that of Zardoz. The clown moves between the child’s obscenely stretched legs and begins to force himself into her, tearing her open. Her blood lubricates her snatch and the clown is able to push into the girl with violent force. The child’s eyes roll back in her head as her body shudders under the assault. The clown rapes the child with wild animistic abandon, ripping into her as hard as he can. The other clowns holding the girl laugh in delight. He is getting close now, so very close.

Amanda and Rainbow are also approaching their second climaxes.

The clown cums, shooting great ropes of cum over the girl, from her head down to her legs. He cums and cums in a torrent of sperm.

As he cums, Amanda and Rainbow both climax as well, gasping.

But there is more to come. Each clown takes his turn raping the child, each driving into her like a wild beast. As each clown cums, Rainbow is forced to cum as well, and Amanda rolls onto her side to watch, smiling as she continues to stroke her own clit and pussy.

“Oh you are coming along just fine now,” murmurs Amanda.

She moves closer to Rainbow and begins whispering perversions into her ear, as the last two clowns take their turns raping the bloody body of the child. Rainbow is forced to cum two more times, as the last two clowns ejaculate. The girl is now a bloody corpse as the clowns stand, their cocks still drooling semen, and give each other a high five. The film fades to black.

Amanda stands and congratulates everyone on their good work.

“I think that will do for today. Take Rainbow back to her cell, wash her and clothe her. We will continue tomorrow. It will be a longer and more extreme session.”

Applause ripples around the room as Rainbow is unbound and carried out.


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