Thoughts of Arturo Cassavess – Non-Fiction

Writer: Arturo Cassavess

Subject: Thoughts of Arturo Cassavess

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Thoughts of Arturo Cassavess

I am an Infernal Revenant, by this I mean a Soul born of Hell housed within a vessel of flesh, the difference between Revenants and other Souls formed of the Black Flame is that they never pass over fully back into the realms of Hell but between lives await the opportunity to possess a new human vessel when the time is right. Nine incarnation cycles must be undertaken by the Infernal Revenant until it can return to Hell permanently serving the Devil, Our Lord Satan in whatever way He wishes. 

The Daughter of the Devil, the female Apostle of Satan must rid herself of the bindings of morality imposed upon her by the rules and pedantic restrictions of male conformist hierarchies. She should embrace her sexuality, her inner Magickal power and the pure evil current that is of her essence. The Devil’s Blood runs more raw and undiluted within woman than man and it is through the female Disciples of the Infernal Path that Satan’s Kingdom shall finally emerge within the mortal World.

The blood, the flesh, the desire, the yearning … the powers swirl around the Sanctum area of the Black Arts immersing those participating in the intoxicating rapture of the Devil’s bestowed legacy. Surrender yourself to its temptation, for once a part of the Apostles of the Satanic fraternity life will never be the same again. The eyes, the mind and the flesh shall be opened to the delights and endless explorations of carnal and Occult power.

The flesh may be bared, but the face is masked, veiled to those outside our Infernal Fraternity … we are the faceless ones, the shadows on the periphery of the illusion of normality. We are the nightmares that plague the mind of the conformed drone in the hours of sleeping. We are the hidden desires and primal fears within the hearts of those constrained by the shackles of Christ … we the Satanists, the Devil Worshipers … the shades of the Unholy!

Embrace the sins of the flesh, engulf yourself in the raptures of wrath – Satanism has become pale through the banal words of the Atheistic Satanic fake and those modern Satanists who seek to co-exist with the very religions that would torture and kill them given the chance. A return to the Old Ways of Diabolism and Classical Satanism is required, our enemies should fear us and know that the time of Our Lord Satan’s Kingdom is approaching and their demise is imminent!

Whisperings gently fed to the willing ear, promises of the decadent and unholy pleasures that await the one readied upon the Infernal Altar of the Devil . . . the mind is caressed by the words of the Priestess, possessed by a lust brushed canvas of carnal bliss laced within sweet pleasurable pain … and the darkness that lies beyond such experiences …

Embrace the Serpent within and without, that Old power Satan lies deep inside you and seeks once more to merge with the Soul that craves the liberation that the Devil may grant it. Pass through the doorway of doubt and fear and enter instead the Infernal Gates of Satan’s Glorious Kingdom!

My heart and mind are enveloped in darkness, my Soul consumed by evil … as the grip of orthodoxy tightens, and the conformist structures become more and more unaccepting of individual beliefs I find that few places that I may express the Old Ways of Devil Worship. Maybe here on this site – one of the few left that allows for free expression and individual heresy, maybe here I can bring forth the secrets of THE DEVIL’S MANUAL  … open its Infernal Rites, Black Arts and Unholy practices to those who have drank deep enough of the Grail Of Evil to embrace them … Hail Satan!

The flesh, the blood, the essence of expectation merged with fear, The flickering flames casting golden glows upon maiden flesh, The Black draped Altar of the Devil readied for Ritual rapture, I have memories of such things from lives past, I crave for those darkened nights once more, answering The Call of Satan and opening the Gates to Hell!

5 thoughts on “Thoughts of Arturo Cassavess – Non-Fiction”

  1. Hail Satan!

    Only the Devil and His Demons are worthy of worship. Sin is the rejection of the dog and the bond of Satan. All Sins are beautiful, and no Sin is forbidden.

    1. Hail George — we all reject the dead God — and accept the living God — Satan is the Lightbringer

  2. Hail Arturo!

    You articulate exactly what Tatiana and I have been seeking our entire empty lives; complete, unaltered communion with Satan and His Satanic power.

    We are new to the power of Devil worship, but embrace it completely, to the honor of our Dark Lord and unrepentant love to sin, debauchery and the fucking flesh


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