THE VVITCH … Coming next week



Coming next week … THE VVITCH


Based upon the movie of the same name… This is my spin on things. The movie is already beautifully dark and delicious – but of course, there’s more to tell in XP style…

Check out the baby scene… very inspirational!



It was 1632. The place was rural Massachusetts. Back then there was little more than just a small village of English settlers and a wide expanse of wilderness. However, the Winthrop family were ordered to leave the protection of the settlement over religious differences. So, together with his wife and five children, William Winthrop ventured out into the unknown to start a new life, beyond the boundaries of the colony. Upon their travels, they happen upon a place, not far from a small creek. The family set about farming the arable land and harvesting a new life together. However, all is not what it seems. Something evil lurks in the deepest part of the nearby woods – a predatory evil awaits and watches from beyond the darkness of the tree line.

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