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Feature Title: The struggle of modern satanism

Link: MEWE /  28.08.2020 / Posted on Infernal Lust For Satan

The struggle of modern satanism

In this day and age Satanism finds itself struggling, not to be taken seriously, after all we live in time where any flake can get on line and proclaim their self a Wiccan, new age, neo Luciferian, demon sex expert, master of the Kaballa, Tantric demigod, ¼ cat, ⅞ dragon, ⅓ mermaid, 9/10 Valkyrie — and imbeciles will fawn over them as if they were the Messia — yes, they describe themselves as stupidly as their order at Starbucks. That doesn’t merely cheapen Satanism as a whole, it makes it damn near impossible to take it, Satanism in any form, seriously.

Forget the differences between Satanist and devil worshiper, Luciferian and Theistic Satanist, Atheistic Satanist and Demonologist, the differences do not matter. What does matter is our common ground. Without our embracing our common ground we are divided, broken, vulnerable and stupid. To all of us, being stupid is a sin!

Let us not sin and consider our failures as a group, since we are capable for the first time in thousands of years to be ourselves and live in the open, professing our beliefs. We must consider that even with freedom to practice our beliefs, our numbers are few and scattered compared to the Abrahamic religions. They are better at drawing people in, making them want to belong, and are set up to teach and indoctrinate children from an early age, often making fanatics for Jesus for life. Most of all, most that walk away from Jesus, Mohammed or Yahweh come running back to him. We must work out a path to raise our numbers and strength of conviction to the point where we have not just members for life, but believers for life.

Over the next few months I am going to start tackling the subjects of…

Why we struggle to grow?

What are our strengths?

How do we convince others that we are not monsters?

How do we teach our children, any child about Satan?

How do we show our neighbors that we are like them, regardless of our beliefs?

Shout Praise Satan and make everyone uncomfortable? Or show our neighbors religious tolerance and inclusion?

Coming together as one, as the Abrahamic religions are incapable of doing. Only by taking a deep, honest look at ourselves, our history, motivations and desires can we present not simply a unified front to the world, but get the truth out as to who we are, what we are and what we believe.