Feature Writer: ThatHaremGuy


Published: 02.01.2021

Story Codes: Erotic Horror

Synopsis: A birthday leads to world of ancient feuds, magic and curses

Author’s Notes: This is just a short note to say thank you to some awesome people that have inspired me to actually write and finish a piece as well as publish it. Darth_Aussie and his crew thank you so much. A special thanks to JasonT for help reading and helping edit this very first piece of mine. To my potential readers out there just a few quick things: This story does contain futanari and will continue to do so. If that’s not your thing I apologize but it will be a recurring part of this tale. This part of the story has taken me a long time to write and while I am hoping part two will show up much quicker, I wouldn’t expect it soon. This story will probably have multiple different sexual themes and content and I will endeavor to put the correct tags on them as I go.


The McCallister Curse 01


Danielle was about to die.

She had been young and stupid or perhaps merely naïve, but in her own mind she had been completely and utterly in love.

It had begun unsurprisingly with a boy or more specifically a young man.

The previous summer a new noble family had moved into the manor overlooking the little village where she had spent her entire life.

It was not a poor village by any means, but neither was it prosperous, a few dozen houses and farmhouses, a blacksmith and a few other small stores, two inns and of course on the hilltop overlooking them all, the manor.

People got by and on occasion saved a little extra to pass onto the next generation. The arrival of new Lords and Ladies to their small part of the world would probably be the biggest event in the village for a generation if not two.

Danielle could remember thinking at the time “What have they done to end up here?”

As it was, the whole village turned out to watch their new masters arrive. A stupendous procession of burdened carts and gleaming carriages drawn out in a line, carrying everything the family needed and much it did not.

It was here that she first saw him.

Duncan McCallister of House McCallister, heir to Lord Ian McCallister and one of the six Great Houses of Steelhaven.

He was of course, tall and handsome, hair dark enough to almost be black and a very generous smile. He had been leaning out one of the carriage windows, waving and smiling at everyone they passed, particularly the young women of the village.

She hadn’t noticed that at the time, she had been too busy staring at him, too distracted by his devilish good looks, to really focus on what he had been doing. But thinking back about it now, she could see it, the extra attention he gave them and the dark gleam in his eyes as he looked at them. If only she had seen it then, noticed that feral light, maybe things would have turned out differently.

Instead, she watched along with everyone else, caught up in the magic of the event. When Duncan’s carriage had passed her, time seemed to slow and everything around them had ceased to exist, she just stared into those pale blue eyes, at a face that seemed just a touch too handsome. He smiled at her. She shivered, a chill running all the way down her spine. From that moment her fate was set, Danielle was hooked.

He filled her thoughts constantly. During the day chores and errands ended up taking twice as long or were forgotten entirely as she daydreamed of the darkly handsome man, about meeting him, talking to him and all manner of imagined futures they could have together.

The nights were worse and yet secretly desired even more. While the waking dreams were simple, hopeful things, the ones that came through the long dark hours of the night were something else.

They were desire.

They were sin.

Wickedness and lust all compressed into an intense realism that only dreams can provide.

All night, every night they came, till she awoke covered in sweat and twisted with the sheets of her humble cot. The images, the feelings, the lust, burning themselves into her brain.

She was on her back, Duncan above her. He held her arms above her head trapping her beneath him, his mouth crushing hers, tongues battling each other within as he ever so slowly pushed his thick length inside her, the legs spread wide by his hips. He sank into her warm depths, right to the hilt before pulling back just as slow. It was almost torturous. He never changed speed, whenever she tried to urge him on with ankles crossed behind him or tried to rise to meet him, he would stop. Burying his cock as deep into her core as he could or even worse leave her empty and craving.

Another dream.

He had her bent over her families dining table, a fist in her hair, the other grasping at her hip as he pummeled his cock into her. Each thrust sending a wave of ecstasy through her body and moans would escape her lips. The more she moaned the harder he fucked her, and the cycle would continue until she came screaming his name, her walls clamping down on his invader and he would swell and spasm and fill her with his cum, a cry of his own to match to her passion.


This time she was in large bed, silken scarves tied her limbs to the posts and candles burned brightly throughout the room, shadows flickering against the walls as Duncan hovered as the edge of her sight. His shadowed face smiling down at her, his teeth shining in the candlelight. He waved to someone outside her view and they came forwards. A man and woman, both lean and pale and beautiful, faces never remembered when she woke. Only Duncan would be remembered.

They would lean over her to either side, hot mouths and smooth lips descending on her breasts, sucking, nibbling, their teeth gently biting her nipples and pulling them away from her heaving chest. Their hands would traverse her skin, softly running down her body, the inside of her legs but always avoiding her most intimate of places. They would work her to a frenzy and then Duncan would descend.

He trailed warm kisses up the inside of her legs, his breath tickling her skin and finally after an eternity his mouth would close over wet folds and he would assault her with his tongue.

That one would always wake her. The ecstasy she felt could no longer be contained by her slumber and she would awaken to damp sheets and unfulfilled desire.

There were other dreams also. Darker dreams. Dreams that terrified more than they aroused. They did not come often, rare enough to be dismissed as merely nightmares conjured from her tortured lusts.

She hung from the ceiling, or Danielle guessed it was the ceiling. Something covered her eyes, a rough fabric pulled tightly and blocking the light and leaving her trapped in darkness. Her hands were tightly bound behind her, the same course fabric cutting slightly into her skin, the legs spread open, feet pulled upwards and away. Rough hands grabbed her head, she gasped and hard cock filled her mouth, pushing deep and hard into her throat. She choked and it withdrew if only for a second, then it was back violating her mouth again and again.

It was not alone, a tongue traced its way briefly across her slit before disappearing and another cock took its place, spearing its hard length into her. It showed as little concern for her as the one choking her did. Pushing to the hilt and withdrawing only to be slammed back in again. They fell into a rhythm, filling her and leaving her. Again, and again and again till they came, the one in her mouth pulling back to paint her face, the other thrusting deep into her and releasing its load within her depths. She heard them groan, and then she was free of them, their hands and cocks disappearing, feet shuffling in the darkness. Then new hands and new cocks and it was time to go again. A whole procession of them, too many to count, using her as toy for their pleasure before leaving their mark. Cumming on her face, her breasts and back or deep within her, some choosing to sink their throbbing meat into her tight ass instead and she would whimper as lights flashed in the darkness of her blindfold as they stretched her ass and pushed into her tight hole again and again as they blew their loads into her ass.

On and on it would go until she woke, incredibly aroused, but fearful, ashamed and confused. Wishing dreams of Duncan had visited her that night instead.

With dreams like those and the naivety of young woman, it was unsurprising that things progressed the way they did. By the end of the summer Danielle had been convinced their love was one for the ages.

She had managed to get work within the manor, something insignificant for a little extra coin for her family and had stumbled upon Duncan alone in a corner of the house. He had looked so handsome and noble and she had not been able to help herself.

Going to him, basking in his presence, glued to those pale eyes she had confessed her love to him. He had smiled at her and fed her honeyed lies and she had believed him like a fool, that he had watched her from afar, that he needed her, that he loved her too. And all the while that dark gleam shone in his eyes, brighter than ever.

Soon enough he was making her dreams reality, he could think of any number of tasks at the manor that were suitable cover for their hidden love and somehow, they always came to her, she would act put upon but in need of coin and would walk to the manor in an apparent sulk right up until she stepped inside, and he would whisk her away to and empty room and he would act the part of caring lover while he used her.

To her it had been perfect, her noble handsome Duncan bringing her more joy than she had thought possible. But all good things must come to an end and they did suddenly and in a way her innocent view had not thought possible.

They had carried on their little charade for months, everything had seemed perfect, she was in heaven and then she had gone to the manor to share with Duncan what she had believed to be fantastic news.

He was to be a father, she was pregnant.

The response she received was not the one she had imagined. There was no cheering, no cries of joy and a tearful embrace, no exclamations of love or laughter. Instead, all that she received had been a deep foreboding silence. Duncan had looked at her, his handsome face a mask, no visible expression crossing his visage, not even an inkling in his pale eyes. Then he had stood from his position on the sofa in the lounge where she had taken him to share the good news, he had looked at her again, then turned and strode away, leaving her sitting alone, in shock and on the verge of tears.

Not knowing what else to do she had gone home to try and figure out what she had done wrong, why Duncan had rejected her. What was she going to do? The very next morning she had received her answer.

Shouting and loud banging on the door to her family’s modest house had awoken her from troubled slumber and she had been barely awake when she opened the door. She hadn’t heard what they had been yelling till it was too late.

Duncan had not been idle. As soon as Danielle had left the manor he had gone to his father with the unwanted news. His family had been banished to this flyspeck of a village because the other great families of Steelhaven feared them and the powers they had gained. Some little farmer’s whore could not be allowed to interfere with their plans.

Lord Ian McCallister was a sombre man, tall and dark haired like his son, but gaunt and with an aura of power and wisdom that seemed to radiate from his very body. He commanded and people obeyed. He had taken the news well; he had of course been expecting it considering the number of girls his son had been dallying with. It had only been a matter of time. He was ready and a plan was put into motion. His family would not be sullied by common blood.

Danielle was about to die.

The crowd was screaming at her, her friends, her family, people she had known her entire life. Hurling vile obscenities and hateful names. But most of all they were screaming Witch!

She shook her head, the blow she had taken when opening the door that morning still had it ringing as she tried to move. The mob had done its work well. Danielle was helpless, tied to a thick pole in the middle of the town square, a few townspeople still piling bundles of kindling at her feet while most stood back and jeered.

“Silence!” Came a roared command from beyond Danielle’s sight.

In an instant there was, a deathly calm covering the entire square. The townsfolk ceasing their yelling and only the small clatter of wood being piled upon wood could be heard.

Danielle watched as the mob parted before her, an aisle of men and women forming for the man who had doomed her. “Duncan, what are you doing? What is happening?”

Duncan strode towards her, a malicious smirk gripping his face, his clear voice laced with mockery. “Ah my love, is it not obvious to you? Is it not clear? You are a witch and we simply cannot tolerate that. You will be burnt, and you will die.” The mockery was gone by the end, replaced by a vicious glee as he reached her pyre, standing barely an arm’s length away from her.

“But I’m not a witch! I love you; I need you.” The pleading within her voice surprising even Danielle.

“I know,” he smirked, then again that malicious smile “But so, do all the others.”

Raising his arms to the side, hands gesturing in summons.

Danielle could not believe it. Two, three, four, five, six. Six girls all sidled towards Duncan and draped themselves around him. Her heart shattered.

Duncan could see it in her face, in her eyes, that exact moment when dreams were crushed, and he found it glorious. He could not help himself, he had to gloat, it was just too much of a temptation.

“You were never the only one” he crowed.

He gestured to the girls.

“I’ve had them all, right from that very first day. Just like you. You were never special, I never loved you, you were just a plaything, just a toy, just like everyone else in this stupid little village is a plaything for the McCallisters, little toys for us to amuse ourselves with and discard as we wish. They won’t even remember you by the time this is done.”

“Enough.” A deep foreboding voice carried its way across the square.

The word seemed to come from nowhere to Danielle, so entranced had she been by Duncan’s diatribe she had failed to notice the powerful Lord of the McCallister’s presence in the square. Danielle’s eyes fixed on him as he too came to stand before her. Duncan’s presence seemed to wilt as the Lord came closer and she realised that this was the man who controlled today’s event, this is the man who would see her dead.

She could only whisper one word to him such did she feel diminished by his presence so close to her.


Lord McCallister seemed surprised when she spoke, that she could do even much and looked her in the eyes.

“Such a strong will. It is a pity you are not of The Families; we could use that. The why is because you are an interference and that cannot be allowed. We McCallisters have a plan and anything that gets in the way will be exterminated,” he replied.

There was no reply from Danielle, his words so matter of fact, so plain and powerfully spoken that she could not think of anything to try and dissuade him. Lord McCallister looked to the mob of townspeople hovering, watching and waiting.

“A torch, so that we may burn the witch” he said.

It took less than a minute and then he was turning back to Danielle, torch in hand, flame burning bright and high. She had slumped in her bonds now, seeming to accept the inevitable. Three short steps and he tossed the torch into the waiting lumber at her feet. The sudden arrival of the flame seemed to awaken her as she jerked away from it, or tried to, the bonds allowing little of such an action.

The fire spread around the base of her pyre quickly, the heat upon her rising sharply and as it did, so did Danielle’s anger. A terrible anger finally awoken at the very last moment. She raised her head, the McCallisters were already walking away, not even bothering to watch the fiery climax of their murderous scheme.


Danielle’s voice cracked across the square, striking the retreating figures like a blow. Lord and son jerked and turned as one at the unexpected cry to gaze upon the pyre. The flames were climbing higher, half of Danielle’s dress was alight with flame, but she did not scream nor cry. She transfixed the McCallisters with her gaze. Furious, unyielding anger making them glow more than any reflection of the burning wood could possibly do. The fire consuming her making her appearance demonic and unholy.

“I Curse you McCallister. I Curse you and all your blood!

“May the eyes of heaven be eternally blinded to your blasted fates!

“May the denizens of Hell hunt you and yours, till the very last of you is dust!

“May the dark lusts that have blinded me from truth and cost me my life be carried till the very end of time by your family heirs!

“This trinity of hatred I lay upon you and yours as the price you must pay for killing me!”

Before the Cursed words had ended, they could see nothing but flame, Danielle had been wholly consumed in the inferno but still the words came as if spoken by the very fire itself. And then laughter. No screams, no cries for mercy or salvation. Just a Curse and laughter that was entirely more mocking than any Duncan had ever produced.

Lord McCallister stood and watched the pyre burn till it was naught but ash and embers. The blasted girl had been a damned witch, a convenient lie had become a monstrous truth. He had felt the Curse, felt it settle upon him, into his bones and blood. It had been a true Curse, a dying Curse from a murdered witch. A doom for his family.

He had seen it hit Duncan, his son, his heir. His own sins bringing the dark princeling to his knees. His body folding beneath weight of his doom, the price he would have to pay for his mistake too much for the young McCallister.

But he. He was Lord Ian McCallister. The most powerful, the most brilliant, the most dangerous McCallister in generations and he would not be undone by the dying words of a burning witch. It was time for another plan.

Part 1

Sara swore and another piece of clothing went flying out of the wardrobe, across the room and landed amongst a rapidly growing pile of previously discarded clothes atop the bed, she knew it was in here somewhere. Another piece of clothing went flying.

“Where the hell is it?” she muttered.

The irritation clear in her soft voice and another piece joined the pile. A few minutes later and several more items of apparel joined the heap on the bed

“Booyah!” was the sudden cry of victory that reverberated throughout the room.

Sara turned from the wardrobe, fists raised in triumph above her head, a mass of black fabric clenched in one of them. Kicking the door of her wardrobe closed with a lazy flick of her heel, Sara chose to ignore the new mountain occupying her bed and walked around it to her mirror.

Full length and black framed it lent against a wall next to her computer desk on one side of her room, unfurling the black mass in her hand and smoothing it down her front, Sara took a look at what she was planning on wearing out that night. It was almost a little black dress, the almost stemming from the fact it was quite a bit shorter than what was practical and the amount of cleavage it would show could almost be illegal. She grinned. It was perfect for a night of drinking, partying and shameless flirtation, it would drive the boys crazy with lust.

Turning left, then right, left again Sara took in all the angles, she knew it would look good because frankly she knew she looked good, and that was probably an understatement. She was slim, but with subtle curves to her waist, generous firm breasts of a seemingly gravity defying nature, killer toned legs topped by a heart shaped ass, pale smooth skin and the deepest silky black hair that fell well past her shoulders. She looked like a proper goddess of the night world.

Sara was still gazing into the mirror as she tried to plan the rest of her outfit, her plan of attack for the night. Which earrings to choose? What necklace to drape across her cleavage? A bra was out, she didn’t need it with the dress she had chosen. Definitely a thong though, something black, something lacey, she knew she had a few options there. Heels were a definite as well, boys already couldn’t resist staring at her ass but why not emphasize it some more?

Sara was still gazing into the mirror, trying to decide on what shoes and accessories she wanted to go with the dress when a head appeared in her doorway.

“What crap are you yelling about now?” was the bemused question that accompanied its appearance.

Sara turned from the mirror and grinned at the intruder, striking a pose as she did, modelling the dress for them.

“Found this buried in my wardrobe, was going to wear it out tonight, watcha think?” she asked.

The head was joined by a body as it rounded the corner and leaned against the door frame.

“Honey, that dress would shame a backstreet harlot. I’d say it’s perfect for a 21st birthday” was the appraisal, dry tone and half grin taking any sting from the words.

Sara just grinned back. “Audrey you are such a bitch.”

Then being the highly mature adult she now was at 21, stuck her tongue out at her friend.

It wasn’t a half grin this time but a full one on Audrey’s face as she replied. “I learnt from a master,” a mocking half bow accompanying her words.

Audrey was Sara’s best friend and roommate. They had met when Sara had moved to the city to attend the University. Predictably Sara had gotten lost and Audrey had been the first person she had seen who looked like she could help. Turned out they were attending the same class and by the time it was done they were fast friends. Audrey it turned out was an only child like her and had moved to the city for university but that’s where the similarities ended really.

Sara was the pale, sometimes elegant party animal and outrageous flirt queen of the night. Audrey however was almost the stereotypical blonde bombshell. Tall, well-tanned, generously endowed in the chest department and with downright dangerous curves in all the right places she matched that part of the stereotype perfectly. Where it all went wrong though was in the brains department.

Audrey was far from empty headed or slow-witted, in fact Sara was fairly certain that Audrey was the smartest person she had ever met. Add to that a sarcastic wit and a fancy for the more vulgar elements of the English language, Audrey really wasn’t much of a people person. While Sara spent her nights bar hopping or in a nightclub in the city, Audrey spent hers back at the 3-bedroom apartment they called home either studying, reading or watching something from her giant movie collection.

That was another reason for Sara to be excited, she had actually convinced Audrey to come out with her tonight. She was fairly certain Audrey had only agreed because it was her 21st birthday and what kind of best friend doesn’t party hard with you for that? But still she intended to make the most of it.

Sara was bouncing with excitement as she turned back to the mirror, she looked at Audrey in the reflection.

“So, what have you chosen to wear tonight?” she asked.

“Oh, I dunno, I was probably just gonna wear this” was Audrey’s reply.

Sara raised her eyebrow skeptically.

“Uh Huh,” was her only response looking Audrey’s current outfit up and down.

“Dark slacks, uggs and a really rather grubby looking jersey? Yup totally believe that one,” Sara’s reply was rich with sarcasm.

“Least I don’t look like I’m fresh from a shopping spree at Sluts’R’Us” came the rejoinder.

Sara didn’t dignify that with a response simply giving her roommate a look that spoke volumes instead.

“Fine,” Audrey said.

She disappeared from the door only to return a few moments later her nights outfit in hand. She had chosen like Sara to go with a black dress, though in a completely different style, strapless and formfitting, it looked like it cut off at about knee height, sexy yet not overly revealing, it suited Audrey just right.

Sara nodded her approval before she spoke. “We are gonna look so good.”

She grinned at her friend again as she turned away from the mirror, starting to shed her clothes so she could get changed.

“Now hurry up and go get ready so we can get this party started,” Sara said.

Audrey flicked her a mocking salute then disappeared once again to go get changed herself.

“Yes Ma’am.”

Sara woke up, then jerked up, sitting and blinking owlishly, her eyes trying to process where the hell she was before realizing the familiar surroundings of her own room.

“Ugh, what the hell happened last night?” she groaned.

Falling back to her pillow and attempting to wake up, she tried to get her brain to remember the nights events.

They had left their apartment at 6ish, caught a ride into town where they had met Robyn and Sasha, two of her other friends then hit their first club. She could remember plenty of alcohol, she could still feel the effect of plenty of alcohol.

There hadn’t been much of a choice man wise at the first club, so they had started hopping from one to the next, trying to find someone suitable for her to torment. They met plenty of men. Most of them couldn’t stop staring at Sara in her very revealing short dress. Some even tried to approach her, but Sara did not find any of them attractive enough for her to tease. She was pretty sure there had been at least five different clubs and a hell of a lot more drinks, they had all been horrendously drunk by the time she had found a target to her liking. She couldn’t really remember him much, just a vague muscular outline in a tight shirt and jeans.

Then the midnight celebrations as she officially turned twenty-one and she had plastered herself to the vaguely remembered stranger for a birthday kiss. And then he had shoved her away, almost knocking her off her feet in his haste to be away from her and leaving her reeling had actually ran from her.

Sara shook her head, there wasn’t anything else she could remember after that and then promptly decided shaking her head was an unbelievably bad idea. Still, she was awake now and had never been a person that could go back to sleep easily after waking. With that in mind, Sara eased herself up, grabbed her dressing gown and headed for the apartment’s small kitchen.

Reaching the kitchen in a slow shuffle to prevent excessive head shaking, Sara got herself some water and aspirin to try and ease the throbbing. Resting her head against the cool metal of the fridge while she drank the water, Sara tried to pierce the darkness that contained the rest of her night.

“Ugh, I should just ask Audrey, she’s probably awake and studying or something already. She wasn’t drinking that much,” she muttered to herself.

Picking up some more aspirin and refilling her glass of water, Sara headed for Audrey’s room. As she neared, strange sounds came floating out from under the closed door, whimpers almost. Shuffling closer Sara could tell they were definitely whimpering and some very definite moans. Sara stopped dead.

“That bitch got lucky on my birthday.”

She was incredulous, one-night stands were most definitely not Audrey’s thing. Knowing she shouldn’t but unable to contain herself, Sara slid closer and started to sidle the door open, she wanted a glimpse of the man who had charmed his way into Audrey’s pants. The instant the door was open the moans and whimpers seemed to increase tenfold in volume. Damn he must be good Sara thought.

Finally getting the door open enough to take a peek, what Sara found was completely unexpected.

Audrey was alone.

But she was also most definitely the source of all the sounds, thrashing in her sleep, arching her back high off the mattress and slamming back down and all the while a completely uninterrupted stream of moans poured from her gasping lips.

Sara knew she had to do something, this wasn’t normal, it didn’t feel right. This kind of thing should not be happening. So, she did the only thing that occurred to her, flinging the door open she rushed to her friend’s bedside. Reaching out a hand to her friend’s forehead, she tried to wake her.

“Audrey! Wake Up!” she cried.

Her hand fell on Audrey’s skin and Sara’s world changed.

As soon as she touched Audrey’s warm skin it happened. Images began to flood her mind. Audrey naked and writhing a man’s head between her legs, another she was held aloft sandwiched between two different men, one cock fucking her pussy, the other one pounding her ass, a third image Audrey on her knees lavishing a thick erect dick with long slow licks of her tongue before engulfing its tip in her mouth. A fourth, Audrey still with a dick between her lips but with another man grasping her hips from behind as he drilled himself into her. A fifth, Audrey on all fours, surrounded by crowds of men with hard erect dicks, a cock jack-hammering into each of her three holes, she was covered in cum and sweat and her own spit, and as Sara watched, a man filled her with cum and withdrew, only for another to take his place immediately, and resume the relentless fucking. Image after image dumped straight into her mind’s eye, all of them of Audrey, all of them intensely erotic.

Sara couldn’t bring herself to break the contact. It was too much for her, the sensation was incredible, all the lust and pleasure contained in Audrey’s mind seemed to be thrust upon her. Sara noticed absently that Audrey wasn’t the only one moaning now, her own throaty vocalizations joining Audrey’s as she lost herself.

Only an unexpected image saved her. Sara jerked back, startled the loss of contact breaking the flow of erotic imagery into her brain. Audrey hadn’t been with a man. Sara had seen herself. Naked and reclining on her bed, one hand holding the headboard tightly, the other buried in her friend’s blonde hair as she held her head between her legs. She had felt Audrey’s tongue burying itself into her pussy, felt herself push harder on Audrey’s head, urging her on and never wanting it to stop. It had felt incredible.

Sara stumbled back from the bed, shaking her head despite the pain that still lingered, the headache from her hangover barely registering as new sensations overwhelmed her. She reached out for the wall, seeking something, anything to steady herself, finding it she leaned back, trying to calm herself.

It was no use, the lust raging through her was incredible, Sara couldn’t remember a time she had ever been this aroused. Pushing a hand into her gown, she cupped her own breasts, a small gasp escaping her lips as she ran a thumb over stiff aching nipples, toying with them before going back to squeezing her own flesh. The pleasure from that simple act was indescribable. Unable to control her actions and not really wanting to, Sara’s other hand traced her smooth taut stomach before dipping between her legs, nimble fingers seeking release. It had never felt this good before, she was soaked with arousal, the slightest touch sent ecstasy and tremors throughout her entire body, her skin felt aflame.

Sara could feel it coming, the biggest, longest, most incredible, consciousness shattering orgasm of her life. Her fingers squeezed a nipple, pulling it hard from her body, her other hand teasing her opening, while a steady pressure filled her.

It was too much; she couldn’t wait any longer.

Sara pulled her nipple even harder and switched from teasing herself to her clit. It only took a single touch. The slightest pressure on her clit and Sara’s orgasm crashed down upon her. Her entire body seemed to spasm, a level of pleasure unknown to her seemed to flow through her body like a wave and her eyes almost rolled completely back into her head. She was lucky they didn’t, or she would never have believed what happened as that wave of pleasure swept through her body.

As Sara watched, body still trembling with ecstasy, the pressure that had steadily been building with her orgasm, filling her, reached critical mass and with a long low groan escaping her lips, a full thick erect cock pushed itself out of her, pussy lips parting easily as the long throbbing length made its escape from within.

Sara’s mind reeled with the impossibility but then thought was forgotten as her brand new dick began to cum, a thick stream of white flew from its tip to land upon the floor. This second orgasm was even more intense then the first, though Sara wasn’t sure how that was even possible. She could only lean back, the wall the only thing keeping her upright as she moaned her way through this new seemingly never-ending release. The cum didn’t seem to stop, spurt after spurt of creamy seed flung itself from her rock-hard cock. Only after a full 60 seconds did it finally come to an end and Sara’s cries of passion came to a halt.

Sara sank down the wall. That orgasm simply too much, the ability to stand had deserted her and still not really believing it she stared at the member between her legs. It hadn’t started to soften in the slightest. Maybe it was the intensity of the orgasm or the raging sea of lust that still seemed to fill her, but Sara was surprised she hadn’t begun to freak out yet. Besides the lust the only thing she seemed to feel was a pale specter of curiosity at its appearance between her legs.

A sultry murmur of appreciation broke her reverie, “Mmm oh yess.”

Sara looked up from her cock to the bed, she hadn’t even noticed in her frenzy that Audrey had awakened and was now also staring at the hard dick between her legs with an undisguised feral hunger.

Sara was transfixed as Audrey rose to her knees on her bed and began a slow sensual crawl along its length. Audrey’s blue eyes shone as she held Sara’s gaze, her tongue quickly darting out to lick her lips before a Cheshire grin spread across her face.

“Sara, Sara, Sara. Keeping secrets from your best friend? That’s really not very nice and such a big secret too, you really should have shared it with me.”

Audrey’s tone was somewhere between a scolding and seductive mockery, the innuendo of her own words causing a gleam of amusement to appear in her eyes. Sara barely noticed it, mesmerized by the sight of her friends gloriously naked body, she even managed to forget the throbbing demands for attention that came from between her thighs.

“Maybe I should punish you for keeping such a big secret from me?” she cooed.

Audrey was almost upon her now, within arm’s reach, her slow seductive crawl taking her off the bed and to a kneeling position beside her friend. Sara didn’t answer. She couldn’t. All her attention was on Audrey’s slim tanned hand as it extended towards her throbbing cock.

She whimpered when it stopped inches from her flesh and pushed her hips up from the floor trying to bring her new dick into contact with Audrey’s hand and the pleasure it promised. Sara whined again when the hand withdrew, denying her the contact she craved.

“Punishment remember,” Audrey told her.

Sara whimpered again and her hips sank back to the floor. Audrey shuffled on her knees, closing the gap between them. Sara watched as her friends’ head descended, then arching her back as it reached its target. Audrey’s soft lips latching onto the stiff nipple of her left breast, hands reflexively coming up to pull Audrey’s head closer, fingers tangling in her friend’s blonde hair. A soft moan escaping her lips as her nipple was suckled then lashed by warm tongue. A quick nip of teeth made her gasp and then the warmth of Audrey’s mouth withdrew. She almost sighed in discontent before Audrey’s lips were upon her again, planting soft kisses all over her breast.

Sara cooed at the feather light touches, her eyes falling shut, hand tightening in Audrey’s hair as the trail of kisses ascended, peppering the hollow of her throat, then the curve of her neck.

Sara wasn’t ever aware Audrey was moving more than her heavenly lips until she felt a soft hand sliding between her back and the wall, fingers tracing a soft path up her spine, onto her neck and into her own midnight colored hair as all the while Audrey’s lips continued their assault upon the pale skin of her neck.

Sara tensed momentarily as the grip tightened suddenly and forcibly turned her head, her eyes popping open to see what was happening only to fall shut again as Audrey’s delicate lips fell upon her own. A moan of contentment escaped them both as they tasted each other’s lips. Turning her head a little, Sara opened her mouth, letting her tongue dance across Audrey’s lips for a moment before retreating.

The moan was louder this time as Audrey reciprocated, her tongue chasing after Sara’s to plunge into her friends’ mouth. Sara hadn’t let go of her grip of Audrey’s head and she could tell her friends hadn’t lessened either, if anything they had gotten stronger as the kiss continued and their tongues battled, neither willing to break away from the intense passionate duel.

The battle, no, the war was won as quickly as it had begun. Audrey’s hand snaked between their smooth stomachs and found the tip of Sara’s hard dick. The lightest of touches, the smallest of squeezes and Sara knew she was undone. All of it was too much. The taboo and sensitivity of her new member, the soft lips of Audrey on her own, the sheer lust that she felt inside. It was all too much.

Sara fell away from her friend. A long drawn at moan forcing its way from between her teeth, the wall holding her up once again as she lost herself to pleasure.

“Oh god. Audrey pleassse,” she moaned.

Audrey’s grin was definitely mocking this time. “Please what?”

Her nails were trailing themselves across the crown of Sara’s cock making her writhe even more. The light touches were slowly driving her mad. She needed more, she needed Audrey.

“Touch me, taste me, FUCK ME!” Sara cried, her last words almost begging in demand.

Audrey’s hand wrapped itself completely around her throbbing length. “Touch this?”

Sara could only nod her head vigorously, the ministrations of her friend’s hand, small as they were, were driving her towards incoherency.

Audrey leaned back, hand still gripping the solid cock in front of her.

Her words were almost a whisper, a teasing breathe escaping from perfect lips. “Taste this?”

She lent down and Sara’s world momentarily ended as she felt a warm mouth swallow her tip for the very first time.

“Oh goooddd, oh fuuuck.”

The simple act was exquisite for her. The wet heat of Audrey’s mouth was unreal, her cock flexed reflexively, precum leaking from her tip onto her friends waiting tongue. Audrey snaked her tongue around Sara’s flesh tasting the offered cum and swallowing it down.

“Mmmm, delicious,” she smirked up a Sara. “I think I want more of this.”

Sara somehow couldn’t find it in her to disagree.

Audrey shifted again, letting loose her grip on Sara’s raging cock. Sara moaned only slightly in disappointment as she watched her friend rearrange herself. Audrey pushed Sara’s legs wider, climbing over one to rest on her knees between them. She could feel Audrey’s arousal as she did so, her pussy was practically dripping as it pushed against her leg, a sticky layer of juices adhering to her skin.

As Audrey settled into place, her gorgeous breasts sitting proudly, nude body perfectly framed between Sara’s splayed legs, she reached for her friends’ hands. Sara could only watch entirely entranced by the vision before her as her hands were pulled into Audrey’s, held lightly at the wrist as they were brought up from where they had fallen beside her as she fell into the abyss of lust that still coursed through her body.

Sara was spellbound as she watched her fingers drawn towards Audrey’s pale pink lips, she moaned softly and her cock jerked upwards as they wrapped themselves around her index finger, mimicking the short attention her new dick had just received. Audrey moaned as well, lavishing Sara’s digit with her tongue as she sucked on it.

Audrey teased her friend slowly with her fake blowjob, her blue eyes staring into Sara’s deep emerald orbs, her index finger, then slowly down her middle finger, then again with her ring finger, each one sliding slowly between her lips to be massaged by her tongue. Sara was enthralled, her eyes unable to leave Audrey’s as her seductive display fed the bonfire of pleasure and lust that had engulfed her.

“Mmm you really are delicious Sara,” Audrey purred.

Sara gasped as Audrey released her lip lock on her hand, her friend guiding her now truly wet fingers down her body. Audrey trembled and hissed as she ran Sara’s hand across her own pussy, finally gaining a small release from the demands of her own body, pushing the tip of a finger slightly into her wet depths, she cooed to her enchanted friend.

“Would you like to taste me Sara? Don’t you think I would be delicious?”

“Please yes, let me have you, let me taste you, let me fuck you,” Sara’s words burst from her, she wanted Audrey more than anything she had ever wanted before in her life. Her cocked throbbed its agreement and Sara tried to pull her hands free, to grab Audrey and take what she wanted.

Audrey just smiled and held her grip on Sara’s wrists, easily preventing the slimmer pale beauty from escaping her hold.

“Mmm you can taste, but no fucking for you. I said punishment remember?” Audrey’s grin was truly wicked as Sara tried to pull away again. “Here let me help.”

Sara stopped pulling as Audrey guided her hand away from her pussy, bringing it to Sara’s own lips. Sara opened her mouth and dived forward, unwilling to wait longer for a taste of the blonde bombshell before her.

“Be a good girl and you can have more later,” Audrey teased her.

Sara didn’t really hear her. She was consumed, Audrey’s juices were her new ambrosia, a sweet nectar that she would crave till the end of time.

Like Audrey had for her, Sara devoured her friend’s fingers, questing with her tongue for more of the divine. Audrey’s breathing was ragged as she watched Sara taste her for the first time. The eagerness and frenzied look in her friend’s eyes was thrilling, the need was intoxicating, and she could only moan loudly as Sara reached the base of her fingers, the full length of her svelte digits consumed within her friend’s greedy mouth.

“Oh god Sara, yes suck on my fingers, taste me,” Audrey whispered breathily.

Audrey’s grip on Sara’s wrists tightened as she withdrew from between Sara’s lips. Not wanting to let the pale beauty move from her exposed position before her.

“You want some more?” Audrey gasped out as her fingers returned to her pussy. Sara watched hungrily as Audrey’s fingers plunged back into her body, wetness clearly coating them as they pistoned slowly back and forth.

“You want some of this perfect pussy?”

Audrey smiled through the incredible pleasure filling her body as Sara nodded vigorously.

“Please,” came the impassioned appeal from her friend.

Audrey’s grin grew wider as her fingers sank deeply into her body once more.

“Ooooh fuuuck. Mmmm taste it,” came the command.

She withdrew her fingers and reached out again, stopping millimeters short of Sara’s moist lips. Sara lunged forward, craning her neck forward, tongue outstretched to capture her prize. Audrey moaned louder as her fingers were gripped by the sucking warmth of her friend’s mouth. The sight of the lithe black-haired enchantress, wrists pinned together before her, hard obscene cock twitching underneath them as she hungrily slurped on her juices was maddeningly erotic, the debauched vista burning itself into her memories.

“Fuuck Sara. You’re so good at that, such a good girl,” Audrey cooed.

Her chest was heaving, tits rising and falling as Sara worked, her ministrations turning Audrey on more than she thought possible.

“Get it all and I’ll reward you,” she purred.

The mention of reward escaping from Audrey’s lips was all it took for Sara, she somehow pushed deeper, tongue questing for all of Audrey’s nectar. Driven to it like a woman dying of thirst.

“Mmm someone likes the sound of that don’t they?” Audrey smiled as she watched her friend, her eyes drawn to the throbbing cock that rested between them.

She pulled her hand from Sara’s still persistent suckling. A disappointed sigh escaped the jet haired woman as her treat was withdrawn.

“I think you’ve more than earned this you sexy little thing,” Audrey said as she withdrew.

Sara, her own breathing ragged, heaving breasts slightly glazed in spit and Audrey’s juices watched in desperate anticipation as Audrey manhandled her again. Still held tightly Audrey took a pale wrist in each hand and raised them up beside Sara’s head, a slight bump sounding as they were pushed against the wall behind her.

Sara’s ragged breathing suddenly caught as she was pinned, the lust coursing through her body and mind rising like the tide, overwhelming in intensity. Her hips rocked upwards involuntarily, her dick lurching, the hard muscle straining for relief.

Audrey’s smile was truly wicked as she looked at her trapped prey. The alabaster skin, the raven hair, soft firm tits just the right size for holding in the palm of her hands. The beauty was truly irresistible.

“This is where you belong Sara. You belong to me, my sexy little plaything”

Audrey’s head dipped down, tongue snaking out to quickly drag across the tip of Sara’s dick.

“Ohh God,” Sara moaned

Her hips bucked upwards, trying to find a place between those heavenly lips.

Audrey pulled back, tongue running across her lips as she savoured Sara’s taste.

“I’m going to keep you like this, all worked up and no place to cum, you’re going to be mine forever”

Audrey’s sinful words struck something in Sara, a perverse pleasure in being used, in being owned. She could only moan again in response.

“Fuuuck Audrey, pleeassee,” Sara wailed.

Keeping her captive secure still, Audrey once again dipped her head, her tongue again gently lapping as the head of Sara’s member. Sara shuddered, a moan escaping, and her hips pushed upwards once again. Instead of pulling away to tease poor Sara again Audrey opened her mouth and introduced Sara to heaven once again.

Sara could feel nothing but pure bliss. Audrey’s mouth was divine. Warm, wet and her lips were slowly, agonizingly sinking down her shaft. They seemed to take forever as they journeyed down her length. Sara tensed and tried to free herself from Audrey’s grasp, the desire, the need to push her head down, to feel her cock buried deep in the amazing blonde’s throat was overwhelming.

Sara felt Audrey grin around her dick, and those sweet fuckable lips reversed their journey, dragging themselves back up Sara’s sensitive tool, soft suction and a tongue lashing at her flesh causing her to tense even further.

“Fuuuck, Audrey please.”

It was almost a whine from Sara, a desperate tone filling her voice. She needed relief. Audrey unfortunately wasn’t really in the mood to provide it. This new lust, this intoxicating pleasure had awoken something within the curvy blonde.

A new need. A new desire.

She wanted Sara. She wanted Sara to beg, to wail, to be on her knees pleading for release. She wanted that power. She could feel herself leaking down her thighs at the thought, the lust, the pleasure she felt simply from the images in her mind’s eye were too much. Audrey’s entire body quivered as a miniature orgasm ran through her.

Sara could feel it happening, Audrey’s mouth constricting around her dick, the blonde’s eyes briefly rolling back in her head as she shook, a shiver cascading through her body.

A small pop sounded as Sara’s cock was freed from within Audrey’s hot mouth. Audrey eyes it lasciviously before licking around the head once more.

“Please Audrey, make me cum, I need it,” Sara mewled

Audrey’s only reply was to press Sara’s hands harder to the wall. She didn’t want her free for this. She needed Sara to know that she was the toy, that she was there for Audrey’s pleasure, for her to toy with as she wished.

Audrey circled her friends’ cock with her tongue, sliding against the hot skin. Sara’s moans were music to her ears, the soft whimpers as Audrey teased her thick throbbing cock sent ecstasy through her veins.

Sara was going mad. The intense lust that had consumed her mind, Audrey’s soft ministrations teasing her new dick, her restricted arms powerless against Audrey’s greater strength. It was a potent cocktail that was driving her into a frenzy. She needed to cum, she needed to drive her cock deep into someone, something.

All thought was obliterated as Audrey suddenly stopped trailing her tongue across her burning skin, the teasing ending only to be quickly replaced by something so much better. Audrey lunged forward, mouth wide and Sara’s cock disappeared.

Sara’s back arched and again she tried to free herself, the pleasure, the pressure was incredible. Half her cock had been swallowed in an instant, filling Audrey’s mouth, encasing Sara’s flesh in pure bliss.

“Fuuuck yesss Audreey! I need it! Pleeease!”

Sara was yelling at her friend, she couldn’t contain it, her cock filling Audrey’s mouth, she could feel it. An orgasm deep inside. She was going to cum. She was going to fill Audrey’s mouth with her cum and it was going to be glorious.

Sara lifted her hips, pushing just a little more dick into the blonde’s mouth, feeling the entrance to her throat.

Audrey felt the change, the urgency Sara felt. The need. As quickly as she had swallowed, she backed off, Sara’s cock falling free of her mouth, strands of saliva linking them briefly before falling to sticky their legs.

“Not yet Sara. Not yet, I’m not ready to let you cum,” she told her captive.

“Audrey please! Why won’t you let me cum?” Sara sobbed; frustration and need breaking through.

Again, Audrey didn’t reply. She simply swallowed down half of Sara’s length again, stopping as she felt the head tapping the entrance to her throat. Then back up, the down again.

The repetition was driving Sara to the edge. She could feel it. Every time her dick disappeared into the greedy mouth of her friend; she could feel it. A building pressure at the base of her cock. Every time she was swallowed, every time her hips bucked in response, getting just that little bit more cock into Audrey she could feel it. The need was growing, her dick needed to cum. She needed to cum.

Audrey was in ecstasy. She could feel the need like a physical force, the power she felt in denying it was perverse, she was on the verge of cumming herself, slick thighs rubbing together as she gorged herself on Sara. Precum filling her mouth, slickening the length of meat that she was pistoning back and forth between her lips. It was all too much. All Audrey needed now was for Sara to say it. Say she belonged to Audrey. Admit she was her toy and then they could both cum, drown together in lust, drown in the pure overwhelming bliss that would follow.

Just before Sara reached her peak, before the straining girl blew her load, Audrey stopped. A slow withdrawal to the tip of Sara’s cock, audibly slurping her way to the top.

“Nooo, don’t stop, please don’t stop,” Sara’s cries were agonized. She had been so close. She was desperate.

Audrey thought she looked perfect. Her long silky hair a tangle, pale skin flushed, her breasts heaving topped by little pink nipples that looked harder than the beastly rod of hard flesh that raged between them.

It was time for Sara to be hers.

“You want to cum?” Audrey questioned, her tone almost conciliatory.

“You want to fill me with your thick cum? You want to feel my throat squeezing your cock as you fill my tummy?”

Sara was nodding frantically, “Please Audrey. Anything! Just make me cum!”

Audrey smiled that wicked smile again. “I’ll let you cum, I’ll let you fill me up until you’ve got nothing left. You’ve only got to do one thing”

As she spoke Audrey shifted, leaning forward, closing the small space that was between them till she was looking Sara dead in the eyes, till she could see the lust that was burning through her reflected in their brilliant green depths.

“All you have to do,” she whispered, pecking her helpless friend’s lips with her own.

“All you have to do is submit,” Audrey said with a mocking finality. “Submit to me, be mine forever to play with, to use, to fuck and tease and torment. Be mine Sara and I’ll give you what you want.”

Sara’s eyes widened at her friend’s words, the seductive whispering burrowing into her brain. Audrey would make her cum, Audrey would finally let her have her release. And all she had to do was submit, to let go and become a pet for the blonde goddess before her.

The maddening lust, the teasing pleasure, the need had become too much. She wanted this. To drown in all the pleasures that Audrey promised she would provide.

Audrey could see it, the acceptance, the fall into subservience in her friend’s eyes. Sara would be hers.

That single thought was enough. Audrey came undone.

Her eyes rolled back, and she came. An orgasm of incredible ferocity swept through her buxom frame, the power she felt, the hot slim body of Sara against her skin, her fall into soon to be sexual slavery. It was too much, it fed off the sea of lust that had consumed both of them and unleashed a storm of pleasure stronger than anything she had ever felt in her life.

Sara saw it all, the flushing quivering skin, the whites of Audrey’s eyes, open mouth and lolling tongue as Audrey fell victim to her own desires. Then she felt it.

Audrey’s grip weakened, unable to hold Sara as tightly to the wall as the tide of pleasure carried her away. Acceptance became defiance in Sara’s jade eyes as something in her mind finally awoke, something buried in that limitless sea of ecstasy that had consumed her finally broke through.

She was a McCallister and McCallister were slaves to none.

Audrey’s grin had been wicked but Sara’s, Sara’s was almost evil as she reversed Audrey’s grip in an instant, breaking the hold on her wrists and taking Audrey’s into her hands.

“I think it’s time we changed this up, don’t you?” Sara’s playful question was rhetorical, but Audrey caught it as her epic orgasm finally waned. Instinctively she tried to pull away from the smaller woman’s grip and was shocked when it didn’t budge.

“Mmm it’s you who’s going to serve me Audrey. I’m going to fuck you, I’m going to fill you with cum, I’m going to punish you for being such a dirty little slut and you’re gonna thank me for it and beg for more,” Sara declared, a new vigor, a new strength filling her voice.

Audrey was entranced. Sara’s green eyes filled her vision, her mind still recovering from the intense pleasure that had filled it and now Sara, pale, beautiful, incredible Sara was filling her mind with something new.

“You’re going to be my little blonde fuck pet aren’t you Audrey? You’re going to get on your knees and spread your legs for your mistress whenever I want, aren’t you?”

Sara’s honeyed words were hypnotic, alluring beyond compare, calling to the never-ending lust that filled her body. Audrey had wanted power. But now she wanted nothing more than to serve her sexy goddess, her mistress and worship the fat cock between them till the end of time.

“Yess Sara, yes Mistress, own me! Fuck me! I’ll be yours; I’ll be your fuck pet, I’ll serve you however you want.”

Audrey gasped at her own words, words she hadn’t even thought before they spilled from her lips, but something had happened, she could feel it settling on her, finding a home in her mind. She was Sara’s now.

“Oh yess. Such a good girl Audrey, you let me in and now you’re mine,” Sara praised.

Sara was breathless, she wasn’t entirely sure what had happened or what she had done but she knew it was big, that something had irrevocably changed between them in the instant Audrey had said yes.

But that was for later. Right now, her friend, no her new fuck pet had something to do. The need was still upon her, still burning its way through her body.

Sara released Audrey’s arms, letting them fall and reached instead for her pet’s neck. Taking it between both hands she pulled Audrey forwards, mashing her lips into the blondes, her tongue instantly searching forward, trying to gain entry. Audrey’s mouth opened immediately, letting her in and Sara moaned into it as her tongue found Audrey’s and tasted her. The slightly salty taste of her precum met the remnants of Audrey’s juices within and Sara moaned again before pulling back.

“Incredible, you taste incredible,” she said breathily. “But you’ve been a terrible tease and now you’re going to give me what I want.”

Sara’s grip squeezed momentarily as her voice firmed and Audrey could only gasp at the unexpected pressure on her throat and the spike of pleasure that accompanied it.

She didn’t resist as Sara’s hands slid from her neck and into her hair. Fingers tangling themselves in her sunny blonde tresses.

“I’m going to fuck that pretty mouth of yours now,” Sara stated it plainly and Audrey again gasped as pleasure spiked within her at the words.

Sara’s hands guided her down, Audrey didn’t resist, couldn’t resist. She opened her mouth and took Sara inside her, hard cock filling her mouth, tasting precum and skin.

“Fuuck yes Audrey, your mouth is so good!” Sara’s hands tightened their hold as she finally got what she wanted. The warm wet texture of Audrey’s mouth around her erection was heavenly.

She needed more.

Fingers firmly tangled in the curvy blonde’s hair, she began to drag Audrey’s head further down into her crotch, her dick forcing itself deeper into her pet’s mouth.

“Yess Audrey, take it, take it all”

Sara’s breathing was getting harder as she pressed down, slowly unrelentingly. She wanted to bury herself deep in Audrey’s throat.

Audrey could feel the fat cock pushing deeper, nudging the entrance to her throat with its thick tip. She loved it, being used by Sara was driving her wild, pleasure thrumming through her body. Her hands had moved to her pussy, fingers desperately sliding into herself, aching to answer the torrents of pleasure flowing inside her.

As three fingers pushed their way inside, easily sliding into her dripping slit, Sara finally got what she desperately wanted. Audrey shifted her head slightly, changing the angle just enough and Sara buried her cock in the blonde’s throat to the base, the soft skin of her pelvis nudging into Audrey’s nose.

“Fuuuuck,” the groan that escaped Sara was long and deep.

At long last relief, her need almost sated. Audrey’s throat was indescribable, it felt like her cock was being squeezed in a vice, the muscles constricting all along her hard length, milking her, driving her towards her desperately needed orgasm.

Sara’s thrusts into Audrey’s throat started to build momentum, faster, harder, deeper. The need had possessed her. Audrey was a drooling, moaning mess, saliva and cum leaking from her lips as she was used, frantically fingering herself as Sara fucked her face, tears forming in her bright blue eyes to streak down her face.

It didn’t take long, the speed, the pressure, Audrey’s debauched groans around her dick. It was coming.

Sara could feel it, the building pressure at the base of her cock, building and building as her dick ploughed into Audrey’s throat, from tip to base over and over again. Her toy swallowing it down greedily. Then it snapped, Sara could feel it starting to surge through her shaft. She stopped thrusting, tightening her hands in the blonde’s hair to an almost painful degree, she slammed forward one final time, every inch of her fat dick pushed into Audrey, her pelvis smacking into her pet’s face.

“FUUUUUUUUCK!” Sara bellowed as she came, her cum flooding her shaft and then into Audrey’s waiting throat, surge after surge of thick cum flowing down to fill the pinned blonde’s stomach.

Audrey could feel it as well, the tensing of Sara’s body, the sharp tugging of her hair, the thick cock cutting off her air as she was used. Then the cum flooded her mouth, her throat, wave after wave of it, that she tried to swallow down. Her fingers increased their already frantic pace and as Sara came so did she. A deep rolling orgasm that reverberated through her being as she fulfilled her purpose.

Sara saw the orgasm overtake Audrey and her own peaked again, her pet cumming from being used sparking something primal within her, she ground her hips into Audrey’s lips again as another wave of cum rushed through her dick. She could see Audrey swallowing desperately, trying to take it all down like a good little slut but it was too much, too much cum and too much pleasure for her to concentrate on it properly.

Sara decided to take pity on her pet, she pushed her back, cock still spilling its load as it went, escaping the confines of Audrey’s mouth. Sara just let her continued orgasm cover the gasping blonde. Cum splattering her golden tanned skin, hitting her stomach, her generous tits before Sara aimed a little higher and covered her gorgeous face in more even as it spilled from between Audrey’s lips into the already coated valley of flesh below.

As Audrey fell back, stretching her arms out behind her to balance herself, still on her knees between Sara’s legs, Sara couldn’t help but marvel. Cum still sprayed from her cock, molten bliss filling her as her need was finally sated, Audrey was a mess of cum, more of it still pooling on her skin and the sheer eroticism of it was something Sara had never dreamed of. Finally, she was sated and finally her orgasm came to an end.

Audrey’s bright blue eyes peered up at her from the cum covered mess that her face and body had become before they shifted to her cock. It hadn’t flagged, it was still rock hard. Sara smirked down at her toy as she realized. Her need had been sated but she wasn’t done.

“Mmm look at you little pet, did you enjoy that? I did,” Sara laughed, and Audrey could only nod, still trying to catch her breathe through the dregs of cum that still coated her tongue and mouth.

“Why don’t you turn around and bend over for me? That bed looks mighty tempting, and I can think of a few places that need filling with cum,” Sara’s tone was deliciously dirty as she reached out, uncaring about the cum that coated Audrey, hands caressing her hips as she pushed for her to move and present herself to her new mistress.

“Such a big orgasm, so much cum and already wanting more. You really are a McCallister.” Sara froze, a new voice, soft as velvet and loaded with sex floated from a corner of Audrey’s bedroom.

Sara turned her head, Audrey’s quickly following as they searched for the source of the new voice, the words soft but commanding, something in them mixing familiarly with the raging lust that now only simmered with them.

She was on the other side of the bed, perched seductively on the edge, watching them with undisguised lust of her own.

Sara couldn’t believe it, this woman, this intruder wasn’t human.

Full pouty blood red lips on an absolutely perfect face, deep purple eyes that seemed like they could go on forever till you were lost, light red skin the color of rose wine clear of blemishes and imperfections. But what Sara really noticed first were the horns, well the horns and the wings. Two tiny black horns like those of a goat festooned the top of her forehead, and silky black wings that were draped around her shoulders resting easily in place.

“Who? Who are you?” Sara managed to stutter “What are you?”

“Who the fuck are you?” was Audrey’s simultaneous cry

The unknown woman grinned, immaculately white teeth appeared between those devilish lips, small fangs showing themselves. She laughed a quick short laugh.

“You may call me Rose, and I am a succubus.”

Sara and Audrey both gasped audibly, small breaths shocked from their lungs at the demoness’ words.

“And you my little pair of darlings, have had quite the morning, the McCallister curse, her powers” an elegant finger rising to point squarely at Sara “mixing with my own as I watched you both fall prey to it. It was truly truly sinful,” the gorgeous succubus cackled as she rose from the bed. She turned and they saw her full appearance.

An hourglass figure with curves that outdid even Audrey’s barely hidden by the flowing black dress that adorned her body, large breasts riding impossibly high on her chest pushed tightly together by her corseted top, forming a cleavage that had toppled empires and revealed from where she had been sitting on it, a long whip-like tail the same color as the rest of her impossibly perfect figure.

“I’m going to have soo much fun with you both. You really have no idea of what we are going to get up to. A McCallister all to myself and an extra present besides.” That velvety voice had them spellbound as she stood and started forward, Sara could do nothing but stare as the dangerous seductress came across the room. The succubus stretched out a hand, reaching for Sara and she could feel herself pulled towards it.

It was a miracle that stopped it, from stopping her becoming a helpless thrall to a succubus.

As the hand was inches from her skin, a golden flash blurred into being from just outside Sara’s vision and it collided with the succubus, the impact was titanic, the sound loud enough to hurt and cause her ears to ring. Then the succubus was gone, thrown to the side and the golden blur followed it. The wall of their little apartment was no match for such a contest and a second impact followed, dust exploding and a huge crashing sound reverberating through the space as Rose disappeared through their wall and out into the street.

Sara just turned and stared before looking to Audrey. The lust was gone, the need was barely noticeable, and her cock had been forgotten. Audrey was in an almost unrecognisable state, the cum that had covered her was now covered in a layer of wall dust and debris that had exploded from the impact. But Sara could still see the shock, see the fierce intelligence returning to those baby blue eyes.

Audrey met her gaze. “What in the actual fuck?”

On the other side of Steelhaven another shock was about to be delivered. A well-built man in a tight fitted shirt and jeans was slowly making his way through the streets of a suburb he normally wouldn’t be caught dead in. It was much too dangerous. Dangerous for anyone who knew the name and history of the people who lived here. Doubly so for those like him. Jasper was simply a lowly demon, a messenger or a soldier as needs be. But tonight, he was hoping for something more. He had information and if he could get it to the right people then, maybe some deals could be made, and he could gain some real power.

He sidled through the streets, head swiveling, senses alert and strained as he crept towards his destination. The sprawling estate sat on one of the highest hills of Steelhaven, its sweeping lawns and multistory terraces giving it a near unparalleled view of the city.

High stone fences surrounded the lush estate, cameras tracking from hidden nooks, and Jasper knew that the inner grounds were swarming with guards. Sneaking in was suicide. He didn’t approach the main entrance; he knew he wouldn’t be wanted there no matter the importance of the information he carried. Appearances were important in this end of town and the Greys, the family who owned this particular mansion were very, very careful about who they were seen with.

Jasper moved down a side street, keeping to the open now. Knowing the Greys, either they or their guards would have seen him by now and he didn’t have to worry about other interference this close to their walls. Keeping his face schooled into a calm he didn’t really feel internally he approached a second smaller entrance to the estate.

Standing in full view of the cameras, he reached out and pushed the intercom buzzer nestled into the wall beside the reinforced gate.

“Yes?” came the terse response.

“Uhhh my name is Jasper, and ahh, I’ve seen something, seen something that Lord Grey is going to want to know about.”

“What?” came the same terse voice.

Jasper leaned forward, closer to the intercom, and quickly gave another glance around him, making sure as well as he could that he was alone. This news was gonna blow Steelhavens roof off. The families would be out in force once the news was truly public.

“I found the last McCallister, her curse has awoken, and she is in the city, I was with her when it happened,” the words spilled from him, quickly and whispered. His eyes flicked back to the intercom then around him again.

Silence met his confession, and Jasper grew concerned, that maybe this kind of news wouldn’t get the kind of reward he had dreamed.

After a few more moments of tense silence a different voice replied. More authoritative, a weight of command carrying in it easily. “Lord Grey will see you. Now.”

Jasper slumped slightly relieved that maybe, just maybe he would get his reward after all.

Then solid black steel gate slid slowly open, just enough for him to squeeze through sideways, he eased his way through and could feel it closing even as he stepped out of the way.

He was in.

The last McCallister had been found, she was in Steelhaven and soon all the families of the city would be hunting, stalking that famous blood through the streets and the poor girl had no idea what was coming.


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