The Glory of Satanic Slavery 1 by GarySix – Non-Fiction

Writer: GarySix /

Subject: The Glory of Satanic Slavery 1

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The Glory of Satanic Slavery 1

Let me start out by saying that I am an active Christian. That said, I adore and love Satan for all the amazing filth, depravity, porn, debauchery, humiliation, and true evil and blasphemy he offers me. I have found that being a Christian and enjoying Satan’s slavery over me is more thrilling and exciting than one can image. I don’t expect everyone here to understand that, yet it is something I cannot ever duplicate in any other sexual act or thought. None!

I have to post a Part Two to this because it is a bit complex to explain, at least in terms of what Satan is doing with and for me in order to keep me trained  as his Christian masturbation slave and whore bitch. I’m hoping to help you consider another unique way to enjoy and adore Satan’s name and the purity of his fucking evil. Notice I said Satan’s, “Name,” and “Evil.” (I will talk about these two critical factors in a bit. Please stay with me).

I have been involved with Satan in sexual  adoration and offering my masturbation as a form of honor and sacrifice for almost two years now. Although there are times that I feel guilt for the non-christian acts I do (blasphemy as number one), nonetheless I believe that I have in many ways pleased Satan. Slowly and methodically Satan has enslaved me to his dirty, filth at the level of a fucking sewer–I mean real filth enjoyment, real fucking slavery to his glorious filth with no limits, and his pleasures which are indescribable.

Before adoring Satan I enjoyed a robust sex life–a wide range of active real-time sex with no small number of people and a wide diversification of sex acts,many which are depraved and self-defiling, sexually humiliating, and so very “orgasmically” wonderful. I felt convinced that in those escapades I had reached the ultimate sexual high. Of course there was indeed a fantastic high in all of it and, significantly so. However, I found myself at a sexual plateau and resigned myself to the fact that I could find no higher high.

Suddenly all that changed, and I feel certain that Satan knew I wanted more. And he offered me more. Here’s how he attracted me and  now I am happily and gratefully addicted. I was visiting adult sex chat rooms and found a Christian male that posted: “Let’s phone and read Bible verses while we jerk off and cum.” The very first moment I read that, it startled me and I clicked out of it. But over the course of the afternoon the words came back to me over and over.

It began to thrill me and I could actually feel a tingling in my cock as I thought about it. I immediately went back to the chat room but he had signed off. I continued visiting, hoping to see him post again. Some two weeks passed with no success. I nearly gave up and one morning there he appeared with the same post,and I replied. As a Christian doing something like this is really bad. Although I knew this, it’s what he said by phone that attracted me.

So I followed his lead and we read from the Bible while swearing and speaking filth of ll kinds. When my orgasm hit I felt amazing and the feeling was truly unique, and more satisfying than I had ever felt. We had a relationship lasting a few months and then he bowed out on me. He did however, teach me the raw sexually power in blasphemy sex acts and talk.

I had never felt such a satisfaction. I didn’t know it then but Satan really knew that deep inside I wanted to be a filthy pig whore and sink to the lowest levels of filth imaginable. He actually knew. I realize that Satan had marked me since childhood because I recall at around six, I was already exploring my body and sexual acts. He has the intelligence and power to identify people like me.

Essentially, Satan then began to subtly work with me. Drawing me to more porn and then more  extreme porn and he waited until I peaked with the extreme porn high and once again found myself on another plateau. Of course Satan had orchestrated each movement and strategically waited for my new plateau experience. He then led me back on the same adult sex chat room. After visiting regularly, a male Christian appeared with a post — “Seeking other Christians to Explore No Limits Satanic Filth and Blasphemy Sex Acts: Phone Fantasies in USA.”

Can you see the methodical manner in which Satan  lured me? His intelligence and power and strategic patience are astounding to say the least!. Again, he knew full well that if he offered me his filth, porn. evil, humiliation,  depravity, and his cock and balls to suck that I would (Christian or not), fall to my knees for him. Of course he was right.

I anxiously replied to the post and phoned with a Christian man named Rick. He introduced me to a powerful level of filthy sex acts in order to train me, secretly for Satan. He worked methodically. Slowly he asked me to say something slightly  blasphemous in words and sentences while we masturbated. With cleverness he took a small step, a bit at a time with me. He knew I would have to overcome my Christian defense against such acts. Rick was masterful at this. When he finally trained me to the satanic addiction he confessed that he was a Christian but served as a “Gatherer,” for Satan. And he had completely gathered me. Keep in mind he had to do this very carefully not to scare me off or put too much pressure on me for blasphemy and extreme sex, taboo and so on.

I learned willingly and quickly and I thoroughly enjoyed all kinds of filthy blasphemy and defiling sex fantasies. I can tell you that sex over the phone, with the right partner, truly is the next best thing to being there physically. Amazing! Rick asked me if I felt any desire to become a Gatherer for Satan?

My presence and support of XP’s astounding website should answer that question. Once I worked at this, Satan wanted me to become his masturbation and filthy whore slave, to be his own property to use and abuse and humiliate. And I wanted the same. In order to assure my adoration and total slavery to him, Satan generously gave me a gift that I find almost impossible to explain to you. A gift of intense power and desire. I still find that gift puzzling, but it has become the very ultimate in sexual filth highs. In Part Two I will detail this tremendous gift, based on what I mentioned above: Satan’s name and his evil.