Feature writer: nova2469
Feature title: The Gates
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The Gates


The blonde girl lay back on the hard stone floor of the cave in a post-orgasmic glow, her sweaty body dripping with strange green slime and dark, viscous cum. She was so pleased with herself, all her research has paid off, not only had she found the she was looking for but it had turned out to be extremely good fun too.

A deep, wet voice echoed from the back of the dark cavern, “Good my little one. Our plan will soon be in action and together we will rule Earth. I enslaving all humanity and you beside me as my queen.”

The beautiful girl giggled at this thought, her large breasts wobbling as she did.

“And then Hell will be next! But first we must have more of my kind to aid us and you will help me make that happen.”

“Of course I will.” The girl said as she sat up and stared into the darkness at the back of the cave, thrusting her breasts forward as she did so.

“Good! Then we must mate again!”

“Ummmmm.” The girl replied as she opened her legs and the first tentacles appeared out of the darkness charging towards her pussy.


Chapter One — Moving Day

Dani Hutter lifted the last box from the back of her car and wearily made her way up the long and meandering path to the front door of her new house. It had been a long and hard day but she was happy with the results. She was finally living, for the first time in her thirty four years, somewhere she really liked. No more suburban bungalows or city center apartments, she was now the proud owner of a large, two hundred year old house, far enough away from anywhere to be actually be peaceful. It had taken her a lot of hard work to save for it it, far too many late nights in the office working on some case or the other but she had finally been able to afford it.

Not that the house was perfect, it hadn’t been lived in for some time and it needed a fair bit of work doing to it but she didn’t mind putting in the time and no doubt large amount of money required to fix it all. It was also a little large just for her and her eighteen year old daughter, Carrie. She hadn’t actually counted the rooms but she guessed it must have at least thirty or forty but it at least meant she wouldn’t be able to hear Carrie’s loud music throughout the whole house now.

Dani placed the box down in the large hallway with a pile of about a dozen more and shut the large front door behind her. She ran her hand through her long, silky dark hair brushing the dust from it before walking into the lounge and collapsing on a chair, exhausted by her days work. The lounge, like most of the rooms in the house, was large and ornate. The walls were a pattern mix of wood paneling and green wall paper, it was all rather old fashioned and a bit of decorating would be the least the place needed. At present the room was filled by badly placed bits of furniture and piles of boxes and bags full of Dani’s junk. She began stretching her long, lithe legs out when a large crash came from outside the door.

“Hey mum! I want the big bedroom out the back.” Carrie said as she came bouncing into the room, knocking over yet more boxes. Dani sighed as her daughter entered the room – not only was she making more mess but she was also wearing a far too short a skirt again. Dani worried, Carrie was a very pretty girl with a perfect teenage body and shoulder length light blonde hair and Dani just knew that men would be desperate to take advantage of her daughters inexperience and naivety. She knew because it had happened to her and she was desperate that her daughter wouldn’t become a teenage mother like she had.

Carrie’s father, a man ten years her senior, had seduced Dani over eighteen years before and hung around just long enough to make her pregnant before leaving her to bring up Carrie alone. It had been a struggle but not only had she brought up an intelligent, hard working and charming girl but she had put herself through law school and become one of the top lawyers in the area.

“Mum why are you looking at me like that?” Carrie asked.

“Look at what you are wearing Carrie. I’ve told you before you should be a little more modest, that skirt’s far too short and that top far too tight.”

Carrie laughed at her mother, “Like you can talk! Look at what you are wearing!”.

Dani knew she was right, as she had got older and still not found a new father for Carrie or for that matter someone to fuck her at all, her previous modesty had vanished and today was no exception. She was wearing a daringly short skirt and a low cut top which showed off plenty of her ample cleavage. “Well alright…but do be careful.”.

“Yes mum” Carrie whined, “but can I have that bedroom?”.

“Yes you can have that one. I think I’ll take the big master bedroom in the other wing.”

“Cool. I want to go and check out the town library later, I got some work to finish, will that be okay?” Carrie asked.

“Umm, well maybe later but you’ve got to help me unpack a bit first.” Dani didn’t want to stop her studious daughter working but there was a lot to unpack.

“Owww why? It’s going take forever to unpack everything to fill this place.”.

“Well maybe but you can still help me.” Dani said as she stood up and handed Carrie the first box to unpack.


It was several hours later and after weathering her complaints for over three hours Dani had finally let Carrie go to the library. Dani still marveled at her daughter, that a pretty eighteen year old would be happier working in the library and not out getting drunk with her friends was not exactly common but then Carrie had always been a quiet and hard working girl, Dani was awfully proud of her.

After unpacking a few more boxes Dani had run herself a hot bath and was now laying back enjoying the sensuous bubbles. It had been a very busy day and she could feel the stress and weariness vanishing from her body as the hot water caressed her naked flesh.

Dani closed her eyes, her head lying back against the bath and slowly let her hand slip around her flat stomach. Occasionally her fingers would just reach up to the bottom of her large breasts or down the edge of her pubic hair, gently teasing herself. She felt great and knew that before the bath was over she would be fiercely humping against her own fingers buried inside her. She’d been alone for such a long time now that d she had become quite the expert in bringing herself off.

However just as her hands slid their way around her wet breasts, grasping the pert flesh she heard a large crash followed by what sounded like a growl or bizarre cry. She immediately sat up in the bath and listened out for more noises. Yet after a minute she heard no more and though fearful pulled herself out of the bath. She was sure Carrie wasn’t back yet and had no idea what had made the sounds, as she pulled on her bath robe she desperately hoped that it was just some animal come in out of the countryside and not an intruder. Her bathrobe held tight around her wet, naked body Dani crept out of the bathroom and down the long corridor towards the noise, leaving wet footprints on the plush carpet.

She reached the door to one of the many bedrooms to the house, a room she hoped to use as an office and where she was sure the noise had come from. She gingerly opened the heavy wooden door and looked into the room. A pile of her boxes had obviously been knocked over, their contents splashed across the floor but as she scanned the room Dani couldn’t see anything that could have knocked them over.

She walked into the room, still searching and suddenly saw something out the corner of her eye, a vague shape, completely indistinct. She spun to face it when a huge bang echoed through the house from downstairs. Dani jumped back out of the room to face this new menace when a new cry rolled up the stairs.

“MUM! I’m home!” Carrie called as she charged up the stairs.

Dani, relieved turned to face her, “Oh! Hi Carrie.”.

“What are you doing? You getting water everywhere.” Carrie said as she noticed her soaking mother.

“Umm, oh. I was having a bath.” Dani replied.

“So why aren’t you still in it?”

“I heard a noise, these boxes got knocked over.” Dani said, indicating the pile of fallen boxes to Carrie, “I guess it was just the wind though.” Dani continued as she noticed the open window in the room, a harsh wind blowing in.

“Okay, well whatever. I’m going to bed.” Carrie said as she walked towards her room.

“Goodnight then. I’ll just dry myself and I’ll be off too. I’ve got to go to the office for a bit early tomorrow but as it’s the school holidays you can continue unpacking can’t you?”.

“Yes Mum.” Carrie shouted as she vanished around the corner of the corridor, her tone suggesting unpacking was not in her plans for the next day.


“Fuuucckkk! Yesss!!!”

Dani’s sweaty, naked body shook with the power of her orgasm, a deep moan escaping from her mouth. She had indeed gone straight to bed but her unfinished business from earlier meant she was in no state to sleep, her mind was full of thoughts of sex and she now lay on her bed, frigging herself to yet another solitary orgasm.

Her free hand continued to tug at her nipples, teasing the last bits of pleasure from her body whilst her other continued to thrust in and out of her wet pussy. Until finally she was done and she lay back panting, smiling in deep pleasure, sweat running in little rivulets down her stomach, off her brow and around her large tits.

After regaining a little of her composure she pulled herself of the bed and slipped on a thin, silk nightdress. She walked out of her room and headed towards the kitchen, after her strenuous ‘exercise’ she needed a glass of water. It was after midnight and so she was quiet as not to wake Carrie, who would no doubt be asleep. When she reached the large staircase which headed down to the ground floor Dani noticed a pale light emanating from the corridor that led to the large southern extension. It was a odd part of the house, apparently added a while after the initial building and in a more Gothic style than the rest of the house. Dani hadn’t really planned on using it much, there were a couple of rooms she thought she might use as guest rooms and a large library she had intended to use as storage for her case files but not much else. However it looked like a light had been left on, assuming Carrie must have done it when she was searching for her room she headed off down the corridor.

As she walked down the short flight of stairs that led to the southern wing, Dani noticed that the light wasn’t the normal yellowy or white color of an electric light but a strange hue of grey and purple. It soon became apparent that the light was coming from the library and Dani hurried towards it wanting to find the source and then hopefully get back to bed.

Dani rounded the corner into the library and gasped in shock. The large room was still full of empty bookshelves and cabinets but now where a wall had stood earlier in the day was now opened to a small extension of the library. Dani was sure there wasn’t meant to be a room there, let alone one normally hidden by secret doorways. The extension seemed to be a small study area with several desks and bookcases all covered in old books and other strange clutter, however dominating the study were three darkly glowing gateways set into the back wall of the room. Each was framed by a stonework archway that seemed to have inscriptions around it as well as bizarre stone gargoyles carved into shapes of demonic monsters. Inside each archway light glowed in swirling colors of grey, black, purple and strange raw darkness.

Dani slowing approached the study not really believing what she was seeing. The gateways clearly led somewhere but the swirling colours and a light mist obscured any attempt to see where they went. Gingerly she crept around the study, avoiding getting too close to the bizarre archways, beginning to feel cold, her light night dress flapping around her body in cool breeze spreading from the gates.

She looked around at the desks, which sat against either wall, each was covered in books. Most were old, worn, leather bound volumes, some lay open and seemed to be filled with insane doodlings. Some were notes and commentary in many different languages, some English but also Latin, French, what looked like ancient Greek and others that Dani simply could not identify. Pictures and diagrams of bizarre creatures, strange mathematical notations and ritual instructions also filled the pages. Each book seemed obsessed with magic, monsters, demons and what looked like hell.

The odd items surrounding the books were no more normal with strange talismans from a myriad of differing cultures, carved bone implements, jars full of unidentifiable organic objects or brightly colored liquids. The whole scene was completely alien to Dani and she was a little afraid but she began to understand what the gates were, clearly she thought there were part of some occult experiment. Despite less than supportive comments from friends and family Dani has always been a believer in the occult and the power of magic. A catholic upbringing had laid the groundwork and a brief rebellious phase as a teenage goth had added to it. She might be a successful lawyer now but that didn’t mean she didn’t think there were greater powers in the universe.

Now to actually see something like this was just incredible, and deeply intriguing. Who has created the gateways and why, she really couldn’t say. They looked almost new but no one had lived in the house for several decade. She’d heard were odd rumors about the previous owner being some mad old man but that didn’t mean he was a wizard. And why were the gateways still working and where did they lead? She just had to know. So carefully she stepped towards the trio of glowing stone archways.

Each appeared almost identical, made of black stone and full of dark and swirling colors. The only apparent difference were the carvings around the edges. Each inscription, though written in a language that she couldn’t recognize let alone understand, appeared different and the gargoyles and statuettes were also different. The central arch was surrounding by large and menacing demons, tough, often heavily armored and ready for battle whilst on the top a beautiful snake like woman was carved a wicked yet playful grin on her face.

The left hand arch was surrounded by a mix of strange and perverse demons dressed in bizarre clothes and often half naked and humans, mostly young and female who seemed to be being tortured by the demons. Finally the right had arch was surrounding by slug like monsters and fat, rotting beasts dripping in slime.

As Dani studied arches something really strange occurred, she knew she still couldn’t read the inscriptions but somehow their meanings began to become clear in her mind. It began with general impressions of darkness and of hell but soon she new exactly what each said. Each started with the same warning, “The door to hell is now open. Enter at your own peril.”, before describing it’s destination. The centre one read “To the Ninth Circle of Hell. The domain of the her high and mightiness, the most evil and wicked one, Salrissa.”. The one to the left read “Enter the Circle Sixth. Let your deepest pleasure and pain become real.”, whilst the last read “The Eighth Circle. The Circle of Decay, Disease and Slime.”.

Dani slowly took this all in, standing before the gates, ideas flashing through her head, she knew she should really leave the library and seal it up for good. It simply couldn’t be safe for her or Carrie to live near such things. Yet she was immensely curious, she desperately wanted to know if what the gates claimed were real, could she visited hell and what would it be like.

Dani continued to stand staring at them for several minutes as slowly but surely that little darkness we all keep inside of us tempted her to enter hell. She became convinced that their would be much to gain by going to hell, clearly whoever had built the gates had put a lot of time and power into it so it just had to be worthwhile. And the images carved around the gates and in the books began to tempt her too, the demons and monsters both the males and females were obviously wicked and evil but enticing and strangely desirable too.

Finally she decided, she had to go, her curiosity had to be fulfilled, she had to see hell. She began to walk to the central gate when the inscription on the left promising the deepest pleasures caught her eye and with a wicked little grin on her face she strode into the gate.


Chapter Two — The Sixth Circle

The dark light surrounded Dani, filling her vision, becoming her entire world. The moment seemed to last forever yet is was also over in an instant at the same time. Dani felt as though she had traveled a thousand miles yet was just a few feet from her library. As she traveled a word echoed in her mind, an inhuman word, but very important. She didn’t know how she knew but none the less was sure that simply uttering the word, no matter where she was would return her out of the gate and back home. Dani knew she would be safe and then the light faded and as the gate had promised Dani stood on the Sixth Circle of Hell.

She looked around, initially unimpressed. She stood in a long, dark stone corridor, the walls made of black and grey bricks, the whole place lit by occasional burning torches. The corridor extended beyond Dani’s vision in both directions and she was about to begin walking down one way hoping that not all of hell would be this boring when she noticed something else had changed. Her nightdress was gone and somehow using it’s magic the gate had given clothing more suitable to the sixth level of hell. And she was stunned by what she was wearing; a pair of thigh high, black leather boots which accentuated her long, smooth legs, an indecently skimpy leather thong which she could feel pressing tightly against her pussy lips and vanishing up between her ripe buttocks, a studded leather collar wrapped tightly around her neck, her hair, no longer free and flowing was held in a ponytail clipped together by black metal clasp and most surprisingly of all she wore a small, leather corset, tight around her curves and without cups so that her large breasts and pert pink nipples were on display. A brief flick along her lips with a finger told her that her make-up had changed too, gone were her normal pale colors, her lips and nails were now painted a deep black.

Dani ran her hands over the slick leather and she had to admit that not only did she look amazing but it made her feel incredibly sexy. With a spring in her step and breasts bouncing freely Dani headed off down the corridor.

Despite it initially appearing infinitely long and completely empty Dani soon came to three doors set in the side of the corridor, the doors seemed to appear out of nowhere as she had approached them. She now stood in front of them and examined each in turn, a little apprehensive about what could be behind them.

The first door was made out of a black wood, ornately curved into strange geometric patterns. She leaned a little closer and could hear a lot of noise and commotion coming from behind it, in fact it sounded like a busy street. The second door, made of steel, old and rusted with what looked liked bloodstains all over it was much more menacing and Dani could hear screams of pain and what might have been pleasure from behind it. The last door was also metal but this time a strange black steel, perfectly smooth and gleaming. At first Dani could hear nothing behind the door but as she pressed her ear to it she though she could just make out pants and moans coming from a woman. Unsure of where to go but knowing she simply could not come this far and not find out what was in hell she pushed open the first door.

Dani stepped through the doorway and was greeted by a bizarre site, the door instead of leading to another corridor or room like she had expected opened up to a large open air square, the sky above was the deepest black full of rolling grey clouds yet the square was brightly lit and full of people. And not just humans but strange and bizarre creatures too, big, tough pig-like humanoids, small grey and green goblins, things that looked like twisted metal robots, large dog like creatures and many others – some unlike anything Dani had ever seen or imagined. Yet all, like her, had one thing in common, there were all dressed in leather and metal fetish wear. It was an amazing sight and as one beautiful yet twisted creature after another walked past her Dani could feel herself become excited.

“Now you’re a beautiful one, and a new arrival too.” A soft feminine voice said behind her.

Dani looked round and gasped at what she saw, a woman or perhaps a demon stood there. She was beautiful, tall, full bodied and yet lithe, her skin a deep purple color, long dark hair flowing around her only interrupted by two small ivory horns sticking out of her head, the demoness wore a tattered, black silk loincloth held up by a metal chain, a spiky metal collar and a metal chain ran from one dark purple nipple to the other held by two rings pierced through her flesh.

“What?” Dani muttered as the creature eased towards her.

“You are new here? No?” The demoness said from behind Dani as she wrapped her arms around her shoulders, sliding up and down the leather of Dani’s basque.

“Umm, yes.” Dani replied as the demoness’s talon-ed hands slid up and around Dani’s bare breasts.

“And you are delightful. I wish to help you. Can I help you?” The demoness whispered as her hands began gently caressing Dani’s tits, rubbing the pert flesh.

“Aahhh, ohhhhh, yes, ohhhhh, yes, where am I?” Dani panted, pleasure flooding her leather clad body from her fondled breasts.

“Well little mortal you are on the sixth circle of hell, the circle of pain. This you can tell by it’s inhabitants predisposition for leather and sadism.” The creature explained as Dani lay her head back against the large cushion of her tits, “More precisely this is the square of hurting. The central meeting and trading place on this circle, luckily whatever gate you used brought you here for it is generally safer for mortals than many other parts.”.

Though her pussy hadn’t even been touched yet Dani could feel she was close to cumming already, under her own ministrations even with fingers buried inside her it would take her ages to cum but this creature’s expert hands had brought her to the brink within in minutes and only by touching her tits. It wasn’t hell she thought but heaven.

“Arrrghhhh! Pleaseeeeeee! Fuck me!” Dani panted, her own hand sinking into her thong, reaching for her aching cunt.

“No I think not little one. I will leave you to explore for a while but I like your passion perhaps we will meet again.” And with that the demoness released Dani’s chest and with inhuman speed slipped into the crowd.

“NO!” Dani couldn’t believe she’d been abandoned but her body didn’t care and was screaming to cum so in the middle of the busy market square Dani dropped to her knees, thrust her hand into her pussy and for the second time that day made herself cum.

She groaned deeply and loudly as her fingers penetrated her insides, her orgasm slamming her senses and flooding her body. She could feel her juice gently spurting out between her thrusting fingers and spreading out onto the ground. Her tits bouncing as she pushed her body back against her jerking fingers. She felt wild and deeply satisfied.

As the delight seeped away, Dani slowly came to her senses, her body returning to normal though covered in a thin sheen of orgasmic sweat. She was in the middle of a street, breasts naked and masturbating, she looked around expecting to see a crowd gathered to watch but few had even turned their heads and those that did looked at her as if she was just a silly child, just another mortal unable to control themselves on a visit to hell. Embarrassed though for what she was sure was the wrong reasons Dani got up and slipped into the crowd.

As she pushed her way through several creatures, male, female and animal, came to her, like the purple woman had, with soft words and hands(or tentacles or tongues or prehensile phalluses) wandering over her thighs, breasts or arse. However she had learned from her previous encounter not to be taken advantage of and pushed most away though she briefly let the occasional touch linger to send more pleasure shivering through her and she even let her own hands grab the odd passing piece of flesh. To her own surprise it seemed mostly to be the flesh of female creatures, she’d never been attracted to woman before but the sight of the demoniacally perfect tits and arses framed and encased in leather was driving her wild and once or twice she saw a breast she just had to touch and before she knew what she was doing she found herself sucking on a nipple before being pushed away by it’s owner, often with harsh words and a slap to the breasts or buttocks which each time would send further excitement into her pussy.

As she wandered around her desire grew and grew and twice she found quiet corners away from people to frig herself off again so that soon her thighs were sticky with her own juices, her large breasts glistening with sweat.

Slowly she began to bring herself under control and rather than just staring at the flesh on display started looking at what was going on in the square. It was basically a market though apparently currency didn’t exist and most trading seemed to be done on a bartering basis. The traders themselves all seemed to be of the same race, if race was the right term for the differing demon species, being bright red skinned humans, all bald(the men and the women) and each with unique black markings in geometric patterns etched onto their bodies. They all seemed obsessed with trading, each desperately trying to get peoples attention.

The goods on sale were an odd mixture, some were what Dani would expect to see in any market such as food, drink and various utensils. However this being the sixth circle of hell there was much else as well, large stalls just full of leather, latex and metal clothing, huge piles of torture implements, sex toys, chains and items that Dani simply didn’t want to know the purpose of. Their were also books, scrolls and talismans, many like the ones she’d seen back in the library, she thought it might not be a bad idea to go back and see what see could get for selling them, she had a feeling that the traders would be quite impressed by some of them.

However Dani continued around the market, examining the odd item but ignoring the attempts of the traders to actually sell her anything and trying the whole time not to stare at the stunning demons and humans that filled the square. The presence of humans had surprised her at first, they only made up a very small percentage of the crowd but she had imagined that getting to hell like she had was not that common an event. Yet from the snippets of conversion she overheard mages, witches and dark priests made the visit often and even more surprisingly some humans even lived in hell. Most apparently in cities on the first circle but even here on the circle of pain some lived. Some it turned out were slaves, unwary individuals who had somehow got to hell and quickly become prisoners of some demon but most were free people living in a world that until an hour before Dani didn’t even know existed. She had to admit to be very excited about the whole thing and she wanted to explore more, the market was great but she knew there had to be even better things waiting so she slipped her way through the crowd until she reached the door she had come in on.


Dani let the door shut silencing the constant noise of the market behind her and she again studied the two remaining doors in the corridor. After a moments reflection she picked the second door assuming she would try each in turn. She pushed against the blood stained metal and with a strange almost animal cry it creaked open.

She stepped into the near darkness beyond, the door shutting behind her and it took several seconds for her eyes to adjust. When their did the room was so unlike the open air market, apparently only next door, that she was momentarily stunned.

The room was small, dark and very hot. The walls were made of a combination of large rusted metal posts and a dark stone slick with a strange liquid, what little light there was came from a series of braziers full of a burning oil, heating the room up extraordinarily. The center of the room was dominated by several black, metal frames each different but adorned with a variety of chains, spikes and hooks in the middle of which were three figures. The first two were human girls, young perhaps about Carrie’s age and very pretty. One was blonde, lithe and very sweet, the other a mousy brunette also cute but with much fuller breasts. Both were naked, bodies gleaming with sweat and covered in red marks.

The third was obviously not human but a demon of some kind. He stood at least a foot taller than any man also naked, skin a pure white not Caucasian but actually bright white. He was basically humanoid but instead of one arm he had a large insectoid claw and his mouth was large, inhuman and full of large fangs. Most unsettling he had no penis but two long segmented and agile insectoid spikes sat in it’s place.

The girls were on all fours facing Dani chains attached to their ankles and wrists holding them in place, whilst the demon stood behind them his penis spikes slapping the girls pert butts and toying with their pussies.

Dani took in the scene and despite a motherly desire to help the girls stop the torment, their beautiful bodies and faces wracked with pleasure soon began to turn her on.

She continued to stare unsure if she should even be there and convinced she shouldn’t just start masturbating again despite her need until after several minutes of continued sexual torture the blonde girl screamed in orgasm and the demon looked up and noticed Dani.

“Good day human.” The demon rasped in a weird clicking voice, “I did not realize I had a visitor. Feel free to join in.”.

“Sorry?” Dani asked a little surprised at the invitation, “I mean, I can do what I want? You don’t want to hurt me?”.

The demon looked at her a little confused, “Of course I want to hurt you. But you came to hell through a controlled gate. You would escape me if I tried to hurt you.” Something seemed to suddenly dawn on the demon, “Unless you want me to hurt you?”.

“Um, no thank you.” Dani quickly replied.

“Well, then, play with my little toys if you wish.”. The demon indicated the two girls as his spikes finally stopped prodding them.

“Who are they?” Dani asked, a nagging hint of pity still just keeping her raging libido in check.

“Human girls. Unlike you they came to hell without protection. Some years ago I found them wandering the corridors alone. I made them my pets. It took a little while to train them but I think you’ll find them very entertaining now.” The demon explained, “Now I grow bored. I shall see if the market has anything more exciting on offer. Play with them a while or leave. I do not care and will not be back for sometime.” The demon finished as he vanished into the darkness at the back of the room.

Moments later Dani heard a door open and then shut towards the back of the room and she found herself alone in front of two bound and naked girls, both staring at her with a mix of obedience, fear and desire. Her conscience screamed at her to release them and flee back out the gate but her sexual need screamed at her to thrust her pussy into one of their waiting faces.

Her sexual need easily won and with the decision made she pulled down her thong before thrusting her already sopping cunt forward. A brief seconds indecision followed as she tried decide which girl to select but the blonde quickly won, her sweetness just too much of a turn on for Dani.

As soon as her bare pussy touched the girl’s face she slipped her tongue into it’s folds. Dani groaned as with one hand she grabbed the blondes head and pushed it tighter into herself and with the other reached down for the other girl – to her surprise she was not there.

Then she suddenly realized the brunette was standing free at her side, just as how she’d most desired it.

“How, ughhh, did, uggh, you, uuuhhh, get, uhhh, free?”

Dani moaned as the tongue inside her began thrashing about.

The girl beside her looked at her sweetly, submissive but obviously confused before embracing the older woman. Dani gave up caring about how the girl was free and just assumed it was yet another delightful trick of hell’s magic as the brunette pressed her body against hers, large tits crushing into hers and sweet lips held together.

Dani’s tongue flicked around inside the young girl’s mouth tasting her fruitiness. Her free hand groping the girl’s large and sweaty breasts. Dani broke the kiss and with a moan the brunette dropped her head to Dani’s leather framed bare breasts, a pink nipple slipping into her mouth. Dani reached down the girl’s back, running around her pert, teenage arse before pushing her fingers into her hot and wet cunt, and so for the first time Dani’s fingers were inside a pussy that was not her own.

The brunette was now slurping away at Dani’s nipples, deep groans escaping from around the wet flesh whilst the blonde, still chained and on all fours was expertly feasting on her pussy. Dani didn’t know how long the girls had been in hell but they’d obviously done this before and their practiced ministrations had her moaning, groaning and begging for more as she thrust her cunt into the blondes face and rapidly jerked her fingers inside the brunettes warm hole.

“Ugghhhh!”, Dani screamed “Yes! Yes! Yes! Eat me! Eat me!”. Ecstasy was flooding her body, concentrating around her nipples and pussy.

Suddenly the brunette came, Dani felt the girl’s cunt spasm around her fingers and the girl cried out. Dani thrust her fingers a few more times, pushing the girl’s orgasm on longer and harder until the girl pulled herself away and dropped to the floor, exhausted and panting.

Dani’s whole world then became the blonde before her, she grabbed the girls head with both hands and pushed her face even harder into her groin. Dani felt awash with pleasure and with power.

“Argghh! Make me cum! Make me cum!” she screamed as she lifted one of her booted legs and ran the leather tip of her foot down the girls sweaty belly till it reached her pelvis.

Grabbing a nearby metal post for support Dani pushed her foot fiercely into the blonde’s cunt, despite being very wet the leather boot was large and it stretched the girl wide, she screamed as pleasure and pain shot up through her body and this meant, briefly, she stopped her nibbling of Dani’s clit.

“BITCH!” Dani screamed at the girl, angered at the break in her pleasure, “Don’t stop! Don’t ever stop you fucking slut! Just make me CUM!”.

The girl quickly began again thrusting her tongue into Dani’s cunt and Dani returned the action with her boot, which was now shiny and slippery with the blonde’s juices. Dani had only pushed the boot into the girl’s cunt a couple of times when the girls tongue flicked deep into her, further than before, touching her most sensitive place and made her cum. She put her foot back on the ground as her whole being shock with the pleasure, an orgasm unlike any she had ever had before. For over a minute she stood there, still holding the girl’s face to her pussy, her orgasmic juices flooding over her the blonde until finally it was over.

She released the girl and took a step back, looking around the room. The brunette had collapsed, passed out and was now sleeping, whilst the blonde, face dripping in her juices was still on all fours before her. The young girl’s she had feared for, had thought about freeing were gone, Dani only saw a pair of sex toys, things for her amusement. She knew it was wrong but never the less was very pleased at what she had found in hell.

She then noticed her boot, slimy, a puddle of juice dripping off it onto the floor and she bent down and ran her finger up the leather, collecting a trail of pussy cream before sliding it into her mouth. It tasted sour but quite wicked. Then she again noticed the blonde’s face, ten times the juice covering it and this time her own. So she dropped to her knees and lent forward, her tongue ran from the girl’s mouth up to her forehead, her own cunt cream sliding into her mouth and down her throat.

Dani continued for several minutes, tasting herself, the girl occasionally licking her tongue and face back until she had licked it all up and then she stood, absently wiping droplets of sweat from her large tits.

“That was great. If you’re both good girls I might come back one day.” She said as she walked towards the door.

The blonde stared at her, eyes full of lust, “Please mistress. I would like that.”.

Dani smiled and opened the metal door, leaving the girls behind her.


Dani was again out in the corridor, she was beyond satisfied, growing a little tired and knew she could come back any time she wanted but she didn’t quite want to leave yet. The magic of the gate had obviously brought her to the three doors for a reason and she still hadn’t seen what was behind the third.

So she walked up to the ornate doorway and pushed open the final door just as she realized she’d left her thong back in the last room and that her cunt was naked for all to see. Such worries however vanished as she entered the room.

The room itself was much like the one previous, quite small, dark and hot but the centre was very different. Gone were the torture implements and chains in their place was a simple sandy floor, it was what was going on here that had Dani transfixed.

In the middle of the floor a woman, one of the red skinned traders from the market, beautiful though somewhat alien, who was on her back, naked, legs spread wide. Standing over her and fucking her with it’s foot and a half long cock was a giant dog. Not some earth Labrador but a hound of hell. It was huge perhaps eight foot from head to tail, fur a dark black, large claws, huge fangs and red beaming eyes.

Both woman and dog were obviously highly enjoying themselves as she groaned and it growled, bodies thrusting at each other. For a few seconds Dani was disgusted then the sight of the huge animal cock, the woman’s obvious pleasure and her own dark desires got the batter of her and she once again began to get horny.

The woman had worked herself up to a climax and came with an earth shattering scream, moments later the hell hound pulled itself out of the woman and also came. Pints of it’s creamy jism shot all over the woman’s body, covering her face, breasts and belly. Dani had never seen anything cum like that and she was amazingly turned on.

The dog, it’s task complete slopped of to the corner of the room and sat down. The woman lay for several moments before pulling herself off the ground and walked towards the door, a trails of jism dripping off her. When she saw Dani she smiled at her and said “Enjoy yourself. He’s really good today.” Before walking out the room.

The dog remained sitting on the floor and Dani was unsure what to do. She wanted to fuck to hell hound, she desperately wanted that huge cock in her but even now she was a little disgusted at the thought. She knew her little trip to hell had revealed her to be a dirty slut but fucking an animal was almost too much. Then the dog shifted slightly and she again caught sight of it’s cock and her choice was made.

She walked to the center of the room, unclipping and throwing away her corset though leaving on her collar and boots. She then lie back on the sandy floor, slowly parting her legs till she was positioned as the red skinned woman had been.

She waited, not sure what the hell hound would do, her breathing coming in excited yet nervous pants. Seconds passed but to Dani seemed like hours before finally the dog stirred and slowly padded it’s way up to the prone woman. It sniffed the air, it’s red eyes burning into Dani’s. At first she thought it would turn her down, it’s dick remained flaccid but then suddenly she looked again and it was fully erect, monstrous and now baring down on Dani’s pussy. The dog took a few steps until it’s front paws were above Dani and it’s back legs below her, it’s cock now positioned inches from her cunt.

She began to get scared, the dick looked even bigger close up, she wasn’t sure she could take, she wanted to move but then it was too late the hell hound thrust itself into Dani. She screamed at the huge intrusion, her pussy stretched further and penetrated deeper than ever before. The hell hound had hilted it’s eighteen inches inside her and as she looked down, pain and pleasure overwhelming her senses, she could see it’s shape pushing up through her flat belly.

The hell hound then pulled itself out so that Dani’s cunt was empty before again hilting itself inside her. She screamed a second time but this more from pleasure than pain, by the forth thrust Dani was being pushed into new heights of rapture. With each long, slow thrust that the dog made into her, Dani would let out a guttural scream whilst as it pulled out she would beg for it to re-enter her. Yet the hell hound ignored her and continued with it’s rhythmic humping, Dani’s orgasm coming closer and closer.

After perhaps only a minute of this she new she was about to cum and as the dog pulled out she new the next thrust would finish her off but then nothing, the cock she so desired didn’t enter her. So looked up at the dog and saw it staring at her, an almost human-like grin on it’s face, it’s dick held several inches away from Dani. Desperate she pushed her groin up hoping to push herself onto the animal but it nimbly pushed her down with it’s front paw. She then moved her hand towards her dripping pussy, desperate to cum and not caring how but again the hell hound stopped her by pawing her hand back down.

“Noooo! Please! Pleaseeeeeee!” She begged, knowing that she may have been master in the last room but here the hell hound ruled.

The demon beast again ignored her and just opened it’s mouth letting several large globules of sticky mucus drip out and splash down on Dani’s massive tits.

The animal then bent it’s head down, it’s large tongue lolling out and landing on her now sodden breasts, flicking around them, increasing Dani’s pleasure but just not enough before moving up and running along her full black painted lips. Almost involuntarily Dani opened her mouth and before she knew it she was sucking on a mucous covered demon dog tongue. It tasted foul but she didn’t care, the full filthiness and perversity of the situation was just making her hotter. So horny in fact the she realized her orgasm wasn’t so close, she could reach a much higher plateau of bliss yet and as if it knew what she thought the hell hound retracted it’s tongue from her mouth a with a growl resumed it’s fucking of the woman.

Thrust after thrust the hell hound pushed into her, Dani pushing herself up to met him, ensuring every inch of the dog was buried in her every time. Deep moans and obscene cries flowing from between her lips, an orgasm unlike any other growing inside her. The hell hound was also clearing enjoying itself, it’s pumping getting faster and faster, growling with each thrust, more mucus frothing at it’s mouth before flying off, often splashing onto Dani’s tits or face where she would try to lick it off.

Dani was now panting and groaning, her body being pushed about by the hell hound’s increasingly violent humping, each thrust squelching inside her before it again pulled it’s cock out. And then finally the hell hound came, it pushed itself inside her one last time before halting, Dani felt the dick spasm, once, twice and then her womb was filled with it’s jism. The hot liquid filled her belly in seconds and this new, filthy sensation sent her into tremors of pleasure, her own orgasm exploding throughout her body, one long groan of joy escaping her lips.

The dog it’s cum now spurting from between it’s cock and Dani’s pussy lips retracting itself from her, jism still pouring from it’s dick. The white liquid squirted up Dani’s stomach, all over her breasts and then further up, swamping her face and finally silencing her moan. For over a minute the girl shock with ecstasy and the dog covered her body in cum, until finally both were done.


After they had came the hell hound went to sleep in a dark corner, Dani however lay back covered in the beast’s jism until finally she pulled herself up and began wiping the cum off. With each wipe of her hand large globules flew off and hit the ground with a splat but after several minutes she decided it was futile, her body, face and hair were just too covered in it. She was forced to pull off her boots after the cum had started pooling in the bottom as it slid down her legs.

So deciding a shower was in order and now only dressed in studded collar and cum she left and room and headed off back down the corridor. She soon came to were she had entered and found nothing but stone wall. She began to panic, fearing a life trapped in hell, the sex had been amazing but she had to look after Carrie, she still feared for her daughter. Then she remembered, the strange word that had filled her mind when she first arrived and so she loudly said it and in a flash she was back in the library.

The first rays of daylight were coming through the window, the collar, black make-up and jism had all gone and she was again dressed in her silk nightdress. The light in the gateways had gone, they were dull and lifeless and as she stepped across the threshold to the library proper the wall that had hidden the study and the arches suddenly reappeared.

Dani smiled, she had found a secret way to hell and the naughtiest adventures she could want, all completely safe and only revealed after midnight. She knew the next few nights would not involve a lot of sleep. Her only worry was to be sure that Carrie stayed away from the library and the hideous to demon sex, it contained. It might be too late for her she realized but her sweet daughter would not be tempted by such perversity.

To Be Continued….