Feature Writer: PsychMike /
Published: 24.12.2010
Feature Title: The Fantasies X  /
Story Codes: Transgender, demon /
Synopsis: Agga finds love in the arms of a demon.  /

The Fantasies X

Agga Reborn 1

To men Agga was a tomboy, though some did not agree on that consensus. Those firm round breasts and tender nipples could truly mislead the oblivious male to the truth behind Agga’s slender frame. But were the trail of gossip ever followed, one might find a different version of the truth that was Agga.

Sweat glistened down Agga’s cheek on this midsummer night in Sarcina. Rough hewn stone beneath bare feet slowed the pace and a trickle of blood dripping down the thigh made a trail all the way to the edge of the bridge. Scrapes on the arms, a fresh bruise on the face, tears that never cease, Agga’s only companion. Just one more step and it would all be over. No more suffering, no more abuse, no more hate, no more.

Moonlight shown on the stream below and gave hints of smooth stones waiting to break Agga’s fragile body. In the distance, through the tears, Agga thinks that a bright blue light can be seen, but dismisses it just as quickly. With one final thought Agga can almost see dear sweet mum, before she died in childbirth and there the cold callous blaming voice of papa echoes in Agga’s mind.

The world is spinning around Agga in a dizzying blur. Time slows to a crawl and the rocks below rush ever closer. Such is the way misery would take all who suffer like Agga, in the cruel gleam of the half-moon. Cannot breathe, cannot see, cannot hear, can feel only the water now, carrying the body toward bright blue light and then, blackness, until…

Agga lay on a soft fleshy bed in the darkness, a figure lay beside and keeps the body warm, a sweet breath on the face, an arm draped over bare breasts and a soft hum tickles the ears. Then the stirring groan of a creature is heard, so close that it startles Agga and the eyes open to the soft glow of the blue light in the blackness. This glow outlined a slender figure only somewhat larger than Agga; it looked almost human, except for a crown of several small horns that protruded from the head of a beautiful face colored with a light blue skin with soft purple lips that radiate energy towards Agga’s face.

Then the eyes of the creature open. If Agga had ever seen priceless diamonds, surely this is what they would look like. With a small red pupil in the center following Agga’s gaze wherever it may go. The creature begins to glow, very brightly, and the outline of it’s body can be seen. A long, thin, flickering tail brushes up against Agga’s naked body and it’s tip prods in between the legs. A scream is released from quivering lips and the warmth of the creature is felt throughout the body and every nerve begins to tingle with excitement.

The hum grows louder as the light that the creature emits grows brighter and it leans in and presses it’s lips to Agga’s. A tear falls from the cheek and the fleshy bed on which they lay ignites the color of pink and red veins pulse within. A moan is released from trembling lips and the creature begins to lick them. Ecstasy washes over the body and the eyes roll upwards and the rate of breathing increases and the tail of the creature wraps around Agga’s waist.

Agga can feel something speaking to the mind and it hums, “What a special thing you are.”

The crystal-like eyes of the creature spin around and shift like a kaleidoscope. Agga gazes into those eyes and falls into a trance. Questions, Agga has, prodding the creature’s mind, begging for an explanation and assurances of safety and the soothing hum delivers.

Then for a fleeting moment, a spark of terror ignites the flames of fear. This is what the sisters at the temple warned of. The enemy of the Gods, waiting in the shadows to corrupt and destroy mankind, a daemon. A new found strength in the heart, and Agga stands up quickly and begins to flee. But the darkness holds no pathway with which to exit from the daemon’s lair and in Agga’s panic the water rushes over the head and the body begins to sink while Agga struggles in futility to swim to the surface.

That familiar connection to the daemon returns and Agga can see it’s long tail once again wrapped around the waist and it pulls up out of the water and Agga lies on the stone, sopping wet. The daemon releases Agga’s waist and squats beside the wet naked body and the warmth of the creature’s presence washes over and the bright blue light emanates ever stronger.

“Please don’t hurt me, daemon.” Agga said.

“Tsarvek, is my name.” the creature whispers, with it’s high pitched distorted tone.

“I- I am Agga.”

The creature leans over and begins to run its fingers through Agga’s short black hair. Then it exhales a gust of hot air over the body and the water begins to dry. Agga sits up and looks over Tsarvek’s beautiful glowing body. Then a moment of curiousity for Agga.

“B- Be you a boy or a girl?” Agga mumbled.

The creature hums softly in Agga’s ear and the whole of the body quivers when the sound tickles the eardrum.

“Could I not ask you the same thing?” Tsarvek said, and then licked the tear from Agga’s cheek.

“I- I am not certain.” Agga said, and the creature moved it’s hand to the parts between Agga’s legs and purred softly into the ear sending Agga into a mild convulsion and Agga began to moan.

“Mmmmm, I think you are a bit of both, my special thing.”

Agga’s eyes close and the pleasure of the hum vibrating through the body and the tingle of the energy pulsating through every nerve and the heat of Tsarvek’s breath washing the chill from naked skin takes the mind away to a dream. Agga’s eyes open and finds that Tsarvek lay beside on the fleshy bed, entwined in a sweet embrace. A brief thought of happiness turns to guilt and Agga thinks of the words of the sisters at the temple, that took care of Agga when papa did abandon. Tsarvek’s tail tickles Agga’s waste, and the hum begins to fill the mind.

“Truly, do you believe this?” the creature said.

“‘Tis only a thought.” Agga said.

“So you think me a monster? Yet you feel guilt because you think that we share some forbidden love. Is this what your precious temple says to you?”

“Th- they would sat you are a daemon.”

“And what do they say of love?” Tsarvek said.

“They say it is the highest good. That it is what all should aspire to.”

“And what do they say of sexual love?” Tsarvek said.

“They say it is a sacred bliss to be shared between man and woman.”

“And what do they say of sexual love between woman and woman or man and man?” Tsarvek said.

“‘Tis forbidden.”

“But you are both man and woman and neither. Does this not mean that love is forbidden for thee?” Tsarvek said, and the hum that was soft in Agga’s mind grew louder and it penetrated to the core of Agga’s despair and tears flowed and Agga lay motionless on the fleshy bed and stared into the blackness.

“Truly the Gods must hate me.” Agga said.

Tsarvek’s embrace grew tight and the daemon hummed sweetly in Agga’s ears and the fleshy bed quivered beneath the body. The daemon licked Agga’s tears away and began to kiss the lips, though Agga was passive at first, soon the kisses were returned and the tears stopped flowing and Agga held the daemon tightly. The long tail of the creature wrapped around Agga’s waist and the hum rang through the mind and the desires of the heart were made known to Agga’s new lover.

Agga’s eyes met with Tsarvek and the creature arose. The daemon’s tail released and stuck into the fleshy bed and it began to sparkle and fill the room with light and Agga sunk into the fleshy bed and for a moment was consumed. After several moments the body emerged, sparkling and glowing throughout the room. Agga felt different, somehow and walked toward the water, which reflected the light in the distance.

Breasts were more full than before. Agga’s black hair was longer, and flowed down the back. The finger’s moved between the legs and something new beckoned to Agga. There was a vagina. Tsarvek approached from behind and wrapped Agga with it’s tail and arms and kissed the neck. With the combined light of Agga’s new shimmering body and the bright blue glow of Tsarvek, the full beauty of Agga’s new body could be seen. Agga had become a woman.

A tear trickled down her cheek and the daemon licked it up and kissed her neck. Then Tsarvek caressed her bottom which was rounder than it normally felt, and fingered her new slit and clitoris with it’s other hand and something else could be felt rubbing on her from behind. She turned around to see that her new lover had changed as well. The daemon’s tail wrapped around Agga’s waist and pulsed with energy sending waves of lust over her body.

The hum enraptured Agga’s mind and body and sent the daemon’s most passionate desires. Agga wanted nothing more than to please her lover. She dropped to her knees and clutched the daemon’s new penis with both hands, gently licking the tip and feeling every sensation she created while the daemon sent signals back through it’s tail and the humming drove Agga’s lust further until she was almost ravenous with desire. Her mouth moved slowly over the head of Tsarvek’s penis and she took it deeply into her mouth until she coughed ever so slightly and the tingle that spread through her entire body let her know just how much her lover enjoyed it.

Then it lifted her up and kissed her deeply moving it’s lips slowly down to her nipples and nibbling them softly. The tail pulsed wildly and Tsarvek entered her. Agga had heard about a girl’s first time with a man and expected to feel pain but no such feeling came. There was only the pleasure of her daemon lover thrusting into her and their bodies quivering with excitement and waves of energy pulsated until at last she felt a climax approaching. Her body shuddered and the tail around her waist gave off stronger signals and the hum filled every sensations within and then, release.

She felt no seed enter, only the sensations of wetness from her own body. But there was something warm tingling inside and it seemed to linger even when the daemon withdrew. Tsarvek hummed into her ear and the tickle on her eardrum sent her into a spasm and he lay her down on the fleshy bed and at once they fell into slumber.

Agga saw the haze of the morning light and could not help but wonder if she still lay in Tsarvek’s lair. In the distance, her childhood home, surrounded in fog. Could it be? And when Agga approached, dear sweet mum came out to greet her. The warm embrace of the woman that Agga had never known felt so familiar.

“It cannot be,” Agga said.

“No child, it cannot.” she said.

Then Agga’s mother disappeared and Agga stood before her reflection but did not see the woman Agga had been transformed into. It was the mix that Agga had been throughout life, but that reflection began to shift. The skin was changing color, and the body began to look like something else. And Agga saw the reflection of a daemon much like that form which Tsarvek took, only it wore Agga’s face.

Papa appeared in the reflection and knelt. His eyes filled with tears of blood and they were solid red. He kissed Agga’s hand, then he spoke.

“My child, a gift.”

He put his hand to his chest and it pushed its way inside and pulled out a black, beating heart.

“The pain of your past will bring the birth of your future.” he said, and then he lay down dead and Agga stood holding his heart in hand.

Agga awoke on the fleshy bed and Tsarvek hummed in the mind and it’s tail pulsed around the waist and Agga saw an image force it’s way into the mind.

“Rebirth,” Tsarvek whispered.


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