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Story Codes: Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Ma/ft, Fa/Fa, ft/ft, Fa/ft, Mult, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Mind Control, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Hermaphrodite, Incest, Brother, Sister, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Spanking, Humiliation, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Water Sports, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Teacher/Student, Public Sex, School, Prostitution /

Synopsis: A series of vignettes about the slaves Mark and Mary have given to their friends and family. Many of these tales serve as epilogues for the various, minor characters /

Note: Mark’s friend Karl asked for his boss Julie to be his sex-slave /


The Devil’s Pact Slave Chronicles 2

Chapter 2: Julie, Naked in the Park

June 15th, 2013—Julie Sumner—Steilacoom Park, Lakewood, WA

“Strip,” Karl ordered.

“I thought we were going for a jog?” I objected, even as my hands grabbed the hem of my tank-top and pulled it up over my head. I had to obey his voice. There was something so … commanding about him.

“You are,” he answered, a grin on his bony face. “You were a bitch to me for years, and now it’s time to start paying me back.”

“I’m very sorry, Karl,” I quickly said, pulling my black sports bra over my head and freeing my round breasts. “I was terrible to you. I thought you were just a loser.”

“And now what do you think?”

“You’re the greatest man alive,” I answered honestly. “I love you, Karl.”

“Is that why you’re stripping naked?”

My hands were pulling off my spandex jogging shorts. “Of course, Karl. I would do anything for you.”

A smile creased his thin face. I used to think he was a weasel, skinny and untrustworthy, always perving on me while he was supposed to be cooking. I was the morning manager at the Ram where he worked as the sou-chef. Then yesterday, I spoke to Karl’s friend Mark, and he opened my eyes to just how great of a man Karl really was. Suddenly, I was seeing him for the great and wonderful guy he was, and I found myself in love with my thin, scruffy employee. I had a lot to make up to him for being such a nasty bitch, so I would do anything he said.

No matter how embarrassing.

“There are people here, Karl,” I continued protesting, stepping out of my panties. “They’re going to call the police if they see me naked.”

“Probably,” Karl answered with a shrug. “God, you are so beautiful.”

I smiled as his eyes raked my tight body. At twenty-eight, I was in the best shape of my life; my breasts were round and supple, with dark nipples that all my lovers had enjoyed. I noticed his eyes dip down to the landing strip of honey-brown hair that led to my juicy cunt. To keep my my body nice and tight, I did cardio for an hour every night after work. Working in a restaurant, I was confronted by temptation all day long.

His hand reached out and a shiver passed through me as he tweaked my nipple. “Why don’t you suck on my cock.”

“Out here?” I asked, even as my body responded to his command, and I fell to my knees onto the soft grass. “Someone might see.”

“Doesn’t that make it exciting?”

I couldn’t deny a weird, nervous thrill tingling across my skin—a static charge that electrified me from my neck, through my hard nipples, and ended at my moistening twat—as I pulled his jogging shorts and briefs down, exposing a squat and ugly cock that rose from a thatch of straw pubes. It definitely wasn’t the longest cock I had ever experienced, but it was the fattest.

I had to stretch to open my mouth wide enough, sucking noisily as I forced the thick rod past my lips. He was short enough that I could take his entire length and it only tickled my tonsils. I felt so self-conscious as Karl started fucking my face—strong hands gripping my honey-brown hair; I felt like a blow-up doll as he grunted and moaned—sure that a hundred people were watching me be such a brazen hussy.

What if someone sees me that I know? Blowing a man in the park, even your boyfriend, was the sort of rumor that would dog you. It could ruin my job if my employers found out it was one of the cooks I had behaved so shamefully with. And I would be absolutely mortified if my father found out. He was a Methodist preacher, and he’d have a heart-attack thinking his daughter was some sort of pervert.

The more I dwelt on how embarrassing, how humiliating, this situation was, the more my skin prickled, and the more my twat dripped honey down my thighs. Why was I so turned on? It wasn’t blowing Karl. I’ve never enjoyed giving a blowjob. It was something you did to get a guy to go down on you, or because you didn’t feel like spreading your thighs and letting him stick his cock in your snatch. So why was this so exciting?

God, was I getting turned on by being watched? By being humiliated?

“This is what your mouth was made for,” Karl moaned. “Instead of snapping at people and being a stuck up cunt, your mouth was made for sucking my cock.”

Well, that was true; his cock just perfectly fit in my mouth, and it wasn’t unpleasant when he fucked my face. I normally would never let another man treat me like this, that’s for sure. Of course, I never loved a man as intensely as Karl before.

His thrusts became more violent, his balls smacking against my chin. They were heavy and covered in thin, yellow hair. His moans became animalistic grunts, primal, masculine, dominating. I was merely an object to be used for his pleasure, a living sex toy—a doll. How degrading!

My fingers found my twat, and rubbed through my dripping lips. I was so primed with lust that the merest brush of my fingers across my aching sex exploded the passion within me. I moaned about his cock, and clung to his hips to keep from collapsing beneath the rapture that blasted through my body.

“Oh, yes, keep humming,” he panted. “You nasty cunt!” I was surprised when he ripped his cock out from between my lips. His dick bobbed before me, his fist a blur as he pumped at his cock. “Fucking hell! God fucking damn it!”

Cum jetted at me, splashing on my face and neck. A second blast landed on my tits and a third on my right shoulder and hair. I could feel it running thick and gooey down my skin. How much more humiliating would this get? I frigged my pussy faster, aching for another cum.

“I want you to jog around the park covered in my jizz like the whore you are,” Karl ordered, squeezing his cock from root to tip, forcing out one last dollop of cum. It hung like a white teardrop from the tip, then splashed on my forehead, hot and gooey.

“Alright,” I whispered.

My cheeks were flaming red with humiliation. I stood up and began to jog around the park. It was early, not too many people were here, but I was sure they were all watching me, judging me, thinking there goes the hussy painted in a man’s seed and naked as the day she was born. What a filthy, disgusting, dirty, nasty whore.

The shame burned inside me, right down to my pussy, and unleashed a fresh torrent of honey that flowed stickily down my thighs. Why was I so turned on by being humiliated? The first person who noticed me naked was a man in black spandex jogging short and a yellow tank-top. He stopped dead, lust shining in his eyes as he drank in my sight. He pulled out a cell phone.

Fuck, he’s going to call the cops. I’ll be arrested and everyone will think I’m a pervert. I didn’t want to do this—I was doing it for Karl.

To my surprise he didn’t call the police. He started filming me.

I jogged by and I smiled at him, straightening to make sure my tits thrust out before me. Why did I do that? The man grinned at me like I was a piece of meat that he wanted to consume. He didn’t see me as a human being at all.

“What a whore,” he muttered as I ran past. “Holy shit, I can’t believe that just happened. She’s covered in some guy’s spunk!”

I wanted to shout that I wasn’t a whore. That I would never do something so shameful. Karl made me do this. Just like he made me blow him while he fucked my face. My boyfriend didn’t care about my pleasure; I was merely an object to satisfy his lust. Something to be stripped, to be fucked, and to be forced to parade shamefully naked in front of others.

I was nothing more than his love slave.

As I passed more people who stared at me with disgust, with lust, or with contempt, that thought crystallized in my mind. I was his love slave—free of responsibility, of morality and shame. I was free to be his hussy, to please him and draw my pleasure from being used and humiliated by him. It was only fair after I had been such a cunt to him.

My smiles grew more bold as I passed the strangers and reveled in the lust my naked body generated. I was Karl’s sex slave, and he wanted me paraded before the world so they could see just how much of a disgusting whore I was.

I passed a fairly attractive woman in her forties. She sneered at me, I puckered my lips at them. “Fucking dyke,” she muttered, fishing her cell phone out of her fanny pack.

“I’ll suck your twat right here and now,” I taunted. “Put a smile on that sneering face.”

By surrendering my will to Karl, I had found freedom. I didn’t care what any of these people thought, I didn’t care that they judged me. I was Julie Sumner, former ball-busting cunt turned love slave to my wonderful boyfriend. I was his whore, and I loved every humiliating second of it!

Karl waited, my clothes in his hand, as I raced down the final stretch, a laugh on my lips. My tits flopped, sore from jogging without a sports bra, and the cum that had dried into sticky, white flakes. He had a smile on his face; I made him happy, and that made me ecstatic.

“Get dressed,” he said, tossing my tank top and shorts. “We better get out of here before the cops show up.”

“Sure,” I smiled. “Whatever you say, Karl.” I hesitated, pulling my tank top over my cum-stained tits, then asked, “Maybe we could do this again.”

“Really?” he asked. “Did you get off on being watched?”

I shook my head. “I got off on being commanded. I can do anything, no matter how humiliating or disgusting, if you tell me to do it. I’m your love slave, your fucktoy.” I threw my arms around his neck, pressing my body against him. “I’m yours to abuse.”

His smile was broad, hungry like a wolf’s. “I can think of a few more degrading things to do to you.” as broad, hungry like a wolf’s. “I can think of a few more degrading things to do to you.”

“Good.” I kissed him hard, thrusting my tongue deep into his mouth. God, I loved this wonderful man.

I bent down and pulled on my shorts. My bra and panties were left behind as we jogged to my powered-blue Audi. Karl drove. We passed through the light at 87th Avenue, just a few blocks away, when a Lakewood cop sped past, lights blaring. I laughed as adrenaline suddenly spiked through me.

We got away with it!

Karl pulled off the street suddenly, and drove his car behind the strip mall that contained a Dollar Tree store. “I got to fuck you!” he moaned. “Goddamn, it was hot watching you run around covered in my jizz and parading your body. I was so proud; that was my slut all those guys were lusting after!”

I smiled at him. “You know how to make a girl feel loved.”

We quickly piled out of the car. He shoved me up against the wall of the building, half-hidden by a dumpster, and yanked my jogging shorts down. “Oh, yes!” I moaned as his short, fat dick pummeled my pussy, shoving my tits against the wall. “Fuck me!”

I moaned and screamed as loud as I could, secretly hoping someone would see us. I wanted the entire world to see me submitting to my boyfriend’s lusts. His thrusts were violent, shoving me against the concrete wall. Even through my tanktop, the rough texture of the wall painful rasped against my breasts and nipples every time he buried into me. He was so strong, and I was helpless to resist. All I could do was fuck my hips back, and enjoy the best lover I’ve ever had.

“You’ll never be a cunt to me again, will you, Julie?” he growled.

“Never!” I moaned. “I’m your fucktoy. Oh, God! Fuck me, rape me! Do whatever you want to me. I love it!”

“Even if I made you stand on the street corner, and blow any disgusting, homeless man for a dollar?”

“Yes!” I moaned, picturing how humiliating that would be, a cheap streetwalker sucking filthy cocks in disgusting alleys. A one dollar hooker! Was there anything nastier than that? My orgasm neared.

“Would you let me fuck you in the ass in the middle of your father’s church!”

“I would!” I screamed. “I’d lifted up my Sunday dress, bend over the pew, and moan like a bitch as you buggered me! Even if my dad was watching!”

“Filthy cunt!” he growled. “That’s all you are!”

“Yes, yes!” I moaned over and over as I reached my climax imagining all the filthy, shameful acts Karl was going to make me do. “Degrade me! Punish me! I need it! I was such a bitch!”

“Now you’re my bitch!” I could feel his seed pumping into me, his thrust hard, powerful. He leaned against me, breathing heavily on my shoulder. I turned my head, staring into his blue eyes. “My property,” he whispered and kissed me; I melted inside.

I was glad to be his property.

“God, I always have to piss after cumming,” he groaned, pulling out of me. “Get down on your knees.”

My heart thudded in excitement. Was he going to piss on me? How revolting. My cunt itched to cum again.

“Do it,” I moaned, staring up at his dick. Feeling even more depraved, even more like a dirty piece of trash, I opened my lips.

A stream of acrid, yellow liquid splashed into my face. I had to close my eyes as the disgusting fluid drowned my face. Some poured into my mouth and I swallowed it eagerly, while more ran down my neck, soaking my tank top. The fabric stuck to my tits, molding about my orbs. My fingers found my cunt, rapidly jilling as I showered in his piss. I moved my head around, letting it soak into my hair and run down my back, all the way down to tickle the crack of my ass.

“Oh, yes!” I moaned as my orgasm neared and neared. This was so degrading. I opened my lips, swallowed another mouthful of disgusting urine. I came. “Oh, God yes! I’m your filthy toilet! Your pee slut!”

The stream petered, died, but that ammonia smell lingered in my hair and on my clothes, and left a residue behind as it dried on my skin. I rubbed my cunt faster as my lips found his cock, sucking the last few drops of piss out as my orgasm spasmed hard through my body. I licked my lips, savoring the horrible flavor as one last, delightful shudder passed through me.

“What a filthy whore,” he grinned; I couldn’t agree more. “Why don’t we get some breakfast.”

I grinned, eager for the reactions when people realize I was drenched in his piss. My orgasm faded, but that itch returned to my cunt. I was a dirty whore, excited for the next humiliations Karl had in store for me. I knew I would enjoy them all.

Sunday, July 27th, 2014—Julie Sumner

My tongue was firmly shoved up Karl’s ass when the phone rang. We were supposed to be leaving for a wedding soon. Chris, Karl’s D&D buddy, was marrying his six girlfriends today and Karl was his best man. I was dressed in a lovely, pink dress, so low-cut my tits were about to pop out if I breathed to deeply. I’m sure that’s why my boyfriend chose it. I’d be wet and excited all evening anticipating the embarrassment of a wardrobe malfunction.

I worked my tongue into his tight ass, enjoying the sour, disgusting flavor as my hand wrapped around his waist and vigorously jerked his small, squat cock. One hand flew up and down on his shaft, lubed by his pre-cum, while the other massaged his heavy balls.

Karl had to fish his phone out of his tux’s pocket. “Hello?” he asked, trying to sound normal as I pleasure my boyfriend. “Oh, hey, Mark.” Mark’s commanding voice was a low buzz. I could almost make out what he was saying. “Are you serious?” Karl asked. “Wow.”

I pumped my hand faster; I found rimming him and jerking his cock while he talked with his friend to be so humiliating—my cunt drenched my panties. I wanted to shove my hand between my thighs and debase myself further, but both my hands were busy.

“Uh-huh!” he groaned; his cock twitched in my hand, spraying cum at our front door. “Sure, Mark. I’ll do it if you bind Julie, too.” I pulled my tongue out of his filthy ass; curious about what they were talking about. “Well then, Mark, we have a deal. Okay, see you at the wedding. Bye.”

I looked up at him, his softening cock dripping cum onto the floor so I licked the tip of his cock while he stared down at me. Once his cock was clean, I bent down and licked the cum that splattered on the granite tiles before our door. We couldn’t have a dirty apartment. My tongue rasped on the granite, picking up dust and dirt. So humiliating; my cunt ached for a nice cum. I crawled to the door, licking all the jizz, then I cleaned the rough wood of the door.

“That’s my cunt,” Karl smiled when I finished and stood up. I spent so much time on my knees I didn’t bother with stockings or long skirts. I brushed the dust off them, and straightened my skirt that had ridden up. Karl wrapped his arms around me, kissing me. “How would you like to rule North Africa with me?”

“What?” I asked, blinking in surprise.

“Mark and Mary are getting ready for the Theocracy to have a more direct control over the world,” he answered. “Fourteen districts, each administered by someone Mark or Mary trusts, and he offered me North Africa.”

“Wow,” I smiled, and kissed him. “Sounds wonderful.” Then I giggled. “So North Africa, huh? Would that include Egypt?”

“Yes it would,” Karl answered. “Mark said, we’d rule out of Cairo.”

“Then I can’t wait for you to degrade me in the Great Pyramid,” I breathed. “Imagine the fun we could have with all those tourist around!”

Karl laughed. “God, I love you, cunt!”


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