Feature Writer: RedMonkeyButt

Feature Title: SUCCUBUS RISING 5

Published: 21.10.2020

Story Codes: Erotic Horror

Synopsis: Learning the ropes

Author’s Notes: Yes, I realize I’ve been away a long time. Life didn’t just get in the way, it steamrolled me. This has not been edited more than my own proofreading, so point out any major glaring mistakes and I’ll submit an edit so this reads smooth. I know I switch sometimes between and “I” and a “we” voice, but forgive me. Jezza is still figuring out her control, and sometimes she loses it. As always, constructive criticism and comments are welcome.


I sat cross-legged on the patio, my wrists resting on my knees, trying to will my power into the circle I had drawn on the stones. If Bane had been out here guiding me, I could have done it. But it had been a week since my power had come out, and I supposedly needed to learn to do things like this without him holding my hand the whole time. As it was, I could feel him in the house waiting for me to do this. I thought I had it, only to hear the faint chime of the doorbell through the house and lose my concentration. Bane’s reassuring touch in my thoughts turned to a faint surprise and I gave up.

Standing, I stretched my arms to the sky, groaning a bit when my back popped. I bent forward slowly to rest my hands on the stones when two upside down legs walked out onto the patio with me. One set I knew was Bane, and the other set turned out to be Larian when I stood from the stretch.

“You almost had it,” Bane smiled at me before handing me a bucket to wash the chalk off the patio. My groan was louder when I took it and went to the faucet. This had become a deep rut over the last week. Gaining control meant I should be able to power a protective circle on my own, but since I would have less control than a normal succubus the going was more difficult than it was for others. “Another week and it will be second nature, like the runes have been.”

Larian cleared his throat when I dumped the bucket of water over the patio and then grabbed a long scrub brush from the side. I couldn’t complain too much since Bane scrubbed out his own chalk lines when he drew them. “Watch your feet,” so I was late with the warning.

“The months here have done you well, girl,” Larian’s low voice sent ripples across the pool of power in my mind and I stifled a shiver. Bane’s chuckle didn’t help when he felt the effect.

“So you won the coin toss, huh?” I tossed my hair out of my face and looked at him. He wasn’t smug and didn’t seem to be capable of showing any emotion as I stared at him. He just shrugged and sat in the chair Bane pointed to at the small table in the corner.

“I would like to think it was my experience that swayed the feelings in my favor,” Larian rumbled. “But at this point I believe I am the only one Bane thinks can survive you right now.”

That got my attention where Bane’s less than subtle prods of power hadn’t. “Survive me?”

“You haven’t even touched Bane in three days, girl,” he managed to make that sound like chastisement, and I ducked my head and went back to scrubbing the chalk off the patio. I had gotten the last traces three minutes ago, but I didn’t want to sit with them right now. “A new mate-bond should have had the two of you all but inseparable right now. Even I can feel your power pulling at the edges of the world around you.”

“We’ve been working on it,” Bane said quietly.

“No,” Larian’s voice was firm and he looked between the two of us. “You’re not. Maybe you are, Bane, but she isn’t. The bond between you is stretched beyond all reason. Would you put that brush down and come here, girl?”

I dropped the brush and walked to them, watching the stones pass beneath my feet. The closer to Bane I got, the tighter I could feel the bond getting between us. I yanked my power back close when it tried to reach for him, even as I desperately wanted to touch him. He didn’t keep his power from touching me, though, and it almost burned as it poured over me.

“It is true that I won this ‘coin toss,’ as you called it,” Larian said, and I cringed. “But you need to fix this between yourselves before I can touch you, Jezza.” He hadn’t called me ‘girl’ this time. “Mates are usually given at least a month before the first contract is taken, and you haven’t had that time together. Feed the bond, girl,” there it was. “Touch him, fuck him, it doesn’t matter how you do it so long as it’s done. Forcing yourself to ignore it to this extent is going to drive you insane, and will prove those who believe a second generation succubus is unstable right.”

“Who cares if I go insane?” I had hugged my arms around my middle at some point, but I didn’t lower them.

“Everybody within a fifty or sixty mile radius will care greatly if you go insane and call them to you and kill them.” I stared at him. “Succubi don’t just go insane, they turn siren. The more powerful the siren, the farther her call will reach. And the only way to stop a siren is to kill her. I for one would rather not have to kill you since I used so much energy to heal you and get you away from Asher.”

I could feel my face heating up, remembering the kisses when he had healed me after the sessions with Asher. Tentatively, I reached out with my power and touched Bane, and the wash of relief almost knocked me on my ass. Bane reached out to grab me when I swayed, and the physical touch was even better. He groaned as he wrapped his arms around my middle and pulled me closer to him, burying his head against the small of my back.

“As I said,” Larian said, but he watched the water evaporating from the patio rather than our little display. “I have your first contract, and it is worded in such a way that no other contract can be taken until I have fulfilled mine, or a month passes. So you two have time to get this under better control before you make your decision about taking the contract or not.”

With that, he stood and walked back to the house. Bane pulled me down to sit on his lap so he could touch me more completely. His power washed over me, calling my own out and I gave in to the need to just touch him. The bond that had been pulled so tight started to relax, until he took a breath to speak.

“Larian will be staying here for the next few days. Please don’t move away,” his arms tightened around me when I tried to push away. But I could also feel his relief at being able to touch me again, and my own relief in touching him. “He’ll be in your room until he’s able to book a decent hotel. Ah, you can sleep in my room and I’ll take the couch if you don’t want to share a bed with me.”

This time when I moved to stand, I pulled him with me and headed back into the house. “Tell me about the contract with Larian,” I sat at the table and he pulled a chair around so we could still touch while we sat. Larian was nowhere to be seen, so I assumed he was in the bedroom settling in.

“It’s exactly what he said,” he managed to turn and put his forehead on my shoulder, his hand inside my shirt to touch skin, and keep his leg pressed up against mine. It should have been awkward, but all I was picking up from him was the relief brought on by the contact. “He’s contracted for forty-eight hours, and his contract is exclusive for the next month. You can choose to do it now, or at the end of the month. But once the month is up, the field opens to other contracts. You will eventually have to honor Larian’s contract, but for this first month his is the only one that will be taken. Can we move somewhere other than this table and these terrible chairs?”

“Go lay down,” we both jumped at the sound of Larian’s voice. “The less clothing between you the better it will be for relieving the skin hunger. If you don’t mind, Bane, I would like to borrow your office to handle some business?”

“That’s fine,” Bane replied as he stood and pulled me up with him, heading to the bedrooms. “Ah, the secure internet cable is the red one. Otherwise the WiFi password is on the blotter. Help yourself.”

He had his shirt off before we even got into his room, his motions edging into the frantic range as he kicked off his shoes and his pants hit the floor along with his boxers. His power remained gentle on my thoughts as he took my hands and pulled me to the bed to stand between his knees so he could wrap himself around me. It was so much like that first night that my breath caught.

“I don’t care if we don’t have sex right now, or even later,” his voice was muffled as he moved his head against me. “But I need to touch you. These last three days have been agonizing even if you were accepting my power touching you. It’s definitely reminded me why I have actively avoided succubi in their first year of power lest I be mated.”

“We were both willing enough a week ago,” I muttered.

“I’m not unwilling, just overwhelmed with the feelings of the bond,” his hands slid under my shirt to rest along my back, seeking skin contact. “I knew the theory of what this would feel like, but there’s no way to experience it without, well, experiencing it. I know what you’re feeling all the damn time, and I have an insatiable need to touch you. The last three days where you’ve avoided touching me, avoided even seeking me with your power, have been like some special kind of torture.”

I pulled his hands from around me gently, feeling the instant distress from the loss of even that small contact. Then I pulled my shirt over my head, unhooked my bra, and slid the leggings I had on down my legs before adding it all to the pile he’d made of his clothes. He moved to pull the comforter and sheet down before sliding into the bed ahead of me and pulling me against his front. The relief of him touching so much of me was nearly complete, but I could feel a faint hunger hanging over it all.

“Relax,” he whispered into my shoulder. “Reach out to me with your power, grab mine, and pull. Try to be gentle. You can feed on me without sex easier than on others, and you do need to feed that small hunger before it grows out of control.”

I closed my eyes and tried to relax. The ocean of power in my mind seemed to swell, and I directed it to the constant flow of power from Bane. But instead of a small amount going to him, the entire wave went to him. His arms tightened around me with a groan, and where he had been soft against my ass he was suddenly very hard and pressing into my lower back. I didn’t try to pull any of his power into me, though I could feel the anticipation for it swelling deep inside myself.

“Back off a little,” his voice was strained, and while he wasn’t squeezing me I could feel the strain in his arms and his body against my back. “Back off, and pull gently.”

I pulled the power back into me, and took his with it. Sensation exploded across my body and I cried out at the orgasmic spasms. The feel of his arms around me was faint, but I was keenly aware of him spilling across my back. My power released his and soaked up the energy from his own orgasm. The hunger that had been growing started to abate, but wasn’t fully sated. This was like craving a full dinner but eating a handful of crackers instead.

At some point, I had grabbed the arm he had wrapped around my upper chest. My back was arched away from him so there was no contact there, and his other hand was clenched on my hip keeping me pinned tightly to him. We were both panting, and he groaned when he pulled his hips away from mine. I started to turn around to face him and jumped when there was a light tap at the door.

“She doesn’t have the control for that yet,” Larian’s voice carried through the door as though it wasn’t even there. “Sex would have been easier.”

“I hate it when he’s right,” Bane grumbled. He rolled to his back when I turned to face him and pulled me against him. “How’s the hunger now?”

“Still there,” he frowned at my answer. “I know I fed on this, but it felt more like a snack than a meal. The power was amazing, but I didn’t feel anything like a feed until you came. It used to be the same with Asher.” The last came out as a whisper and I couldn’t meet his eyes.

, as I remembered the feeling of feeding whenever my power came up and Asher came.

“It doesn’t surprise me that you would have been feeding on Asher,” he was trailing his hand up and down my side, but it was the sound of understanding that relaxed me. “He’s never been part of the training groups for the succubi, though. He’s too sadistic, too harsh. Somehow, though, I think your power needed that level of extreme to develop.” He grunted when I opened my mouth to protest. “Every succubus needs different things for her power to fully develop and come out, for lack of a better term. The ones I’ve trained have all been very weak, though, when compared to you.”

I wiggled until I was a little more comfortable with my head on his shoulder, “What’s the normal training like?”

He sighed and reached to flip the comforter off of us, but kept me tucked up against him when I tried to move. “Had you been turned over at a younger age, you would have grown up in a house with nymphs. They would have taught you more about your nature than your mother seems to have done. When you reached maturity, you would have moved into a house with demons. You would have learned how to interact with them, and any who didn’t fit with you would have been replaced. When your power bloomed, the demons you’d shown the most affinity toward would have stayed with you until you either mated or didn’t. If a succubus doesn’t form a mate-bond within the first year, she’s not likely to ever form one.”

“You were the only one here,” I whispered, remembering. It had been less than a week so the memory was still fresh.

“Had you wanted anyone else, I don’t think I could have stopped you from seeking them out or them from answering your call. From what I’ve been able to find out, even Asher felt that call. But your power didn’t pull them to you. It was a general call that any succubus can make if she’s in need.”

“But I chose you.”

“I think that’s because other than making you do boring homework, I haven’t actually caused you any pain the entire time you’ve been here. You’d had an entire year of sadistic torture, a few months here and your power took what it wanted.”

“You said I’ll take another mate before the year is out,” I let my voice trail off and played with the stiff hairs disappearing beneath the sheet.

“I think you’ll take at least one more,” he sighed when I teased the sheet lower. “I can’t give you everything you need.”

My power rolled along the edges of my mind when I pushed the sheet off his hips and saw him. He was still hard, still glistening from a few minutes ago. I ran just my fingertips over his head and he let out a soft moan as he jerked. “What do you think I need?”

“You need someone harder than I can be,” he smiled when I looked at him. “Not that kind of hard. I saw your memories that first night, Jezza. You hated Asher, but you didn’t exactly hate what he did to you. Your feelings over the last year are stained with the pain he caused, but are also thick with the need for the force he used. When the hunger levels out from the bond, you’re going to need someone who can give you that, and I’m not that person.”

“I didn’t like my time with him,” but I could remember how good it felt when he took me. Every time, the dominating power behind him had turned me on. Even before I knew I was feeding on him, the sex had always been satisfying.

“I’m not saying you did,” he grunted when I wrapped my fingers around his shaft and squeezed. “But I know the amount of force he would have used, and how much you liked that. I won’t be able to do that for you when you start craving it.”

“You’re not always gentle.”

“No, I’m not. But I will never be able to do what Asher did, not the parts you liked and definitely not the parts you hated. That’s why Larian is here, actually,” his voice was becoming breathier as I continued to play with him. When I stretched along him, he met me with a hunger almost equal to my own.

His tongue slipped between my lips when I slid my leg over his hips to straddle him. I was a little annoyed that I couldn’t have him entirely inside me when we kissed, and my power seemed to latch onto that annoyance as it took over. We looked down at him, his eyes showing the barest hint of starting to glow as we teased just his head inside us. Squeezing around him made his eyes flutter and his hands fall to our hips, and pulling his power out of him made his eyes flash and his hips buck. It was too soon to let him go, and we needed to feed. Feeling the tight control of my muscles in ways I hadn’t thought possible snapped me back into myself.

My thighs were tight as I held myself over him, even as he tried to pull my hips down on himself. No amount of bucking underneath me would get more than the head of his cock inside me. I could feel the velvet smoothness of him hovering just inside me, and my own muscles bearing down around him was exquisite. His power filled me as we struggled against each other, me teasing him into a frenzy of need so high his eyes burned so bright I could see them even when he closed them.

Slowly I released my hold on his power and his hands on my hips relaxed to slide up to my breasts, tweaking my nipples and making me moan. The sharp pains went straight to my groin, still pulsing around the tip of him. I needed to know what that would feel like deep inside me, if I would have that control or not. My power rushed around us as if to say of course it would feel great.

I eased back on my knees, running my hands over his chest, slowly sinking down on him with a long moan. I felt every incredible inch of him as he filled me, not quite reaching my end. With just a little concentration, I could tighten my muscles around him, hold him inside me until it was almost painful for him to pull out. The finer control was now around the base of him, and when I squeezed I could feel him jerk inside me. He made the smallest gasp when I did this, but it turned into a low moan when I started to rock and grind against him. My power pulsed through me, content with the slow pace, zinging when he pressed a thumb into my clit and made me moan.

The pace was slow, almost boring except for the little shots of power here and there. When his power washed over me, my head fell back and I had to put a hand on his thigh to keep from falling. I knew he was enjoying it, his power tasted of his pleasure. My muscles relaxed with the easy rhythm enough that he was able to coax my knees up, my feet sliding under his arms. His hands were on my knees, spreading me wide so he could watch. I let my head fall back as our powers flowed in and out of each of us, swelling and touching parts we couldn’t reach on our own.

His fingers pinching over my aching clit brought my head back up with a cry, and I moved faster. The sharp pain was almost too much and not enough all at once. My hips worked faster, our bodies slapping against each other, until we both cried out with every thrust. His hands were everywhere he could reach, but his power now was a steady stream into me touching everything and nothing. I tightened around him and felt him thicken as he got close to orgasm.

“Not yet,” I gasped.

I needed more. I was so close, I could feel the silver lines of orgasm creeping through me, but I wasn’t close enough. His moans were almost constant, his hands bruised on my hips, he was going to explode and my power swelled to meet him. I almost lost that edge when he let me go with one hand, but when he was on my clit again I shuddered over him.

“Please, Jezza,” his voice was barely a whisper before he moaned again, jerking several times inside me before he gained his control back. His power begged for release, and my own rejoiced in the need.

The first spasms of my orgasm rolled over me and he had to grab my hips to keep me from falling off with the intense shudders. My knees drew up and I could feel myself gushing over him. His own climax came a couple breaths later and almost as if from an electric shock, my body stiffened. He released over and over, and my power ate it up like a starved being. The little bit earlier had been just a taste. I could feel my muscles spasming around him, his own thrusts growing more frantic in his need to be as deep as possible even as he continued to spill.

Then my power receded and my muscles began to relax, releasing us both. I gasped at every small jerk he made, feeling the movement into the very depths of my being as though he were touching more than just my vagina. I opened my eyes to find myself curled on top of him, my feet on his chest and my hands on his thighs the only other contact apart from our hips. He was staring at the ceiling with his hands fisted in the sheets, trying to catch his breath. I stretched out and slid up and off him, sitting on the bed beside his hips.

“I don’t remember what we were talking about,” he whispered, his hands slowly relaxing as his eyes stopped glowing.

“It wasn’t like that a few days ago,” I couldn’t muster anything louder than a hoarse whisper, either.

His hand came up to pull me back to him, turning us and settling himself behind me again. “It was the lack of contact. Your hunger was almost too much. I didn’t want to bring it up or force the issue, but this will happen again if we don’t touch each other and satisfy the smaller hungers.”

It took three tries before I croaked out a weak, “Why is my voice so hoarse?”

“You’re a screamer, and we’ve been at it for a few hours,” his lips moved against the back of my head and his hand was a constant soothing trace along my skin. “Go to sleep.”


I woke with a start to the sound of distant banging, Bane’s arms wrapped around me tightening their hold until I calmed.

“It’s just someone at the door,” he mumbled. “Stay here and I’ll get it.” He kissed the top of my shoulder before rolling off the other side of the bed. I watched, still groggy, as he pulled a pair of pajama pants out of a drawer and slipped them on commando. He slipped from the room and I heard the front door open and then bang shut.

I heard him and Larian talking in the kitchen as I got up and grabbed a long button down shirt from the closet. It went nearly to my knees and I had to roll the sleeves up to find my hands, but I wasn’t going to go in my room to grab clothes while Larian was using it as his own. I walked down the hall to the kitchen to find them both at the table glaring at a piece of paper with an official looking letterhead and Larian setting his phone down.

“Can they do this in the first month after a bond?” Bane sounded worried, and his power seemed sick with it.

“Chaz is checking the old laws,” Larian’s voice was little more than a low rumble. “There hasn’t been a bond taken that fast since Harley. They’re scared.”

“How did they find out about her? Darius said the pick up went unnoticed, and they haven’t made any moves in the last eighteen months.”

“Your wards aren’t strong enough to have blocked the call she put out,” I walked over to the table and pulled a seat out next to Bane and sat with our thighs touching. “From what I understand two of the council members nearly walked out of their houses to respond. Meaning they’ve got more than a little of something her power was seeking that night.”

“What’s going on?” I asked, glad to hear my voice was near normal.

Bane sighed and sat back in his chair, letting his hand slide over my bare thigh and only the surprise coming across the bond letting me know he hadn’t noticed me walking into the room. Then a slow heat came across to draw out my own need. “The council has sent a summons. They want you before them within the week to test your power. We’re trying to see if there is a way to postpone it on the grounds of our bond being so new.”

“What is the council? I’ve heard you mention it before, but nobody has ever said what it is.”

My question was met with Larian’s deep bass rumble, “The council is not a what, but a whom. They are our elected officials, answering only to the secretary of state or offices above.”

“Basically, they are our law enforcement,” Bane added. “And they are usually the ones who control the training and contracting of succubi, including their sterilization when they come of age. Your mother was a member of a group who managed to avoid being sterilized, but it was thought they had all been caught. Someone found your mother by chance, feeling her power from the street. When you showed up that day, it was happenstance the council member collecting your mother didn’t notice you.”

“They felt your call when you came into your power, felt it when you took Bane as a mate,” Larian said. “In the past they have not interfered with a mate-bond in the first month. If we can’t sway them on those grounds, we can cite your mother’s weak abilities and your ignorance to buy time before you go before them.”

“Hey!” Bane’s hand tightened on my thigh to keep me in my chair. “I am not ignorant.”

“You are,” Larian admonished. “I did not say you were stupid, but your mother did not raise you as a succubus. You are ignorant of our laws, ignorant of the usage of your powers, ignorant of even the most basic of spells. In the last six months with Bane you have learned what others like you were taught before they could even speak. Stupidity cannot be fixed, and the council would not forgive it’s tolerance. Ignorance, however, can be both excused and fixed.”

“We can prove to the council that you are learning control and that you are being trained in the rest,” Bane’s voice was quiet. “But their ability tests last more than a week and right now we can’t be apart that long. Your control was shifty after not touching me for only three days.”

“How was her control shifty?” Larian seemed very concerned when he turned and actually looked at Bane instead of his phone.

“It’s almost like she and her power aren’t the same entity,” Bane said, seeming lost in thought. “I’ve only ever heard of stories like that from my own mentors, and it was only ever in a succubus who needed a mate-bond but didn’t gain that bond until nearly the full year had passed. Once they had the bond that separation disappeared.”

“But we’re bonded,” I whispered.

“This is why I think you’ll take more than one mate. It’s happened before, just not in living memory.”

Larian stood and walked toward the office, “I need to make some calls and have some books brought here, if that’s okay with you, Bane?” At Bane’s slow nod, the large man walked into the office and shut the door.

“I think we’re about to have a library delivered.” His hand kept me pinned to the chair and I could feel his power in me, seeking something. “How’s the hunger?”

“Mostly gone.”

“I don’t…,” he groaned and tried starting again. “Damn it, this has never been a difficult thing to talk about before.”

“We can’t stop touching like that again, no matter how upset I get,” I turned and rested my forehead on his shoulder. “I felt the separation, too, when I was on top of you. It’s almost like I have a whole other thinking being inside my head, and for the most part we want the same things. I don’t know what will happen if we ever want different things.”

“You’ll go siren,” his words were quiet.

“It was more than just hunger, though,” I sighed, but I didn’t move. Touching him felt better than not. It was what had made me follow him out of the bedroom more than some small curiosity about what was going on. I hadn’t had any control over the things around me for so long that being able to simply follow him through the house was a nice bit of something I could control. “Even just seeing you after I moved the sheet made my power rise and reach. The muscle control of keeping you out of me was…”

“Amazing,” he offered.

“So painful,” I finished. “But I wanted it even though it hurt to deny that contact. Feeling you strain for me, even though the bruises on my hips kind of just hurt right now, knowing that you wanted to be in me that badly was fucking hot. I don’t think it was shifty control, I just wanted to draw it out. I haven’t had control of anything in so long, it was nice being able to tell you when you could finish, and not before me.”

Bane let out a sharp, short laugh that brought Larian out of the office. “I think you have better control than we could have hoped for all your inexperience. We should just give the council a warning and turn you loose on them.”


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