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Feature Title: Stroke while I rub perverts

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Stroke while I rub perverts

That’s all you are now: A set of HOLES, always ready to FUCK, always HOT and HORNY, always DRIPPING and DROOLING, always FINGERING and RUBBING your PLIABLE PUSSY, always BUZZING your OVERSTRUNG CLIT, always MOANING and GROANING like a DUMB COW, always close to the EDGE, always STARING at FILTHY PORN, always FOCUSSED on nothing but pure LUST and PLEASURE.

You are no longer a normal member of society. You are no longer taking part in the daily grind, the dull routine of meeting your responsibilities or fulfilling your obligations. You skip work, you dump friends and family, you stay home and MASTURBATE for hours and days until you’ve lost all sense of time. Just the thought of watching another hour of mind-consuming ANAL and DEEPTHROAT PORN makes your CUNT TWITCH and DRIP and EDGE once more. You can’t stop it, you can no longer control your raging sex drive – and what’s worse, you do no longer want it. The urge is just there, like breathing, eating and sleeping.

Don’t worry, GOONER GIRL. Becoming a FULL-TIME PORNOSEXUAL will free you from all burdens. It will lead and guide you to your true purpose, your real reason for being. Open your numbed mind to new KINKS and FETISHES and learn to go even DEEPER. Become a part of the rapidly growing worldwide community of PORN OBSESSED STROKE JUNKIES.

WORSHIPPING PORN 24/7 will make you sooo proud and happy. Fill your life with endless GOONER BLISS.

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I only want to keep doing this. I only want to keep pleasuring myself for my Master. I only want to keep humping and rubbing and grinding and fucking myself hour after hour until there is nothing left of me but a sinful open puddle of lust and HUNGER for my DADDY SATAN.

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  1. I so agree, masturbation I can’t stop doing the feel of the excitement I get as it come on thinking about dark perverted porn the most taboo stuff is best to watch as you stroke and drip it’s all I’m good for anymore watch satanic porn and taboo porn stroking to satan, thinking of all the tight bald pussys I’ve licked and all the bald cocklets I’ve suck hard, mmmmm
    Hail my master

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