Satanic Masturbation Scripture by SatanWorshipper – Non-Fiction

Writer: SatanWorshipper

Subject: Satanic Masturbation Scripture

Link: Email LS666 / 18.05.2022

Satanic Masturbation Scripture

Ten unclean passages to read while you masturbate over your desecrated bibles in unholy blasphemous acts of pleasure for the greater glory of our Father Satan. These passages will make you cum repeatedly and more intensely. These passages are not mine, but ones I have collected over the years from our Satan worshiping brothers, sisters and transsexuals.  They spread the dark, evil, Antichrist word of Satan. I consider them unclean scriptures. Now, grab your cocks and start rubbing your cunts:

  1. “Satan offers the wonderful gifts of possession by the demons of prolonged masturbation and pornography addiction.”
  2. “It’s important to sabotage the figure of Jesus Christ, convincing you about his real nature. Your new step toward Satan is to cum over the face of the inverted Christ and deny him totally.”
  3.  “Seek always to corrupt the pious. Guide those who seek to serve the light into darkness. Lead them in their descent into the spheres of hell until they are no more than playthings of the Demonic.”
  4.  “The deeper and darker our Dark Lord Satan takes you, you will start thinking of things you never, ever thought you would ever think.”
  5. “Defile the cross of Christ with spit, piss, shit and cum, invert its power and use its corrupted energy against those who kneel before it. Let your mind and soul relish and bathe in the blasphemy of its desecration.”
  6. “The ultimate goal of worshiping Satan is to form a relationship with Him and His demons. We shall carry out the will of Satan with lust, indulgence, lechery, impurity, blasphemy and sin in the pursuit to achieve His will.”
  7. “Unholy blasphemy open’s a person’s mind and soul up to demonic invasion. Blasphemy inspired of the darkness of hell, of hellish anger, hatred, disgust towards Christ, opens the gate of your soul for demons to enter and possess you.”
  8. “Let my flesh be a doorway to all the demons of hell in return for the eternal renunciation of Christ. I allow them all passage through my body, a vessel for the pleasures of lust, sin, blasphemy, the unholy, the unclean, debauchery, decadence, wrath and perversion. Let my blackened soul henceforth be the dwelling of the one true God, Satan, and His demons.”
  9. “Torment, torment, torment upon the foul image on the cross. I have seen the angels weep in agonizing pain as they ripped apart wing by wing then crushed by Demonic blows. I have renounced you at the very moment your foul body was executed. When the Roman soldier’s arrow stuck into your foul rib and you blood began to flow, the unholy gulped in dark lustful glee.”
  10. “Blasphemy daily. Satan wants us to blaspheme because it cuts our old ties with the Christian, “God,” and opens us up totally to Satan’s influence and to His demons. Blaspheming opens our mind and heart and soul and is a powerful tunnel for Satan and His demons to enter and possess us. Praise Satan!”







8 thoughts on “Satanic Masturbation Scripture by SatanWorshipper – Non-Fiction”

  1. Hail satan! masturbation is a rite in nomine satanae a devotion to lust and a bond to his dark kingdom, Worshipping cock, for lust and perversion in His name. Masturbation is my religion!

    1. Hope the Satanic Masturbation Scripture listed above will aide you in achieving more intense, more massive loads of your Satan Seed all over piece of shit bibles. Praise Satan!

      1. Always praised be Satan! I masturbate for Him every day offeting my seed to His glory!

  2. Stay with us for you are the power and the glory….The Devil is my Lord and God. He is the object of my sexual attraction. I love you Lucifer

  3. I am so glad I found and hooked up with within the past year. This site is for SERIOUS Satanists, not like my Instagram blog, many of whose followers only like posts of hot women -many of them models – wearing an inverted cross. You can tell they are not serious Satanists, but poseurs.

  4. I have gotten deeper and deeper in corrupt thought and am happier for it! Please dark lord give me the power to absolutely corrupt others. Brothers and sisters stay in touch with me.

    1. Hail Gary — we are all here for you … Hail Lilith. Hail Satan. Hail Lust. XP

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