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Feature Title: Satan, the Watchers

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Satan, the Watchers

This topic originates to the idea of, how can evil exist if God was / is so good, and created such good, and only good?

In my opinion, God did not create evil. He did, in fact, create the ability human’s have, to have free will. To make our own decisions. And with that, since we are flawed, chose evil. Because in free will, you will seek, and find the unknown. The unknowing is probably our biggest flaw. But if you see… all that we have discovered in the result of us choosing evil. All the ideals, beliefs and science we have accomplished. But also, all the wretched things we have.

So, in the fallen angels, you have two different groups.

You have angels who were cast even before humanity became corrupt on its own. Angels who lusted after human women, and possibly even mated with them. God cast them out as punishment.

The other group, was founded by the most mighty angel of all, Lucifer. He became jealous of God’s love for humanity, because God said that we shall worship none other than him, and to Lucifer, God put us before all. Lucifer’s jealousy and rage brought him to challenge God, and become prideful and wrathful, and with that, God cast him down to become Satan. (Two separate entities).

So, who truly is the lesser of two evils? Who truly committed the first sin?

And who truly created evil, then?

4 thoughts on “Satan, the Watchers – Non-Fiction”

  1. A very good question, but frankly I don’t give a fuck, I adore evil in all it’s forms, my god Satan frees us all to follow our desires and needs without censure, that is all I want

    wonderful blog xpanther, dip in and out, but always wonderfully depraved perversion.

  2. Okay, so I have to disagree with you. In my opinion, god created evil. In the book of lies, it says that god created everything, including the angels. He is supposed to be all knowing, so he would have known that our Lord Satan would rebel. So why did he create him?

    Think about the tree planted in the garden. God knew that they would partake. So he is an assessor to their sin. (Imagine my putting a bowl of candy in front of my grandson and telling him not to eat any. Then walked away.) Really???

    I am really looking forward to being in Hell because I know that it will be great! The BOL tries so hard to paint it bad so you’ll want to go to heaven, not Hell. Tell me, is Lord Satan is so evil, why did god put him in charge of Hell??

    Just saying! Hail Lord Satan!

    PS Sysop: Light gray font on white? Really!!!

    1. Hail Truely Unknown — God has set up the FALL — why set everything against us — a test of the faithful? The meek will inherent the earth? He is a cynical bastard that laughs at our struggles

      PS SYSOP — yer sorry about that — I am looking into how the change it — this template has problems and I am a blogger not a tech guy — so I do struggle a bit — if anyone has any advice on this — it would be greatly appreciated — XP

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