Feature Writer: xtorch

Feature Title: SALLY’S PORTAL 2

Published: 21.03.2020

Story Codes: Erotic Horror

Synopsis: Sally’s first attempt to satisfy her demon

Author’s Notes: Welcome readers, to a new story. If you want to understand the inspiration for this story, look for an article entitled, “Preacher says women open a portal to hell when they masturbate” I’m just going to go with that. Hope you enjoy. Cheers, @XavierTorch


Sally’s Portal 2

“I don’t think we need to wait until night,” Kendra muttered. “But I really don’t know.”

Sally looked at her wearily, the expression on her face telling her friend she’d run out of options.

Jesus, look at her, Bren thought. Whether this is real or sleep deprivation, she’s hurting.

“All three of the other times were pretty late,” Bren regretted having to point out.

“We don’t really know, though,” Kendra protested. “Who knows which details matter and which ones don’t?”

“Well,” Sally stood up from the table.

Bren saw her wobble, her knees threatening to give out, and lunged to his feet to try to catch her.

“I’m okay,” she said, grabbing the table’s edge and closing her eyes to take a deep, bracing breath.

Silence followed as Sally took several more long breaths and steadied her body.

“We won’t have a chance later tonight,” she explained, pressing her lips together for a moment as she stared at her hands. “We have the house to ourselves now. That will change in an hour when Alex and Jerrica get home.”

“Alright,” Bren shrugged. “Let’s hope the fact it’s dark outside is good enough.”

Sally inhaled deeply and closed her eyes, making a clear effort to summon some energy.

“You gonna be able to do it?” Kendra asked.

“I have to,” she narrowed her eyes on her friend. “I’m gonna die if I can’t get some sleep.”

Bren watched Kendra’s eyes flinch away from Sally to look over at him.

“Look, Sal,” he put in. “If nothing else, I can keep an eye on you while you get some sleep, alright? My midterms are done, so I got nothing to do tonight.”

“Thanks,” Sal looked up at him through the hair that had fallen in front of her face. “Really. Thanks.”

She turned on her heel and strode out of the kitchen, down the hallway to the bedrooms.

“Just a sec,” she waved off Bren, “Let me change.”

With that, she pushed the door until it nearly closed, forcing Bren and Kendra to wait in the hallway.

Kendra, still holding her fist in front of her face, looked at Bren with empty, frightened eyes.

“This better not be some stupid joke,” Bren told her. “Sal looks bad.

“It’s not a joke,” Kendra shook her head. “I swear it.”

Bren mumbled back at her with all the neutrality he could muster.

I feel like they’re setting me up for something stupid.

“Okay,” Sally called out, “Come in.”

Bren pushed the door open toward the right, surprised when it stopped at ninety degrees as it hit the door stop on the wall. With only the hallway light providing illumination, he saw Sally tucked into her bed to the left of the door. On the other side of the room, she’d crammed in a dresser, cluttered it with papers, pencils and pens. Under the window, just off the foot of the bed, a small desk waited with a closed, gunmetal grey laptop.

Sally lay under the covers, only the shoulders of a thin night shirt visible above the fold of her blanket.

“I’ll, um,” Bren looked around the room and set his eyes on the rolling chair, “just sit over here.”

“Not with your back to window,” Sally warned, pointing to the farthest corner of the room, between the desk and the dresser. “Over there, so you can watch everything.”

Bren nodded, feeling his own nerves begin to fray in the darkness.

Someone’s going to jump out of the closet and yell ‘boo’ and they’re all going to have a laugh at me, he sighed, sitting down in the chair and rolling it over into the empty corner.

“Kendra?” Sally called out softly.

“I’m here,” Kendra closed the door behind her and Bren heard the bed creak as she sat down.

“Everyone’s ready, then?” Sally asked.

This is useless, Bren though. With the blackout shades, I can’t see anything.

On top of that, he still had a nagging suspicion they had a trick planned.

“Sal,” Bren said. “I can’t see anything at all. How am I supposed to watch what happens or — or ‘protect’ you or whatever?”

Sally let out a sigh, “Bren.”


“Do you really need to see me while I do this?”

“I don’t know how else you expect me to help,” he explained. “I need to see something.”

“I guess I’ll still be under the covers,” she retorted through clenched teeth.

“That’s fine, I guess,” Bren replied, feeling the logic of her situation and his desire to avoid their potential practical joke coalescing. “I mostly want to be able to see the room.”

Bren listened as Sally slipped out of her bed from the side nearest him. Her bare feet hit the wood of the old, parquet flooring and she opened a drawer in her dresser. After a few seconds of shuffling, she let out a satisfied huff of breath. There followed the telltale striking sound of a lighter and Bren watched a tiny flame appear in the darkness. Sally used the flame to light a tall, green candle which she handed to Bren before it had even hit its full glow.

In the brief, flickering light, he saw her slip back under the covers, the brief flash of her white panties visible for less than a heartbeat.

A lot more leg than I expected to see, he felt a shock run though him, they’re not just fucking with me then. She’s really undressed.

“Good enough?” Sally asked him.

He couldn’t read her expression in the faint light from the candle, but felt the sting of her sarcasm anyway.

“Yeah,” he said, checking the stability of the candle’s base and setting it down on the dresser. “Thanks.”

“Here goes,” Sally whispered.

Bren watched as Sally bent her knees, raising the bed covers up in two little hills which slowly spread apart.

“Can you really be horny with us here?” Bren asked.

“Ye-e-es, she can,” Kendra answered. “Now hush and let her focus.”

Sally’s breathing became the only sound in the room, which Bren thought should have felt awkward, but somehow seemed fine. Her eyes closed and, as her breaths became laboured, he started feeling a strange prickling sensation on the back of his neck.

There’s nothing behind me but wall, though, he reminded himself. Don’t let their ghost stories get in your head.

The bed start shaking, which Bren put down to some theatrical expenditure of energy on Sally’s part. Watching the bed covers, however, it didn’t look like she had engaged her hips in her frolicking.

“It’s happening,” Kendra warned from her place sitting on the bed on Sally’s right.

Maybe Kendra’s the one making the bed rattle, Bren wondered. That must be the trick.

Just as the thought entered his head, the entire bed jumped off the floor and slammed back down.

“Jesus!” Bren shouted as Kendra jumped off the bed and backed toward the door.

Bren suddenly realized the precariousness of his position trapped in the corner of the room farthest from the exit.

At least Kendra can get out of here if she wants.

Sally moaned, “I’m going to- I’m going to-”

Next to him on the dresser, the candle flared up and Bren caught a brief image of a black, smoking pattern floating over the foot of the bed, right between Sally’s spread knees. As Sally moaned out her increasing pleasure, the smoky pattern twitched and swirled, darkening to match the strength of her passion.

The bed continued to shake, pounding at the floor in a rhythm entirely unrelated to the writhing of the girl under the covers.

“Oh, Christ,” Bren hissed. “What the hell, Sal? What the hell?”

With the single candle burning so brilliantly, he had no trouble making out the pained expression on her face. Eyes closed, she strove for her orgasm with a singleness of intent he’d never imagined from her. Almost forgotten, Kendra waited in the corner behind the door, staring at the apparition between her friend’s legs in mute horror.

Two brilliant red eyes now glowed near the top of the black cloud and Bren began to make out facial features.

This is not human, a bone-deep instinct told him instantly. The face is wide and the head too squat. I think it has horns, or maybe pointed ears sticking straight out sideways.

The window started to rattle against its frame.

“Sal!” he shouted out over the thumping of the bed. “You’ve got to stop, Sal!”

“Almost there,” Sal moaned in protest, her eyes still closed.

“Kendra!” Bren yelled. “Can’t you stop her?”

Kendra, trembling in the corner, flashed Bren a terrified glance before turning her gaze back to the beast solidifying in the air at Sally’s feet.

The monstrosity resolved further and limbs became visible, allowing Bren to see that the beast knelt between Sally’s spread thighs, it’s hoof like feet hanging off the foot of the bed.

“Dammit,” Bren cursed as he moved toward the side of the bed.

With Kendra frozen in terror and Sal stuck in some kind of fugue state, he counted himself as the only hope to break whatever god awful spell the girl had invoked. As he moved towards Sally’s legs, hoping to dislodge her hand, the beast turned toward him and roared, a terrifying blast of heat striking his face and pushing him back into the dresser.

Fuck, he thought as the back of his head struck a wooden drawer. Did it really move me? Or was I just scared? And what is that burning smell?

“Kendra!” he shouted across the room. “We need to do this together! Sally needs us!”

Silently, Kendra nodded and the two of them advanced timidly to the head of the bed, avoiding the dark beast as best they could.

Christ, don’t even look at it.

Reaching out as fast he could, Bren grabbed the bed sheets and yanked them off Sally’s twitching body, uncovering her in an instant. In the blazing monotone of the candle’s light, he couldn’t make out any colours, but could see that his friend had stripped down to a thin night shirt and a pair of panties. The area between her genitals and the beast’s legs glowed with a faint, purple hue. With her back arched and her head thrown back, Sally had locked every muscle in her body, her whole form focused on the two hands she’d jammed beneath her underwear.

If Bren had it right, Sally’s left hand provided a little bit of assistance, steadying her body and maybe spreading her lips. Sally clearly used her right hand for the important work of hammering away at her genitals.

That looks pretty rough, honestly, Bren noted. I don’t think I’d ever go that hard on some girl’s pussy.

“Kendra!” he yelled across the bed, catching a pair of fearful eyes. “Grab her arm, ready?”

Kendra nodded and prepared both of her hands, opening them up like claws ready to strike.

“Three!” Bren shouted. “Two! One! Now!”

He and Kendra grabbed Sally’s upper arms and yanked hard, pulling them away from her body. Sally strove madly against them, thrashing her legs to shake them off.

“No!” she screamed. “Let. Me. Finish!”

“We can’t Sal,” Bren pleaded. “Look what’s happening! We can’t!”

Sally’s eyes popped open, tears running down the sides of her face.

“Bren, please,” she begged.

“Stop, Sal,” Kendra told her. “Just stop, please!”

The bed settled down on the floor with a giant thump and Sally’s body suddenly went limp. Silence reigned, like the eye of a hurricane, as the lone candle in the room returned to something resembling a normal level of brightness.

“Guys?” Sally whispered into the relative darkness.

“Yeah, Sal?” Bren replied.

Tears still welled up in her eyes, Sally ticked her chin towards the foot of the bed.

Bren and Kendra, warily keeping their respective grips on her biceps, turned as one and looked at the monstrosity between Sally’s legs.

“That,” Sally filled her voice full with certainty, “is what’s been following me for the past week.”

The beast knelt quietly in place at the foot of her bed, it’s craggy forehead appearing to furrow in pain, its pointed ears twitching to sweep back from its wide face.

“How do you know?” Bren spoke through gritted teeth.

Sally’s legs relaxed, her knees straightening to make a ‘vee’ around the beast. Bren refused to be fooled by her suddenly calm demeanour, and didn’t loosen his grasp on her arm.

“I can feel it,” she said. “That’s him.”

Kendra looked across at Bren and shrugged, “The… thing seems quiet now.”

“What is it, though?” Sal tried to pulled her legs back, but her friends held her fast in place.

With a look and a nod, Bren told Kendra to pull, and the two of them dragged Sally away from the monster to the wall behind the head of her bed, letting all three have a look at the monster more carefully.

“It’s angry,” Sally said softly. “I think you’ve made it angry.”

“Well, it didn’t attack you,” Bren pointed out. “Just me when I got too close.”

“It doesn’t know you, I guess,” Sally tilted her head and looked at the beast curiously.

Bren and Kendra shared a glance.

“Sally?” Kendra said. “It’s a demon. Please don’t get all maternal. This is not the time.”

“It’s not hurting us, though,” Sally pleaded. “Look.”

“Sal!” Bren firmed up his voice. “It breathed some fire and brimstone shit on me just now. Knocked me right on my ass.”

Sally ignored him, placidly looking the beast over.

“It’s still kind of transparent, isn’t it?” Sally leaned forward to peered at the beast’s flesh. “My demon.”

Kendra looked over Sally’s head at Bren, making eye contact before she mouthed the words, “My demon?” with an incredulous look on her face.

They turned back to look at the monster, and Bren mentally dubbed it “the demon” until someone could come up with a better title. The room brightened very suddenly and only a moment later, as his brain processed the clicking noise, did he realized Kendra had slapped the rocker light switch.

“Bah!” Sally protested.

As his eyes adjusted, Bren realized the light had reduced the demon’s substance to a smoky intangibility. Its red eyes compressed to slits, it stared up at the ceiling light in anger and growled from deep in its throat.

“I think you pissed it off,” Bren warned Kendra.

The light started to flicker, brightening well above it’s proper level.

“Kendra! Turn it-”

With a loud pop, the bulb blew, sending a burst of red light over the room before it descended back into darkness.

Kendra squeaked and Sally shouted as all them protected their eyes with their arms.

“What the hell?” Sally moaned before lowering her arms and observing the demon. “Thanks a lot, jerk.”

She’s scolding the demon, now?

In response, it growled back at her and bared its fangs.

“What do we do now?” Kendra asked. “If this is the thing that’s been following you around? What if it keeps following you and it’s not invisible anymore?”

“It’s not actually attacking, though, is it?” Bren pointed out. “It’s just sitting there.”

“No,” Sally shook her head and leaned in even closer to the dark beast. “I wonder what it wants.”

Bren and Kendra shared a glance before releasing Sally’s arms, deciding with that telepathic agreement that their friend seemed to have reached a rational state of mind.

Working his way around the room to stand behind the demon, Bren could still see through it, though very poorly.

“It’s as if it hasn’t come through all the way,” he said. “The more you, um, played with yourself, the more solid it became.”

“Great,” Kendra said, “but how does she make it go back?”

“We are out of our depth, here,” Bren admitted.

“Alright, let’s have look,” Sally slipped out of the bed, letting her night shirt fall to half cover her panties, and walked around the room.

The eyes of the demon tracked her, its head easily rotating around 180 degrees then twisting to continue tracking her on its right side.

“It won’t look anywhere but you,” Kendra said.

Sally finished an entire revolution around the kneeling monster and sat back on the edge of the bed, observing how it seemed to pant as she got closer.

“It’s not really angry, is it?” she asked.

Looks angry to me, Sal, Bren though, but said nothing.

“What do you mean?” Kendra put in.

“I mean,” Sally explained. “It looks frustrated. Eager.”

“Maybe it’s just hungry?” Kendra said. “And we all look like food?”

Sally shook her head and rolled her eyes.

“What if I finish?” she offered.

“Are you nuts?” Bren blurted out. “Then it comes all the way through. What if this thing becomes solid and… and real?”

“It could kill you,” Kendra said. “You don’t know why it’s here.”

“I don’t think it will hurt me,” Sally said. “Look at it!”

“And us?” Bren said. “Will it hurt us?”

“I won’t let it,” Sally declared. “You’ll see.”

Bren shook his head, wishing he could leave, but knew he couldn’t abandon his friend even if she had the dumbest plan in the universe.

“Alright,” Bren sighed. “Let’s keep an eye on it, though.”

Not that there’s anything we can do if she lets a hound of hell through into the real world, is there?

In an instant, Sal hopped back up on the bed and spread her legs toward the demon. This brought an unearthly, fang-baring grin to its face.

At least I hope that’s a grin, Bren shook his head doubtfully.

Sally took a deep breath and reached down with both hands inside her panties.

“Not that I’m looking,” Kendra winced, “but your vagina is glowing.”

“Uh-huh,” Sally shrugged off Kendra’s comment as if she hadn’t heard it, but Bren looked.

With the rapid finger motion she used, Bren could see under her panties from his angle. Matted down pubic hair did very little to obscure the slit of light issuing from between her lips. In a moment, it even shone through the crotch of her panties.

The demon became excited and, as it solidified further and the bed started rocking, Bren realized that it had caused the jumping and rocking of the bed.

Here we go, Sal, he thought, I hope you don’t get us all killed.

The candle, naturally enough, had blazed back to its former conflagration level and Bren wondered how long its wax would last at this rate.

Look at her hammering on her clit, he thought, amazed at the amount of force she used making her circles and jabs.

The demon appeared to approve and continued to rock the bed.

“Oh, my god,” Kendra moaned, pointing at the demon’s crotch. “Look at it!”

A charcoal black erection had solidified, forcing Bren to wonder if it had just grown suddenly, or merely reached a level of opacity that made it visible.

“Is it going to try to fuck her?!” Bren yelled out, deciding that he might as well talk about Sally in the third person at this point, for all the attention she paid them.

“I don’t think so, but…” Kendra continued pointing.

The demon had taken its erection in its right hand and begun vigorously stroking it.

I wonder what comes out of a demon’s penis when it ejaculates, Bren thought distantly, hardly believing any of it. What does pure evil look like?

“I hope it’s not too bad,” Bren called back. “As long as it doesn’t get inside her.”

With her vagina now glowing a brilliant purple that managed to light up the inside of the demon’s thighs from underneath, Sally thrust upward against her hands, jabbing herself with considerable force.

“I’m gonna come!” she crooned out.

The demon roared at the same time and, for a brief instant, a blinding purple light flashed between their spread thighs. Sally cried out in triumph and the beast pulled back hard on its erection, which elicited a fine black mist from its tip, spraying itself repeatedly over Sally and casting a wide cloud over most of the bed.

“Ye-e-es!” Sally hissed out, ignorant of the black fog obscuring her body.

A moment later, the demon blinked out of existence, the candle dimmed down to a realistic orange glow, and all the violence in the room dissipated, leaving Sally to quietly jab her clitoris through the last pangs of her orgasm in relative silence.

Kendra and Bren looked at each other in the dim candlelight, listening to Sally catching her breath.

“Is it gone?” Kendra asked Bren.

“Looks like,” he agreed.

“No,” Sally breathed out, trying to find enough for her lungs, “he’s still here. Just quiet. Invisible again.”

“Christ,” Bren said. “How do we get rid of it, then?”

Sally shook her head, “I don’t think it’ll ever go away, honestly. I just have to get used to it.”

Kendra shared a worried look with Bren before turning back to Sally.

“Sal,” she pitched her voice soft and maternal, “how do you know that?”

“I don’t know it,” Sally shrugged. “I just feel it. He’s attached to me, now, somehow, ever since Halloween.”

“But you feel safe now?” Bren asked. “Can you sleep?”

“I think I could sleep for days now,” Sally sighed with relief.

“But what happens the next time you get horny?” Bren asked. “Is it going to come back?”

Sally rolled her eyes and laid back on the bed, unconcerned. Her expression became relaxed and Bren realized she’d fall asleep soon.

“Sal,” Kendra said. “Listen to me!”

Her friend blinked her eyes open.

“Don’t you dare masturbate without us here,” Kendra scolded. “You call us both. You got it!?”

A touch of fear went through Sally’s eyes, and she nodded.

“Promise?” Kendra leaned into Sally’s face.

“Promise,” Sally whispered back, her voice already starting to fade.

With a grimace, Kendra looked up at Bren and shrugged.

“You think she’ll remember?” Bren asked.

“I hope so.”

Kendra opened the door a crack as Bren blew out the much shortened candle and the two of them left Sally to sleep.

“No one’s home yet, thank god,” Kendra whispered.

“Do you think we can trust her?” Bren asked.

Kendra shrugged as they made their way to the kitchen, immediately clicking the kettle on.

“Tea?” she asked.

“I could use something stronger, but sure,” Bren agreed.

The kettle began to hiss, and Kendra sat down to wait for the water to boil.

“What did we see today?” Bren asked the room at large.

“What do you mean?”

“We need to be thorough,” he explained. “We need to remember everything that happened.”

“Our friend summoned a demon from hell,” Kendra deadpanned.

Dammit Kendra.

“Do you have a notebook or something?”

“Um, sure.”

Her backpack, recently discarded under the table, yielded up to a small, ringed notebook. From this, Kendra tore out the first few pages, keeping to herself whatever she’d written in the book already, and handed the remainder over to Bren.

“What are you going to do?” she asked.

“Observe,” he said. “We write down everything we can think of. About Halloween. About tonight. The lighting, the timing, the room, the… the way the candle flared up. The, I don’t know…”

Kendra rolled her eyes, “The phase of the moon?!”

Bren stared at her.

“Yes, definitely,” Bren narrowed his eyes. “The fucking phase of the moon, too.”


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