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Just a quick note to let you know that I have just uploaded the next installment in Pleasure has no boundaries 3. Come and check it out and let me know what you think. I am a needy writer, always seeking affirmation. Here’s a link…
Thanks for all the encouragement. Hail Lust. XP

Pleasure has no boundaries 3


The setting is now. Today. Hong Kong. Maggie had followed her husband overseas to live a privileged lifestyle. A conservative housewife with a strong Christian upbringing, she was a virgin upon their wedding night. Now living away from her parents and siblings, she served in the local church as their Sunday school teacher – helping young teens and the youngest of the parish children. She had always had a fear of God Almighty and lived by her inherited stoic Christian values.

This, however, was all about to change. Maggie meets Kris. Kris is a woman from the opposite side of town. She is opposite in Maggie in so many ways; and as a satanist and practitioner of black magic, she introduces Maggie into her nihilistic world. Maggie a shocked and scared at first (and bored with her pious lifestyle). She cannot ignore her curiosity for this darker side of life. Kris sees Maggie as a conquest of her satanic corruption. Kris sets about to tempt Maggie and seduce her with illicit lesbian lust, an entree into a world of satanic rites, devil worship, pedophilia and incest – to Kris ‘pleasure has no boundaries’ and the prize is Maggie’s eternal soul.

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