Feature Writer: DesTodes777

Feature Title: NURSE DEMONESS 2

Published: 06.10.2016

Story Codes: Erotic Horror, Fantasm, Domination/submission, Horror, Threesome

Synopsis: More adventures of Mina as her days change

Nurse Demoness 2

Out in the night, a storm began to rage.Lightning raced across dark clouded skies, lighting up the world in swathes of flashes. Rain would be coming soon and up on the roofs of businesses and urban buildings. If anyone saw, they would just see a dark shape flutter between flashes, desperately trying to get home. This hell form of a woman would hide when she could, and the threat of discovery made the journey slow and arduous. Mina quickly found herself in even more trouble when the storm finally began to rage; bringing torrents of rain.

The rain wasn’t what stopped Mina from continuing her journey home. It was cold. Shivering, she took shelter in a bell tower of a church. Logic dictated that such a demonic essence should fell expulsion from such a holy sight, but Mina was a different sort of hellish monster. Mina’s thoughts began to wonder about her birth into the realm of man and mortals while she sat in the darkness.

“Exsurge servant daemonum et hominum miser rima!”

Those words had marked her birth into the mortal realm. She remembered only darkness and with each syllable spoken; light slowly seemed to take form within her consciousness.

“Renascantur patri in tenebris lumen”

There was an explosion of light, and she was brought forth unto the world with a bang. So much so that she found herself awaken in a confusing situation. Bodies were on the ground, three of them, and the place smelt of sulfur and death. Blood was everywhere, and the demoness was alone.

Alone and cold, the only thing that she could reach within the circle that confined her was an amulet attached to a ribbon long enough to make it some necklace. Printed in raised golden letter were Anuskana on its black surface. It was her name. How long she sat in the circle was something that was up to debate, but it was the combination of her rumbling stomach and the stench of rotting bodies that drove her to inspect the circle that trapped her.

New and young, Mina could almost hit herself for not thinking of checking the ring sooner. She saw that whoever had summoned her had messed up the incantation. It was meant to keep a demon in, but she felt that description wasn’t a fitting one for herself. Summoned into a cell in which the door had been left wide open the young demoness found the world was much larger than she had thought as she stepped out of the prison.

With no prior experience with her appearance, when she went to the house her reflection in a mirror made her jump. Naked. She knew it of course, but she expected to be greeted by some horrific image. Instead, all she saw was a skinny girl with no ass or tits. Dark hair sat past her shoulders, and green eyes peered at the unattractive features that she was. Everything told her that the image she saw was wrong. As a female demon, she was a goddess, but the image she saw in reflection said she didn’t fit the part. Her stomach growled, and dizziness washed over her.

A flash of lightning interrupted her musings of the past. Mina, sitting in the belltower, began to remember what it was like to be a mindless monster that needed to feed.

The ringing of the doorbell brought the newly born demon into some critical thought. She had been dry humping everything for at least two days and had found that the instincts that told her that this was the way to feed were not helping in dissipating the hunger. The ringing sounded again through the house and after searching for the source, she had found a figure moving outside. There was a door, but fear had long ago fled replaced by a ravenous hunger. That door clicked open, and she barely remembered the look of surprise on the young delivery boy’s face.

There was no control of herself or any of the bodily functions like pheromones or powers that she possessed. He attacked her, and that boy had taken her virginity there the doorway. Door open and all, he had become an animal. There was no pain when he thrust himself into her, but she was able to feed off of him. What she quickly found out was that newborns could not handle an enormous amount of lifeforce and absolutely could not even consume a soul at that point. It felt good, and she got to feed. He left her on the floor, drunk off of sex, barely able to put coherent thoughts together.

A few things happened to a demon when feeding. Most demons felt only their actual sin allegiance. Mina had no issue with emotions, she could feel them all, but Most demons only felt them from humans on the mortal realm while interacting with said, humans. Second, a demon consuming lifeforce gained the memories of its victim, or parts of it until the whole soul was consumed. She found that her nakedness needed to be covered to be proper. The delivery boy hadn’t complained much, and he sure gave her a welcomed package that helped her in more ways than one. The last thing being that her hunger had been sated for the time being. Sex, it was the world to Mina now and so after gaining clothes, she left the house that had marked a confusing beginning in the world of mortals behind.

Mina remembered the first few weeks being filled with awe as she learned about the world of humans. Feeding came easier, being that the house was near a downtown district of a city. On the streets during the day, she observed and tried to stay hidden. At night, the homeless population of males sustained her. That is until a time when she found an opportunity to better her lot in life.

One of her feeding grounds had been a park that the city had long ago given up on and because of that, the woods that weaved through the park had become a haven for homeless. Out here, there were codes and any violation of that resulted in severe consequences. That had happened to one man named Greg, a homeless veteran who had wondered accidently into the wrong territory. He had been stabbed and Mina remembered watching as EMTs responded. Close enough to also be in that territory she was approached by a cop who began asking her questions. The answers were vague, but the EMT came over to give her a “look over” as he put it. She could smell the lust on him, and within the hour, she had him buried deep within her.

He left her in an alley and even gave her some money for the companionship. It never occurred to her to charge for sex. Memories were the key. Feeding on the EMT had provided a vast array of medical knowledge and offered her a plan in which to use it. From that encounter, Mina had found a purpose and a goal; to become a nurse and use a hospital as a feeding ground.

Months passed, and Mina spent the time working now as a woman of the night. She charged little, knocking out competition and saving her money as much a possible. Living on the street wasn’t hard and having good clothes wasn’t either. She did rent cheap motel rooms, but only on nights that business looked good. That is where her real life began, where a change happened that thrust her into the sex goddess that she now was.

On that particular night, she had been taking a lot of clients. Her current one was some business executive. To him, she was a street whore picked up for this random encounter, but to her, he was a high paying client rutting away. Her skill over the months had increased, and now the sex could be drawn out and ended at her leisure to an extent. Most who left her left remembering the greatest night of their life now. Mina wished she could say the same. The sex felt great of course, and she could get into it, but lately the old in an out had grown more tedious over each time. Right now, legs wrapped around him, she moaned in just the right times but stared at the floral pattern on the ceiling. How she wished in those times for more excitement and as the proverb goes, “be careful what you wish for.”

The door crashed open, sending panic in her current customer and confusion through her. They both scrambled, and her current customer pulled away, struggling to get free of her limbs and out of his nakedness. She remembered also thinking it was cops, but when the two thugs like men walked in, she sat back and waited for them. Her customer, he didn’t make it out past the two big men. As he tried to get by, he was grabbed by one of the men and then hit once in the face putting him to the floor. He didn’t rise, and she stared at both of the men.

“What do we have here?” The first two of men spoke. Tall and wearing a ball cap, red shirt, white overcoat and baggy jeans. Mina remembered being intimidated by the man as he addressed his partner.

“Don’t know man. Whore who’s in the wrong part of town.”

The other was not a stocky, but he was dressed similarly. Two men and Mina worked to seduce them releasing pheromones that smelled like cinnamon into the air. Ability that had rarely been used for her. Men were comfortable enough without it, but her fear of the situation called for its use.

“Smells like sex and spice in here. Bitch been busy,” the first one spoke. He was obviously the leader of the two when the other moved to obey the commands.

“Fucking whores man,” the second spoke as he closed the door. She shifted and tried to keep herself calm. She was still hungry, and each man was looking ever appetizing.

“So what are you gonna do to me?” her voice came out shaky.

“DaFuck did you say to me?”

Numero uno moved towards her. Fear shot through her, but that was due to his sheer size. He had to lean down to smack her, and the hit forced her to fall on her back. She bounced and laid there naked. He followed her down and his iron yoke grip grasped around her throat.

“Let’s get one thing straight bitch. I ask the questions. The property doesn’t get to respond.”

His words were slow as he spoke. Each word coupled with a small change in gripping power. That was it for her she remembered. The moment that the fear disappeared. She didn’t care about feeding or even sex anymore. What she cared about was getting rid of these two men. Low demon or not, she was not property to a human.

“Shit bro, she’s loaded.”

Her eyes wandered over to the other man, who was holding up her wad of money. In a few months, she had managed to gather in the tens of thousands.

“Hey, bitch.”

The attention brought back to her current situation; she glared at the one on top of her.

“Mine now. Got an issue with it?”

She remembered getting ready to answer him, but there was defiance in her eyes, and that caused her captor to strike again.

“You don’t get it do you bitch?” He angrily threw at her. “We own you now. It’s all ours and so is your skinny ass. Kick back; we will be with you shortly to break you in. With that much dough, you must be a goddamn good fuck.”

“Hey bro, she even got jewelry. Birth is a walking bank, I;m finding more cash in her stuff.”

Mina remembered that her captors did promise that she would be dealt with in a few. They were more interested in how much money she had and how much money she could make. She surmised that the two wouldn’t kill her, but would instead keep their word about her being property. She was angry but calmed herself. To get her revenge, she needed to make them vulnerable to retaliation. It turns out sex was the answer and to help with that, she began the process of flooding the room with her pheromones. To do that, though, she needed to tease herself back into a sexual mood and out of one of anger.

Masturbating had never really been a problem for Mina. Often after each encounter with a customer, she would have to finish herself off. Most men were selfish and only concerned about getting their finish. Though Mina did think that had something to do with her flat nature. Skinny and small, she was not much to look at in her own eyes. Often, she felt the self-reflection was shared by her customers.

“Get off a load of this bitch Jay; she’s over here getting all turned on.”

Jay was the rummaging companion it seemed, but Mina paid no attention to him. Instead, she probed herself with deft fingers and began working her favorite spot. Shuddering and moaning, the room began to take on the cinnamon smell of her pheromones. Mina rarely used her pheromones, so she remembered having doubts on how fast such a thing would work on the two men. If enough of the cinnamon scent were in the air, the men would eventually become unable to help themselves from her. Thus, they would fuck her instead of killing her, a prospect in which Mina could feed and escape.

“You nasty bitch,” the first man who had not been named yet laughed at her. Mina saw that her odor was beginning to affect him. The outline of his member could be seen straining against the fabric of his pants, and that sight was enough to push her into a full state of arousal. The cinnamon essence flowed freely out now, but she continued to masturbate to cloud up the room.

“Hey whore, you know, we’ve been looking for you for a while now,” the first man spoke to her, unsettled by her outburst in masturbation. Apparently, seeing a woman react in this way was something that had never happened before.

“Hey Greg, maybe we should just off her man. Bitch is crazy,” Jay spoke in a concerned tone. He was the smarter of the two, but Mina paid little attention as she shuddered in pleasure.

“Naw, she is something special. You see that dough?” Greg replied. She had closed her eyes in enjoyment and lost interest in the men as she brought herself closer to climax. The slap across her face took her completely by surprise, and she opens her eyes to look at Greg.

“Got your attention now huh?” He beamed at her, apparently quite proud of the control. She hated him and at the same time, she wanted
him. Sex was weird, and Mina consigned herself to just looking at the two men.

“So what we gonna do with her boss?” Jay asked. The question was a good one, and she took it as a message to begin working on dragging the men into the bed. Shuffling towards the edge, she made eyes at him and began her art of seduction.

“I uh, man Jay, I think we should fuck her,” he stuttered out in an apparent heat of lust. Greg was starting to sweat, and his mind was losing its clarity. Prolonged exposure to her and his self-control would wane. She wanted that, and as a hand reached out to grabbed the waistband of his pants, he allowed her to pull him close to the bed.

“What’s your name?” He demanded, trying to keep some control of himself. She remembered reaching into his shorts and feeling his pulse through the fabric of his underwear. This question had marked the first time anyone had bothered ever to ask for her name. Often, it was just the look before money was exchanged for her “goods.”

“My name is Anuskana,” she told him huskily.

“Da fuck kind of name is that?” Jay asked from his corner, still rifling through pockets trying to find any last valuables. “I ain’t calling her
that. Call her something else.”

A hand gripped her chin and lifted her eyes up to the look at Greg.

“Yea, I agree. How bout Mina?”

“Yeah I like that. Sounds like the queen of fucking monsters that” Jay said hastily.

“That solves it then. Mina it is, “ he told her.

Not that she cared at the moment about a bestowed human name. The only thing she cared about was wrapping luscious sucking lips
around his shaft. There was a time of relaxation, and that’s when she decided to strike. Hands moved fast the-the elastic band of his underwear and pants expanded as they were pulled away from the skin. He offered no protest when she slid them down.

“Ah man, wow, she is eager,” he said.

Mina remembered engulfing his prick as soon as it sprang free of its clothed prison. It was thick and meaty and all too rare. Stretching out her throat, Jay commented about how surprising it was that she was able to take him. Greg didn’t have to work at all when it came to his pleasure. She was more than willing and allowed him to relax.

“Man Jay, she keeps it up, she’ll be the bottom bitch in no time,” Greg said.

“Well, don’t hog her man,” Jay said.

Clothes fell to the floor, and Jay made his way onto the bed. Mina, not wanting to give any reason for punishment, immediately shifted so that she was on her hands and knees. The action kept Greg still in her mouth but presented viable options for Jay. She hoped he would take either hole and fast. Waiting for some relief was beginning to wear out her composure. If it didn’t happen soon, Mina was going to attack both of the men. An action that she still wanted to avoid.

“Too bad she’s such a skinny bitch,” Jay said. With her mouth full, Mina growled, but it was the smack on her ass that made her lurch forward.

“Oh shit,” Greg said.

The surprise slap on her ass made her go rigid in pleasure. As such, it had shoved Greg further into her throat and created a tightness that he couldn’t handle. It only took a few more sucks and Mina was rewarded with his seed. She wished she would have gotten to taste it, but it surged like a tsunami down her throat. That didn’t stop her from getting a taste of his soul.

When she reached out to touch it, something new and peculiar happened. Greg tasted different. Different from all of the men she had fed on before. Everyone had a different flavor, but the level of deliciousness that Greg had made her hunger for even more. No matter what it took, she was going to continue feeding on that tasty snack.

“Jay man, wow, you have to try this chick man,” Greg said.

Mina could tell he was weaker, and he fell back to the floor. The two men wouldn’t notice, but something had changed in her. She had Greg in her thrall, and now she arched her back to help Jay line up himself with her. Greg went to say something, but a predatory gaze from Mina kept him from talking.

Jay was disappointingly smaller that his friend, but Mina would make do. He went into her and commented about how much tighter she was compared to the other girls. No one answered as he fucked her. The man gave a final scream before unloading himself into her.

Delightful spirit energy flowed into her and made her hunger for even more. She didn’t care at all now about being composed and pulled away from Jay with a wet plop. He fell back on the bed, and Mina turned towards him. They looked at each other for a second.

“Well, bitch, clean it up,” Jay said.

A wicked smile passed over her face.

“No bitch, you clean this up,” she said. Words that elicited surprise from him, but his words were muffled. They had the power when they came into the room, but now, that power belonged to her.

“I thought I said to clean it up,” she said.

The command worked, and she felt his tongue probing between her sensitive lips. There wasn’t anything for him to clean up though. When cum went into her, it never escaped. It was substance, and her body was too greedy to let any escape. Instead, a super concentrated form of her cinnamon pheromones were soaking not only into his face but also being lapped up by him. He shuddered underneath her, and Mina looked back at Greg, who still hadn’t been able to recover. That was okay for her, though; Jay was proving to be exceptionally skilled in his cunnilingus. Soon, she was spraying herself in release over his face, a turn in power yet again.

“Oh man, you two are going to be so much fun tonight. I don’t think you realize that everything is going to get worse for you,” she said.

It was a feeling she had. A promise of delivering judgment upon the two men. Maybe it had something to do with how they treated her when they came in, or maybe the presence of such of two despicable men awakened her. Whatever it was, Mina felt powerful for the first time in her life.

“Lie here and don’t touch yourself. Your friend needs a helping hand I think,” she said.

Greg did need a hand. When Mina got off the bed and approached the sitting man. He didn’t even register that she stood in front of him. Only when she began to sit in his lap and wrap her legs around him did her respond.

“What are-,” he said, cut off by a kiss.

They groaned when she impaled herself with his cock. Mina forced them to stay like in this position. The reason being that unlike Jay, he stretched her out in such pleasurable ways. The feeling was so nice, but Greg did something that would take her by surprise and set a standard for any man that would have to meet from now on. HE broke the kiss and began kissing her neck. A tenderness that no man had ever shown her before. Most just fucked and left her with money but Greg made her want him fully. It was driving her mad and in a frenzied lust,
she shoved him onto his back.

Mina could say that riding him was one of he most memorable experience of her life. A lust demon being able to pleasure themselves in an unabashed way was normal, but Mina had always reserved herself in fear. That fear was gone and within minutes or maybe hours, Mina exploded upon his meat log. It wasn’t long before she had him exploding into her and feasting on his soul, but something changed within her body.

She was getting curvier. Breasts were at least two cups bigger than at the beginning of the night. Her ass was plumper two. Though it still could be referred to as a snooty “White girl booty.”

Greg relaxed under here in exhaustion, but she noticed something different about him too. He looked sick. Muscle mass was gone from his once toned body, and his skin had a sort of paleness to it. She would have asked if he was okay, but she didn’t care about that. Sex was all that mattered, and his friend should be ready for another round. Unlike Greg, Jay still looked healthy. Healthy enough to ream her right.

“Get up; I want to lay down,” she said.

The man obeyed her and stood at the foot of the bed. As she got comfy, she could see that Jay was visibly disturbed by the change in the situation and by his sickly looking friend.

“Is he gonna be-,”

“Shut up. The only thing you need to do is fuck me right now,” she said.

He obeyed, tears rolling down his face as he lined himself up. He slipped in again, but Mina didn’t care about his size. What she cared about was pleasure and after a few strokes, she could tell that this man knew nothing about pleasing a woman. After a few minutes, Mina grew upset and decided that what he couldn’t do she would.

“Swap places with me,” she said.

After the change in position, Mina was soon riding into pleasure again. Jay hadn’t stopped crying, and his whimpers were now becoming more like sobs. It was turning her own like hell. Never before had she thought of taking control, but eventually, the noise of him crying became an annoyance.

“Hey, my breasts could use some love’n hun,” she said.

She stopped riding him and watched him struggle to disobey. He couldn’t though because she now had complete control of his body.

Lightning flashed, and it brought Mina out of her memory. The boom of thunder that followed sent her insides shaking. It was an annoyance now, but she fell back into her memory, enjoying it with her fingers.

Her nipples were super sensitive now and were leaking fluid. Whatever Jay’s shortcomings were one thing was sure now, the man could handle a set of breasts. He squeezed, he nipped, he sucked, he did everything that would make her weak in the knees. Never before had she known that such things could be accomplished with just her tits. It wasn’t long after he began to play with them that she was in sweet release again. It wasn’t sweet for the man underneath her, though.

The shaking from her orgasm pulled her away from Jay. Jay was able to get a full view of what happening to Mina now. Her skin had gone painfully white, like a sheet.

“What the hell?”

Completely gray eyes peered down at him. He screamed, but Mina was having none of it.

“Cum now,” she said.

The command completely broke his focus, but his body followed the command. He discharged into her, and Mina feasted upon him. Like Greg, his skin took on the same sickly color, but there wasn’t much muscle mass, to begin with, so Jay seemed to turn into skin and bones. He groaned underneath her, but Mina stayed firmly planted on him.

Her breasts again swelled to bigger spheres. Everything about her just got meatier. She was more turned on than ever, but a pain in her shoulders, feet and hands distracted. As she changed into a demonic form, her body screamed for more.

“Oh Greg,” she sang. The melody sounding through the room and like a call of a siren.

He stood up and swayed at the foot of the bed.

“Why don’t you come here and slip into something more-comfortable,” she said. It amazed her how meaty her ass had become as she spread her cheeks.

“Like right between these cheeks. Come and give yourself entirely to me,” she said.

Compelled to be obedient, Greg climbed into the bed and planted the thick head of his shaft against her. He wasn’t lubed up, but her body had prepared for that. Occasionally anal was requested by customers and tonight it would be a great pleasure to her. Her body even had a way of accommodating that request, and it had an internal lubing process for the orifice.

A few failed attempts at gaining entry and then the opening of her anal cavity spread. He slid in with a moan and Mina for the first time in her life, found pleasure in something that once only had been for request. Too much pleasure.

Each thrust elicited a shuddering scream from her. It took everything from going into a multiple release of orgasms, but she needed the two to realize that death would be coming soon. Jay was already there, back to tears underneath her, but Greg is seemed hadn’t fully understood the situation.

“Yeah-bitch-take-it,” Greg said. Weakness was overtaking his body, and he came with a surprising shout of gratification. Mina’s want of him realizing death became lost when she feasted upon his soul fully.

Greg shriveled like a raisin in the sun. Even when the shriveling happened, it didn’t stop. Cracking sounded at all of his vitality and life flowed into Mina, leaving a pile of dust between her ass cheeks and on Jay’s balls. Neither noticed.

Jay, it was because he couldn’t see through his terror or tears anymore. For Mina, it was because her body began to change again. The pain in her shoulders ended with a ripping sound and two leathery wings spread out. Dark claws grew from her fingernails, and her feet turned into obsidian like hooves. Her body’s mass increased and the skinny girl that she started as at the beginning of the night disappeared into a voluptuous beauty.

“So Jay, are you ready?”

“Please-no,” he begged.

“Shhh, it’s time to give up your hold on this mortal existence,” she said.

Jay only whimpered, and that’s how he died. Not in a masculine scream, but whimpering. He shriveled up just like Greg had until there was nothing but dust underneath her. It was too bad that her customer hadn’t awakened, or he would have met the same fate as the other two.

Back in the bell tower, under the flash of lightning, Mina came to the memory of her awakening. How she wished meals like that were drawn out and easy. Now, it was about staying under the radar and feeding slowly and when she could. It left her drained and often under powered. She sucked on sticky fingers while she waited for the torrential rain to taper. When it did, she left the tower to continue home.