Feature Writer: Margin Walker

Feature Title: MAN/BEAST

Published: 27.03.2003

Story Codes: Erotic Horror

Synopsis: A man’s inner beast surprises a camping couple


The beast was raging inside of me tonight. It would have to be fed. I hadn’t let it feed in a long time. The last time was more than three months ago. The anger was strong, pounding in my head. Strength was coursing through my body, electric pulses making my muscles jump, twitching under my skin. I could barely drive, pressing the accelerator to the floor, pushing the car harder, driving far away from the city. The beast would need to roam tonight, and I was taking myself far into the woods where I could be free.

I slammed my fist into the steering wheel, once, twice, again, raging. I tried to hold on, to push it back, wanting to wait until I was further into the forest, get further from the city. I turned onto a dirt road, the car spinning around the turn, driving too fast, the car almost out of control. I pointed it back onto the road and headed down this isolated road going deep into the woods. But, the beast did not want to be controlled. My hand ripped at the passenger seat, claws digging into the fabric, tearing it from the seat, shredding the foam inside. I was driving too fast for this road, the car bouncing over the bumps, my head thumping against the roof.

I couldn’t control it anymore. I stepped on the brakes, twisting the car to the side, sliding into a tree. The car slammed into a tree, my head flying forward into the steering wheel, the seat belt dragging me back again. The beast burst forward. The seat belt was torn off of me, the door thrown open, and I stepped into the night. I ran into the woods, tearing through the brush, running into the moonless night.

I tore the clothes from my body, running faster, pounding the ground, the anger out of control. I couldn’t think, couldn’t react. I just wanted to run, so I ran. My body stretched as the bones grew, the skin pulling against the expanding muscles. I growled, pushing the muscles harder and running deeper into the woods. The hair on my body was becoming thicker and longer. My face stretched, the nose getting wider.

As I ran my thoughts began to clear. I liked to let the beast take control when needed. The feeling of raw power in my body, the speed, the adrenaline was better than any drug. At times I had lost control of it in the city. Bad things had happened, not that I minded what the beast did. I enjoyed that too, but I just didn’t want to get caught. A beast rampaging through the city would be hunted and killed. A beast rampaging deep in the woods could be free.

I just wished I had been able to drive further into the woods. I wanted to get far away from where people might be to let the beast roam free and hunt wild animal, but the beast preferred to hunt people. I allowed it do that on occasion, but tried to keep it under control.

Soon, I stopped running, breathing fast, sucking the cool night air into my lungs, the initial surge of energy now dissipated. The anger had subsided and I could control my actions. Controlling the beast was a constant struggle, but I tried to keep its desires from overpowering me. I wanted to harness its power, revel in its strength, and meld with the beast. As long as I fed its desires, let the animal nature free, the beast could be controlled.

I sniffed the air, looking for the scent of prey, searching. I sensed nothing big around us, just smaller animals, nothing large. The beast was in search of something big tonight. I moved slowly forward, still sniffing.

Then, I smelled the smoke of a dwindling campfire. I headed towards the scent. I smelled the smoke and knew there were people. Camping was illegal this far in the woods. The approved campsites were further down the mountain. The beast wanted to hunt these people. I thought of trying to stop it, rein it in, pull it further into the woods to find some deer, but decided against it, my beast needed to feed and people would satisfy its hungers better than any wild animals I’d find in the woods.

I stepped quietly through the woods, moving past branches without touching them, stepping over twigs on the ground, my shoulders hunched over, head low, nose out far, working in the direction of the smoke. I saw the soft glow of the extinguished fire ahead of me, coming from the hot coals of the campfire that had gone out. I stopped, trying to sense how many humans there were. I moved around the campsite, looking for movement, listening and watching. The night was dark, the only light came from the red coals, but it was enough to see one tent, and no humans sitting outside the tent.

I began to approach cautiously, moving silently to the small clearing. My body was tense, my hands pulled into claws, every muscle tight. I came to the edge of the clearing, close enough now to see the campsite clearly. There was the single tent close to the dying campfire. Some trash and two backpacks lay on the ground. Under the smoke, I smelled the dinner they had eaten earlier, franks and beans. I smelled alcohol, whiskey, and even the scent of marijuana was in the air. I could smell two people, one a man and the other a woman.

I moved closer to the tent, staying behind the trees, silently moving, looking for movement inside the tent. I stopped when I was about twenty feet from the tent and crouched on the ground, one arm hugging a tree. There was some movement inside the tent, slight noises. I sat and listened. I heard breathing, heavy and sharp, a slight grunt, then a moan, the rustling noise of the tent scraping on the forest floor. I sniffed the air. I heard a sigh, throaty words exchanged. The beast became anxious. The people were having sex in the tent. The beast knew it. I was breathing heavier, a low growl rumbled in my throat.

I entered the clearing, approaching the tent from behind. The sounds were louder. The woman was moaning. The man was grunting. I could hear the sound of flesh slapping against flesh. Their pace was fast. The scent of sex was strong as I crept to the tent. My dick was hard, firmly erect, leading the beast forward. I stopped directly behind the tent, crouching down on all fours, claws digging into the ground. They were moving very fast, the scent of the woman’s cunt strong. The tent was moving slightly with them. The man grunted and stopped, breathing fast. The woman was urging him on more. My body was tense, the beast alert. I looked back to the woods, searching for another predator close by that might try to attack while I sat in this clearing.

There was movement in the tent. The woman was talking loudly, obviously mad that the man had stopped. He yelled something at her. Then the zipper at the front of the tent was pulled down. I sank lower to the ground, hiding behind the tent. The man was leaving the tent. I watched him walk away, stumbling into the woods, wearing only a pair of boots. He burped once as he walked, and then leaned against the first tree he found. I crawled towards him. The man was peeing, one shoulder resting against the tree to hold him upright.

I crept towards him, eyes locked on him, ears tuned to everything around me. The man’s urinating was loud as it hit the ground and stank like he had been drinking heavily. The scent of the urine irritated the beast. As I approached him I stood from the crouch, my claws leaving the ground. Just as the man finished, I leapt. I landed firmly on his back driving him into the ground, claws wrapped around his throat. My claws dug into his throat, tearing, pulling at the meat. I dipped my head and sank my teeth into the side of his neck, just above the claws. The man made a quiet gurgling noise, barely struggling. I was chewing on the meat at his neck, one claw ripped out the front of his throat, the other twisting his head to the side. The neck finally snapped. The man was dead.

I sat up quickly, startled from the kill. Turning back toward the clearing, I saw that the woman had stepped out of the tent. She was looking around and yelling the man’s name. I moved off of the man and crouched behind the tree, staring around it at the woman. She was standing just outside of the tent, calling his name, wearing a t-shirt with no pants or shoes. I licked the blood from my lips, watching her, my cock erect, the scent of sex coming from her.

She began hesitantly walking towards me. I could see she was pretty, a brunette with hair down to her shoulders, a slender frame, and petite. I studied her, watching her move, my body vibrating now, muscles tense.

Then, I sprang from behind the tree, moving on all four limbs. She saw me coming at her, but was too late. I put my shoulder into her stomach, and picked her up as I ran into her. The breath was knocked out of her. I wrapped an arm around her body, holding her on top of my shoulder, running through the campsite and into the woods. I ran hunched over, using my legs and one arm to move through the woods, her body lying against my back, her legs dangling in front of me.

I ran for several minutes. She started to squirm as she recovered her breath, her hands grabbing at my back, her legs kicking, but I held tight. Then, I stopped, dropped her to the ground and held her to my chest, one arm wrapped around her stomach, pinning her arms to her sides, and the other hand held to her mouth. I studied the forest around me, looking for other predators. The woman struggled against the hold, but I was too strong.

Satisfied that we were alone I quickly turned her around and slammed her back against a large tree. The hit knocked her head back and stunned her again. One arm wrapped around her waist, holding her up, the other reached down, pushing her legs apart. I ripped her underwear off with a claw. The beast’s large cock was pressed against her. I grabbed it, directed it to her cunt, and pushed it in. The woman’s head lifted up, trying to regain consciousness, to fight back.

I pushed my hips into her, then pulled back and pushed in again, her cunt still wet from sex with the man earlier. The large cock pushed her cunt apart, grinding into her. I wrapped one hand lower around her butt to support her, the other hand lifting her right leg. I pushed my cock deeper inside of her, slid back out, and jammed in further, the entire cock almost inside of her.

Her eyes opened, staring me in the face, seeing the beast staring back at her. Her hands came up to my chest, trying to push me away, tangled in the hair on my chest. I slammed my body against her, then again, smashing my chest against her chest, my cock driving into her, pushing the air out of her lungs. She fell limp again, her arms falling to her side, her head back sucking for air. I moved my cock inside of her, moving quickly, pushing into her, jabbing my hips forward, her cunt tight around the beast’s large cock. I fucked her faster, harder, her body jolted by each thrust, growling, the cock moving smoothly inside of her now, her cunt walls sliding along the shaft. My claws dug into her skin, one sunk into the meat of her ass, the other gripping her leg, holding her up high. I pushed my pelvis tightly against her, her body smashed between my body and the tree, grunts coming from her each time my cock slammed into her, her legs pushed wide apart by my large hips. My pace got incredibly fast, smashing my cock deep inside of her, our bodies separating slightly to push my cock in further, pushing it deeper, faster, harder, hips thrusting, then the release. Shooting cum deep inside of her, jamming it into her, pushing it all the way in, hips mashed against her, then pulling back and pushing in slower, moving at a slower pace, her cunt walls milking the cum from my cock. I leaned my body against her, pushing her tightly against the tree, keeping my cock deep inside of her, letting the last of the cum drip into her. She was breathing heavily, getting her breath back. Her hands weakly pushed at my shoulders.

I slipped my shrinking cock out of her and stepped back, letting her fall to the ground. She fell on her butt, and then rolled over onto her side. I sniffed the air, smelling my semen inside of her. I searched for other scents, another predator watching me, but found nothing. I crouched besides her, watching her shake, crying, terrified. I reached a claw out to her shoulder, and turned her to look at me. She stared at me, her eyes wide with horror. I touched her face, sliding the back of my claw, covered with hair, along her cheek. Then, I turned and ran through the woods.

The beast’s appetites were satisfied. I moved towards the car, the beast subsiding, my body shrinking back to its normal shape, the hair retreating. I decided that I would stop bringing the beast into the woods just to kill wild animals. Humans satisfied its hungers better than wild animals ever could. I would start hunting humans again. The beast wanted to kill, to fuck, and to feed from humans. I would have to give the beast what the beast wanted.