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Feature Title: Lure of Sodomy
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Lure of Sodomy

Lord Satan uses the lure of Sodomy to extend a call to xstian men. It is one of the most effective ways to interact with a man’s dark side. I always thought man sex was disgusting. One day I was tempted to go into an adult video store where I went into a booth to watch porn. I was intrigued and strangely excited by the gay porn. Soon a young man pushed my door open and I let him in. He went down and put my hard cock in his mouth. It was incredibly good.

Without thinking I found myself moving closer to his cock and then I took it in my mouth. It was as if something outside me was moving me to suck him. I didn’t necessarily want to, but I couldn’t stop myself. Yes, I was disgusted after that even though he did not cum in my mouth. But, praise be to my Lord Satan, I was never the same after that day. Not only did I like the experience, from that point I began my life long craving for man sex. Perhaps you are reading this and don’t know why.

Perhaps you, too, were always disgusted with man sex. But, you are strangely drawn to be here today. Why don’t you send a contact request or chat request to me. I will be more than glad to listen to you and help you understand what you are feeling. No commitments. No guilt. No shame. Please don’t fight it. You can’t fight it. Trust me, it will never ever go away. As I said before: Hail Sodomy! Hail Satan!

8 thoughts on “Lure of Sodomy – Non-Fiction”

  1. HELL YEA BABY sweetie HAIL SATAN may he makes us all his bitches to worship him and be RAPED by SATAN and his DEMONS sweetie praying for SATANS HOTT SEED sweetie

  2. I am being strongly tempted by sodomy. I can’t seem to escape it lustful draw. I too was discussed by sodomy, due to my Christian faith. But now nothing makes me harder. Are Satan and Lillith calling me to them. I need some guidance.

    1. Hi Lee,
      First, let me say i am new to following our Lord Satan and Lady Lilith. i still have plenty to learn. Hopefully someone more experienced will give you a more knowledgeable answer.

      In my opinion, I would say they are calling you. They are extending the gift of pleasure to you. I grew up xian, but looking back on my life I realize I‘ve always wanted to cross dress and sodomy. If we are born with that desire, it’s natural within us so how can it be wrong? It wasn’t until my wife died that i responded to their call. For me it has been a long journey.

      Satan and Lilith will give you time to make your decision. They don’t rush you. For me it was a gradual process and i still have a way to go. After my wife died, I started to dress up in her panty and bras in my closet. Time goes by and discovered a friend also liked to dress up. After a few times of masturbating to porn, it became mutual masturbation and then oral sex.

      After this friend moved, I was comfortable having oral sex and dressing up. I then meet a friend and after almost a year of getting to know him, we committed sodomy. It was the most pleasurable moment of my life. I had never experienced a “normal” male orgasm which could compare to that. I am a bottom not a top. For me, each time gets better and more intense. Since then, I’ve been with a couple of more guys but no one would consider me a slut. It seems I’m still stuck on the idea of monogamy even if it is progressive monogamy. Satan and Lilith are calling me to be a slut for them, but i haven’t got that far yet.

      What I’m saying is go at a pace you feel comfortable. But the thing with delaying answering their call is all the pleasure and lust you will miss out on. It’s not a punishment its just a natural consequence of time. For me looking back if i would have answered their call to me earlier in my life, i would have experienced years of pleasure and lust which i missed out on. Sodomy is designed to give us pleasure not love. That is the big difference between sexual relations with men and women. Men seek pleasure and women seek a relationship. You can have both at the same time or switch back and forth over time.

      Feel free to get back to me if you have questions or want to chat. My email is
      Hail Satan and Lilith.

    2. I’d love to be sodomised by a large hard cock penetrating my arse filling me with hot sperm while I shout out the name of satan

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