Feature Writer: Penisleeve2020

Feature Title: Lubing for Caz

Published: 10.04.2020

Story Codes: Anal

Synopsis: A husband gets sent to play dressed as a slut to get lubed.


Lubing for Caz

I had a few days off but my wife was working so I had free time. I’d spent a couple of days doing odd jobs and catching up on chores about the house and had caught up and I had nothing planned for the next day which was a Friday. Caz and I were lying in bed after a pleasant evening of sucking and fucking and the subject of what I was doing the next day came up. She had an evening shift so she’d leave the house around two in the afternoon and not be home until about midnight and I had nothing to do. Still in the afterglow we discussed what I could do to ‘entertain’ myself and as I stroked her now gaping wet cunt and teased her nipples she decided I should go to one of the local gay sex on site venues and get ‘prepared for her big cock’. This was her very big black strap-on which she enjoyed forcing into me and fucking me with until she’d cum hard enough and I was usually a sloppy, gaping fuck tube when she’d finished with me and I’d have to clean her up licking out her swollen cunt and rim her where her own juices would run freely as she fucked me.

The next day we arose and started our usual day around the house, at lunch time she suggested I better ‘get ready’ and I spent an hour shaving, everything below the neck, washing out and then getting into the cock-ring she chose, a tight stainless steel one that she forced my balls and cock through causing them to swell obscenely and be held forward. She also chose a big two and half inch thick black plug and after having me suck it she inserted it into my ass to make sure I was loose for anyone who wanted me later. She laid out the clothes she wanted me to wear, usually I wore little and stayed naked when at the site chosen but this day she decided she wanted me in heels, stockings and suspenders belt. She chose a red outfit, patent three inch heels and fishnets, slutty and the heels tilted my hips so my hole was presented for easy entry even as I stood.

She had me parade before her and teased me by groping and licking my swollen cock before I pulled on some loose trousers a t-shirt and slipped on some flats. I carried my heels, a bottle of poppers and a couple of joints in a small backpack and we set off. I dropped Caz at work and I was to pick her up at 11.30 AM, I had eight hours to get ready for her! I knew from past events she’d be horny as all hell when I picked her and I’d be exhausted utterly when she eventually finished with me some time tomorrow.

I waved her off at work where she walked into the hospital carrying her bag and headed off the few km to town. It was early so I thought I’d go to a sex shop first, they had some booths and a small theater and as it was Friday I might get some early knock offs slipping in for relief before they went home, most were married men who needed a bit of dirty before they went home to the wife. At first I’d been surprised how many would say that their wives didn’t suck, swallow or take it up the ass, but now I was grateful as they usually had a good build up of lust and cum and ploughed me eagerly before blowing in me, I love bareback and the ‘lube’ was useful when Caz got the big toys out.

At the store I walked down the stairs and past the counter where an older manager sat, he’d seen myself and Caz many times and knew why I was there. He gave me the tokens I requested and the pass for the theater and introduced me as, ‘one of our regulars’ to a thin young attractive girl dressed in a skimpy net get up. She was the stripper for the theater, she’d put on shows every hour or so on the small stage if there were enough people present or just help out in the store and provide decoration behind the counter in her skimpy outfit. Chatting I found out that it had been a quiet day even at lunchtime but that a few had come in just before me and apart from the few in the store checking out DVDs, toys etc there were a few in the booths and theater. Caz usually chatted with him, hornily she’d explained how she liked me ‘lubed up’ and why which had excited him and she’d even sucked him off late one night behind the counter and let him watch as I’d licked his load off her soft tits afterwards when I’d emerged from the booths with both ends dribbling lube.

He let me use the toilet where I stripped down to my outfit and had a joint which I shared with him and the girl. They said how they liked my look and i entered the booths after a quick tour of the store, he made sure the coast was clear on his cameras. The customers were a bit taken aback by my near naked presence but as I went through the curtain to the booth / theater area I looked back to see a couple of them following.

I slipped along the short hallway, past the theater entrance beyond which I could hear the music for the stripper playing and around the corner to where the row of booths opened. They backed onto the theater and I knew the one at the far end had an additional glory hole into the theater, the others just had holes either side into the other booths. there were two me. Already in the hallway, waiting and the two from the store we’re just behind my naked ass as I strutted towards the booths, stoned, erect and excited.

It appeared the end booth was already occupied, the one next to it also had it’s occupied red light on so I pressed past the two in the hallway getting groped as I did and entered the middle one.inside I closed the door and inspected it.

I knew they were cleaned each day and the smell of bleach and semen greeted me. I slipped a token in the slot and pressed the button to choose a gay gang bang video. In the light of the screen I saw a line of moisture from one glory hole to a puddle on the floor, the other hole had just a smearing around it. The hole with the puddle was nearest to where I knew someone was already busy, I bent and looked through it to see a man’s ass flexing as he had his cock through the far wall and into whomever had the end booth. Just then I heard a tapping behind me and through the other hole was a hand. It was a man who asked,

“You taking?”

I turned and knelt so my face was at the hole, “I certainly am. What do you desire sir?” I asked in my best slut voice letting my tongue emerge like a pink carpet into my proffered orifice.

“Suck this slut.” He ordered and he stood undoing his suit trousers to reveal a rapidly growing cock. He was hairy and his cock was sweaty, I assumed from being at work all day. The head of his cock appeared through the hole and I kissed it causing him to moan and push it further through until he was pressed against the wall and his hardening member was rising before my face. It was about eight inches long and thick with big veins, I love big cocks but usually have to settle for smaller but I’d been lucky and I appreciated it.

I took it in my hands and between licks and kisses I moaned my appreciation to him,

“Ooo, what a lovely, big thick manly piece of meat,” he grunted as it twitched and hardened and I licked my way down and around it making it fully hard and stand proud so I could release it.

Then I performed my favorite action, pursed my lips and without any teeth slid down, tongue extending and engulfed him until my face was pressed against the wall. I stayed there just suckling on his cock and making him moan loudly as my throat engaged his cock-head.i groped down to the garter belt and pulled out the bottle of poppers and placed it against one nostril, pulled back slightly to allow myself to exhale,

“Face-fuck please,” then inhaled and pressed forward again.

He grunted and began to fuck. At first he moved only a bit but then relishing the easy moist hole he began to fuck properly and was soon slamming in and out of my face ploughing for all he was worth and shaking the walls of the booth. He was grunting, I was moaning, taking s a sniff of poppers when I could and getting completely off my face allowing me to be the slut that lives within all of us.

He only fucked for a few minutes and then he announced my coming treat by sort of a strangle squeal as he rammed forward and emptied his balls straight down my gullet. I didn’t taste anything until he pulled back and I gently sucked his shrinking knob as he withdrew. He quickly zipped up and left the booth.i sat back on my heals, the other hole still only showed the flexing ass so I assumed he was fucking for real given he’d been there before I swallowed. Then another cock appeared before me. This one was shaven, hard and dribbling, he must’ve been listening.

It was just about 6″ but I quickly devoured it, randy and peppered any cock was going in me now. I began to actively face-fuck myself as he just stayed still his groin pressed to the wall. I ran my tongue over every millimeter of it as I slid on and off it encouraging his balls to erupt. He was more verbal describing how I was swallowing him and sucking him hard. He called me a slut, clearly playing to the audience and I was excited and trying to make him shoot. He didn’t last long and noisily came as I sucked just on his cock-head so I could taste him then as he started to stop I swallowed him and pressed my face to the wall and extended my tongue through to lick his balls as they finished contracting. He collapsed back into the chair in his booth and thanked me for being a slut before zipping up and leaving the booth.

Just then I heard a cough behind me and fingers had appeared at the other hole. I turned to see what I had offered. The man stood up as I knelt, my knees either side of the puddle, he was naked! Unusual but then he must’ve just turned from where he’d been fucking through the other hole. He had a taught abdomen and his cock was thick and wet!

“Clean it slut. That other faggot’s ass is now fucked and I want it clean before I get dressed, no faggot scum.”

I eagerly presented my open mouth to the hole and his heavy knob landed on my tongue, it tasted of lube, ass and cum!

“You’re going to need those poppers I saw you sniffing faggot. This could take some time!” He warned and with that he slid his thick and still soft cock into my mouth, across my tongue and into my throat.

“Oh fuck I thought, he’s bigger than I thought!” My cock twitched, my hole twitched, I slobbered in anticipation of his thickening. Lengthening and stretching my throat.

I placed the poppers against my nostrils and sniffed deeply half a dozen times then capped them as I pressed forward offering my mouth to whatever he had.

He pressed in to me and yes he was growing. The taste of lube and ass diminished as I sucked but his remaining juices were flooding my mouth to my ever growing excitement and I moaned in lustful appreciation of his gift.

“That’s right faggot I produce a lot of juice, that’s why my wife doesn’t suck so get it down your gullet and save her from being d tonight!”

Now I was excited, a public service and a faggot’s dream!

He clearly enjoyed face fucking and he slowly fed me his entire cock as I pressed forward to present a passive fuck hole for him. My tongue was extended and his now hardening meat began to slide deeper until he engaged my throat and then he just plunged in and began to fuck I short hard strokes only just allowing me to gasp air as he enjoyed my deep throat skills. He was really thick and quite long so I had told keep my mouth wide open which I willing did to allow him access and he ploughed away. I heard noises behind me but did even look I was so enthralled in his thick cock plunging and stretching my throat. He began to increase the pace and swell even a little more. I managed to take a couple of sniffs and he suddenly groaned and rammed into me half a dozen times, completely pulling free and slamming full depth before groaning and emptying a huge load in about a dozen Aquitaine straight into my guts. He stayed buried for a couple of minutes, I was seeing stars, not wanting to get off it when he pulled back. I suckled eagerly to clean him up as he pulled free.

He stepped back and I saw he was a middle aged man, about 45, heavily built but fit with huge, low hanging balls. I watched as he got dressed, his clothes were dd across the chair. He saw me watching and laughed before flipping his cock into his jocks.

“My wife will never know how grateful she is to you faggot. One ass and one throat today so she won’t be spread on the dining table tonight, just fucked deep in her hairy cunt.”

I sat back in the chair, my own cock purple and aching, my plugged ass throbbing with the excitement and poppers and my mouth still teasing the three loads.

The other hole was free again, it sounded as if he’d got relief through the hole on the other side of his booth and I contemplated my next actions. I could hear the stripper had finished and a movie had started, it sounded a bit interesting with a woman squealing, another gang bang one I expected as they seemed popular with the crowd here. I could stay and see what turned up or I could go to the theater in my nearly naked state and see what happened or I could go get decent and go to the sauna and start getting really fucked up.

i decided to just move to the theater. As I moved there, the hall was empty and I spied the clock above the counter through the curtain. The manager and the stripper were chatting and I noticed I’d been there about an hour! One hour and three loads, I’d be well lubed for Caz at this rate but she’d want my ass flowing if past events were to go by, she usually just pounded my ass until she could get both fists in me!

In the theater it was a hand-bang movie where a couple were being fucked. He was spit roast and she was airtight! I love this type of action especially watch Caz getting fucked royally, filling up before I had to clean her out.there were a couple of men sitting in seats, they seemed to be watching the video and wanking. At the back of the room were a few more men, one was on his knees servicing a cock while the others watched and wanked nearby. I moved across to the front of the theater so that everyone could see me as I paraded. It was obvious that a faggot slut was in the room and they are only there for one thing, cock.

I took a seat and very quickly I had an older man come and sit beside me, his cock already up and out. He looked across at me in my slut attire,

“You putting out?”

I looked at him, he was about seventy if he was a day but his cock when I looked down was steel hard. I bent forward across his lap and without saying a word I sucked his knob into my mouth, sucking on the head really hard and causing him to groan. Then I popped off it and looked at him,

“I’m putting out for anything you want pop,” and I descended again this time swallowing him until his balls met my nose. He groaned and pressed on the back of my head while lifting his hips and impaling me fully on his cock. He grasped my head and growled at me as he began to use me as a wank machine fucking my eager throat.

“Oh god, suck it you nasty queer. Suck my hairy old balls dry.”

The position was a little awkward so without lifting off his cock I shuffled around to kneel at his feet, being in the first row there was room between it and the low stage. He watched the movie occasionally commenting on the action as he used me as a fuck toy and face fuck me. Being older he took a long time to cum, to his credit his average cock stayed rock hard the whole time and I was getting a sore throat when he groaned and forced me down keeping me pressed to his groin as he pumped his load across my tongue and into my guts. He kept me there suckling after he’d cum and told me to,

“Just suck gently boy, I’ll let you off when I’m empty.”I could feel small pumps of juice running up his cock for another couple of minutes as his big balls slowly emptied into me. It was the longest cum I’d ever experienced, a real liquid meal.

When he finished he let me up and I sat back on the edge of the stage. The others were essentially still doing as they had been but watching us more than the movie. The screen now showed the couple still being used but now he was being fucked while she sucked his cock and a huge black cock was pounding her ass forcing cum to pour from her cunt and run everywhere.

Just then Pop stood up and left, as he opened the curtain the stripper walked through it almost bumping into him. I realized it was nearly time for the next show and she’d be heading behind the screen to prepare. The others watched her slim young ass as she walked down to the stage, just past me.

“Having fun?” She asked.

“Starting to,” I replied, then added, “Only one end so far.”

She smiled and stepped past me close, so close I could smell her,

“Want to help me in my show? Allan, the manager, said you might be interested in putting on something for the crowd.”

“What you have in mind?” I asked interested and excited.

She brushed one hand across my erect cock,

“Oh I though a sicty-nine, maybe a bit of pegging, Allan says your wife’s said you take a good fisting.”

My guts lurched, my cock and ass twitched with lust.

“Um, OK.”

“Good follow me. Allan says the after work crowd will be here in half an hour and I have to get ready, come with me.”

She lead me around the edge of the stage and into a small change room. There she stripped and the got into a little schoolgirl costume. Under it she pulled on a harness as she watched me watching her.

“Do you really take a fisting?” she asked.

“Uh, yes, my wife fists me regularly, sometimes strangers do as well.”

“I’ve never fisted a man before.”

“It OK, I’m ready. Caz wants me fucked loose and full before 11 tonight when she gets off and then gets off on me.”

“Wow. She really wants you fucked?” she asked.

“Oh yeah. She knows she’s my one and only and she loves to see me slutty, it makes her wet especially as I have to describe what was done as she tries to get both her fists in me.”

“I saw the but plug your wearing, it’s big.

“Not the biggest, but two and half inches, Caz calls it the loosened.”

She giggled and turned to the table behind me, turning back she held two dongs, one about seven inches long by one and half inches thick; the other was twelve inches long by two and half inches thick.

“Well I guess it’ll be this one then.” She said holding the bigger one up.

“Well it’ll touch the sides.” I replied.

She lent forward against me the dong pressed between us. I could smell her perfume and the scents of sex were growing, I must’ve smelt of the four loads of cum I’d swallowed already. She bent forward and licked down my neck to my nipples, sucking each as her free hand grasped my swollen cock and sleazed it. I moaned then she bit one nipple before moving to the other, sucking it before biting down hard. I squealed, loudly, above the movie which seemed to be nearing the end.

Just then Allan walked in.

“I see you are rehearsing, save some for the show. There’s a few more in, about half a dozen extra in the seats and more coming into the store. Put on a good show and there’ll be a bonus for you both.”

Then he left.


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