Invocation to Goddess Carmela Ravencraft – Non-Fiction

Writer: almostloudharmony (deactivated)

Subject: Invocation to Goddess Carmela Ravencraft

Link: TUMBLR / 15.02.2021 / Sabalith

Invocation to Goddess Carmilla Ravencraft

Goddess Carmilla Ravencraft, Daughter of Satan, Queen of Hell we Your faithful servants welcome Your joyous return. Please bestow upon us Your faithful followers Your Infernal Blessings and pray that we will join in communion with You and the Demons sent forth from Hell itself that You have delivered to us Satanic Blessings. So Mote it Be!! Hail Satan!! Hail Goddess Carmilla Ravencraft!!


1 thought on “Invocation to Goddess Carmela Ravencraft – Non-Fiction”

  1. Hail XP,

    This invocation of Carmilla Ravenncraft has peaked our curiosity; we’re always seeking to deepen our Love Lust and Understanding of our Father Satan and His devoted Servant’s.


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