Feature Writer: DieselJester / AlexClayton

Feature Title: HEROES FALL 4

Published: 08.02.2021

Story Codes: Erotic Horror

Synopsis: Lady Alexa falls in war and is enslaved by the victor.

Author’s Notes: This story has been Inspired by a combination of Hiblli3D’s Knight Elyane art and stories, Seeds of Chaos, and Viper RSR.

Heroes Fall 4


“Here ye, here ye,” King Sephant’s majordomo announced during his third official night holding court as ruler of this land. “Now announcing the arrival of the famed bounty hunter who knows not of failure; RONIN!” Sephant’s eyebrows shot up in surprise at the arrival of such a man. Everyone in the known realms knew of this man. He was highly sought out for his skills of bringing in fugitives and killing marked targets. From what Sephant heard, he was really expensive and worth every coin.

It now made him wonder what Ronin was doing here now.

Ronin, clad in a black breastplate under a black flowing cape, strode in flipping a gold coin. He stopped a respectful distance away from the throne and inclined his head by way of an acknowledging nod. Sephant felt his ire rise a bit. “Normally, people kneel and bow in the presence of a king,” he noted dryly.

“I’m sure they do, your highness,” Ronin quipped with a smirk, pocketing his coin. “Your predecessor said the same thing to me, in fact, and look where he is now; headless in a ditch somewhere.”

Sephant let out a harrumph of amusement. “You say that like you had something to do with it.”

Ronin fixed him with an even stare. “Where do you think you got the detailed plans of his capital from and who do you think let your army in through each of the gates?”

“Really?” Sephant had not known how his generals, orc, demon, and human alike, had gotten such easy, uncontested access to the former capital’s gates that allowed his armies easy access in. Now he was truly impressed that he’d had the help of Ronin. But he was suspicious. “Why? Why did you help bring about the downfall of King Randal?”

Ronin half-heartedly shrugged. “I got paid to do it.”

“Surely there’s more to it than just that,” Sephant glowered at how nonchalant Ronin was being. “You felt no loyalty to your king?”

“I didn’t vote for him,” Ronin deadpanned. “And the people don’t rightly care who is in charge so long as someone is.”

“I see,” Sephant noted sourly. He wasn’t going to get anything more out of the bounty hunter, so he decided to press on to business. “What brings you to my court this evening, then? I seriously doubt it is to congratulate me on my victory as all of these other nobles have,” he said, spreading his arms to indicate the audience of nobles from around the kingdom who’ve come to kiss the ring of their new ruler, legitimizing his claim on the throne.

“When one contract ends, another one begins,” Ronin said. It sounded like he was quoting something. “I’ve been hired to find one of the young women who accompanied Randal’s army up here. One of his Paladines; Lady Alexa.”

“Oh really?” that perked Sephant’s interests. “Why her?”

“I’ve been paid to find her.” Ronin said, again giving him a flippant shrug.

“Hmph,” Sephant snorted. On one hand it was infuriating not to get more detailed answers out of him but on the other hand it was reassuring to know that if questioned, Ronin wouldn’t reveal any secrets that would compromise him. “Well, she’s not here, I’m afraid. I gave her over to one of my demon lords who aided me against Randal; Lord Kirgon. I had him and three of his colleagues fight her right where you stand. The winner got to breed her in front of the others and take her with them as their trophy.”

“Where can I find Lord Kirgon at?” Ronin asked politely.

“He lives many leagues to the north. Its quite the trip over a couple of mountain ranges and along a rocky coast. It takes the average man a couple of months to reach it on their own without aid of one of their demonic portals.” He then laughed. “I’ll be more than happy to have one of my cartographers map it out for you if you decide that you want to go.”

“That would be most appreciated, thank you.” Ronin inclined his head again.

“HA!” Sephant roared with laughter. He was starting to like this bounty hunter. He was very professional. “Now I can see why you are so famous, Ronin. You really do not let anything get in the way of your mark, do you?”

“To do otherwise would be bad for business,” Ronin said. “Would it be possible for me to purchase a room in your castle here for the night? Or possibly the week? I’d like to get properly outfitted for such a trip.

“Since it turns out that you have aided me on my rise to power, I’ll supply a room for you at no cost to you. You may have a full run of my castle to get what you need for your trip as I’m interested in seeing how this turns out,” Sephant decreed. “I will also give you one of the girls from my newly formed harem to keep you company as well… recently drafted from the eight remaining Paladines of Randal’s army.” He then eyed Ronin. “Unless you’re here to rescue them as well?”

“I haven’t been paid to do that… not that it would matter since I never take on more than one contract at a time.” Ronin explained.

“Excellent! Then the only question I have left for you is blonde, brunette, or redhead?”

Ronin quirked a smile. “Surprise me.”


As it turned out, King Sephant selected a petite, little pixie cut brunette for Ronin that he nearly confused for a half elf or a halfling. “This slave’s name is Rina, master,” she said in a subdued tone while keeping her gaze downcast and her head bowed. She presented herself at his chamber doors clad in nothing more than her slave collar. “His Highness, my Lord and Liege, King Sephant, in his infinite wisdom, has decreed that I, a former Paladine who foolishly opposed his rightful rule, am to keep you company as your personal slave and servant while you enjoy his hospitality here,” she dictated in a monotone voice.

“Wow… did he make you memorize all of that?” Ronin asked, snorting with amusement as he stepped aside to let the woman into his assigned chambers.

“Yes, master,” Rina said morosely as she trudged inside. She moved as if she’d been broken and defeated in more ways than just in the physical sense as she walked straight for the bedchambers. Ronin closed and locked the door behind him before following her. She sniffled as she climbed up onto the bed and rolled to her back. “My master, King Sephant, has decreed that if the rest of us wish to remain undefiled like the fallen Lady Alexa, then we are to do as we are told as concubines of his private harem… a generous offer by him as we will not be given over to demons or orcs, or tortured, or executed, so long as we please him and his guests.”

Ronin snorted again, trying not to outright laugh at her plight of having to dictate shit like that to whoever she was sent to service. It was hard enough to be on the losing side of a war. It had to be harder still for a woman who was in the army and who had lost. She was essentially a prisoner of war with no country left to ransom her back to. Thus, she was regulated to being a pleasure slave by the conquering king. He took off his cloak, breastplate, and then clothes, getting as naked as his slave for the week was, who merely started off into space through the ceiling. “So you know Lady Alexa?” he asked, going serious. She mutely nodded in response. “What happened?”

Rina stifled another sob. Tears misted in her eyes. After a day or so of fucking us in our cells, we were brought to the throne room. King Sephant, in his righteous wisdom, decreed that we were to be in his harem. To ensure that the rest of us saw and understood the price for defying us, he selected the foolhardy Lady Alexa, who gazed upon him in open defiance of his rightful rule,” she explained, her body becoming wracked with crying now. “Once she was defeated in one last battle by the demon lords, they pinned her to the ground and impregnated her before taking her away through their portals to their homelands. Then King Sephant told us that similar fates, if not worse, would befall us if we chose to defy him as she did.”

“Hmmm…” Ronin nodded in understanding as he got into bed with her. It was a classic military maneuver; shock and awe. Make a brutal example out of one to make the rest fall into line and behave. It looked like it was working in Rina’s case. “There are eight of you, from what I understand?” he asked. Rina nodded again amid her sobs. “How are the others taking all this?”

“About the same as me, Master,” Rina cried as she rolled over away from him.

Ronin rolled with her to spoon her body. He just held her close. “Hey, we don’t need to do anything tonight. How about I just hold you, hm?”

To his surprise, though, she shook her head as she wiped her tears with her hand. “No, Master, I must pleasure you. The king has ordered me to and will demand to know tomorrow if I had lay with you properly. His tone suggested that I would be punished if I did anything otherwise.”

“Well then I will give you a moment to collect yourself before you have to do your duty,” he said, with no trace of humor and sarcasm. He stroked her hair and held her until she’d shed all of her tears.

Once she was finally done wallowing in her sorrow, she turned in his arms, looked at him, and gave him a brave smile. Then she tilted her head up to give him a quick peck on the lips. “Thank you, master, for your patience and understanding with me tonight.”

“Hey,” he said softly, giving her a charming smile right back. “It’s okay. Believe me; I understand more than you might think.” He now returned the quick kiss on her lips while reaching up to stroke her hair and the side of her face gently. “Just relax,” he murmured, planting another soft kiss on her. “I don’t bite… much… unless you ask me to.”

That broke the ice with Rina as she let out a pained laugh despite her mood. She playfully smacked him on the chest. “Gods… that was such a stupid line.”

“Yeah, but it got you to laugh, didn’t it?” Ronin winked at her. “When’s the last time you did that? Hm? Felt good, didn’t it?”

“Yeah…” Rina admitted, now smiling at him. “Thank you for that.”

Ronin kissed her again, this time deeper and more passionately and Rina melted into his kiss, now moaning with pleasure. She slid her hands up around his neck to hold him as well as she twisted her body to face him. The bumps of her small breasts brushed against him and Ronin pulled her closer so that they were in full body contact with one another. He took his time with her, moving his hands slowly down her back until he was cupping her firm, toned ass. By that time she was now actively making out with him and gyrating her body against his. Taking that as a good sign, he rolled so he was on top of her and she spread her legs for him to mount her.

Since he was already hard, and Rina was tense enough as it was even with her relaxing a little bit to make out with him, Ronin didn’t want to keep her waiting. He reached down between them, spread her pussy open, and slowly eased himself into her. Rina drew her legs up around him, gasping and whimpering just a little as he pushed inside her sheath. He then settled down on top of her smaller frame, sliding his arms under her shoulders and resting on his forearms so he didn’t crush her too much. “Are you okay?” he asked softly.

“Mmm-hm…” she nodded even though she had her eyes closed and was biting her lower lip. “I’m okay, Master… please… enjoy my body.”

Ronin planted his lips onto hers again, this time his tongue probing into her mouth as he began to move his hips against hers. Rina moaned softly into his mouth as he slowly and steadily fucked her. She bore down on him and Ronin felt her pussy contract around his cock. He moaned as well and decided to speed things up for her sake. Rina’s moans became whimpers as his cock moved in and out of her faster. She wrapped her legs up around his waist and drove her heels into his back to goad him on. Ronin let out a long, lustful groan as he then spilled inside of her and he felt her body shake and gyrate beneath him as he drove his cock into her and held it there.

Once he was sated and they both relaxed, Ronin kissed her again and rolled off of her. Rina rolled with him to rest her head on his shoulder. “Thank you, master,” she said in a breathless whisper, “that was the best orgasm I’ve ever had.”

“Oh you’re a terrible liar,” Ronin snorted in derision. He looked down at her and caught her wide-eyed look of alarm back up at him. “You faked the whole thing, didn’t you.” She hesitated and he gave her a pointed look. “Don’t lie to me. It’s okay; you can tell me the truth.”

“Yes… master… I did… I faked it,” she admitted with a defeated sigh as she briefly looked away. Then she looked back up at him with a pleading look in her eyes. “Please don’t tell the King! I really did enjoy making love with you though! You’ve been one of the more kinder and gentler lovers that I’ve had since I’ve been captured!”

“Relax, I don’t report to him and your secret is safe with me,” he said, kissing her on the forehead. He then held her close and stroked her hair to comfort her. “Look; I’m not saying that you have to like the guy. Hell, you can fucking hate him for the rest of your life for all I care. But… you did lose the war and there is no going back to the way things used to be for you. It’s bitter medicine that you have to swallow. You don’t have to like it. But, you still have your life and as far as prisons go, I can certainly think of worse things to do. You live in luxury, you’re clean, you’re healthy, you’re well fed, and have to fuck people that the King wants you to fuck. Yeah, it sucks. But you are at least not rotting away in some hole or some prison, starving, dehydrated, caked with mud and dirt on your body as you slowly go mad. So… make the best of it, be a good little pleasure girl, and maybe one day he might let you go or at least give you to someone who will let you go or marry you. Who knows?”

Rina shifted against him as she tried to get comfortable. “I… I never thought of it that way before, master,” she said softly as she rested her head against him again.

By the time the week was out, and Ronin was leaving, Rina’s whole attitude had changed to the point that King Sephant had noticed how much happier she was and how much more energetic she was. “What did you do to her?” Sephant asked right before Ronin departed.

“I gave her a new outlook on life,” Ronin said. “I don’t think that you’ll be having any problems with the former Paladines once she talks with them and relays the things that I taught her.”

“You have to tell me your secret,” Sephant insisted.

“No… I don’t,” Ronin said. “But for the sake of those girls, I will.” He turned to face Sephant, giving the new king a long, hard look. “Look; Kings come and Kings go. Believe me; I’ve seen more kingdoms rise and fall than you could possibly remember. But one thing always remains the same when the regime changes; and that is the populace. The question that everyone has right now is whether or not you’re going to be gracious in victory. Now you can go on and continue to be a dick to everyone who opposed you, or you can show a little bit of mercy to them and show everyone that you’re going to be a benevolent ruler. The choice is yours, but I really suggest the latter because sooner or later someone is going to chafe under the iron fisted rule and you’ll find yourself just as deposed as the last king was,” he explained.

Sephant glowered under the criticism. “I should have you executed for such words,” he growled.

“Which just proves that you never read the Tome of Evil Overlords,” Ronin shot right back disdainfully. “Rule 24 dictates that thou shalt maintain a realistic assessment of thou’s strengths and weaknesses. Rule 32 also states that you shall not fly into a rage and kill the messenger just because you got bad news.” He gestured back towards the inside of the castle. “Hell, you’ve already tossed Rule 26 out the window by sending not one, but eight women of the opposition to your bedchambers as your private fucking harem. You’re just lucky you’ve scared them half to death with what you did to Lady Alexa to even contemplate killing you in your sleep.” He mounted his horse and wheeled him around to go. “Think about it.” he said as he then bucked his horse into a trot and rode out into the morning light. “Or else your reign might end before it has even begun.”


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