Feature Writer: Master_Vassago


Published: 22.05.2003

Story Codes: Hermaphrodite

Synopsis: Terri and Chris find each other.

Hermaphrodite Obsessions 1

Through the years Chris had developed a magnificently hard body. He had played football in high school and college and as the quarterback had always been a much sought after date. Even though he had many offers from cheerleaders and coeds he had never lost his virginity. Chris had fooled around with many of the girls and been caressed through his jeans and even had his cock pulled through the opening of his pants many a time and sucked by some little hotties little lips.

But his reason for remaining a virgin had not been one of some religious belief, it had been his own vow of chastity for a much darker reason. He had been terrified someone would find out his deepest secret. While he was a 6’9″,225 pound rock he was also soft in places a man wasn’t supposed to be. Chris’ chest was never bare no matter where he was, be it in a pool or around the locker room he had never disrobed in front of friends or teammates. What no one had seen was that he had a full woman’s bust. He had managed to hide them all this time by taping them down and keeping his pads on and wearing large shirts. But he knew that sooner or later someone would find out and his secret would be revealed.

Chris also had a deeper secret even more disturbing than his breasts was the fact that right below his cock and balls was a tiny slit of womanly passion. Yes, he had a pussy, a soft, wet, and moist little slit that he often diddled himself. He couldn’t imagine what anyone else would think and he had managed to keep the secret for a long time from his parents. Finally when he had gone in for a physical for football, on of the doctors had done a turn your head and cough exam and discovered the little slit. Upon further investigation the doctor coaxed Chris to reveal his breasts as well. The doctor told Chris there was nothing wrong with him he was just one of the few genetically tweaked people throughout the world that had both male and female organs.

At the same time Chris was reflecting upon this Terri was across campus taking a shower in her dorm room. As she stood beneath the water she ran her hand down her voluptuous breasts and her tight little tummy. Her nipples rock hard and she knew that she was a beauty to the naked eye as long as her clothes were on but she still would be too embarrassed to ever be naked in front of any of the other girls. Terri’s problem was the fact that while she had the body of a woman she also had a special surprise for any man that would come in contact with her sexually. She had a five and a half inch penis that hung just above her sex lips. While she was in the same boat as Chris, she differed also in the fact that doctor’s had known all along that she was a hermaphrodite. She slid into her female role very easily being a bubbly redheaded cheerleader with a firm, and full bust and womanly hips. Terri just had a little extra equipment.

Terri longed to find a lover that could look past her extra organ of love and perhaps even decide to try a little same gender sex. She had masturbated both of her sexual organs and she had never been able to decide which she preferred. The soft womanly contours of her body, or the raw male hardness between her legs.

Chris had also teased both of his sexual treasures with the same feelings. While he knew he wasn’t homosexual he wondered what it would be like to have someone finger his pouty little slit between his legs and to also feel a cock ramming inside. But being the dominant male and afraid of being called a freak or queer because of this he remained silent and never took the opportunities to experiment with male or females past a certain point.

Chapter 2.
Alvin had gone to high school and junior college with Chris, he had been one of the few that suspected there was more his friends remaining virginity and reluctance to shower with the rest of the team after practice and games. Alvin was an abnormality all by himself though, or at least that is how he felt. He was a huge, 6 foot 11 inch behemoth of a linebacker, and a black gay male to boot. He read the signs and figured at first that Chris was gay and just afraid of sporting an erection around his peers. Alvin knew all to well about this but had learned to curb his relationships and interests well outside the confines of the football arena.

Alvin’s psychology partner just happened to be the luscious Terri, all the guys wanted her and yet had never made headway in even getting her past more than a date or two. No one had tales of slipping between the sheets with her and in all their long hours together working out the problems their professor had given them, Alvin and Terri had talked long and hard about this. He had inquired if she were lesbian and then even if she were strictly bisexual. She had deferred to speak about her sexual orientation telling him that it had no bearing on their studies.

Late one night though she had broken down in tears out of simple frustration, sexual frustration, and told him all of her little secrets. Alvin had listened and given her a shoulder to lean on and when it had finally been over he had walked her back to her room and sat down confessing his own hidden revelations. After that they had been nearly inseparable on weekends after football games and after classes. They studied, ate, and went out to see movies together knowing that neither one was going to try and move things into a sexual direction.

Saturday night after the team’s big football game Alvin was delayed as he walked off the field by Terri; she wanted to make plans for later that night and she just wondered where and when they would meet up. Alvin reminded her there was a big after party at one of the dorms and she should be his date for the evening so no straight girls would attack him. “Damn baby, you know how the honey’s are all on the A tip after games,” he teased.

“Oh Alvin, you big silly rump ranger,” she quipped back, “I know I am the only girl for you and don’t you forget it. Seriously though isn’t about time we found some guys?” Then she leaned in closer and whispered the last word, “Girlfriend.”

Alvin couldn’t believe the audacity of the beautiful redheaded tease, he had come to call her his “Cockwench” teasing her about her gender whenever they were in private together. “Hey, cockwench,” he smirked, “Be ready in about thirty minutes, I’ll pick you up in the dorm.”

Alvin jogged back to the locker room area and stripped down. Having missed most of the team members already he was going to have to hurry up if he wanted to get to that party early with Terri. Just as he walked into the shower area, he got the shock of a lifetime. There before him was Chris bent over soaping up his legs. Alvin could see the little sex lips beneath Chris’ balls and he was also given a rare glimpse of the breasts that Chris had managed to so carefully hide all this time.

“Um, what’s up man,” Alvin said alerting Chris to his presence.

“Shit, Alvin listen dude I can explain,” Chris stammered. His heart was racing and he knew he could no longer hide this secret. It was going to be all over campus by the end of the night. He knew this was it there was no way around confessing everything to the linebacker.

Alvin just as quickly fixed his mind on the possibilities this would present to his friend Terri. It would be just the opening she was looking for if Chris was game about it. “Look, before you panic Chris,” Alvin spoke up quickly, “I don’t really care about any of that. I’m gay, there maybe that will settle your mind a little. Now seeing as you have something on me maybe you won’t worry as much about what going on here.”

Chris gave a sigh of relief and then wrapped a towel around himself and stood there listening as Alvin revealed his thoughts. As Alvin wove the details of his other friends circumstances Chris’ attention grew and his concentration steadied itself on al of Alvin’s words and meaning.

“Ok so Terri will never find a way to broach this subject herself so you should just take the first step tonight and reach down and touch her where no one else ever has.” Alvin continued, “I’m not saying that you have to be too forward just simply find a way to manipulate the situation so that you get her alone. She will be receptive and also I think once she finds out that you are in the same situation that she will warm up quite nicely.”

Chris thought about it, actually there was very little to think about, this could be his one chance at sexual fulfillment without a terror filled moment and he decided that he would volunteer his attention and try to work his magic with Terri. It wasn’t a for sure thing but, he felt that with Alvin’s help he may actually conquer his own fears and finally have sex soon.

Terri rushed back to her dorm room and hopped into the shower and rinsed the sweat from her body. Her pussy was aching and she knew that once she got back home tonight she would be pulling out one of her toys and stimulating herself once more. She also thought that perhaps tonight she would stroke the cock that hung between her legs at the same time and see what it was like or even if she could experience a simultaneous orgasm with both organs. As she stepped from the shower she pulled a towel around her body and stepped to her closet pulling out a knee length skirt and a baby blue blouse that was nearly transparent. She wanted to look hot tonight, even if she wasn’t about to put out for one of the silly boys that hit on her she was going to tease as much as possible.

Alvin pulled up outside of Terri’s dorm with a smile on his face and Chris in the passenger seat. He was thinking to himself that if things went as well as expected tonight that he should go down in the matchmaker hall of fame. It was rare enough to find two people perfect for each other but in this case the chances had been even more obscure. He told Chris to wait and that he would return in just a moment with a beauty that he would definitely want to allow into that tiny circle of people that knew about his extra features.

As Alvin got to the door and knocked on it Terri was putting the final touches on her outfit and zipping up her skirt. As Alvin walked in after She had called out, “It’s open.” Terri turned to Alvin and flashed him one of her patented cheesy grins and twirled in her skirt so he could admire her body. “So how do I look?” She inquired.

“Oh girl, if I wasn’t gay I would pounce on your cute little ass right now,” Alvin replied. “By the way Terri baby we have a guest coming with us tonight.”

Terri smiled as She waited a moment and let the statement hang in the air ominously. Finally with a little tension She asked,”So who is this mystery guest?”

“Well he is captain of the football team and just happens to think you’re pretty cute for some strange reason,” Alvin teased.

With a soft sigh Terri decided She had no choice but to check out the prospect that Alvin was providing, no matter how much She didn’t want to even experiment with a male at this point do to her extra features. She felt though that She at least owed Alvin this much. He wouldn’t subject her to adverse humiliation or pain as her friend so at least for the night She would endure his friends company. Besides She wondered how bad could it be, his friend after all was the most sought after stud on campus.

Finally giving another sigh She replied, “Alright Alvin, just for you I will see what this quarterback has to offer but don’t get your hopes up you know how I feel about football players and all those alpha males.”

Chapter 04.

As they walked out the dorm doorway Chris spotted them and was shocked, this girl was the extreme knockout, the kind he typically shied away from with all his insecurities. He figured fuck it, if Alvin was setting him up with this beauty for one reason or another he must have good motives. Although as they neared the vehicle Chris’ heart raced and his cock slowly was growing hard against his thigh. At the same time his slit between his legs was getting damp and his nipples getting erect as well.

Alvin opened the door for Terri and helped her step up into the Blazer, it was a short ride to the Frat house but it would give them a few moments to get acquainted. Alvin did the introductions and then silenced himself allowing them their own little conversation.

“So Terri,” Chris started, “Alvin tells me that you two are close friends. He also mentioned you didn’t have a date and that rather than curb all your attention for the night he would allow me that pleasure.”

Terri giggled coyly before replying,”Yes, Chris, that just happens to be true, Alvin is my best friend here and I don’t date much and since he seemingly isn’t interested in getting into my panties he thought he would find someone that would.”

Alvin shot her a quick glance and flipped his middle finger up at her, “You’re such a little bitch sometimes sweetie,” he teased.

They all had a hearty laugh before they slipped into the parking lot to the frat house and once Alvin had parked they all hopped out. Chris helped Terri out of the back and let his hands slide up her sides as She slid out, his fingertips brushed the side of her bosoms and he felt his erection stirring even more.

Heading into the party Terri allowed Chris to slip his hand into her’s on one side and Alvin’s on the other. Surrounded by two hunky football players would make her the envy of nearly every woman there, especially once they realized who the two males were. The captains of both offense and defense of their collegiate team.

All eyes were upon them as they headed inside, no one missed the fact that Terri the perky red-haired beauty was being escorted by their leaders. Chris nodded to some of his teammates and led them straight to the makeshift bar preparing to drink himself into a state of relaxation. Terri had much the same idea and She ordered up a couple shots of tequila and a long island iced tea. She was dedicated to enjoying the night and She really liked the vibes Chris was giving off to her.

A few hours later Alvin had wandered off and left Chris and Terri sitting to the side of the room out of most of the gala going on around them. They had talked about most every subject they could think of, at least in between congratulations from teammates and fans of the game he had played in early.

“Hey Terri,” Chris spoke up above the blaring music, “I need to run up to my room and drain…I mean relieve my bladder, would you like to come up and do the same or at least get out of the swarming horny toads that are going to pounce on you as soon as I leave?”

“Yes, Chris,” Terri responded, “I would love to see your room and I have to tinkle myself.”

Chris led her by the hand upstairs, sliding through all the people still going full swing partying. He hadn’t taken more than one or two girls up into his room and he was a bit nervous. Once they reached his door at the top level of the frat house he slipped his key into the lock and allowed Terri to enter first. “It’s not much but I call it home,” he told her.

Terri watched as Chris closed the door behind him and then walked to his bathroom, he left the door cracked and then flipped on the light and within seconds She could hear the steady stream of his urine flowing into the toilet. For some reason this aroused her more than it should and She walked over to the bathroom door and peered through the crack. What She saw amazed her, Chris’ cock was half erect and it still showed clearly in the mirror as he stood there aiming it down at the toilet. My god I want that She thought.

Chris knew he was being watched and he loved it. He was horny and ready to just make a move on her and not care if She found out his little secret, maybe She wouldn’t mind and would be turned on by the little slit between his legs. Some girls had little bisexual tendencies and maybe She would be just one of those girls.

Terri ran her hand down her body and slipped it beneath her skirt as She watched Chris. She was just about to walk in on him when he turned with his cock in his hand and crooked a finger in her direction. Oh my god, She thought, he knows I am standing here watching him.

“Terri, come here baby,” Chris said in a commanding voice.

Terri felt her knees get weak and threw caution to the wind, She wanted to find out all about sex and was willing to go for it tonight. She pushed open the door and walked in and strode right up to Chris. They didn’t mix words as She came within a step of him, he took her chin in his hand and bent down and kissed her on the lips, his tongue darted around the full lips of Terri and She knew that if he was as good as his kiss then She might actually give in tonight.

Chris tasted the sweetest hint of raspberry on her lips and figured it must be a flavored lipstick or balm and he knew that from this taste alone he was hooked. He let his hands run down from her chin to her arms and lightly traced his fingertips down further until they hit her fingertips. Once there he worked his way back up until he brushed the sides of her breasts with his fingers this time.

Terri was letting him feel her up and loving each moment, it was then She realized She felt a hardness poking her belly and She reached down to stroke his organ with a slow rhythmic pace. She wanted to taste his flesh and to have him taste hers but She was still terrified that he would be so put off by her cock that She started to withdraw when he took her hand and slid it down to his balls and then farther back. Terri at once thought he was into something kinky and wanted her to finger her asshole but She had no idea how surprised She was about to be. Chris then slid her hands beneath his balls and curled her fingers with his against the slit below.

“Oh my God,” Terri gasped, “You, you, have a pussy.”

Chris felt that momentary shudder of fear pass through his body, at least until he felt Terri’s fingers rubbing the slit and sinking a finger inside. She leaned in closer and sucked his earlobe as She used her left hand to finger his slit and her right to stroke his big, meaty cock. “I love it actually, so you have nothing to fear,” She whispered in his ear.

Chris reached up and teased her nipples rubbing them and causing them to gain their erect status. At once the girl started to shiver and her hands moved faster on his body. Chris knew that now he was about to find out just what sex was like with a beautiful girl.

Terri’s own mind was playing tricks on her She couldn’t imagine the chances of finding another person on this earth like herself in a male counterpart unless it was some fake pictures on the internet. Now that She had slid her fingers inside his moist slit her own body was responding likewise. Her pussy was positively dripping its juices down her thigh and her cock was straining against the fabric of her panties. Now the only test would be to see how he would react to her having a cock.

Chris wasn’t about to waste any time he reached up under the hem of Terri’s skirt and slid her pantyhose down along with her panties. In a flash his hand slid up her skirt and was sliding inside her moist love tunnel. As he deftly stroked her pouty lower lips arousing them to open wider for him he felt something against the top of his hand, he lifted her skirt up and looked down and was in awe. Right between this beauty’s thighs above her pussy was a almost average size cock and set of balls. “So you too have something extra I see,” he quipped with a smile.

Before She had a chance to react Chris lifted Terri up and carried her to his bed. At once they were ripping each others clothes off and tossing them on the floor in a rush. Each one eager to explore the others body. As soon as they were nude, Chris felt the crimson blush rush into his cheeks once more. No one besides the doctor and Alvin had seen his chest. But there it was bared to Terri, his tits pert, just like hers. Terri didn’t say a word She just bent forward and started sucking on the nipples and biting at them softly teasing him as She returned her hands to his cock and moist pussy.

“Terri, I don’t want to rush you sweetie, but, how about you swing around me for a sixty-nine and we have a little fun,” Chris pleaded.

“Oh Chris, I have waited so long for this night, for you even, you have nothing to worry about, we are going to fuck in every position and place imaginable,” Terri told him in her sluttiest voice.

She spun around and engulfed his member as far as She could before he could even react slightly. Her mouth felt so good on him that he nearly shot off right then. His cock was throbbing and pulsing as well as his pussy tingling while Terri fingered his pussy.

Chris looked up and could see her pretty petals lying open just enough to slide his tongue between them in her state of arousal. He wet his lips and pulled her ass down to him so he could slide his tongue inside her. As he did this his hand went around her cock and stroked it slowly. He wanted to return the exquisite feeling She was giving him and knew just how to do it. As he stroked her cock his tongue was working over her clit and rubbing it slowly up and down and then in tiny circles. His other hand was working over her taunt ass and he was circling her tight little asshole with his index finger.

“Oh baby, fuck me now please,” Terri cried out as She pulled his cock from her mouth.

Chris wasn’t sure how She wanted to do it the first time and as he started to slide out from beneath her She held her ground and slid her knees up. She wanted to do it doggie style, that was all She knew. Her hands grasped the bed sheets as She wiggled her backside at him in delicious anticipation. “Come on stud fuck my tight pussy.”

Chris used his fingers to spread her pussy lips open and then nudged the head of his cock inside until he hit the barrier of her virginity. “Are you sure Terri?” he asked.

“Yes, do it shove it inside me and take me as your woman,” Terri begged.

Chris grabbed her hips and pumped forward hard. His initial thrust broke her hymen and at once she started to pull away feeling a slight bit of pain. “You OK Terri?”

“Yes, just give me a minute to adjust then pound away lover,” she cooed.

Chris worked in and out slowly until Terri started thrusting back against him. At once his hands held her hips tighter and he thrust forward unleashing years of pent up anguish over his freakish nature. Chris’ big cock slid in and out of Terri as he reached around and grabbed her cock and jerked it up and down like he would do to his own. The immediate reaction from Terri were cries of lust and a need to be fucked like a woman and yet stroked and teased like a man. Her orgasms racked her body as her pussy clenched around Chris’ cock.

It didn’t take Chris long to meet her in orgasm and his cock sprayed its thick spunk deep inside her pussy. “Oh fuck yeah this feels great baby,” he moaned as his orgasm continued.

Terri was rocking violently against him as her own orgasm crested again and again. Her cock was twitching and she shuddered as she felt it spit the first of its seed on the bed sheets below. Terri pulled away and turned capturing Chris’ cock in her mouth tasting herself on him before she reached back between his legs and stroked his tight little pussy as well.

Many hours later they walked downstairs to find Alvin standing among some of the last stragglers of guests. “Thank you,” they said in unison, “now won’t you let us help you out?”