Feature Writer: BarracudaSwordfish

Feature Title: HEAVEN UP HERE

Published: 06.10.2020

Story Codes: Erotic Horror

Synopsis: It promises to be the Hallowe’en Party to end them all.

Heaven Up Here


I always hated Hallowe’en. Even when I was a kid I thought it was tacky and nasty and never wanted to dress up as a vampire or a wizard to extort treats from neighbors.

Just what possessed me to attend a Hallowe’en party that night took a while to sink in, but when it did, I was long past caring.

It had been one of those days at work and I was itching to get home and relax. The journey by bike was never that much fun, especially on a night like that. I was almost home when an articulated, eighteen-wheeler lorry almost ran me off the road and brushed my elbow as it hurtled past, seemingly oblivious to me. I was left shaken to the core.

I was really spooked as I rode the last few hundred yards to my flat and it was a minor miracle I noticed a sign outside a local club advertising a Hallowe’en bash later that night.

I barely gave it a second thought as I locked up my bike and showered. I rubbed my elbow ruminatively, thinking of the consequences of what could have happened if the lorry had been a few inches closer to me.

It was quite late when I finally ventured out and it was a cold, miserable night. Everything was shrouded in drizzle and mist that seemed to suck the life out of the town instead of setting a perfect backdrop for the trick-or-treaters.

Not that there were any around. The town seemed utterly deserted and I was alarmed to find my regular pub was shuttered and closed for the evening. The whole area looked derelict and the chill breeze sent shivers through me as I plodded on and the drizzle became more and more persistent.

The only light in the bleak landscape emanated from the doorway of the club I had seen earlier. It had only been open for a few weeks and the posters seemed quite appropriate to the situation.

‘The End of the World presents a Hallowe’en party to end them all!’

Despite my misgivings, I needed a drink and I needed company. I had no costume, no idea of what I was doing, or why I was prepared to put myself through something I loathed. But no matter – I found myself descending the stairs into the dingy basement bar determined to get something out of my awful day.

As I entered through the set of metallic string beads that passed for a door, I knew I had made a mistake. The place stank – it was rancid and my feet stuck to the carpet as I crossed to the dismal bar with three taps, all serving beer I hated.

It looked like it had been there for decades, crumbling and decaying and not a brand new venture. It was utterly deserted. The DJ booth stood empty, a sad glitterball spun listlessly on its axis and someone was wailing over the PA that he wanted his baby back.

When the Monster Mash followed, I knew I was in trouble.

I somehow repressed every instinct to turn on my heel and leave as the barmaid looked up from her magazine and puffed on a cigarette. No bar, pub or club had allowed smoking in years, but she didn’t seem to mind. She looked sixty if she was a day.

Her voice was a croak. “Woccon I getcha, luv?”

It took me a moment to realize she was asking what I wanted to drink. I chose the lesser of the three evils and paid her far too much for it.

“Fankin’ you, dearie! Be hottin’ up soon, don’t worry. Place’ll be heavin’ by ten-firty!”

I sat in a side booth, grimacing at the taste of the flat, stale beer thinking that the only things likely to be heaving were the maggots in the carpets and curtains. The place was disgusting and I decided to down my drink and head home as soon as humanly possible.

Just as I was about to leave, she wobbled over to my table and banged another pint down in front of me.

“On the ‘ouse for bein’ our first customer. Love the artfit!” She walked away emitting a hideous wheezy cackle that ended in a racking cough.

I assumed by ‘artfit,’ she was referring to my lack of an appropriate Hallowe’en outfit. I tried to ignore the lipstick stains on the glass she had given me by depositing the drink into the first, marginally cleaner glass.

I resolved to drink it quickly, head to the gents and hopefully sneak out unseen. I was still the only ‘reveller’ but at least the music had improved with ‘The Devil Went Down to Georgia.’

The carpet was so damp it felt like quicksand and I almost made it to the beaded curtain without being spotted.

As I reached out to part the beads, a hand grabbed my wrist from the other side. I flinched as the curtain parted and a pretty, smiling face beamed up into mine.

“Leavin’ so soon, my lovely? Party’s just getting started. Where are you in such a hurry to get to, hmm?”

I gazed down at her cherubic grin. She looked about thirty-five, with a mass of curly black hair framing her angelic, rosy-cheeked face. Little red devil horns protruded from an Alice band in her hair and her grin was infectious.

I muttered something about needing to be somewhere else, but she gripped my wrist even harder and dragged me back towards the bar. The feel of her elbow-length red latex glove against my skin sent a little shock wave through me.

She laughed, a trilling, breathy little sound. “Nonsense, my lovely. You got nowhere better to be than right ‘ere with me.”

Her accent sounded incongruous. I thought it was maybe Cornish, but for some reason, it almost sounded archaic and out of its time.

“C’mon, dearie – ‘ave a drink wi’ me!”

As we approached the bar there was no sign of the aged crone from before. Now we were in the open, I was able to take in more of my new admirer. She was short, at a little over five feet tall and very nicely rounded. She filled the red latex dress she wore very pleasantly indeed and her ensemble was finished off by black fishnets, red high heeled shoes and a very cute little tail that emerged from beneath her miniscule hemline and ended halfway up her back in a diamond-shaped barb.

As Hallowe’en fancy dress went, it certainly got my vote.

Her freckles and yellowy-green eyes added to the allure and as I wondered how the tail may be attached to her, she handed me another beer. I had no idea where it came from but in comparison to my earlier two, it tasted like nectar. Maybe the evening was looking up after all.

I held my hand out to her and began to introduce myself, but she laughed and slapped it away. “Uh-oh – no names, no pack-drill! We’re all ‘ere for a bit of innocent fun, not to make lifelong friends!”

She giggled and hooked a thumb behind her. “‘Cept my friend down the end ‘o the bar seems to ‘ave the ‘ots for you, so she does!”

I turned, praying that the crone would not be leering at me, to face a tall woman leaning on the bar, an amused look on her face. She was heavily made up and dressed identically to her friend in every detail, from the little horns to the curled tail. Around forty, she was a little rough around the edges, but the overall effect was sex on legs.

Her elbow propped on the bar, a hand on her chin, and she pulled on what appeared to be a long, slim vape-pen. She waggled the gloved fingers of her other hand at me in a demure wave and let out a little sliver of vapor from the corner of her mouth.

While the dark haired woman was curvy and voluptuous, she was a slim, brassy blonde. Her hair was pulled tight to her scalp and trailed out through a long golden tube to cascade down her back in a thick ponytail. Despite her slim build, firm breasts strained at the latex and between the two of the women, I didn’t know which way to turn.

As I gazed back at her, an arm wound around my neck and pulled my head downwards. She was surprisingly strong for her size. Soft hair brushed against my face and I shuddered at the hot breath in my ear as she whispered to me.

“Bit of a goer, if you know what I means. Likes ‘er gentlemen well-endowed and – just a little bit un-gentlemanly.” She nibbled my ear. “Bit loike me!”

I pulled away, feeling distinctly uncomfortable. “Look, sorry. I’m in the wrong place. Thanks for the drink, but…”

I tore my arm from her still insistent grasp and half-ran towards the curtain as laughter rang out behind me.

“He don’t get it, do he?”

I had no idea what she meant until I pulled back the beads to reveal a solid concrete wall where a few minutes earlier, there had been a set of stairs. The beer curdled in my stomach as I turned back to the bar in horror to see them smiling at me, and both now sucking on the long cylinders the blonde woman had used.

The first woman held her hands about a foot apart and keeping her gaze on me, nodded her head towards the newcomer. “She reckons you’re about this big. Is that right?”

My head snapped to the right as the second woman spoke for the first time. “Yeah and nice and thick with it. Fill a girl up nice and proper, I reckons. Give ‘er a right good seeing to. Maybe even get her fetchin’ off if she’s lucky!”

She sounded Cockney, but as with the first woman, it was an archaic version; almost as if they were putting on an act.

I found myself jabbering. “Look, you’ve got the wrong person. I’m just an average guy, like most others. No impressive length or girth. I’ve never had complaints, but I’ve never been told I’m anything special either. Just ordinary. So, fun over ladies. Please – let me out and you can get on with whatever is happening here.”

They both began to walk towards me, the soles of their shoes making sucking sounds on the carpet, wicked smiles on their faces. Vapor curled out from their parted lips as they sashayed across the floor.

“Only thing ‘appenin’ tonight is you, my lovely. My friend sez you’re a big lad and I believes her, so I does. She’s got them funny eyes – whatcha call ’em again? Never remembers, I don’t.”

“X-ray eyes. That’s what I got.”

“Oh yeah, X-rays. All that clever stuff was way after my time! They say they sees through everything, they does, and they sees you being well-endowed, like. A big lad, as I sez.”

I backed away, now genuinely scared at what these maniac women were up to. “Look, please – joke’s over. I’m not well-endowed.”

I got no further as my back hit the wall and a latex-gloved hand covered my mouth. “Wanna bet on that, my lovely? She’s never wrong and she’s very naughty. In fact, she’s a right little devil!”

She giggled. “Little devil – see what I did there?”

The blonde approached, shaking her head. “No, never wrong, me.”

She took a long pull on her cylinder and blew the vapor straight into my face. I expected the sickly-sweet smell that usually accompanies vaping, but this had an edge to it. It smelled like the stuff they use in saunas – aromatic and pungent. I shivered and a tingle ran through me as I inhaled it. My entire body stiffened for a moment, then as they both repeated the dose on me, I began to relax.

The blonde put her hand to my groin, her palm firm against my rapidly burgeoning erection, her fingers splayed out. Another blast from each of their cylinders hit me unawares and my head began to reel and her fingers closed around me.

I was fully erect within seconds, and to my absolute shock, I felt myself growing ever larger under her touch. Her eyes sparked with yellow flecks as her fingers parted to accommodate my growth as a smaller, chubbier hand joined hers. Their fingers began to part as I grew, inch by inch.

They both purred as it got bigger and bigger, gazing into each other’s eyes as I looked on in fear and horror. The blonde took the head of my erection between her thumb and forefinger and smiled as the fabric of my trousers now defined it clearly. I stared open-mouthed at the size I had suddenly attained. The tip almost reached to my belly button. It was utterly impossible.

The dark-haired woman stood back clapping her hands. “Ooh, you’re so good at this, my lovely! How big you made him?”

The blonde shrugged. “Left it at a nice round ten… for now.”

“Likes round numbers, I do!”

“Get it all in yer fancy little Cornish gob will yer, Lady M?”

“Course I will. Swallow it whole, I shall. Had years of practice, ain’t I?” She waved a dismissive hand at her friend. “Doubt it’ll touch the sides of your flappy old cunny though!”

The woman winked at me. “Let’s find out, shall we?” Since she first touched me, I had literally been incapable of speech. Her eyes sparkled with lust as she took my trembling hand. “You’re with me.”

There was a throaty rasp from my blindside as fingers encircled my other wrist. “And wiv me…”

I swallowed hard and found my voice. It sounded tremulous. “Both of you?”

“‘Course, both of us. We’re a team, ain’t we girl?”

“Certainly are, Lady M. Inseparable and unstoppable!”

I inhaled two more streams of vapor, one from each of them and the room began to spin. I tried to fight it but fell headlong into a spiraling tunnel. Sweet laughter rang out on both sides of me before everything went black.


In my dream, two long tongues ran up the shaft of my erection before full, firm lips closed over the head. I moaned in ecstasy as another, thinner pair of lips joined them and the women kissed with my straining glans between them. I felt myself waking from the dream and desperately tried to hang on it to it, as I had done so many times before.

But this time, there was no Morning Glory to tend to myself. As I woke, two pairs of sparkling eyes burned into mine as they worked on me. The dark haired woman kissed the tip and sat back, smiling.

“You’ve done us and him proud, Sadie my lovely. What a nice gift for a nice young man!”

The blonde woman sucked hard, her cheeks hollowing before pulling off me with a very loud slurping noise. “I’m just a generous soul, Lady M, so I am. Besides — I get to bounce on the bugger first. ‘Old him up fer me!”

I was in utter shock as this strange Lady M did as she was bid and the blonde sank down on me slowly, a look of sheer lust on her face, her hands kneading her breasts through the latex of her dress.

I tried to say something, but I was unable to utter a word. In panic, I pointed to my throat and shook my head.

The woman I now knew as Sadie grinned down at me as she began to gyrate her buttocks. “S’ok, you can make all the right noises. Just don’t want no questions gettin’ in the way of our fun. Besides, your tongue’s needed for anuvver purpose, innit, Lady M?”

“Sure is!”

She hitched up the hem of her short dress and straddled my face. As her hairy, wet pussy ground down on my mouth, I had a brief vision that again sent my senses reeling. I had been sure that the tail must be attached to her dress somehow, but as she sat down on me, I got the distinct impression it was part of her. It seemed to grow straight out of the end of her spine.

As I began to lap at the slippery, musky wetness, I tentatively reached out and grabbed Sadie by the buttocks as she rode me and slid my hands to the base of her spine. She giggled as I took the sinuous tail between my fingers and she deftly wrapped it around my hand.

“Imagine that on yer cock, eh? Let’s try it!”

She pulled off me and Lady M hitched herself up so I could get a view of what was happening. Sadie turned away from me and I now saw the tail in all its glory as it slowly wound around my erection until only the head was visible. Lady M leaned forwards, taking it in her mouth and ground down on me once more. Just as I wished I could see what was going on, it was almost as if I were outside of my own body, watching it all unfold from the side of the bed whilst still feeling every sensation.

Sadie began to unravel her tail as Lady M took me all the way down and I marveled at the ease with which she was able to accommodate my new enhanced size. She held me there, my glans deep in her throat for what seemed like an eternity and I thought she would surely gag for breath any second. Then Sadie gripped her nose tightly, laughing to herself. They held the pose for another two or so minutes and when Lady M released me, she merely let out a little puff of air.

Like so many other things happening, it was utterly impossible.

She rolled off me and put her face close to mine. “Must be getting through to you we’re not loike the other girls, eh?” She gripped her little horns and tugged on them. “Just as real as the tail. Told ya we’re right little devils, didn’t I?”

She twizzled on her axis and we both let out a groan as she now sank down on me. “Fuck, Sadie — love yer work, so I does my gorgeous! What a whopper! Come on babes, we got a lot of work to do tonight and that work starts right now!”

Her pert little titties jiggled very nicely as she bounced energetically on me and Sadie reached forward to unzip her dress and let them fall free. They took turns in straddling me, alternating between utter ferocity and slow, lascivious grinding and I somehow held on for way longer than I could ever have dreamed.

Any questions I had were firmly on the back burner as we licked and sucked and fucked in every position imaginable. As it got more and more frantic and debauched, I got the impression that somehow when I came was completely in their control. I was proved right as I pounded into Lady M’s tight arsehole as Sadie lay beneath her, lapping at her pussy as I felt myself heading for blessed relief. She moaned into the blonde’s snatch as she licked and sucked at it, occasionally turning her head, her tail lashing my chest, to exhort me on to greater efforts with the most wonderful gutter language.

At last she pulled off me. “In her fucking mouth. Go on. Give her the lot!”

Sadie took me every bit as effortlessly as Lady M had done and I knew I was almost done. Lady M put her face close to the action and took me in one hand as I erupted into her friend’s accommodating mouth. Sadie sucked hard as I flooded into her, then held me up for Lady M to have her share as I came a second time and could barely believe my eyes as I shot across her cheek and over her lips. It was bubbling out of Sadie’s mouth and she was trying to keep it all in with her fingers. Lady M pulled me forwards as I let a third spurt out across her breasts.

It took them ten minutes to play with it and I lay back for the show of my life, unable to process what I had just done. They snowballed, cum-kissed, swallowed and let it drip from their chins onto their glazed breasts and I saw every glorious, sticky moment of it from just a few inches away.

By the time they were done, I was hard again. This time when we came, they were the ones flooding into my mouth as they squirted and came like geysers.

We went on, deep into the night, relentless and fearless and every fantasy I had ever dreamed of was fulfilled. I never even had time to question the tails, the horns, my enhancement or their seeming control of my orgasms. It just seemed the most natural thing and I was elated to be part of it.

Somehow, my terrible day had become the best Hallowe’en Party ever and I never wanted it to stop.

Much later, I lay back utterly sated, wondering how on earth I had managed to orgasm so frequently and so violently in such a relatively short space of time. It couldn’t have been more than four hours, yet it had been at least seven and possibly eight or more times. It had been so intense and so exhilarating that I had completely lost count.

It had become an absolute blur of exquisite, debauched sex and the two women had just about devoured me and themselves whole.

My blissful daze was shattered as Lady M sat up. “Sorry to spoil the party, but it’s getting late.”

Sadie glanced at a band on her wrist. “Fuck it, Lady M — even after all that, I’m not sure we’ve got enough to get him back!”

I gazed on, still unable to speak, wondering what the hell was happening. It was Lady M who spoke, her voice measured and quiet. “Ok, Alex – time for a little honesty, my lovely.”

I froze. I had never given her my name and even though the blonde had been revealed as Sadie and had referred to the other woman as ‘Lady M’, I had remained anonymous.

Seeing my discomfort, she hushed me, putting a finger to her lips, all her earlier coquettishness gone. She and the blonde picked up their cylinders and again I was engulfed in vapour that had my head swimming.

She sounded wistful, almost sad. “Something you should see, Alex. Something important. See you on the other side, sweet boy. Good luck!”

In an instant, I was back on my bicycle, pedaling home in the semi-darkness, wishing for a hot shower, a cup of tea and a few beers before the daily grind started again in the morning. A small respite before the sheer drudgery of it all overtook me and a new working day began.

Once more, I passed the decaying club and the poster for the Hallowe’en party. Then, as I stuck out my arm to indicate my intended last left turn before home, that blasted eighteen-wheeler cut across me on my outside. I felt the draught as the wing-mirror clipped my elbow and sighed in relief as I had done hours earlier as it passed me by.

Then something massive hit my rear wheel and I felt the bike buckle beneath me. The tire was sandwiched between the rear wheels of the truck. It skidded briefly and the bike swung like a catapult and I parted company with it.

I soared into the air with the huge, blank rear wall of the derelict Astoria Cinema approaching me at the speed of light. There was only one thought in my head as my demise was upon me.

“Alex – you spent a fucking fortune on that cycling helmet and you may as well have used hair-gel.”

A split-second later, I was crushed into oblivion like a fly on a windshield and the lorry hurtled on towards the M25, the driver seemingly unaware of the life he had just cut short. Strangely, as I returned to consciousness, a sense of calm overcame me. It was pitch dark again and the women were no longer in my arms. A quiet, measured voice came from my left, strangely familiar, yet completely unknown.

“Alexander Phillip Rushden. Born Erith, Kent, 18th January 1996. Deceased, All Hallows’ Eve, 2020. Road traffic accident.”

There was a short pause, then a light came on to my right and the Cornishwoman was illuminated at the foot of the bed, her head bowed. She looked up slowly and pointed to herself. Her voice was different, her thick, archaic accent now gone.

“Morwenna Angharad Duffy. Born St. Ives, Cornwall as a commoner in the early 1780’s. Died in her seventh childbirth as Lady Morwenna Trevelyan, aged thirty-something, All-Hallows’ Eve, 1815.”

Sadie was now highlighted by a single spotlight on my left. She pointed to herself, her head also bowed. Her accent was also now replaced by more measured tones.

“Sadie Elizabeth Simmonds. Born Greenwich, London, April 1853. Died in a cat fight, Limehouse, All Hallows’ Eve, 1893. It was a mercy. She was raddled with pox, syphilis and gonorrhea.”

She smiled ruefully at Morwenna. “I died in the gutter. She died on a feather bed, but we aren’t so different. That’s why we’re such a great team and why we love each other so much. Oh and by the way, those lovely diseases are long gone!”

They both knelt and put an arm around each other, their faces radiant.

A million questions flooded my addled brain and I was able to speak at last. “If I am dead, where am I? Who are you and what happens next?”

Morwenna spoke. “Yes, as you are now aware, you are dead Alex, and in a waiting room of sorts. We have been called Harvesters, even Reapers. But we prefer Rescuers. It’s our job and we have been doing it a long time and we are damned good at it.”

“Rescuers? Rescue from what?”

She laughed. “The other lot. The nasty, boring buggers that live upstairs from us.”

Now I was utterly confused. I was about to say something when I was cut short by a pounding on the door. A shrill, brittle voice called out into the darkness.

“You have five minutes, Morwenna. There is no chance of claiming this one, despite your filth and debauchery. Leave him to us.”

An exasperated look crossed Morwenna’s face. “Fuck – right on cue.” She raised her voice. “Not a fucking chance, Sister Callista. We get first dibs on All Hallows’ Eve as you well know, so piss off back to your frozen little cloud and leave this to the pro’s.”

Her words were met with more thumping on the door and a hideous Banshee wail.

She turned to me, a look of alarm on her face. “Sorry, Alex – it takes a long time to harvest the energy we need to get you back. The more sudden and violent the end, the more energy is required. We tried our best, but despite our efforts we may be a little bit short – this is going to be a close run thing — are you coming with us?”

My mind was in a whirl. “Who are they? What do they want me for?”

Sadie shrugged. “We usually claim our Lost Souls turn and turn about with that lot out there. But on nights like All Hallows’ and Summer Solstice, we get first choice. They can make a claim if they think they have a chance. It’s the same at Christmas and Easter. They get first pick and we mop up the rest. Just in case you’re thinking of going with them, this is what’s on the other side of that door.”

She blew vapor from her cylinder into my face and if I still had a heart, it almost stopped at the vision I now saw.

The woman – if that is what she was – was well over six feet tall and clad in diaphanous robes that swirled about her. Her skin was an almost translucent pale blue, her eyes pure white orbs. Bony plates protruded from her bald head and her lips looked rotten, revealing dagger-like fangs. Her limbs were impossibly long and thin, ending in skeletal claws. She looked ancient, decayed and utterly evil.

As my blood ran cold, another similar vision joined her and as they hammered on the door, they set up a hideous ululation.

Morwenna took my hand. “You’ve seen what we offer, Alex and now you’ve seen them. Time’s running out. You coming with us or them?”

Given the alternative, I had no choice. Something very strange was happening, but one way or the other, I needed to make a very quick decision.

I gripped her hand. “I’m with you, Morwenna, Sadie. I don’t know who or what any of you are. I want to know what you two are, but I don’t want to know them. Take me with you, please.”

Sadie let out a relieved sigh. “Phew. Come on, then Lost Boy, time to go. Let’s get you home! Oh, and sorry, but not to put too fine a point on it, this bit’s going to fucking hurt like you’ve never hurt before, but it’s the only way.”

The door sounded as if it were about to splinter and the ululation got ever more frantic until it was ear-shattering. The two women’s tails unfurled and the tips of them stroked my buttocks gently.

“Won’t last long, honest. Got to force all that energy we extracted back into you to make the transition. Just hope we got enough.”

I screamed in genuine fear and agony as the end of each tail formed into a vicious barb reminiscent of a scorpion’s and sank deep into my upper thighs. It was utterly excruciating as they burrowed deep into my flesh and I felt the spikes scraping against the base of my spine.

Then all hell broke loose as the door burst open and the two fearsome apparitions tumbled into the room. As the barbs punctured my spine, I was unable to even make a sound it was so agonising. It felt as though I was having an epidural without anesthetic.

As the two intruders set about my Rescuers with flailing arms, something was injected deep into my spine as the room spun and a burning, acidic pain spread out up my back and into my head until it felt like it would explode.

My Rescuers eyes burned a fierce red as their tails went ever deeper and the room spun faster. They thrashed at their attackers, who seemed almost ghostly now I could see them more clearly. They were utterly terrifying as their bony, clawed hands tore at Morwenna and Sadie and their Banshee wails rent the air.

Just as I thought the pain would tear me apart, my whole field of vision began to fade grey. As I began to lose consciousness, I heard Sadie call out in a shaky voice.

“Beat you again, Sis Cal, you fucking bag of bones. Another one claimed for the good guys!”

Then something icy cold encircled my left ankle and I was jerked back to the here and now. Callista had attached a thin tether to me and her cohort was tightening it like a noose. It cut into my flesh and made the pain in my back and head feel like a gentle tickle as Morwenna and Sadie now screamed in pain and their tails retracted from me as a wave of Arctic chill replaced their burning acid.

Their grip on me weakened as whatever the Banshees had inflicted upon me took its toll. Morwenna looked at me with shock in her eyes as once again, I began to fade to grey. Sadie slid off the bed, her face distraught as mocking laughter rang around the room and cold, bony hands took me in a firm grip.

Sister Callista screamed in triumph into Morwenna’s stricken face. My would-be saviour mouthed one last word before blackness claimed me.



It is so cold I can barely think straight. It is like living in an endless, freezing fog. The shackle feels like it is burning into me it is so cold. I glance down at the livid blue band that encircles my left ankle, biting deep into the flesh, chilling the bone to the marrow.

An equally livid, icy-blue brand glows from the inside of my left wrist. It consists of a single number.


When it was inflicted upon me with undisguised glee by Sister Callista, it said,


Her ear-piercing whisper told me then that when the count reaches zero, my Cleansing will begin. I have no idea what that will entail, but I know I am not going to like it.

The only other voice I have heard in my brief time here was a faint echo, coming from what seemed like a million miles away. A soft, Cornish accent speaking nine words that give me a glimmer of hope.

“We’ll be back for you, Alex. We never fail.”

I have the distinct impression that if they do not get back to me before I am Cleansed, then I will be here for all Eternity and that thought fills me with dread.

From time to time, I have seen fleeting glimpses of shining, dead eyes as they gaze back at me from the mist. I see them now, approaching fast — closer than they have ever come..

As the number on my wrist changes from ‘5’ to ‘4’ the hideous face of Sister Callista appears in front of mine. The dead mouth opens and I feel a chill draught as fetid breath assails me and that insidious, ululating whisper worms into my brain.

“We will Cleanse you soon, Sinner. Then you will be ours. This is how it will feel — it will last a very long time and by the end, you will be stripped bare and born anew.”

My mind is filled with a vision of two women kneeling in front of me. My cum drips from their chins as they laugh and kiss and sheer euphoria sweeps over me. I relive that glorious moment as Morwenna and Sadie share my spoils and I gaze on in stupefied awe at what is unfolding.

Then I feel a dull ache that spreads out from my groin, rapidly becoming an unbearable freezing sensation — all-encompassing and agonizing as I shake and scream in anguish. Morwenna and Sadie continue to grin as I weep, sucking the mess from each other as I squirm and plead for it to stop. The thing around my ankle feels as if it is going to cut through the bone and sever my foot. My brand emanates a Polar chill as it pulses on my wrist and the torment goes on and on for minutes on end.

Then the vision of Morwenna and Sadie fades as blackness takes over and the pain recedes.

Then that whisper again, rasping in my ear like a swarm of wasps. “You see, it will stop if you cease thinking those base thoughts. Cleanse yourself and it will be easier. In four days, it will begin. Twenty-one days later, it will end and you will be Cleansed. Non-stop agony to wash away the lewd thoughts of the flesh. You will then rejoice that we rescued you from their clutches and washed you clean.”

My vision is replaced by blank, staring orbs that slowly recede into the fog. If I could, I would fall to the ground and curl into a tiny ball.

Then another, softer voice fills my mind. “We are coming, Alex. We are stronger this time.”

A snarl emanates from the mist and Sister Callista turns back to me. She screams her Banshee wail.

“Sisters, the battle is on.”

A soft Cornish voice to my left. “Bring it on, Sis Cal. This one’s ours.”

A London accent to my right. “Come on, blind bitch — make my fucking day!”

As the fight over me commences, it sounds like a subway train braking in a tunnel. A hideous, metallic shrieking noise that rends the senses and leaves rational thought all but impossible.

I watch as shadows and ghostly images flicker in and out of my vision and tails, horns, claws and fangs rend at each other.

I always wanted to go to Heaven when I died.

If it truly is Heaven up here, then please let Morwenna and Sadie win and take me down to Hell with them.