Feature Writer: Unknown

Feature Title: Haunted Orphanage

Published: Unknown

Story Codes: Erotic Horror

Link: From Joe & Angel / 16.10.2020 (sent to LS666)

Haunted Orphanage

19-year-old Amanda Cole seemed depressed.

As a beautiful white blond teenager with D-cup breasts, wealthy parents, a role on the cheerleading squad, and even a brand new convertible she had just gotten for her 19th birthday the day before, you’d think a girl like Amanda would be over-the-moon with happiness.

But she wasn’t.

And her dotting parents were worried.

“Amanda, sweetie, what’s wrong?” asked her father, Mr. David Cole, a fairly handsome investment banker in his mid-40’s.

“Nothing, daddy,” replied his daughter, lying on her bed with her arms across her chest. She was only wearing her panties and a white halter-top.

“Are you sure? You seem awfully down in the dumps. Was it the birthday celebration? Did we do something wrong?”

Amanda’s birthday had been just the day before, and they thought she had been pleased. They had a pool-party and all her friends were able to make it. There had been plenty of food and drinks, including alcohol and wines in a wide variety (distributed responsibly by a hired bartender, of course). Her parents had even turned the other way when several of the guests began passing around drugs of various types and intensities.

After all, the guests were mostly young and beautiful and came from similarly well-off families, so why not let them enjoy life a little?

Of course, there were plenty of expensive gifts, including designer clothing and jewelry, and of course a hefty cash bonus to go on top of her already near-unlimited allowance.

The coup-de-grace however, was a brand new bright-pink convertible that her father had bought her, outfitted with all the latest features, and even one of those oversized novelty bow-ties to boot.

“It’s the car, isn’t it?” asked her father.

“No, dad,” she sighed, “it’s not the car…well…not really.”

“I knew it! It’s the wrong model, isn’t it? I’m sorry honey, just tell me which one you want and I’ll get it for you! I didn’t mean to ruin your birthday sweetie.”

Despite her depressed mood, Amanda had to giggle at that.

“Daddy! My party was just fine. You guys were so terrific to set up everything. And the car really is just fine; it’s just what I wanted.”

“Then the problem is…?” inquired her busty and luscious (yet very proper and trim) mother, Mrs. Alexa Cole.

“It’s not the car, but what I have to do with it.”

Her parents were confused.

“What do you mean, honey?”

She sighed, “I have to drive Denise to her fucking soccer practice!”

Denise was her 8-year-old, pain-in-the-ass sister. She was average in looks and intelligence for a typical 8-year-old, but she drove Amanda to the brink sometimes with her annoying habits and whining.

“Why didn’t you just say so sweetie?” asked her father. “We’ll just hire a driver to take her after school. If I had known it would upset you, I never would have asked. I just thought that now that you had a new car and have your license, you’d be able to spend more time with her. You don’t get to play together as often as you used to when you were both younger.”

“Ugh, that’s just the problem, dad! That little snot is wasting too much of my time as it is!”

If her parents were alarmed at her language, they didn’t show it. They were however, surprised by her sentiments.

“Amanda, honey, what are you trying to say? Don’t you like playing with Denise anymore?” asked her mother.

“Mom…look, you know I love the little bitc-er-brat, really I do,” she lied, “but she’s eight and I’m nineteen now. She still plays little kiddie games and I don’t. I’m a young woman now and I deserve to have my own life. I’m tired of having to take care of her everytime you and dad have to go on one of overseas business trips.”

David looked surprised.

“I thought that’s what we hired the sitter for?”

“Yeah, well, maybe…but she still whines constantly while you’re away and is always bothering my friends when they come over and just won’t leave me the fuck alone!”

Her parents looked at each other, then back at her.

“So what you’re saying,” replied David, “is that you don’t really want to play with Denise anymore?”


“Oh honey,” sighed Alexa, “why didn’t you tell us sooner? If she’s bothering you so much, then we’ll just get rid of her!”

“Wait, what?!” Amanda was shocked. “You’re joking, right?”

“Of course not sweetie,” replied her mom, “don’t you remember why we had your little sister in the first place?”

“Uh, mom, no offense, but I kinda know the whole story behind the birds and the bees.”

“Oh darling, that’s not what I meant,” she giggled. “Don’t you remember when you were nine, and you came home from private school complaining about how your sweet little friends all had little siblings to play house with and dress-up? You practically begged us to give you a baby sister.”

Amanda was surprised; she didn’t really remember such things from when she was younger, as she had been very spoiled and begged for many things.

“At first, we naturally thought it was just a phase,” explained her father, “but you kept at it for weeks, and were very convincing at promising to help take care of her and play with her and protect her.”

“As with everything we couldn’t deny your demands, and so your father and I decided to try and give you what you wanted.”

Amanda was shocked. Denise was born just because she had asked her parents for a sister? If she had realized at the time that they would have to divide their attention afterwards, she would’ve never asked for Denise to be born.

“It wasn’t hard to get pregnant again, of course, with your father being very virile. But when the results came back saying it was a boy we had to have an abortion, since you insisted that only a sister would do. Denise was our second try.”

“You had an abortion just because I wanted a sister instead of a brother?!”

“Don’t be too shocked honey. It wasn’t the first abortion I’ve had, by far. Your father only uses condoms when the mood strikes him, and it doesn’t strike him very often. If I hadn’t have told my mother about you ahead of time, I probably would’ve aborted you too. Though I’m glad I didn’t obviously; I love you so much and I’m very proud of the sexy young woman you’ve become.”

“Me too darling,” replied David, “I’m so proud of you. You’ve grown up to be a gorgeous young woman.” He reached down to rub her thigh.

Amanda blushed. She had suspected that her father had been checking out her “assets” for quite a few years now, but she was beginning to wonder if perhaps her mom had too. Not that she minded. Both of her parents were very attractive, and Amanda had experience with both sexes since the football teams got extra horny at the sight of two (or more) busty cheerleaders going at it.

And besides, her parents gave her something those jocks and busty bitches couldn’t…real love. Oh, and money too. Make that two things.

“But Denise is still young, and if you really don’t want to play with her anymore like when you were younger and she’s annoying you, then we’ll just have to get rid of her,” said David.

“The only reason we had her was so you’d play with her. But if she no longer amuses you, then we’ll just set her up for adoption. It’s you we love most of all Amanda, so if you want that little fucker to go then we’ll kick her out.”

Amanda had tears in eyes at her parents’ heart-felt words. All this time, she thought they had divided their love between her and Denise, when really the only reason they tolerated her younger sister at all was because they wanted Amanda to be happy.

“I’m just glad it wasn’t the car!” David laughed, and the two busty blondes laughed along with him.

Suddenly, they heard a sob from across the bedroom. In the open doorway stood Denise, who had overheard everything from the hallway. Tears streamed down her face and snot was oozing slowly down her nose as she sobbed at their hurtful words.

Amanda had a cruel smile and sneered, “You hear that you little fucker! They’re kicking you out because they love me more and your presence annoys me!”

Denise sobbed harder. Her mother shook her head disappointedly at the little snot factory and called her over.

“Denise, come here.”

She fell to her knees, heartbroken.

“Denise you little fucking cunt, get your ass over here NOW!”

Denise didn’t move. Her father sneered and stomped towards the door. He grabbed her by the arm, hurting her, and shoved her into the bedroom and hard against the wall, where she collapsed wailing.

“Shut up you stupid bitch!” yelled David as he slapped her hard across the face.

“You know,” laughed Amanda, “I always hated that pathetic screeching sound. But now that I know that we’re the cause of her pain, it just sounds like sweet music to my ears!”

“I know what you mean,” said her mother, “it’s actually getting me kind of wet.” She began grinding her pussy through her tight mini-skirt up against Amanda’s bedpost. Her fingers followed shortly after.

“Sounds like a fucking banshee to me!” yelled her father. “I can’t stand it! Amanda, honey, get some of your spoiled underwear from the hamper so I can shut the little pig up!”

Amanda gladly obeyed her father, and they gagged her with little trouble. Denise didn’t even try to resist, she was too weak from crying. She still sobbed through her nose, snot bubbles leaking out, as the trio stood over her smiling cruelly; the blondes fingering themselves as the dad sported a raging hard-on through his business trousers.

“All this time, you were just a toy. Something Amanda used to play with when she was younger and into kiddie games. The only reason you were allowed to live here in this house, hell, the only reason you were even allowed to exist was because she wanted a little live dolly to play dress-up with. But she’s outgrown that, and like all useless toys you’re now nothing more than stinking garbage!” yelled Alexa.

“Hope you enjoy your new home at the filthy orphanage!” shouted David.

“Wait!” interrupted Amanda, “Maybe she hasn’t outlived her usefulness yet.”

With a devious chuckle, Amanda grabbed her sister hard by the chin and forced her to stare into her cruel eyes.

“How about it, you little shit-stain? You still wanna live here in the house with mommy and daddy?”

Her tone was laced with fake sympathy, but little Denise shook her head all the same, desperate for any chance to regain the love she thought she once had.

“What did you have in mind dear?” her mother asked, still fingering herself.

“She can still be my little dolly…but now that I’m grown up, dolls serve a different purpose.”

Her parents chuckled evilly.

“Wanna play dress-up little dolly? Strip out of your clothes, now!”

Denise was too upset to move, so the two women stopped fingering themselves and ripped at her savagely, tearing her clothes off and not caring if they hurt her in the process. The only thing that mattered was their pleasure.

Tossing the little cunt’s ripped clothes aside, Amanda noticed the boner now strained achingly against her father’s pants, and her mother’s DD tits nearly popping out of her sleek dress.

“I guess it’s only fair if we strip as well.”

Amanda tossed off her top and shimmied out of her underwear. Her mother did the same with her dress, and stopped only to viciously kick Denise in the stomach with her high heels before removing her panties and using them to tie her hands behind her back, after rubbing the wet spot across her face first, of course.

Both the women turned to David who had already removed his tie, shirt, shoes, and had his pants around his ankles. His dick strained obviously against his boxers.

“Let me get that for you, daddy,” said Amanda seductively as she licked her lips and got down on her knees.

“Are you sure honey? I don’t want you to do anything that you don’t want to. I love you afterall,” he said while glaring at his unloved child as if to rub salt in her wound.

“Don’t worry daddy, I’ve seen the way you’ve been looking at me for a while. And you have just given me the best gift ever, so it’s only fair that I return the favor.”

She pulled down her father’s briefs to reveal a very rigid, if only slightly larger than average, cock. After kissing the head, she took it slowly into her mouth and began to suck her father off loudly. Her skills as a cheerleader were paying off for the family in ways other than just watching her jump around in revealing skirts. After a moment, Amanda felt her mother’s hand on the back of her head, pushing her gently forward.

“That’s my good little girl. So much like mommy. I just knew you’d turn out to be a perfect little sex angel. From the minute you reached puberty, I could tell you’d have my figure, not like your flat-chested mistake of a sister, but like a true woman where it really counts.”

Amanda pulled back from her father with a loud “pop”.

“Yeah daddy, you and mommy like these tits don’t you?” she wiggled her D cups against his cock, enticing him to titty-fuck her. “This is why you and mommy stare at me all the time, isn’t it daddy? This is why I’ve always been your precious little angel. This is why you’ve always loved me more than that pathetic turd of a sister! This is what really matters, isn’t it! The reason why parents love some children more than others is because they want to fuck their big-ass tits!”

“Yes! Oh you little love-slut, yes! Daddy loves your big tits! Daddy loves your big tight ass! Daddy loves your tight little pussy! Daddy loves you because of your hot body!”

Amanda began to tit-fuck her dad, spitting on his cock everytime it shoved upwards through her beautiful tits. Her mom wrapped her arms around her husband and kissed him passionately, whispering nasty words of encouragement in his ear.

“Just you wait daddy! This is just the beginning! I’m your little girl, so you get to have control over all of my body, you and mommy both. Just wait until you try this tight cheerleader pussy of mine! I bet you’ve always wanted to try a cheerleader, haven’t you daddy?”

Alexa chuckled, “Oh I wouldn’t worry about that dear. You were having so much fun yesterday that you probably didn’t notice, but your father stepped out for a moment with that cute little friend of yours. What was her name…Ginny?”

eSmack-pop’ went Amanda on her father’s cock, “Ginger? You fucked Ginger?”

“Heh, to be truthful with you honey, I’ve fucked quite a few of your friends. Sorry, but I just couldn’t help myself. Everytime I saw you in that skimpy cheerleader outfit, I just had to grab the nearest piece of young cunt-meat I could find and fuck eem raw! And with that thong bikini you wore yesterday, well…”

“Well you don’t have to worry about that anymore daddy! Now you don’t have to settle for second best because your ultimate sex fantasy has just become a reality! You can take me anytime, anywhere, in any position and in any hole that you want!”

“Oh gezzus yes!”

“And it’s all because you decided to turn me on by treating my little sister, your youngest daughter, like a piece of fucking worthless trash!”

“Yyyeeesss!!” he came all over her face.

Alexa quickly rushed over to her daughter and engaged in a hungry full-tongue kiss, swapping their beloved’s cock-spit as they smashed their boobs together, the pre-cum from Amanda’s tit-fuck rubbing and spreading against her mom’s chest.

David collapsed on top of Amanda’s bed, breathing hard.

“Well my dear,” said Alexa as she licked the remaining cum off her daughter’s face, “which hole would like to have your father use next, your tight little cunt or your dirty little shit-chute?”

“Oh, it’s not one of my holes he’ll be using next,” she grinned evilly. “Afterall, I share my toys.”

They both looked maliciously over at the still sobbing Denise, who had curled up into a fetal position, and they laughed.

“Should we jack our master off so he can recover faster?”

“We most certainly can,” Alexa replied as she began to stroke her husband’s dick once more, “but I wouldn’t worry about that too much my little sex kitten-and nice use of the term master by the way-when it comes to fucking little pre-pubescent girls, your father can recover quite quickly.”

Amanda gave her mother a look of surprise.

“Well, just what do think we were doing on all those overseas business trips when you were here with the little shit-stain? Your father and I fell under your spell ever since you were six years old. Of course, we could never harm you, and at the time, we didn’t want to upset you by fucking your little toy, so we took our pent-up sexual energy out on stupid little orphaned whores all across Asia. Your dad and I are genuine child molesters; monsters of the worst type! I hope that doesn’t bother you.”

“Bother me? It gets me hot! If I had known that I had that type of appeal when I was 6, I would’ve spread my legs and have daddy rip me in half! Was I really that sexy when I was that young?”

“Yes, you were dear. Even then we could tell that you’d grow up with a slut’s body just like mine. You should have seen him at those slumber parties you used to have. We’d drug your sodas so you’d all fall asleep early, then we’d undo the sleeping bags and cum and piss all over your little friends’ bodies!”

“I always wondered why they’d complain about waking up so sweaty, I guess it wasn’t sweat after all.”

“Only the sweat from his cock and my cunt!”

They both laughed as David’s cock became harder at the reminiscing of old stories. It wasn’t long before it was again fully erect.

Alexa grabbed her youngest daughter hard by the hair and yanked her towards her father.

“Which hole would you like first, dear?”

“I’ll fuck her face first so I can lube up on the spit.”

“Aww, is daddy afwaid of hurting his wittle whore?” mocked Amanda.

“Hell no! I don’t care a shit about her pain! I just don’t want to rub my cock raw against her pelvis when I shove it in, even with her bleeding all around my stick it can still hurt. Remember, I have a lot more experience with kiddies than you do.”

“Boys and girls?”

“Hell yes!” replied her mom. “When you’re monsters like us, you don’t care. Any and all holes on any little piece of child-fuckmeat, boy or girl, is enough. Just so long as they scream and squirm in pain all for your pleasure!”

Alexa ripped the soiled panties from her daughter’s mouth.

“Now we need to knock out those pretty little teeth! Cock goes down so much better when it’s just gums.”

Amanda looked around and grabbed her twirling baton from cheerleader practice.

“Let’s use this!”

“Excellent idea! Now Denise, I need you to pull back your lips and grind your teeth together.”

“Why are you doing this?!” the little snot screamed now that she was finally un-gagged. “You’re my mom! You’re supposed to protect me! Don’t you love me anymore?!”

Her mother grabbed her face in hand, and looked her straight in eyes, mustering up all the fake sympathy she could and trying hard not to smile.

“Oh honey…you’re right of course. I’m so sorry; I don’t know what I was thinking!”

Denise’s eyes twinkled with hope for a brief moment…and then blinked close as her mom spit right in her face and then smacked her straight across the mouth with the baton, knocking about half her teeth out and laughing wickedly.

“Why, you ask? Because you’re a stupid little cunt, that’s why! A worthless piece of trash! A broken doll for your sister; the one we really love!”

“We’re doing this because we can!” shouted Amanda as her mother continued to beat Denise across the face with the baton, smashing her teeth out and breaking her nose in the process. “We’re bigger than you, stronger than you, more beautiful and sexy than you, and most importantly of all because it gets us wet to see a weak, pathetic little piece of shit like you bawling in pain! Hahaha!”

With the last of her teeth knocked out or forcibly swallowed, Denise was choking up blood as her father finally slid his 7 ? inch snake down her throat.

“Oh yeah! That’s it; take it all you little whore! Swallow it!”

“Choke her good dad! Make her suffer! Pay her back for all the money and time you spent on the little shit when you could have given it all to me!”

David began to pump in and out of his daughter’s bloody and snot-covered mouth hard and fast, not caring that with her broken nose she began to turn slightly blue as she struggled for oxygen. His wife and daughter, wicked glints in their eyes, gathered on each side of his side of his cock and licked the sides of his tool as it pistoned in and out, covered with blood, snot, bile, and pre-cum. With the sight of his young bawling daughter impaled forcibly on his rod and feeling her tight slick esophagus clench around him as her tongue tried desperately to dislodge his pole, he didn’t last long.

“Ahh, I’m cummmmiinngg!”

He spurted 4 or 5 times down her throat and into her stomach before he deflated and slid out. She gagged, desperately inhaling for breath, before vomiting it all up just as quickly. After emptying the entire contents of her stomach, she could little more than dry-heave. She also pissed herself out of sheer pain and fear. The disgusting act was met by applause and cheers from the two older women, who kissed the father adoringly as a reward for abusing his youngest offspring.

“That was great!” he said panting. “I haven’t had this much fun in a while; must be because I’ve been wanting to hurt the bitch for so long. It may take me a minute to recover though.”

“Don’t worry baby. Your little minx of a daughter and I will help get you back up, won’t we dear?” Alexa winked.

Amanda nodded and leaned over her father’s temporarily deflated dick, teasing him reverse cowgirl style with the entrance to her tight teenage pussy.

“Of course. Any father who’d fuck his 8-year-old daughter to near-death just to pleasure himself deserves a reward for his nasty deeds!” She began to slide herself along his cock.

Alexa turned to her discarded spawn, “You little turd! Just look at what you did to your sister’s carpet!” She pointed at the pile of bile, vomit, snot, blood, cum and piss. “Clean it all up right now!”

Denise didn’t move, still breathing raggedly.

“I said clean it up NOW! Use your tongue like the filthy human toilet that you are!” she stepped hard on her daughter’s back with her high-heels, forcing her face into the pile of goop. “If you want to stay in this house then you’re going to have to earn your keep from now on. None of us are ever going to use the bathrooms in this house ever again! From now on, you are the toilet! Hahaha!”

Amanda and David were turned on even more by her harsh words.

“Yeah mom, make her into the tool she was born to be! Use her as a fucking toilet! Oh gezzus dad that feels so good! Suck my tits while you fuck me! Milk my flesh bags while you give me your cum!”

David began to pump into his oldest daughter harshly, knowing that unlike his youngest, she could easily take it without injury. Amanda flipped around so her dad could have full access to her delicious tit-flesh while he fucked her.

“Fuck me daddy! Fuck me! Cum inside and fuck a baby in me! Get me pregnant with another little whore so we can abuse it together as a real family! Another victim for our pleasure! FUUCCKK MMEE!!”

Alexa used one hand to finger herself and the other to shove more vile into her youngest daughter’s resisting mouth.

“Do it David! Get our little sex angel pregnant! It’s about time she learned that condoms are for losers. Teach her that incest is best! Give me a grandchild to use and abuse however I want! She loves you David, now give her a reward for all her affection; turn her into a monster like us! Make her into a sex-demon that gets off on hurting her own offspring! Fuck her!”

Spurned by their evil words, David couldn’t hold back (not that he would even if he could) and came for the third time in less than an hour, this time fulfilling his ultimate fantasy of fucking, and impregnating, his sexy and now corrupted teenage daughter.

Amanda kissed her dad fiercely and thanked him for the offering he had pumped into her fertile womb. Alexa looked at the happy couple proudly, tears of love in her eyes. Then she turned down to notice that the little fucker below her had finished swallowing all the excrement off the floor.

“Oh, is my wittle itty-baby still hungry?” she asked in mock sympathy. “Don’t worry, mommy’s got lots more where that came from!”

She turned the shit-face over and squatted, “It’s time you lived up to your name, shit-face! Now EAT MY SHIT!”

She let out a loud fart that splattered gooey speckles of brown excrement all over her daughter’s face, followed by several long greenish turds that she shoved straight down her gagging mouth.

“You’d better swallow it all you little cunt-licking toilet, ecause that’s your only purpose in life now. The only reason why you exist is to eat our waste like the garbage you are. The only thing keeping you alive is your ability to take every bit of our excrement down your throat and hold it in that fat belly of yours.”

When Alexa was done shitting, she wiped her shit-hole along her daughter’s broken nose, and then forced her eyes open as she pissed in them, stinging the now paralyzed girl badly. The incestuous duo next to her cheered and clapped loudly, then got up to join her.

The last thing Denise saw before she finally blacked out was her family aiming each other’s genitals at her face, preparing to drench her in a downpour of piss.

Denise came to almost an hour later, her body sore and still bleeding, but with her mind numb and foggy, she wondered if it was all a dream?

“Denise, honey, are you okay? Wake up sweetie.”

Denise slowly opened her eyes and gazed into the loving face of her mother, soft with kindness and concern, just as she remembered it from before.

“It was all…a dream?” she whispered hoarsely.

“Oh honey no, it was just a nightmare…” her mother’s smile suddenly turned cruel and her eyes malicious, “and it’s just beginning!” She blew a glob of snot out her nose and straight into her daughter’s eyes, and then kicked her over hard with spiked heels.

Denise gazed up at her smiling family. Her father was in the middle with cock erect once more, while on either side stood her mother and older sister, each wearing flesh-colored strap-on dildos that were just as large as his cock.

“Look what we found,” teased her sister in a sing-song voice as she waved the plastic snake menacingly. “New toys to try out on our old, useless one! Hehe!”

“I can’t wait to get at that pussy.” David licked his lips.

“Actually daddy, I wanted to be the one to take her virginity; to make up for all the times the little snot-nosed shit embarrassed me in front of my friends while I had to put with her incessant whining.”

“Now darling, I know that you’ve wanted to rape the bitch for a long time now, but I’ve wanted to cram my meat down her cunt since the day she was born, and as your father and master I have privileges.”

“But daddy…” Amanda looked up at him with her shining, blue, doe-like eyes, “it’s my birthday!”

“It was your birthday yesterday. And besides that, I got you a car, didn’t I?” he laughed.

Amanda pouted, and her father sighed, knowing he couldn’t resist his little angel.

“Oh all right, but just because I love you.”

“Yay! Thanks daddy! I promise you can have it after I’m done, or what’s left of it anyway, and I promise I’ll let you take the cherry of our child, your first grandchild, the day it’s born; you can rip it in half with your massive cock while sucking all of its milk out of my titties for yourself!” she giggled while rubbing her belly affectionately.

While standing there drooling about his new fantasy, David’s wife called shot-gun on the little fuck-meat’s ass, and the mother-daughter duo lined themselves up as David was “forced” to take the mouth once again.

Smiling wickedly at each other, the family thrusted into all three holes at once, coordinating their efforts to cause as much pain as possible as they took her remaining virginity, not bothering to be gentle. They groped and caressed each other lovingly as they did so, with Amanda and her mother fingering each other and kissing aggressively with full tongues. Denise was too weakened to resist as she slowly bled out; she couldn’t even cry anymore.

“So now that my fuck-toy is broken beyond repair, what do we do with it next?” asked Amanda mundanely, as if talking about the weather, while slapping her sister hard across the ass cheeks.

“The little shit isn’t gagging anymore, I guess I opened her up too much last time,” commented her father as he fucked harder to make up for the lack of suction. “We can’t give her up for adoption now, obviously. And she’s too disfigured to sale on any of the sex markets. I guess we just throw her out with the rest of the garbage. That’s what we did with all of your other toys once you outgrew them.”

“Not just yet,” added her mom, “I want to use her as a living toilet for as long as possible before we chuck her. We’ll plug up her ass so none of it gets out. I want to see her tiny belly bulge with our shit!”

“Hmm, just like a fat turkey…” commented Amanda with a glazed look in her eyes.

The three stopped fucking momentarily as a collective light-bulb seemed to go off in their heads.

They all laughed evilly as they once more began to pump into the once-innocent little girl that, had they been a normal caring family instead of child-molesting monsters, would have been protected and loved so she could live a long and happy life.

But to them, she was nothing more than meat.

Three days later, literally unable to hold anymore shit and human waste due to lack of space, the family sliced their little fuck-meat open, cumming and pissing all over her as they drenched themselves in her blood and degraded her verbally, despite her no longer being able to hear the words. David thought his cock would pop off at the sight of his busty wife and daughter smearing each other in blood and guts, rubbing their plump breasts together against the remains of their daughter’s innards. Amanda truly had been corrupted beyond their wildest dreams.

As they sat down to dinner that night, enjoying Denise’s disemboweled body stuffed with all the trimmings, slow-roasted, and basted in a coating of the family’s collective cum and spit, David announced that he and Alexa had been called away on another overseas “business trip”…and this time, they intended to take their now one-and-only daughter with them. Amanda squealed with delight and announced that she had a surprise of her own…and showed them a pregnancy test that read positive.

It was, they decided, the best birthday ever.

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  1. That was so hot , the corruption and the parents turning out to be such monsters , so perverted and encouraging and supporting each other in the most extreme and perverted ways , then revealing themselves to their dauhter and all three joining together in the frenzied orgy of perversion and evil , very nasy and erotic . Hope to find more of your stories if they are as good as this one .

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