Feature Writer: FOXI & Gia1978 /
Feature Title: Eve And The Serpent /
Uploaded: 07.02.2012
Story Codes: MF/f, MC, drug, anal, beast, incest, fist, size, squirt /
Synopsis: A naïve, young actress gets cast in a movie about Adam and Eve, but doesn’t realize that it’s an “adult” film of the most depraved type, until it is too late!  /

Author’s Notes: This story was first posted here back in 2008, and was removed when FOXI left. Now that she has returned to writing and posting here at KB, I will re-post it for you newer members. I am quite proud of this joint effort, and I hope you will enjoy it again or for the first time! As I stated above, this story is a joint effort by the original author, FOXI and myself. I read her story, http://www.asstr.org/~Kristen/53/eve.txt and loved it so much I decided to stretch it out, adding additional plot and character development. I e-mailed it to her and she approved of me posting it! So here it is, a double effort from me and one of my all time favorite authors! SPECIAL THANKS and much love to FOXI for being so gracious in allowing me to alter her already hot work! Kisses & Squirts ~Gia1978


Eve And The Serpent


Rachel Parker got the part easily according to her new agent. It was the story of Adam and Eve and it was to be shot “on location” in the hills of Hollywood. It was a small production company and one she had never heard of before, Original Sin Productions. Even the other actors were unheard of by her, and she wondered what type of money was involved.

Rachel was just barely eighteen-years old and had now posed for “Maxim” and two other men’s magazines. It was nothing too racy or dirty, just semi-nude stuff that didn’t really affect her career as a serious actress. She had been in L.A. for only 4 months now, having moved there from Idaho the week of her birthday with the hope of becoming a real actress.

Rachel knew she had an amazing body, one that all of the photographers loved, even back home. At just over 5’10” tall she had long shapely legs and a tight, round ass that she worked hard to keep. Even harder was the six-pack of abdominal muscles across her steely stomach, forged from several years of gymnastics and suspended sit-ups. She could have been a contender for the Olympics, but her heart was in acting, not athletics. Her resilient breasts were tear drop shaped and very perky for a 34C. Best of all, her nipples were large and long, just like her Japanese mother’s are.

Her glossy, jet black hair flowed like silk past her narrow waist, all the way to the bottom of her bubble shaped ass. Her slightly Asian, almond shaped eyes were a deep green, and her lips were full and pouty surrounded by high cheeks and deep twin dimples. They offset the deep cleft in her chin that ended her heart shaped face, just like her Father. Daddy’s family was a mix of Italian and Irish that had immigrated to America in the early 1900’s. The mix of those European cultures and her Asian mothers heritage made her an absolute stunning beauty. Rachel had been voted “best looking” & “best hair” in her high school yearbook in both her junior and senior year.

Since she was a little girl, she was constantly receiving attention for the way she looked from both males and females alike. That attention continued into her adulthood. For example, there was that time in the first week of her living in Los Angeles… She was walking down Melrose Ave. in torn and faded denim shorty-shorts and a white boy-beater, and some guy driving alongside of her was checking her out and slammed into the car in front of him. Rachel looked so good, she had actually stopped traffic!

Now, her new agent Stan was telling her that she was everything a guy wanted in a hot girl and that several major photographers wanted to book her for both swimsuit and semi-nude shoots. He was a nice enough guy, but there was something that told her he had a dark side… mostly it was the way he looked at her lately. When they first met, he seemed completely trustworthy… but after the magazine shoots, something had taken a turn, and she sensed a sleazy side in him.

But today was different… Today she had a chance to be in a real movie. Stan got her the part and told her to look her best. She removed the ‘non-nude’ clause in her contract because she was told by him that it might scare off the ‘more serious’ directors. Rachel was kind of willing to show some skin for the “right role”… after all, it was 2012, and times had totally changed!

The address took her up in the hills of the city, to an enormous mansion above Sunset Blvd. It was quite impressive and a security gate opened to let the cab inside. The driveway alone was longer than her own street in the valley! They arrived at 10 AM and once the cab reached the front entrance, she knew that this was the real thing. She paid the cab driver, grabbed her bags and walked to the huge front door which swung wide before she even rang the bell. A beautiful woman, clearly older than she was, with golden blond hair smiled at Rachel and introduced herself.

“Come on inside beautiful! You must be Rachel… I’m Brianne, and we’re all waiting for you. The rest of the cast is already here. Can I assume you’ve read the script?”

Rachel’s agent had given her what she thought was a partial script because, little if anything was on it but the title and a few minor lines and setups.

“Well… it wasn’t a whole script, just a few pages. Do you have the full one?” Rachel asked sweetly.

Brianne explained as they walked inside the mansion, “Baby you got the whole script, believe me. The director will lead you through the scenes and lines.”

Brianne escorted her through several large, beautiful rooms till they finally made it to one of the rear banquet halls that had been converted to a movie set. It was huge, with ceilings upwards of thirty feet. Plants and fake trees were in the center. Sand covered the floor and foam rocks were scattered here and there. Lighting rigs were everywhere and there were three hi-def video cameras. A dozen or so men moved quickly back and forth with electrical cables and other equipment.

She saw an area beyond the set, where two young people were being made up. A man and woman, and both were quite beautiful. The young man looked about her age, he was over 6’ tall with big burly shoulders, a defined six-pack stomach and shoulder length, surfer blond wavy hair that framed his handsome deeply tanned face. No doubt about it… this was the ‘Adam’ in the movie.

The girl to his right looked much younger and was quite petite with short pixie-cropped blond hair. She had a stunningly pretty face, brilliant white teeth and a beautiful, full body despite her being so short. She was not even 5’ tall but was sporting at least a full C cup under her sheer robe. Rachel’s mouth went dry with nerves, and she felt her stomach doing that ‘butterfly thing’ it always did at her previous photo shoots.

Brianne led Rachel to the makeup area and had her sit down next to the others. Both were introduced and to Rachel’s surprise, the young girl, named Arianna was totally naked beneath her sheer robe! Rachel was startled further when the actor, Peter, stood up and he too was completely naked under his sheer robe. His large uncircumcised cock was half erect and peeking out from the split in the thin covering.

She blushed deeply as she thought, ‘What sort of film is this? What the heck have I gotten myself into?’

Arianna came up to her, slowly looking her up and down with a huge smile on her sex-kitten face.

She spoke with a voice more befitting a twelve year-old girl, “Umm hi! Rachel is it? Oh my God you’ve so got the best part! I fully wanted it bad… but I can soo totally see why they picked you. Oh my God, you have got such an awesome bod, girl! Peter totally can’t wait to do the first scene, you already got him… like totally hard!”

With that, the tiny blond stretched up on her tippy-toes and kissed Rachel right on her full lips, turned and went back to her chair to finish with her hair and makeup. Rachel’s mind was a blur filled with confusion as to what the nature of this movie really was. The makeup artist came over to her and instructed her to strip down so she could get her ready.

Rachel hesitated and just then, Arianna noticed and returned to talk to her again.

“Hey love, you look super nervous… is this like… um… your first film?”

Rachel nodded and gulped, “Uh-huh…”

“Like oh my God! Baby if it’s your first, you totes need ta take one of these…”

She produced a small pink pill from a tiny silver box in the pocket of her sheer robe, shaped like a Valentine heart candy, and handed it to Rachel. The makeup artist smiled and winked knowingly as she handed the new starlet a bottle of water. Rachel wasn’t sure what she should do, this was all so far out of her territory.

She really needed the money and badly wanted to be an actress, so she took a deep breath and swallowed the pill while thinking ‘I guess it will help my nerves…’

Arianna winked and with a lewd grin, said in her sexy little-girl voice, “Just enjoy the ride sugar…”

Rachel shrugged and started to undress. She glanced around and saw that a few of the crew and the man whom appeared to be the director were looking her way. All of them were staring quite lustily at her body and she immediately covered her flawless, pouting breasts.

She sat in the tall chair and the makeup woman began to apply makeup on her eyes, cheeks and lips. Then she put a shimmery powder on her shoulders, breasts and nipples which, for some reason, tingled and made her nipples harden and become even more sensitive than usual.

Next, she produced Rachel’s costume; it consisted only of a small, green silk fig leaf to be placed with double stick tape over her freshly waxed groin. Her perfect breasts were to be left bare.

That little pink pill had already begun working, unbeknownst to her. Rachel could feel her large clit becoming even more sensitive than usual. As it swelled and poked its huge pink head out from behind its protective hood behind the small fig leaf.

She thought, ‘Oh my Lord, please not now… I’m so embarrassed!’

Rachel Lynne Parker had always been ashamed of her oversized clitoris. Even though her mother had explained to her several years ago, that this attribute was called ‘Cliteromegly’ and was inherited. Her mother went on to explain it was ‘common’ with all the females in the Wantanabe family. Despite this information, Rachel was still very uncomfortable with having anyone see this part of her anatomy, so much so, that she had avoided ever being sexual with anyone and was still at eighteen, very much a virgin.

Well, at least she was a virgin in the sense that she had never been sexual with another person. Rachel was a serious masturbation addict and had broken her own hymen, back home with a hairbrush when she was only twelve. When she moved to Los Angeles four months ago, she had purchased herself a nice collection of rather upscale vibrators in an attempt to quiet the ever-growing lust and cravings within her superb, lusty physique.

Rachel’s sudden strong sexual arousal overwhelmed her and she flushed with shame as her body betrayed her innermost deeply erotic thoughts. She tried to cross her legs, but as always, found that it only made her throbbing girl-cock rub across her supple thighs, feeling more intense and making her groan softly. Her nipples were rock hard and had erected just shy of an inch long. Her pussy was now so lubricated; she could actually feel it leaking into the makeup chair.

But it was her darn clitoris… her freakish ‘monster’ clit, the source of her shame and her embarrassment that had now swelled out of its hood to the size of her middle toe! It began to throb and twitch with each beat of her rapidly rising pulse rate.

‘What the heck is happening to me?’ She thought slowly, ‘Oh!… it must have been that darn pink pill I took…’

She shook her head to try and clear her thoughts as she turned to the makeup artist to ask, “Excuse me, what exactly was that pill that… um, Arianna gave me?”

She winked and replied to Rachel, “You mean the ‘Pink Thunder’? Well it’s sort of like ecstasy and the woman’s Viagra combined babe, only it works way better than the blue one! It will make you so horny you’re gonna try to fuck everything and everyone in the room!”

Utterly shocked, Rachel looked over at her co-stars… Little Arianna was now down on her knees, with Peter’s tremendous cock in her mouth. The girl was looking Rachel straight in the eyes as she sucked it deeply into her mouth and out again, leaving only the huge, bulbous head inside with her long tongue swirling around it rapidly.

As Rachel felt a light sheen of sweat burst across her tanned athletic body, as it dawned on her…

‘This movie must be… Oh my dear Lord! This is a… porno film!’

Both Arianna and Peter stopped and watched Rachel’s visible discomfort and smiled at each other with quiet giggles and sighs. Peters cock was now fully erect and huge. It must have been at least ten inches long and as thick as her own wrist! Arianna reached up and continued to lovingly stroke and lick it, making him close his eyes in sheer pleasure as a slight moan came from his succulent lips.

Just then, Brianne walked in from the other side of the room with a huge python wrapped around her neck and shoulders. She walked on the set and placed the snake on one of the fake tree limbs. She held the creature’s triangular head up and kissed it lovingly. Its quick darting forked tongue shot out to touch her full lips.

Rachel’s body was really reacting to the pink pill and she was now very hot and horny. She suddenly hoped that her brain still functioned enough to get her the heck out of there! She told herself that if she continued to do this, her career as a legitimate actress was over! Rachel had heard somewhere that porn actresses made really good money but at a very high price… She could not be a part of this…

Yet, her legs did not move and watching Arianna and Peter made her hesitate. He was pumping his huge, swollen cock in and out of her perfect mouth, fucking her pretty face as the young blond moaned with lust and her tiny hands fondled his huge, grade-A egg-sized balls.

Rachel’s body continued to betray her. That pink pill was really making her want to fuck, to let every one of her inhibitions and fears go. Frozen in her tracks, she suddenly closed her eyes to drive away the vision of the couple, but instead she envisioned herself joining them! All of her senses seemed to be on high-alert and improved… her sense of smell picked up not only her own arousal, but the unfamiliar waft of Arianna’s dripping crotch from several feet away. Her ears were attuned to the sucking sounds and puppy whimpers that the tiny girl was producing as she performed the lewd act right in front of everyone!
She closed her eyes momentarily, and opened them once more and started to shiver as she studied Peter’s splendid body, all tanned, muscled and toned. She had NEVER seen a more beautiful guy, or felt this type of desire for anything! Glancing down to the tiny girl in front of him, Rachel licked her puffy lips as she observed the coating of fine blond hairs that covered Arianna’s muscular, lower back and deeply tanned, fuzzy bubble-butt cheeks.

She wanted to run out the door, but could not break her gaze from the two beautiful young people having such awesome oral sex just a few feet away from her. Her pussy was now buzzing like a hive of angry bees and she felt her giant clitoris begin to twitch and throb uncontrollably as it grew even harder. She was about to reach down to satisfy the twitch when suddenly the director called for her to come onto the set.

The buxom Brianne arrived beside her from nowhere, and Rachel found herself instantly being escorted onto the set. Brianne positioned her right next to the tree with the huge python which curled and moved along the large false limb. The lights were so bright and warm on her sweat covered, glistening body and her head was literally swimming in confusion as she found herself quite deep in uncharted waters, so to speak.

The director came up beside her and in a soft, yet commanding voice, he told her what he wanted her to do.

“Rachel honey, you’re Eve in this picture, right? This first scene is where Eve is enticed by the serpent. You know; the original sin. The snake is going to seduce you to commit the ultimate sin… sex, ya know? It’s a well trained snake and all you need to do Rachel, is fondle it, treat it like it’s your tempter, a seducer, your lover. I want you to really want to make love to it… just allow it to caress your beautiful body. Do you think you can do that for us darling?”

Rachel’s mind raced trying to figure out what to do; stay or run. But her pussy was soaked to the point of dripping down the insides of her sleek, tanned thighs and her damned freakish clit was now so very swollen and throbbing, it felt like it was about to burst.

She just nodded mindlessly to the director and he smiled, patted her on her firm bubble butt and walked back towards the camera. All the crewmen on the cameras, lighting and sound along with Arianna and Peter watched her. Brianne re-arranged Rachel’s long hair over her lovely breasts, and handed her a huge, shiny red apple.

The set grew quiet and the director moved back to his chair behind the cameras and called for her to begin.


Rachel stood there frozen for a moment and then turned to face the huge snake. Her loud breathing was rapid, shallow and frightened. As she drew closer, the snakes head moved in her direction. Off to the side she saw Brianne smiling and nodding at her to go ahead. Rachel’s thoughts were sluggish because that damn pill was really clouding her mind, and with little self-control, she slowly moved, like someone possessed, toward the snake.

Her rapidly failing mind repeated what the director said; ‘She was to be Eve seduced by the snake’.

Her stunningly perfect body, almost fully exposed to the crew, was now totally controlled by the effects of the pill. She was so horny… so hot and so very wet. Her cunt was on fire and her muddled thoughts told her that her morals were gone… she had lost all her will power to do what was taught to her as right.

Rachel reached out with her elegant fingers and touched the tree, her supple body not far behind as she leaned against it. The snake slid down to her, its head brushing against her beautiful face. Startled, she almost moved away from it. But then her body pressed to the tree, it’s rough bark on her skin, causing her inch long, chocolate brown nipples to swell even thicker, and it made her groan in pleasure.

She barely thought, ‘Oh God… I’ve be… become a slut… a wanton whore… I’m a pornography actress…’

The video cameras were all rolling, the set was quiet and all eyes were on her. The only sound to be heard was the fake waterfall and Rachel’s loud, rapid panting. The snake slithered across her slim neck then onto her firm breasts, its scaly skin making her long nipples cry out to be sucked. She held onto the tree swaying from the intense stimulation she was feeling, her mind was still barely fluttering at the thought of her leaving right now.

But ohhhhh… never before had she felt like this. So good… hot, horny, and oh so ready. She needed to finally fuck!

‘NO!’ she thought…

‘I am a good girl! My family has raised me to be upright, pure and moral. I have been raised to love Jesus. How could these people possibly know that I am such a dirty girl inside? How could they know that I would do such a movie? I am a virgin! Did they look at me and say, ‘That girl’s a wanton whore who wants to fuck a snake?’

The serpent moved slowly and purposefully down, until its head rested over her crotch, its tongue flickering rapidly over the tiny leaf. Rachel cried out softly from the intense pleasure the huge reptile was giving her and her knees went weak.

The director firmly instructed her, “Bite the apple now Rachel…. Take a big ol’ bite!”

Mindlessly, she did as she was told by the disembodied voice and bit into it. She had no idea it was also injected with the same chemical as the pink pill, and the apple gushed it’s juice into her mouth as she bit into it once again. It was so delicious and sweet so she chewed it up and swallowed it down with a sexy groan.

The cameras focused in as her perfect body began to burn with a new urgency and need. Her inflamed pussy squirted a little mist from behind the fig leaf as the snake brushed around her pulsing crotch.

She suddenly dropped the tainted apple, and gently clutched at the snake. Her limits of morality had now disappeared completely with that last chemical inducement. She stroked and guided the huge serpent around her sexy, heavily sweating body.

That was it… the battle was over. The Serpent had seduced the virgin. Rachel Parker never had another thought of stopping what had now started.

As the snake moved across her sensitive, swollen breasts, her luxurious jet black hair was pushed away and her stunning, inch long nipples became visible to the camera. They were now so swollen and erect that they visibly throbbed in time with her huge tumescent clit, which was still hidden from everyone’s view only by that tiny silk fig leaf, still taped in place.

As the huge snake began to wind its way around her waist, Rachel shuddered and shook with lust. Every inch of her supple, deeply tanned skin was supercharged with sexual energy and it visibly rippled with goose bumps. She began to squeeze her firm breasts, pinching her huge nipples between her fingers and thumbs. The dappled sweat and goose flesh were clear signs of her fervent sexual arousal, and she appeared deeply flushed, even though she was so darkly tanned.

The second camera operator noticed the tiny trickle of pussy juice freely running down the length of Rachel’s lean and well toned inner-thigh, and he smiled as he zoomed in to capture the shining rivulets as they traveled down past her sexy, dimpled knees.

Rachel now began to pant audibly to the room as her sexual fever continued to rise to new heights. Mini-climaxes were beginning to pulse, one after the other, from deep inside her totally overheated, virginal pussy. She spread her stance a little wider as she leaned back against the faux tree.

The operator of camera two smiled once again as he zoomed in tight to her barely covered crotch, and actually recorded the tiny mist of her next ejaculation as it sprayed out from beneath the silk leaf. He had never shot a hotter girl in his entire time in the porn business!

Just then, the director yelled “Cut, print!” and walked over to Rachel as Brianne took the snake from her quivering body.

Rachel barely understood the director in her ear, telling her, “The next shot I want now honey, is you by the pool over here. I want you to lie down and remove your leaf while the snake seduces you. Nature will take its course from there, baby girl. You’re really doing great!”

Poor woozy Rachel was handled as a woman without will as she was led over to the waterfall and pool. Brianne removed her leaf revealing her magnificent, wet puffy pussy to everyone in the room.

Peter whistled and Arianna licked her lips as they both saw her huge, erect clitoris for the first time. Rachel could faintly hear the murmurs of the crew as they lusted after her perspiration coated, perfect body. Brianne helped her to lie down, and Rachel spread her legs open and she groaned, hoping the busty woman would help to relieve the urgent need in her swollen and very needy, throbbing crotch.

Openly staring at the teen’s exposed girl-cock, Brianne shuddered with desire, and licked her full lips as she placed the snake upon Rachel, its thick body moving over the girl’s hyper-sensitive skin. She returned the silk fig leaf without the special tape to her throbbing crotch, misted her sexy body with a spray bottle filled with water and baby oil, adjusted her wet hair one last time and stepped out of the shot with a knowing wink to the crew.

The director called for cameras to begin rolling again.

“And… Action!” he yelled.

Rachel could feel the snake twist and move over her jutting breasts, to her deeply muscled belly. Her mind was clouded, but her body was filled with craving and intense pleasures too wild for her to imagine. Here she was on the set of a porn film, lying on her back, totally naked, being filmed with a huge python seducing her. This was really happening… this was not acting! Her body was actually responding to the snake’s seduction.

The snake’s huge body slid down to her cunt and her grossly erected clit, pushing the leaf out of the way, causing her to groan out loud and open her legs wide. Rachel lifted her perfect, round ass to catch the serpent’s scales drifting across her freakish, needy pleasure nub.

“Ooooohhhh…. Mmmmph!” She cried out in ecstasy.

Close up views of her pleasure were being captured by the hi-def cameras and her body moved sinuously right along with the reptile. Rachel had now lost every inhibition as the pink pill and apple had taken full effect. She wanted only to feel pleasure… to cum… HARD. The snake moved around her thighs and then between them, its head was cushioned against her wide open cunt that was now dripping and spitting its juices everywhere below them.

“That’s it baby girl… let him seduce you… let him make love to you!” called the disembodied director’s voice as camera one moved in for a close up of her enraptured face.

Camera two stayed with the snakes head as it pressed against her vaginal opening. The others in the crew moved closer, as voyeurs to this bestiality treat. They waited to see this young beautiful virgin girl get fucked by the huge snake and take her innocence.

Rachel heard the director’s words as if they were coming from a distant place, and she obeyed, rubbing her hands over the snake’s body like she would a human lover. The snake responded to by doing what it had been trained to do for so many years by its mistress, Brianne. Its large triangular head moved against Rachel’s open pussy, its little forked tongue flicking across her erect and fully exposed gigantic clit and her wet and very swollen, flowered vaginal lips.

Rachel cried out in pleasure, spreading her legs even wider as the huge body of the snake slid in position between her thighs. The serpent’s head moved forward, parting her vaginal lips wide and started to burrow into her hungry cunt.

Her drugged body responded immediately, cumming hard. Several hot squirts of cum shot from her distended urethra, lubricating the snakes head as its nose entered her, and then its wide triangular head. Her body blurred into one big pleasure receptor, and no rational thoughts occurred to her again. Her body was now completely on auto-pilot. She ran her hands over the body of the snake as its tail wrapped around her neck. She took the end of its huge tail into her mouth and began sucking on it like it was a thin, scaly cock.

She could barely hear the cast and crew groaning as she brought her legs up and back, allowing the snake to slide deeper into her opening, which it did, slithering inside her soaked and dripping cunt until it could go no deeper. She began to cum again, feeling her pussy now stretched open to accommodate the snake’s thick, wide head.

Indeed it was that little pink pill that had unlocked something deep within young Rachel Lynne Parker. She was a lust-driven, sexual predator now and she needed only to be satisfied. Her pussy began to convulse on its own, once again ejaculating its juices in larger streams, splattering around her, as the serpent moved in and out of her vagina, fucking her for the very first time.

Rachel now wanted the snake to fuck her, she needed to feel the serpent moving inside her again! She reached down and pulled it out as far as the wide edge of its head, then let it slide inside her all over again making her orgasm over and over, her cloudy, hot cum juices squirting all over the serpent and down her supple thighs, running between her tight ass crack to the sand below her.

After ten minutes of this erotic action, the director called out, “Cut! Print!” and Brianne came over and pulled the snake from Rachel’s pussy with a sucking wet plop.

Her wide-open, thick labia were swollen and her tanned, supple thighs were completely slick from her ejaculatory orgasms. Rachel’s shame was totally non-existent, lying there on her back, with her legs spread wide open, she reached down and began to stroke her huge erect clit with her finger and thumb in front of everyone. Her unique member had now swelled like never before from the effects of the ‘pink thunder’. The protective hood was completely retracted and her clit stood rigid and straight from the top of her slit and was just a little larger than her own thumb!

Both Peter and Arianna now were motioned to the set, and they were both excited and ready to fuck her silly in the next scene.


The director appeared, and was once again whispering in Rachel’s ear, telling her what he wanted. However she was not capable of responding. She lay there sweating profusely, eyes shut tightly as she wantonly stroked her girl-cock between her index, forefinger and thumb, grunting in either pleasure, frustration or both.

“Rachel… honey… can you hear me?” the Director asked.

She loudly grunted in reply, “Unnnngggggphh…” continuing to stroke the huge clit.

“You and Adam… Peter here, are gonna go at it now. He’s going to fuck you first… then, you will be joined by the Angel, played by Arianna… OK baby?”

Rachel once again grunted, “Unnnnggffuckkk…” as she stroked her fat clitoris with her two fingers and thumb even faster, her drool now running from her beautiful open mouth, down the side of her slender, tanned neck.

The director turned back to little Arianna and asked her, “Uhh, does she know you’re only fifteen, kitten?”

“Nuh-uhh… I never tolded her daddy… why?” Arianna replied with her little girl voice.

“Ahhhh… fuck it! I guess it don’t matter anyway, she’s totally fuckin’ out of it!” he said with a shrug.

The director called for places, and the crew moved off the set, while Arianna followed him off to the side to gently suck her father’s big cock while he directed the first part of the next scene.

Everyone settled in and he called out, “Action!”

Cameras rolled and Peter walked onto the set, calling out for Eve. He found her by the tree, the apple lying next to her as she grunted, drooled and masturbated like a possessed woman. He looked up at the serpent hanging in the tree above her and smiled at it.

He delivered his line to the snake with a sexy grin, “Thanks Morning Star, I owe you big!”

With that he dropped down next to Rachel and began to kiss her. Having never kissed anyone before, she attacked him hungrily, kissing with the full passion of her eighteen, chaste years. It looked like amazing acting, but Ms. Parker was under a real need. Rachel’s sexual subconscious had now been unlocked, and she was acting entirely on all her years of pent up instinct and desires now.

She mindlessly humped her hips at Peter, to try to get him to mount her, and Rachel grunted loudly with animal lust as he positioned himself to enter her. His huge cock was swinging like a heavy limb. He guided his cock to her opening and thrust with savage. Rachel howled like a wounded animal as she was entered by a man for the first time.

All three HD cameras rolled for nearly forty minutes as the young starlet wore Peter, the teen-aged veteran porn star, into a tired mass of used man-flesh. It was a truly amazing display of female sexual power and insatiable human lust in its purest form. Rachel was on fire as both a woman and a new porn star. She fucked and sucked with pure wild abandon, squirting over and over as she came repeatedly. Somehow, Peter managed not to cum.

They stopped to change tapes, and the director came over and told the couple, “That was fuckin’ amazing you guys, this is going to be my best film ever!”

He attempted to give Rachel direction, but gave up as she continued to only drool, grunt and masturbate in her semi-catatonic state. He called Arianna over and told his son and daughter what he wanted to see. They nodded and said they were ready to go. Their mother, Briana, returned to fix their hair as she and the makeup girl made last minute adjustments to all three ‘actors’.

As the video cameras rolled again, Rachel got up on her knees and pulled Peter’s enormous cock into her hungry mouth, and sucked him as he moaned loudly. Arianna, now wearing a pair of feathered white wings, walked into the shot and watched the pair for a few minutes next to the tree with the huge snake. Rachel was a complete natural, sucking the young man as if she had done it hundreds of times. She stroked his deeply veined, 10″ long cock with both hands as she sucked its plum shaped head into her mouth over and over.

Glimmering in sweat, Rachel flexed her tanned, deeply defined abdominal muscles as she worked Peter’s huge prick in and out of her mouth, moaning and huffing through her nose with stunning urgency. This blow-job, her very first, was so erotic, that Arianna actually came while jilling herself, watching this beautiful new starlet suck her older brother’s cock. She squeaked loudly when she came, and it got Peters attention.

As Adam, he looked up at his little sister and said his line, “Oh hey there… you must be an angel, huh? Care to join us?”

Arianna nodded and slipped off her sheer angel robe, leaving on her faux wings and then she lay down between Rachel’s spread legs, as the drugged actress changed position and continued to suck Peters cock like it contained life itself.

With sheer greed, Arianna nosily sucked Rachel’s tremendous clit between her lips. It was the first time anyone had ever licked her clitoris. Given that, and the amazing effects of that little pink pill, Rachel came after just a few minutes under the talented tongue of the fifteen year-old, underground porn star. Once again, Rachel squirted a huge powerful stream of juice, this time across little Arianna’s beautiful and willing mouth, face and hair.

It was such a powerful blast that even the microphones picked up the hissing sound of the fluid passing from her urethra under extreme pressure. Fifteen year-old Arianna released the fat clit from her lips and happily giggled as she was absolutely soaked in the powerful spray of Rachel’s ejaculate!

The crew gasped and the director grinned, knowing he had the next porn superstar in his hands. This ‘would-be model’ would clearly be the next huge thing in underground porn, and he would make a fucking fortune! She was only into her second scene of the first day and showed unbelievable prowess, and no signs of flagging. In fact, as the scene progressed, Rachel only got hotter, and in voracious need of sexual satisfaction. The director was ecstatic! He knew he had hit the mother-load of porno talent.


Throughout the day, and well into the evening, Rachel was fucked by Peter and Arianna and several other men and women to complete the film. In the next scene, Rachel was fucked by Peter and two other men dressed as angels, taking her in all holes at once. She took to anal sex like the slut she was born to be, doing a double penetration with skill and desire usually seen in veteran women of porn. They fucked her for over 40 minutes in a round-robin, and then all three stood and jerked off on her stunning face. She cried and begged for more cum as the third man finished.

She was now 100% insatiable. The more sexual deviance asked of her, the more willing she became, and Ms. Rachel Parker delivered in spades. With every orgasm, she would unload huge streams of cum from her abused pussy! She ejaculated with the power and force of the top female porn stars doing mainstream fetish movies. She was sexually uninhibited in every way imaginable.

As the evening wore on, the effects of the pink pill wore off and she began to think clearly and was speaking again. They shot her dialog and pickup scenes, and then took a break for food and prepared for the final three scenes.

While they ate Subway sandwiches, Arianna explained to Rachel that she was indeed just fifteen and the director was her father. Furthermore, Peter was in fact, her older brother. This seemed to have a positive effect on Rachel and she was all the more turned on by the incestuous family. She rubbed her erect clit almost violently while Arianna explained how her family had been making these videos for several years now.

After Rachel drank an entire gallon of bottled water, yet another one of those evil pink pills was administered, and she was delivered further into a state of sexual fulfillment that her young mind could have never even conceived before this night. As she slipped back into her trance, she grabbed Arianna on the side of the set and started to suck her tiny little hairless cunt, slobbering, drooling and babbling incoherently as she did.

Arianna looked down and asked, “Are you sure this is your first movie Rach?”

Rachel stopped only to answer, her face shining with the teens sloppy juices, “I never had sex before today, I don’t know why I waited so fuckin’ long!”

Next, they shot the ‘Gabriel ejects Adam and Eve’ scene; where the angel Gabriel fucks both of them before ejecting them from the garden. The Angel Gabriel was played by another regular from the Original Sin stable; the very handsome Richard Long. He had been the star of several all-male titles, but had no problem fucking this delectable new starlet as well. The scene was very hot, and included both the young men double penetrating her, Rachel deep throating Peter while Richard pounded his asshole, balls deep and ended with Rachel and Dick both cumming all over Peter’s handsome face in a boy/girl bukkaki.

Next, Arianna and her little twelve year-old sister, known in underground films as ‘Little Baby Lilly’ double fisted her sister in the ‘Angels try to get Eve back’ sequence. It turned out that little Lilly was so enamored with Rachel’s huge clit, that she would not stop sucking the ever erect mini-phallus. So her father shot a full tape’s worth of his pre-teen daughter sucking the new starlet’s impressive girl-cock. Soon, she was soaked from head to toe with Rachel’s squirting juices. The scene ended with ‘Eve’ jilling and squirting all over Little Lilly and Angel Arianna’s bodies as the beautiful sisters performed a steamy 69!

It became clear to everyone on set… there were no limits to what Rachel could or would do. She had transformed into a total wanton whore, unleashed right before their eyes!

The final scene of the evening was in the backyard featuring ‘Eve’ sucking a large white stallion’s cock while ‘Adam’ and the two little Angels fucked her. As Peter fucked Arianna, little baby Lily fisted Rachel while she stroked and sucked the tremendous horse cock and swallowed as much of its huge load of cum that she could catch in her mouth. The final shot was of Rachel and the three siblings swapping the thick horse cum in a passionate four-way kiss.

The director had long recognized a potential porn Mega-star when he saw one and after shooting was concluded, he produced two documents for her to sign. First, she signed the release form for today’s movie, and second, a contract which she signed for twelve more exclusive films. Indeed Rachel was going to be the new hot underground porn star in this town.

Her next feature would be “The fountain of Eve in the Garden of Eden”, an all-girl squirting/bestiality/pedo spectacular featuring Arianna, Lilly, Briana and the brand new star of Original Sin Productions…

Miss Rachel Rain!



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  1. Mmmmm god did this keep me me fucking hard from start to juicy finish I stroked off 2 times reading this work of art, has everything illegal in it to keep me hard and dripping mmmmmm

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