Feature Writer: 19Arose

Feature Title: DEMONSEXOLIGY 1

Published: 21.10.2015

Story Codes: Erotic Horror

Synopsis: A haunting lesson – Damian uncovers a secret

Editor’s Note: This set of stories take place hundreds (and perhaps thousands) after ‘A journey into a strange mind’ had concluded.

Introduction: DemonSEXoligy focuses around a group of university/ college students in United Avonlithea Kingdoms and the UK. The university has campuses in both locations. The students make a harrowing discovery and must band together to endure the rigors of student life whilst under a paranormal threat; triggered by a strange find during an excavation in the United Avonlithea Kingdoms.

Damian Smith: Damian, an undergraduate who is currently, studying archaeology in his final year. He is normally be interested in more, academic pursuits but is often told that he could achieve an amazing body with great ease. His dark black hair was spiked to one side; with olive eyes he often caught the gaze of many girls, though he had rejected all of them. He’s body naturally athletic but he did not work on it, leaving him with few muscles than his friend, Dominic.

Tabitha Johnson: Tabitha is a grad student who transferred from the United Kingdom. She is given a huge deal of responsibilities oversees the undergraduates; she is not a stranger to excavation sites as she has been attending the trips, countless times. The daughter of the professor and teacher’s pet, she often finds herself having sex with her professor/ father, though not for good grades as she is a keen intellectual, but she has the sex just for the fun of it. She often fantasizes about being a dominatrix, only Professor Johnson knows her kinky side. During digs, Tabitha would wear cargo pants and a white vest but in class, she preferred to wear a cream or light brown jacket with sensible trousers and shoes. When she let her hair down, she sport, Uggs and yoga pants, with a university hoodie or jumper (sweaters).

Samantha O’ Connell: Sam is a recluse and distant girl, coming from a back ground of abuse, she turn to drugs and prostitution in the past, however over a period of struggle; she became clean and was given scholar ship to attend the university, if she took part in its orchestra. The emo like Samantha only chose archaeology because she was fascinated when it came to history, the thought of touching a part of history always appealed to her. She is also into the arcane arts and black magic, though she has not given her hobby much life or full attention. Her attire mainly consist dark leather trousers/ pants and dark t-shirts, wrapped in a spiked leather jacket. Though she had given up wearing fishnet stocking which reminded her of her prostitution days, Sam would only chooses to go back on her vows, when she attempts to catch the eye of Dominic. Her pale skin are riddled with tattoos, marks and piercings, however she does like to keep her body modifications, neat and orderly.

Dominic Wood: Athletic and yet calm when it comes to education; Dominic hails from an old and wealthy family who managed to keep the university from expelling him. He came to university to mainly party and have sex with as many girls as he can. Barely noticing Samantha’s plead for his attention. Tall and muscular, Dominic sports a shiny blonde combe over with the sides of his head shaved. He likes to feel like an Alpha male. Often he would wear his universities (American) football team’s jersey and other times his wear skin hugging shirts that are very in with fashion, anything that would show his muscular form.

Professor Johnson: Professor Corrin Johnson teaches archaeology at the university. After he encountered strange experience during his time in the army, Johnson decided to leave and pursue an academic path. At age forty, he became a professor and taught at the university for twenty years, and still continues to do so. He has a lustful relationship with one of his top student and daughter, Tabitha. The widower does not hold much guilt for the relationship as they are both consenting adults. Though his hair lines have begun to reside slightly, Johnson is considered a very handsome man, retaining his physic from his former lifestyle, he enjoys the fact that many younger woman fall for his looks and charm, he is a true silver fox.

Lilith: From the depth of Hal, Lilith walked the earth once more. Once she was a part of a goddess of light and hope but once the elder one separated the Divine beings from all the dark side; the dark parts of them, manifested and dwelled in Hal. That is the birth of both ‘The dark lord’ and Lilith, along with other demons. In her horned demonic form, she has lustful red skin with large bat like wings; her nails can grow into talons at her will. Wearing slutty black panties and bra, the tall demoness strikes fear when she wants to, and lust when she wants to. In her human form, she has fair vibrant skin; her hair retains its appearance in both forms. She wears very smart business attire with a smart coat and umbrella. Supported by her high heels, in her human form she enjoys infiltrating high ranking jobs such as Psychologist, Police detectives, CEOs and many more.

Amanda: Amanda is a mysterious ghost with no recollection of her life before being trapped in an artefact. Her powers are slightly based on the sexual energy of those around her but apart from that , they are pretty much unknown, for now.


Demonsexoligy 1

A haunting lesson: Part IDamian (I)

The Asthanthian heat poured down upon his neck; causing him to sweet through his olive cargo shirts and shorts. Most of the students had gone inside to seek shelter from the unforgiving condition, but not him. Still he dusted the sands that time had blown over.

Damian was a dedicated young man; he sought after academic pursuits and long term goals instead of physical vanity and short bursts of pleasure. Thought his knees were soon burning even through the safety pads, something inside of him reached out and makes them dig even more, even further.

“Here, have some water, mate. If you die from the heat; I’m going to be the one who pays for it.” Tabitha, the post graduate student and teacher’s ‘pet’ handed down the flask of water. Damian barely noticed at first, but soon grabbed it and jugged down its content; leaving the rest for later.

“Thanks, English.” Damian and Tabitha share a strong sense of banter when it came down to their birth place. Tabitha’s British accent always bought a smile to his face. The tall blonde minx stood back up and left Damian back to his devices.

Again, he began to dig; his undying devotion to his work had always become apparent early in his life. As the dust cleared, evidence of a disturb ground became apparent, Damian knew that something was hidden underneath it. The object started to show its form, the upper form of a twelve sided box was now exposed.

Damian dared to touch its filthy rough surface, breaking the dirt that had clung on to it, for possibly centuries. A strange enigma traveled up Damian’s hands and a few lighting fast shots of a young woman with dirty blonde hair, filled Damian’s mind. Damian paused.

“The fuck?” A normal person would jump and run, but not Damian. Like a crazed animal, Damian began to uncover more and more of the object, until its entirety was revealed. The young student gazed at the magnificent find, picked it up. More visions, even powerful than the last, filled his head. This time he witnessed numerous battle sequences from the past; the first was filled with armored knights fighting a battle underneath some sort of underpass and the second was a more intimate battle in a dark room with a few women and shrouded figures.

Damian staggered to the floor and eventually fell flat on the hot sands, when he rose up; the box was gone. Frantically he searched his surrounding for his new find. A couple of students and professionals returned.

“Don’t worry, bud. When you’re a professional like me, you will get to dig in sites that actually have something in it.” One of the professional archaeologist slapped Damian hard on his shoulder.

“You can count on it.” Damian smiled and then looked in his bag; the box that he had found was deep inside his olive diesel bag. His eyes widen and then he looked around, no one had seen him and nor did they care. Damian stood up and left the site with the box snug inside his bag.

As he got into the tent, rain started to pour down, the summer like weather had disappeared.

“Well, I expected that.” Professor Johnson adjusted his glasses as he and Tabitha greeted Damian, in the tent. “Tabitha, be a dear a call back all the students, I think it is time to go back to the hotel.”

“Of course, Professor.” Tabitha managed to give the professor a cheeky wink and seductive lip bite. Although they did not notice, but Damian knew what was happening between them, he grinned.

“So erm, Damian, how was the dig site?” The professor did he best to change the subject.

“Well it was alright.” Damian paused and thought deeply, this was the best time for answers. “Erm—Professor, was there any major battles taking place here?”

The professor smiled and placed his hand over Damian’s shoulder and led his to his laptop.

“Well, this site was actually the first site that I ever dug in; I came here when I was a student just like you. Ever since I found my first arrow head, I always came back here for my research and found conclusive evidence of multiple battles.” The professor typed in his computer after finishing his sentence and uncovered a multitude of pictures of old tapestries. “As you can see, this place was once known as the Grim lands, a war plague kingdom. Here you can see that a very famous battle took place here.” The professor pointed at a tapestry depicting some knights, surrounding a group of female warriors, which struck a cord with Damian, they were the ones that he saw fighting.

“Oh okay, I will do more research on that. Thank you, Professor.” Damian took his leave

“Bored already?” The profession joked

“Yes professor, every time.” Damian replied.

Dominic wood (I)

“Oh yes, screw me, fuck me.” The dirty slut screamed. Back in the hotel, Dominic wasted no time and began to have sex with as many female peers as he could get his cock into. His newest conquest was a member of the chess team and an excellent student as well.

Dom plough the bare breasted slut, as his cock seeped deep into her, Dominic leaned closer and started to suck on her perky nipples. The girl brushed her hands over his hair and kissed his head. Once again Dominic was upright and his sweaty abs glistened, his chiselled pecs made the girl even moister.

“Argg, that’s right, I am a fucking stud.” Dominic gave a few more powerful thrusts.

“Yeah, yeah, fuck me like that, stud.” The girl moaned.

“Ahhhhrg, fuck. I’m CUMMING!” Dominic tilted his head up in immense pleasure as his eight inch cock filled the condom with a bucket load of cum. On the bed, Dominic took of the latex condom and tied it up, leaving it on the side.

“Eww, aren’t you going to throw that away?” The girl looked disgusted.

“Why, are you afraid that you might give into your carnal desires and start eating what’s in it? You know, for protein?” Dominic joked.

“No, but I think you might, you seem like the protein eating type.” The girl poked his abs and squeezed on the biceps. They both burst into laughter.

A knocking at the door interrupted their ‘quality time’. “Guys, group dinner at the restaurant!” Tabitha’s voice manifested the room for about three second, before moving on to the next one containing students.

“Fuck, YEAH! Food!” Dominic jumped to his feet and the girl looked frustrated. Dominic smiled at her “Better be gluten free, though.” He joked but she just rolled her eyes.

Professor Johnson (I)

The students all gathered around the table, reading the menu. The other restaurant goers looked at them frequently; some were looked with condescending disgust as all they saw were a bunch of young uncouth animals while other looked in envy, watching the students as their youth radiating throughout the room. In the centre was a large cooked pig with salads and vegetable surrounding it.

“Hey, Tabitha. Do all your prime ministers fuck pigs?” Dominic kept poking her.

“No, you utter twat, they do not.” Tabitha snapped, drawing the attention of the professor and everyone else.

“Have you ever fucked one?” Dominic teased once more. Tabitha clenched her fist.

“No, But the girls you slept with, have.” Tabitha replied, everyone one paused for a split second and then erupted into laughter.

“That’s enough, you two. We’re meant to represent the university, might I remind you.” Professor Johnson stepped in to resolve the situation. Everyone who laughed then began to talk amongst themselves. Until the Professor grabbed their attention.

“Well now, students I have some few important announcements to make. Firstly I would like to thank you all for coming to the trip, though it is coming to a close, I will like to announce a second leg of the trip. And now, secondly, the next leg of the trip is to the United Kingdom, to meet our sister campus and shares our findings with them.” The professor raised his glass. “To, us.” The students did that same.

“To, us.”

“Professor, will we still be researching while we are there?” Dominic raised his hands as everyone else laughed.

“Yes, Dominic, we will. And there is no point in raising your hands after you shouted up your question.” The professor grinned as the student laughter grew. Dominic turn away in shame and came eye to eye with Samantha, who gave him a sweet but nervous smile, Dominic turn away from that, also.

The lights began to flicker, drawing the attention of the occupants of the restaurant. A number of concerned staff began to whispers to one and other, and then suddenly, the lights gave out, covering the room in darkness. At first everyone was went dead silent but then began to whisper and a gossip to one and other.

“Damian, Damian.” An unfamiliar woman’s voice sounded in Damian’s ear.

“Who are you?” Damian’s hair stood to attention, and then it happened. Visions ran rampant through his mind, visions of a fiery war upon stony mountains under red skies. The same woman he had seen in the tapestry and in his previous vision was leading a cavalry charge through a burning valley.

Damian lost his composure and began to breathe heavily. Another vision entered his mind, a gigantic inferno ring in the sky, from the centre of the ring thousands of winged creatures poured out. As the lights turn on, Damian stood still; stuttering and shivering.

“Damian? Are you ok?” A few people were concerned whilst others sniggered. “Freak.” Eventually the distanced Damian return to reality.

“Yeah, I’m okay.” Damian shook his head as if nothing had happened. All through the evening he would try to contemplate what he had seen, at the sign of his contemplation, people would question if he was ok.

“I just need some air.” Finally Damian decided to step out to avoid any more hassle.

Tabitha (I)

After the dinner, everyone went back to their hotel rooms to be left to their own devices.

“I’m sorry about my rude behavior during dinner.” Tabitha stood in the hotel room in front of the professor. “I’ve been a bad girl, a very, very bad girl.” She smiled as the professor approached her.

“Well then, I think it is time you make it up to me.” The professor smiled and he lifted her chin and kissed her young eager lips. Taking her top off and undoing the bra; the professor sucked and caresses her breast. Tabitha tried to take off her yoga pants as well but the professor stopped her.

“no,no,no. I have greater plans installed for them.” He grabbed her ass firmly and ushered her to the edge of the bed. “Good girls get to lie on the bed as I fuck them, but you have to bend over while I do you.”

“Yes, professor, Do me like you please.” Tabitha bit her lips and placed one leg on the bed and bend over, her legs were at a 90 degrees angle as her older lover ripped open her yoga pants, near the crouch area.

“No panties? You seem like more of a bad girl than I thought.” The professor smiled as he unzipped and let loose, his beast. Slapping her ass and fingering her hole; he prepared to deliver his ‘punishment’ but first, he enjoyed feeling Tabitha’s wet cunt moisten under the influence of his fingers. “Oh I bet you are ready for this now.”

Professor Johnson’s hard cock began to rub up and down her vagina lips, getting wet after each lap, finally, he did the honors of insert the first few inches into her pussy.

“Oh ahh, my professor.” Tabitha moaned as the professor gently fucked her with just half his size. The cock soon began to go in further, until all nine inches were fully inserted in Tabatha’s pussy. Now the cock began to thrust even harder and the professor grabbed tight on Tabitha’s hips as he fucked her, steady and hard. His firm strong hands held Tabitha in place like a piece of furniture.

The professor began to give harder and rougher pumps, causing Tabitha to moan uncontrollably, grabbing her hair and kissing her neck firmly. Tabitha’s pussy began to trickle with her moist fluids, as she caved in and started to grind up against the mature cock, she wanted to devour her lover, whole.

“Aragh, you’re an excellent slut. Just like your mother” The professor gave his daughter a quick slap across her buttocks, causing her to jerk forward for a second, before returning back to her normal submission position.

“Oh that’s right, fuck me like a slut.” Tabitha groaned. Her mouth opens wide against the bed luxury bed sheets. “Fuck me. Oh, until I cum, until—I’m cumming!” Tabitha’s euphoric moans made the professor, fuck her even harder. Tabitha raised her upper body as her legs started to shiver and shake. “I’m cummming, oh fuck, oh professor I’m cumming!”

“That’s right’ ruin my bed sheet you dirty girl.” Professor Johnson grabbed the back of her hair as she flooded the professor’s bed sheets with her juicy cum. The professor gave a few move pumps, before pulling and helping Tabitha to her feet. “Now I need you to finish off.” The professor guided Tabitha to her knees.

“Yes, sir.” Tabitha seductively replied as she took the cock in her hands, and then gave a good kiss on the tip of the penis. “Mmm, I can taste my pussy on it. Yummy.” Tabitha opens her mouth, wide and then began to accommodate the love stick, in her mouth.

“mmmh, Daddy.” The post-graduate student took delight in sucking her professor’s cock. As the middle-aged man threw his head up, in pure bliss, he gently placed his hands on the back of Tabitha’s head, guiding her, slowly and delicately.

“Can you taste your pussy?” The professor looked down and smiled. Tabitha only replied in a muffled tone and with a couple of short quick nods. As her wet warm lips touched the very end of Johnson’s penis, Tabitha began to gag, and bob her head in and out the cock.

The lights began to flicker and the professor took his cock out and started to jerk it, in front of Tabitha; who stuck her tongue out in anticipation for the hot load.

“Arhhg fuck yeah, that’s rights, get ready.” The professor was very close to climax when the lights gave out, once more.

“Bloody lights, the hotel better sort them out before I do.” Tabitha withdrew her tongue for a brief second to complain about the electrical faults in the hotel.

“Keep your tongue out.” The professor had more important things on his mind. “Arrhhh fuck, I’m cumming, yeah!” The professor gave a powerful grunt as he shot his cum into the darkness, hopefully finding its way to Tabitha’s tongue.

The light finally returned and to the professor’s delight, Tabitha’s face had been plastered with cum, especially her tongue.

“Well then, I think you redeemed yourself.” The professor began to shove his meat back into his boxers.

“So I’m a good girl now?”

“Yes you are.” The professor patted Tabitha and helped her to her feet, giving her a quick kiss on the top of her head.

“Now then, I will find someone to talk about these fucking lights.” The professor started to make his leave.

“Will you punish them too?” Tabitha bites her index finger playfully.

“Ha, we’ll see, we’ll see.” The professor gave a quick grin and then a smile.

Damian (II)

In the darken room, Damian lay. The cold of the autumn crept up the hotel windows. No more were the lands of Asthanthia a warm humble land. The strange box was placed on the bed side table as Damian started to drift slowly off to sleep.

“With all these shit happening, I should probably return that box.” He caught himself thinking as his body went numb. “Huh? What happening?” Damian lost all feeling in this body; he began to panic and sweat uncontrollable. No matter how much he wanted to scream he was left muted.

“Hush now, handsome fella, I have seen into your mind and I want to satisfy your desire.” A womanly voice whispered next to Damian. Though he could hear her breath on his ear, her voice still seemed distance and unnatural. From the corner of his eye, a young almost translucent woman in a night gown sprouted from the box and walked seductively over to him, taking of his blanket and sitting on his chest.

“WH—who are you?” Damian was taken back by the beauty of the Spector, black flowing hair with luscious red lips.

“I honestly don’t know. You stole my memories, and I want them back.” The ghostly girl giggled as she left slip her see through breast, lifting Damian’s hands cup them tightly. In his paralysis state he had no control of his hands and arms, yet he could feel her breast, like flesh on flesh contact. After a few seconds of letting him feel her breast, the ghost girl slid backwards until she was sitting on his cock.

As soon as she pulled down Damian’s pajama bottom; his six inch cock rose up. Damian looked surprised as he felted the other worldly vagina open up and swallow up his cock.

“What the fuck is happening?” Damian thought to himself; gasping for air. “This feels so good, but what is happening? For fuck sake, this is weird.” Damian’s thoughts sounded as clear and as loud as his own voice.

“I’m fucking you, silly.” The ghost replied to Damian as if he spoke directly to her. “Just enjoy.”

Damian could not fight the feel any longer, he was being pleasured by a girl who did not even have a body but it still felt good. As the ghoulish tits bounced up and down, Damian felt himself regaining some feelings in his body. He began to thrust his hips whilst trying to get into every inch of the specter’s pussy, Damian began to moan.

It had been long, since he had sex and could not hold it in, any longer. His cock tingled and he experienced a change in his breathing pattern as he had well past the point of no return.”

“Oh fuck, I’m Cumming. Arggh” Damian managed to slightly tilt his head as his cum spurted outwards into the see through vagina. The ghost spread herself across Damian’s body; kissing him and causing the loss of movement, once again.

“I have my memories back from you. Do you want to see?” The ghoulish smiled at Damian who began to stutter.

“It won’t hurt? Will it?” Damian nervously laughed at the spectre as she gave him a playful giggle.

More visions flashed through Damian’s eyes. Ones of war, ones of love, one of sorrow and ones of joy. As Damian stood and watched in awe, the ghost began to summarise and narrate. “Though my memories are not complete, I remember two wars and being abducted after my death. I do not even remember my name, but I do remember one other thing. More have followed me to your realm and the war is far from over.”

Damian paused to take in all of his out of body surroundings, “You don’t remember your name?”

“No, and I have not for a long time.” The ghost girl’s voice had hints of sorrow.

“What about Amy?” Damian suggested.

“Hmm, Amy?” She paused for a second. “I hate it.”

Damian went silent as he was transported back to his hotel room. “Amanda?”

“hmm, That sounds about right.” The newly named Amanda disappeared and reappeared by Damian’s side, snuggling into him. “Hello, I am Amanda.”

“Hello Amanda, I am Damian, Nice to meet you.” The two introduced themselves to each other and smiled.

“Okay, enough lying around. We have work to do.” Amanda patted Damian on his chest, before fading away.

“What do you want me to do?” Damian sat on the edge of his bed.

“I need you to go to a library.” The Amanda’s voice replied.

“Fuck. Can’t be bothered to find a library.” Damian muttered to himself as he reached for his laptop and opened it up. The harsh white light pieced the room as Damian squinted. “Fuck, that’s bright.” Adjusting the brightness of his screen, he opened up the search engine.

Amanda appeared once more; next to him. “So this you find your knowledge?”

“Well yes, especially if you are a student.” Damian smirked. “So what do you want me to search?”

Amanda marveled at the laptop for a while before opening her mouth. “Erm, well. Search, Popobawa.” On the screen came a picture of a one eyed bat like creature with an abnormally large penis. Damian clicked the first link he saw and read the first few sentences, before he instantly burst into a fit of laughter. Amanda slapped his head.

“Ouch. Alright, I’m sorry.” Rubbing his head; he continued to scroll down the page. “So Mr. Popo is coming around here?”

Amanda stared at the screen “I’m afraid so. He is one of the first to be sent by Lilith to retrieve the box.”

“And what if I refuse to help you?” Damian turn to Amanda.

“Well, then before the world ends; The Popobawa will sodomize everyone in this big inn, including you and your friends.”

Damian crossed his arms. “Fine and it is called a hotel. So how do we stop it?”

“The Popobawa is a low ranking demon, they normally send him to terrorize men and women, in order to keep villages weak and afraid. Good news is that, he can be killed by a weapon of iron that has been washed in salt water.” Amanda looked closely at the screen. “If you’re wondering where you can find an iron weapon, there is an old knife in the kitchen; used for decoration. I can’t pick it up because it is made of iron, but you can.”

“Oh.” Damian was left lost for words as he shut his laptop. “I will just go and get it then.” He looked at Amanda, who was standing with her arms cross.

“Well, why are just sitting there?” Amanda looked impatient at Damian’s time wasting.

“Yeah, I will just go—then.” Damian awkwardly stood up to put on his clothes, before departing the room to look for the weapon.

“Well go.” Amanda gave a blank stare.

“Yeah…” Damian left his hotel room.

Samantha (I)

He reminisced about how Dominic had denied her the attention she so craved from him, her heart ached as she wept to her bed. Before she could begin her full journey of self-loathing, her phone buzzed. It was Dominic. Samantha started to read his text out in a quiet voice.

“Hey yo Sam, sorry for ignoring you earlier. I was just reminded of that assignment report we need to fill out. Can you help? Damian is being a bitch. Tomorrow after breakfast?” Though the messages were sent in text short hand; Samantha was able to decrypt and translate them with ease.

“So maybe it’s not all bad.” A glimmer of hope flashed in Samantha’s eyes her love struck face smiled. She began to imagine Dominic naked, with his cock hanging down only to be hardened by her touch. Samantha touched her nipples through her clothes as she replied back to him. “Okay, see you then.” Followed by multiple smiley faces.

After putting her phone down, Samantha’s hands began to wonder around her lower body. Creeping under her tight leather trousers (Pants) and massaging her womanly area. It had not long since the days when she was a prostitute and she felt proud that she was reserving her body for one man at a time, but as her fingers travelled deeper into her vagina; she felt dirtier. The slutty instinct that saw her through multiple orgies and clients; were returning to her.

“Fuck me like a dirty slut, Dominic.” Samantha whispered to herself as she took off her top and bra. Topless less, she crawled to her hand bag and began to rampage through, for her vibrator. Finding the Gothic styled sex toy and return to her previous position; lying on her back. Taking off her shiny leather trousers and panties, she began to rub her clit with her index finger.

“Oh ahh.” She moaned; biting her lips and squeezing her nipples. She took two deep gasps of air as she turn on the vibrator and inserted it in her pussy. She could not stop her body from rocking up and down as she pleasured herself.

The vibrator made her pussy pulsate as her legs began to move and reposition uncontrollably. She clenched her butt cheeks as her hips gyrated forward. Her legs stated to open and close as the toy was heavily soaked in her pussy juice.

Samantha pulled out her toy just a little bit so she could put her finger back in her pussy and finger it, some more. “Ohh yes, Dominic.” She cried out as her heavy breathing was followed by body rocking even more.

Her toes curled and her back arched, “ohhh ahhh, fuck.” Erupting in sweet pleasure, she screamed Dominic’s name and then her pale body stopped jumping. Her breathing slowly calmed down as she licked her juices of her fingers.

The phone on her bed side table vibrated. Ecstatically she jumped from her bed and picked up the device. It was Dominic. “Quick! Come to my room. I have to show you something.”

Samantha paused and smiled to herself. “His dick maybe?”


A haunting lesson: Part II

Lilith (I)

The cold air loomed over streets as a vortex of wind gave rise to an array of swirling red light, through it all; step out Lilith. Red skin and horns, and a pair of black bat like wears. She wore black armoured bra and pantie and walked with a sexy stride.

“Oh, it all changed in the last couple of thousands of years.” Lilith took in the atmosphere and surroundings. She approached a mobile food vendor in his trailer; the food vendor was facing away from the counter. Observing the menu; she licked her lips. “I think I will have number ten.”

“Alright then love, but you’re the last customer of the night.” The food vendor took a quick look at Lilith; who had changed her form to a human appearance, still wearing the armoured bra and panty. “Well aren’t you brave souls, wearing that type of clothing in this weather. The food vendor said.

“Oh you have no idea.” Lilith took the hotdog and began to munch on it. “Oh, this is really good.” She said with her mouth full.

“That will be Three Asthania pounds.” The vendor placed his hands on the counter.

“I don’t really have money.” Lilith gave a cheeky smile at the infuriated food vendor.

“Are you fucking serious? You stupid skank!” The vendor held back the urge to grab Lilith. Still smiling; Lilith placed her legs up on the counter.

“I hope I can pay for them, my way.” Giving a seductive giggle, Lilith put forward her hand and was soon pulled up to the trailer. “Give a girl hand, will ya?” The vendor very much obliged as he helped her up. Lilith instantly got to her knees and kissed his cock over his trousers.

“Aright then, bitch gives me your best blow job” The vendor released her cock as Lilith took another bit of the hot dog. Swallowing her food, she began to suck the vendor’s cock. The greasy food vendor let his head back, in pleasure.

Lilith’s head move up and down the cock as she expertly used her long vixen tongue to play games with the man’s cock. Lilith decided that she spent enough time on her knee and stood up.

“Oi, who told you to stop?” The vendor looked even more infuriated down as he snapped back his bliss full state.

“No one. I make the rules here, love.” Lilith smiled as she extended her arm and brought down the metal blinders. The lights were still on in the trailer, so when Lilith finally turn back to her demonic form; the food vendor stood in fear. Lilith managed to grab hold of his cock and use her mystical influence to keep his hard as she jumped on it. She released latch on her panties which allowed the couch of the garment to open up.

Bouncing on the food vendor’s dick; Lilith began to moan. Her wings wrapped around the man as he instinctively pumped his cock into the demonic pussy.

“Ohh oohh ahhh, fuck!” The man moaned. His grunts and moans of pleasure began to increase in volume and quantity, until he gave a final scream for joy. “AHHHH FUCK!” As he gave of his ultimate climax, his’ body went limp and he collapsed into dust.

“Thank you for all of your life force energy.” Lilith managed to get back unto her feet. Fingering her pussy before licking the cum off, she took another bite of the hot dog. “Wow, these really taste amazing with cum.” She noted to herself as she left the desolate food trailer.

Spreading her wings, she flew off.

Dominic (II)

With his legs squares and his hands together, sitting on the edge of the bed Dominic stared deep at the ancient box. “How the fuck did this get in here?” Dominic pondered to himself. There was a knock at the knock and Dominic slowly approached the eye hole. It was Samantha, as she entered; a strong odour of perfume followed.

Dominic noticed Samantha’s red lipstick and freshly made hair. “Hey Sam, took you long enough. Come here.” He looked nervous as he ignores Samantha’s further flirtatious behaviour. Dishearten but not without a complete loss of faith; Samantha left the door opened and ventured deeper into the hotel room.

“So what do you have for?” Samantha ran her fingers up and down Dominic’s shoulders as she swayed her body seductively, but Dominic was more concerned about the mysterious artifact that Damian had left in their shared room, as soon as Samantha saw the box her attention too was taken by it.

“I went to fuck some blonde in her room and came back to this.” Dominic pointed at the object Samantha couched down inspect its dimensions. “Do you think Damian stole it?”

“Hmm, look like it was washed but still looks like a stolen artifact.” Samantha began to poke it; the morbid nature of the situation bought a smile to her face. “That’s pretty cool. I read a story about a haunted artifact; it would be even cooler if this had a face eating demon.” Samantha gave a deep giggle.

Dominic is slightly taken back by her speech. “This is why people avoid you; you act like a stroppy emo teen, sometimes—most of the time.” He scratched the back of his head as he took a knee to inspect the box further.

Samantha stood in silence, her heart sank even more. “People don’t like me? Are you one of them?” She looked at Dominic, who just rolled his eyes.

“Well if you were a little—fuck.” Dominic rolled on the ground to take cover as a red blur smashed through the windows. A red winged man with heavy bat like features stood in the hotel room; surrounded by shattered pieces of glass. Samantha took cover as well as the demonic creature took huge leaps to retrieve the box.

“Little human, the box is now for my mistress. Ahehehe.” The demon pinned Dominic down. “And now I will leave my mark on your body. Men or woman a hole is a hole. Ahehheh.” Dominic tried his best to overpower the creature but no matter how hard he tired; Dominic’s Adonis like muscles were no match for the supernatural strength coming from the skinny red man.

Samantha could not take it any longer, her broken heart gave way for something more menace, the rage filled her eyes and she sprung up to reach for a stool. Like a cheetah to pounce on the demon; striking his head with the now shattered furniture. The demon rose to his feet; his gigantic cock was big enough to reach her, twelve inches away. Samantha cringed as it brushed against her vagina.

“Aheheheh, It seems like my starter will be a female then, well it’s all the same to the great Popobawa.” The Popobawa looked at Samantha with his one gigantic one.

“Erm guys, you lot okay? I heard screaming and shouting. Tabitha walked into the room, barely noticing the source of the commotion until it was too late. “Oh fuck.” She turn around to alert hotel security but before she could walk out the exist, the Popobawa sprung in the air and landed in front of her, blocking the escape.

“Oh ho yo! Popobawa will get three toys to fuck.” The demon began to dance and rub his hands together. “Now form an orderly line.”

Dominic and Samantha decided to charge the beast, together but were both stopped as the Popobawa grabbed them both by the neck and held them there. “Do not test Popobawa, I have been doing this for centuries.” He gloated.

“Well tonight you stop.” Tabitha was not having any of this. She threw a well-executed punch, directly into the beast’s one and only eye. The demon let go of the students as he staggered backwards with his hands covering his face. “Now then, let me tell you, mate you do not mess with a Brit, especially when the Brit is the university’s kick boxing champion.” Tabitha went into her fighting stance.

Upon his recovery a harsh look of rage covered his face. His grizzly mouth open wide to display an array of Sharpe teeth. Tabitha was still in her fighting stance, anticipating an attack. The Popobawa lunged forward but abruptly stopped in his tracks.

Damian stood behind the demon; the iron knife coated in salt was plunged through the Popobawa’s back. “You also don’t mess with guy who has an iron knife” Damian gave an awkward pause. “Mate.”

“Popo—bawa..” the demon struggled to spill out his last words as his flesh began to smoke, and soon after, his flesh turn charcoal black before shattering into thousands of pieces; and those pieces began to shatter as well into oblivion.

When the smoke and rubble cleared; Damian stood tall and proud as get gave a cheeky wink, it seemed as if a new wave of confidence had washed over him.

Damian (III)

“So you found an artifact and decided to steal it because it called out to you?” Tabitha crossed her arms as everyone else sat around Damian, grilling him.

“Well yeah, but it’s calm. The ghost that was hidden in the box made me do it.” Damian kept looking over his shoulder to the box; hoping his savior would come to rescue him.

“And this ghost called Amanda?” Dominic leaned forward as he looked at Damian like an insane person.

“Speak of the devil and he shall appear.” From behind the group, Amanda appeared. The ghostly form shocked and frightens the group, who stood still in terror.

“Well, at least he was not lying.” Samantha added. Damian stood and approached Amanda and took her by the hand, bringing her to the middle of the group.

“So you were, responsible for the lights?” Tabitha inquired.

“Well yes, I caused some disturbance in your lighting as I searched for a suitable weapon for my knight. Amanda placed her hand on Damian’s shoulder.

Dominic burst into laughter. “Wait, Damian is your knight. How fucked are you?”

“I think he makes a fine knight. He did save us after all.” Samantha placed her hand on Damian’s shoulder as she moved in closer; Tabitha giggled and wrapped her arms around his neck. Dominic’s laughter died down.

“Well then, everyone. Before your police knights come to question you about the broken window, I must warn you, now you have angered Lilith and you too have joined the war against the demons. It is wise to get a seal marked on your body to keep your flesh pure.” Amanda paused. “Tomorrow we go in search of another artifact, but for now we rest. Amanda placed the box back on the table, before fading away.

“Well, this day was fucked up.” Dominic remarked as there was a strong knock at the door. “Well, we gotta make a story for the police, that won’t make us sound high as fuck.”

“Let me handle that.” Tabitha moved towards the door.

Lilith (II)

On the luxury bed; Lilith rode a fit young man about twenty years of age, he had chiselled abs and a long rugged hair which complemented the light stubble on his tight jaw. “Woo! That’s right, stud, give it to me!”

“Ohhh ahh.” The young man came deep inside of the demoness, but did not lose his life energy to her. The session was interrupted by the entrance of two other men. As they approached, they knelt

“My demon goddess, I see you are enjoying one of our younger members.” The older man spoke up while his younger accomplice remained silent. Lilith rose up and towered above the men.

“So good of you to answer of my summoning, Lord Farlow and Junior.” Lilith brought the two men up onto her feet.

“Yes, of course. It is an honor to meet the one who we have served for so long.”

“Yes, well. You see, before I send my boy toy on his mission, I need you to use the mystical power I granted you; to retrieve a special book I need.” Lilith’s boy toy came started to cuddle her from her behind as she spoke, Lilith responded by petting him.

“Of course, my goddess. That is why our cult exists.” The two men bowed their heads as Lilith’s tails swished side to side.

Lilith looked seductively towards her boy toy. “Let us continue from where we left off.” She then pushed him back on the bed.


After a police statement, it was conquered that the hotel was broken into by high level thieves, who were fought off and managed to escape. A scandal took place over the security issues surrounding the hotel but apart from that, there were no further harm.

In the morning, the four students had one of the markings found on the box, tattooed to their bodies, as Amanda explained it, Lilith was the most powerful demon alive and for now, the mark will keep her away from them while she is in her demonic form.

In the depths of Hal/Hell, the World Furnace acted as a Spirit engine, using the spirits of the wicked to fuel the travels of demons into our realm. Though it requires great power, it so far has managed to send two of them into our world.

Lord Farlow and members of Kane cult, began their move on the students, no mystical tattoo could keep the forces of men away. Lord Farlow and a few other upper members had mystical powers, granted by Lilith herself, before she was the queen the hell; it was the Dark lord who granted magic to men.