Communion of Darkness – Non- Fiction

Writer: Koruptdsoul

Subject: Communion of Darkness

Link: Tumblr 18.06.2021 / Reposted by Devilworkshipper

Communion of Darkness

Stand humbly before the midnight brilliance of our mighty and powerful Lord and receive these gifts he has bestowed upon us.  Consecrated by his unholy spirit, this blessed sacrament of evil celebrates our condemnation and descent into the Kingdom of Hell. Through this act of devotion we pledge eternal commitment and service to his will.

We honor and praise him by tasting the dark essence of his body and drinking the abominable fluids of filth and sin from his chalice. Through him, with him and in him we are one, we are whole and we are complete as he fills our soul with his love and his darkness. Our Father we give you thanks and praise for giving us this life. All glory and honor to you forever and ever!


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