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Here is another post regarding my personal workings/experience/worship of Azalel — The Fallen Goat Angel — this is all my information from working with him within a month — which I am highly impressed by the results since I’m still so new yet so much has come to blossom from it! I’ve also done some extensive research to get a better grasp of all sides of him.


Azazel is considered a watcher/gatekeeper. He is an extremely powerful being who holds rank equivalent to the Prince of Darkness, Lucifer, Himself. Azazel owns his own sphere within the reverse Tree of Life called Thaumiel where he has his own legion under his beck and order.

Azazel holds domain over Satyrs which he uses to do his business as stated above.

He is kind of a Jack-Of-All-Trades: Lust/Sex, reuniting love/friendship, healing/repairing friendships or bonds. philosophy, removal of pains through love, increasing popularity and he can also heal repressed trauma.

Azazel is willing to talk and hold communications with you, he is very friendly, not frightful at all.

Though be warned when he is called upon you will experience incredibly deep sexual feelings and lust, self-control is needed as well as being able to withstand such pressure. He’s a big force.

Listens to the things that you want even when you think he doesn’t.

Experiences love the same as humans do — he just knows how to express it in more mature manner and understanding.

He does have a temper when he gets upset but it doesn’t mean he will lash out.

Appeared to me first as a black goat, as I interacted with him more, his appearance changed from a goat, to a humanoid goat (like a full on goat but standing up haha), to a satyr.

In his Satyr form he came to me with blonde messy hair, wearing a green helm made of some type of thing I’ve never seen before and his entire body confirmed in dark colored fur.

Azazel, being apart of the Draconic Court — Lucifer, Belial, Ba’al, those are all the ones I can list off the top of my head — has a dragon form as well.

Can appear as a serpent with a pointed snout and colored an iridescent, shimmering, vibrant green. This can relate to his embodiment of lust.

I have not experienced any of the negative aspects of which Azazel is able to fulfill, I honestly don’t believe he has any, he is only worrisome if you can’t withstand his power.

As a satyr he also enjoys partaking in festivities and music, perhaps the offering of lute playing and dance will make a great offering to him.

Unlike Belial you can evoke Azazel, just be ready for his overwhelming presence and urges he will give you.

My personal Gnosis is that Azazel may have some Greek ties due to his Satyr form!

A wonderful teacher who brings big, big change into your life very quickly Azazel is a being you work with for a lifetime and he appreciates lifelong partnerships.

Azazel is a profound healer and an excellent being to work with if you struggle with painful energy/thoughts/memories.

His smile is equivalent to the sun shining on its brightest day.

From my research he’s associated with satyrs a lot, I have not seen his army or any of his workers that are but from witnessing his form as one I believe he very may well own an entire army of them. I do entice you all to go out and experience him on your own, but only if you’re ready to deal with some real healing. He will bring out the hurt, but its only so he could treat the pain — 10/10 demon to work with — I can’t even consider him a demon, Azazel is in his own field of species and it’s the sweetest one that can be.

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