Feature Writer: TasteslikeIniquity


Published: 23.11.2017

Story Codes: Religious

Synopsis: She could’ve been a bride of Christ, could’ve… This story was for someone in particular, and to a particular theme, so forgive the somewhat clichéd setting and unimaginative sequence of events. This story is set in a catholic school. If you feel you may be offended by what you may perceive to be a blasphemous text, please do not continue. All characters are over the age of eighteen.

A Very Catholic Punishment


She was standing in what was usually called the ‘Old Hall’, which sat towards the back of the school grounds. Over the years the church school had grown, with each generation or two adding a new building so that the estate was now a sprawl of mismatched structures.

The Old Hall was rarely used, and only opened up for indoor sports should the weather be bad. Or, should a teacher need a particularly grim place to hold detention for unruly students.

She didn’t know why she was here, but it certainly wasn’t for physical education. The thought made her swallow nervously as she pondered what she’d done wrong to land her in trouble.

In the centre on the hall was a desk and chair, and only one. Assuming that the chair was for her, she sat down on the hard seat and looked about the hall.

The floor which was covered in dark green marble slabs about the size and shape of a brick, were almost black in the dim light that leaked through the window blinds. They gave way to a dark wood that panelled the lower walls, above which, a faded white paint disappeared into the shadowy beamed ceiling.

She shuddered at being alone here in the semi dark, and also at the cold. It was always chilly here as the building had no heating whatsoever, making it particularly uncomfortable in winter or as the evening cooled.

She was flicking through the bible that sat on her desk (mostly out of boredom than any desire to read it), when she heard the crunch of steps on gravel approaching the hall. They stopped outside, then the heavy oak door swung inwards and the footsteps entered.

She wanted to look back to see who had demanded her presence here, but she hesitated in fear and paused too long. Not wanting to seem as though she was being insolent by refusing to greet the newcomer, she pretended to be absorbed in bible study. This didn’t work for long as she heard the heavy door creak as it was allowed to close freely, the weight crashing back into its frame with a colossal crash.

As she had been straining her ears for clues as to who was standing behind her, she almost hopped out of her chair in shock at the noise. It made her throw her head round to see what was happening, and as her eyes adjusted to the gloom she saw a tall figure dressed in clothes as black as his name. His shoes glinted in the dim light as he paced towards her, the soles clicking on the marble floor. His legs were long in his neat trousers and ended at the thick black belt about his waist. The only thing that wasn’t in black was the crisp white dog collar at his neck; that and his white skin.

Realising that she was now looking into his eyes, she turned away quickly and lowered them to the bible on her desk.

From behind her, too close behind her in her opinion, she heard words spoken in his deep voice.

‘Do you know why you’re here?’

‘No..’ she replied, then cleared her throat and said ‘No father’.

‘This is an institution for the holy. A place of learning and instruction. Those that enter these walls learn the law of god, and apply it in what they do in life. Some of the priests believe in the purity and innocence of those that study in these halls, but there are a few of us who are wiser and no an evil child when we see one. We know a sinner when we see one, and we know how to treat a sinner’ He said, biting the last word.

She didn’t know why she was being told this and she still didn’t know why she was here, so she stayed quiet and kept her eyes lowered modestly. Perhaps by maintaining a respectful posture she could avoid whatever she was being punished for.

‘Are you a child of god my dear, or that of his Dark Angel?’

Having been brought up by a family of mixed ethnicity and beliefs, she couldn’t find it within her to call herself a child of god, for she didn’t really know if she was. So instead she replied ‘I’m not a sinner!’ rather more forcefully than she meant to.

He paused for a second, then took her words to be a confirmation that she was a child of god and so asked-

‘If that is the case, Quote: Peter 2:13-14’.

Her heart sank and she felt her heart start to beat faster again. She knew she didn’t know that.

She had tried hard to read the bible, mostly because the nuns were never lax in caning her for not knowing the scripture. She still had red welts across her buttocks from the last time that she’d been caught out for not knowing a particular verse.

She closed her eyes and willed herself to remember, but was cut off by his voice as he started to pace behind her.

‘Submit yourselves for the Lord’s sake to every human institution, whether to a king as the one in authority, or to governors as sent by him for the punishment of evildoers and the praise of those who do right.’

He said, his voice ringing with zealous thunder. When he was finished, he bent to her ear and hissed ‘Do you know what that means?’

‘It means..it means that we should submit to lawful authority under god.’

‘Indeed it does. Do you know who is the lawful authority here?’

She didn’t want to say ‘you’ to him, so instead answered that all of the nuns and priests that run the school were the lawful authority.

‘And do you believe that you submit to lawful authority?’

She hesitated, and still unable to understand what she’d done wrong committed to answering ‘yes’ with only a little dread.

She knew that as soon as she said that word that she wished she could undo it. He inhaled in a way that made her sure she had stepped into a trap of some kind.

‘So, you haven’t done anything against the wishes of our lawful authority?’ He whispered in her ear. She had her eyes closed, but clenched them tighter as her came ever closer. Without her eyes, her other senses were heightened. She could smell a spicy fragrance to him, cinnamon or cloves. His breath was warm against her neck and the fingers of his right hand was playing idly with her hair. The closeness made ever inch of her body tingle and her heart jerk about in her chest uncontrollably.

‘No father. Please, I haven’t!’

‘You know, I am often awake at night.’ He mused as he stood upright. She wondered where this conversation was going as he placed a hand on each of her shoulders.

‘We are all sinners you know. You, me, the other students and teachers. Even the pope is not blameless in the eyes of god. Some of us however spend our nights in contemplation, for we cannot sleep and instead her the voice of god in our heads, willing us to repent our sins and live a better life.’

She listened intently as he spoke and tried not pay attention to his hands as they stroked her shoulders and one traced fingers across her throat. They suddenly closed lightly about her neck as he leant down again, this time his lips touching her ear as he spoke.

‘There are us who try to repent for our sins and then there are the unrepentant, like you. I bet you have not cast your eyes to the heavens and begged forgiveness for sneaking out at night, have you? But fear not, you will repent now.’

His words filled her stomach with dread and her eyes shot open.

She did not know how he knew, only that he must have seen her when he was up at night ‘repenting’.

It wasn’t really as bad as all that. Only that some of the girls made secret rendezvous with boys from the nearby catholic boarding school at night. It was innocent really, just a meeting to exchange gossip, scary stories and a few secret kisses beneath the trees. They had always feared being caught, but now with her studies almost over and more than a handful of night time meetings without incident, she thought they had gotten away with it.

‘God is disappointed with you my child, and I am to be his instrument of discipline. Up! Now!’

With shaking legs she stood to meet her punishment.

He placed a hand against her back and more or less slammed her over the desk. The bible that sat on the desktop jumped, but stilled when he pressed her face down upon it. He hadn’t been looking at it though, nor did he look at her face from where she lay her cheek on it’s cover and looked back fearfully. Instead he’d watched her skirt slide up the back of her soft brown legs. It wasn’t the first time that he’d watched those legs as she walked from class to class, nor the first time he’d imagined touching them. She had never been in his class and so he had never been able to punish her for her obvious lack of knowledge on bible verse. And despite this, she truly was a good student and he’d found no angle in which to punish her outside of class. He thought he’d never get the chance, for she was almost at the end of her studies and was deemed unlikely to don a nuns habit. It had been a blessing when he saw her and her friends scuttling out of the forest and back to their dorms a few nights before, but he thought it more likely to be a blessing from lucifer than from god.

Here he was with her bent over, her white socks hugging her toned calves, her plaid skirt rising up her thick brown thighs and silently he whispered a prayer to Satan. It hadn’t been his wish to become a priest in the first place and he’d long since given up caring about such heresy. He didn’t mind adding a few more sins to the stack he had already accumulated and there would be one or two more by the end of the night ‘That’s for sure’ he thought and chuckled under his breath. She turned her head slightly at the sound to look back at him, but he pressed her down on the desk and told her to pull up her skirt.

She did, slowly and somewhat reluctantly as he unbuckled his belt with his spare hand. He could see why she was reluctant, for her backside still showed signs of the square edged ruler that had obviously marked her in the past few days. The nuns were eager at beating morals into the girls, that was for sure.

‘It seems that you don’t learn from your mistakes’ he grunted, before pulling his belt from the loops on his trousers in one swift motion, so that it whistled dully as it came free.

‘You thought that no one would ever know, is that it? That you’d get away with flouting gods own laws before his very eyes and then sleep in his house?’ He snarled as he took his hand from her back and folded his belt in two. He took a step back to admire the view and his face openly showed a mad lust, for he knew she wouldn’t look back.

She held the pleated fabric of her skirt in shaking hands so that it’s shadow danced over her ass cheeks. They were firm and heavy like her thighs and dark like the colour of fresh coffee beans, separated only by the white cream of her knickers. Those were modest and undecorated, and would of been unremarkable if they were not spread across the mound between her legs. In the low light he could see a little shadow in the centre of them where they were drawn slightly inside her. He had brought her here for a reason, so he’d been on the verge of tenting his trousers for most of the day, but the actual sight of her there made his cock swell.

On impulse a hand reached out to lightly touch the inside of her thigh, close enough for his index finger to press against her panties. He could feel the warmth of her before she jerked forward across the desk at the unexpected touch. A cool smile tightened his lips, but it wasn’t humour, for he had gritted teeth beneath them as his heart beat faster. She was so vulnerable, and that turned him on just as much as looking at her, if not more.

‘I think twenty strikes will do to start, don’t you?’ he said as he put his left hand on her back and with his right, brought the belt down across her ass in a lightening strike. He didn’t start slow, for he intended each strike to count, and her shock was evident for she cried out and jerked forward again. She obviously hadn’t had time to prepare herself for the blow, especially one so hard. Her cry turned into a short whimper when he took her hair in his hand and pressed her face back onto the leather cover of the bible. Then he set about dealing the rest of the blows and insisted she keep count so that he could preach to her as he did so.

‘How long have you been disappearing into the woods I wonder? I bet you sat in class and smirked, thinking you’d never be caught.’


‘And so many Priests spoke about how good you were. “What a devoted nun she’d make!”‘


‘Little did they know you were meeting boys in the woods with those other harlots. I bet you’ve been getting bent over like a little whore for months.’

At this she stopped counting and started to protest.

‘No father. Please. I haven’t.’

‘I’m expected to believe your lies?’ He said. She began to protest again, but he was more intent on looking at his handiwork. Even though her skin was dark, he could see the marks from his belt grow redder by the second. No longer caring at a pretence of punishment, he reached out and grabbed her arse. His white skin looked great against the warm brown of hers. Better still was the heat of his blows on her skin that he could feel against his palm. It made his cock strain against the fabric of his pants, so that he had to press it against her leg as his hands were too busy to meet its demands to be touched. With it pressed against her, he gripped her ass harder, his fingers biting into her soft skin.

‘…but please Father, I mean it. We just tell stories, it’s nothing else. I won’t go anymore…’

She stopped when he moved his hand between her legs suddenly and cupped the mound between them. His middle finger pressed between her lips and she froze, dead still. She was silent in shock, for this was far beyond the realms of Teacher/student interaction. She made no noise, but her body started to shake and he thought for a moment that she might scream out. Although the Old Hall was separated from the commonly used buildings, he couldn’t guarantee that nobody would hear. As he brought his fingers away to reassess the situation, the middle digit glinted with moisture. Triumphantly he thrust it before her eyes and leant down to whisper in her ear:

‘And Behold! In doing so you have sinned against the Lord! And beware your sin will find you out!’ He cried with an air of righteousness as he rubbed his thumb and finger together before her.

‘I think the Lord has given us a sign that your punishment needs to be more severe.’ He called over his shoulder as he strolled casually to an old fashioned chalkboard and picked up a heavy wooden yardstick. She watched him from the table with wide eyes as he flexed it in his hands and met hers. He knew that his must have seemed wild for she was unable to hold his gaze and cast her eyes down quickly. It was a submission, even if she didn’t know it. The guilt was written across her face and in lowering her head she had submitted to his right and will.

He leant to the blinds at the window near the chalk board and flicked the slats open so that the warm brown of her legs shone in the early evening light.

As he walked back to her he began to speak again. His voice low and full of accusation as it build in volume.

‘You may profess to be innocent, but I don’t believe it. You are guilty as sin in my eyes.’

And being back behind her, he dealt another five strikes to her ass in quick succession so that she hissed in pain and began to shudder.

He paused for a moment and enjoyed seeing her shoulders heave Ann her legs jitter.

‘Pull down your underwear. Now.’ He said, and the shaking only increased.

He whipped her skirt from her fingers and flipped in up over her back as he watched her hands slowly grip the waistband of her cotton undergarments. She was either scared or in shock, or both as she didn’t move any further, so he bent and thwacked the yardstick across the back of her thighs. It resulted in a satisfying sound, and inspired her to pull the white fabric down over her ass cheeks. She stopped halfway over the rump and had to be prompted to continue until they were rolled to the bottom of her cheeks. They were plump and perfect, and patterned with the raised marks of both belt and stick; even his finger prints had left softer marks. As pretty as it was he wanted to see more, and another whack across her thighs prompted her to finally peel them away. As she did, a single strand of her cum strung between her pussy and the fabric before it broke as they slid down her legs.

He wasn’t a man to be overtaken by emotion, but the sight made his heart throw in an irregular beat and he was breathless for a second. He sucked in air as he dealt the last of her punishment, this time enjoying her ass cheeks jiggle with each blow. When he finished he walked to the wall, leant the yardstick against it and turned to her. With the light pouring in through the window he could see the little shimmer about her pussy and it sealed the deal. He had wanted her, and he wanted her now more than ever. He had come here with no solid intentions, only the distant whispering of his mind that he had pointedly ignored. But now he knew that he would take her and there wasn’t anything short of someone else entering the building or Jesus Christ himself materialising that would stop him from fucking this pretty little virgin. He was going to fuck her as he liked, he was going to break her, hurt her, use her as a thing to be used and completely defile her. The thought of ruining her, by stealing that innocence, brutally if necessary pushed him into a ‘high’, where his muscles pulsed with adrenaline. But was she a virgin? She seemed naive and innocent enough to be, but was there doubt?

He walked to her, enjoying the view but intent on finding out. Her breathing was just returning to normal when he reached her and took hold of her skirt which was starting to slip back down over her buttocks. He held it with his left hand, and with the right he began to explore her. Gently he parted her labia with his index and middle fingers, and with the third he gave a couple of swipes over her clit; each time feeling her legs twitch.

With his thumb he gathered up some of her cum and using it to ease his way, he pressed it into her.

There was an initial resistance, but as he applied pressure, her body adjusted to his insistence and he slipped inside.

At this, she blurted out a noise.

‘Nnnnngghhhhhnm.’ It wasn’t a no, not really. It may have started as a no, but it didn’t end as a no. She said nothing more, but from his vantage point he saw her clench her eyes shut and her ample lips part to draw in short sharp breaths.

She was tight, incredibly tight, so much so that he would find it hard to believe her not being a virgin. She may have slipped a finger or two inside herself as she bit her pillow in the dark dorm room at night, but there was no way she’d taken a dick or two. He was certain then, and made to draw his thumb back out. But beforehand, he used his position above her to press his thumb against her g-spot, at which point her legs gave out and she was only saved from falling to the floor when he brought his knee up between her legs so that she could regain her feet.

‘Are you really a virgin?’ He asked, not really requiring an answer as he unzipped his trousers and his cock literally sprung out and quivered. The end was coated in pre-cum which smeared against her skin as his dick pressed against the inside of her thigh.

‘Yes.’ She replied, and ‘Oh my god.’ She muttered as she felt him.

‘You shouldn’t call God’s attention to us right now. Not unless you want him to watch you getting fucked like a little whore.’ He grunted at her and took hold of the base of his manhood with his right hand. With the left her parted her ass until her pussy began to open and he could see her brown skin give way to startling pink. With his cock he applied his cum to her, then rubbed the head up and down over her clit to coat it in hers. This done, he pressed it against her and applied pressure like he had done with his thumb to test whether she could take him.

He was convinced to get down on his knees in order to make sure she was ready to take him, and also because he wanted to taste her. He could have kissed his way up the inside of her legs, but he wasn’t here to make love to her, but to fuck her. So he simply opened his mouth and took as much of her in it as he could and, like his thumb had done, thrust his tongue deep inside her. It took only a few short minutes of alternating between lightly nibbling and sucking her clit and flicking his tongue over it to bring her to orgasm, which rewarded him with the taste of her cum as it spilled out across his tongue. Whether or not she had orgasmed before he didn’t know, but her reaction was one of utter meltdown. Her body simply stopped working and she was limp and twitchy. He wasted no time in standing behind her and pressing his dick back against her. This time he was determined as he took her shoulders in his hands and pulled her back against him. She winced with pain but he continued until her body relented and he thrust his cock as far in as he could.

He had to take a hand from her shoulder to cover he mouth as she cried out and continued to moan as he pushed until her ass cheeks pressed against his stomach. He wasn’t sure if she was crying or not, but he held there without moving, forcing her body to accept him. He leant down to her ear to whisper that she wasn’t a virgin any longer, and kissed her softly on the cheek in a mocking way. His cock twitched inside her as he said so and he felt her gripping him.

At first her discomfort was intense, but slowly she settled and all that he could hear was her steadily breathing through her nose.

When she was still he took her waist and slowly drew himself out half way before this time steadily pushing back in. The noises she made excited him and her tightness around his shaft made him close his own eyes and groan as he drew himself fully out.

He pulled her up straight so that her skirt fell into place, then he made her get down on her knees so that she could add her spit to lubing the way. With his hand he slapped his length against her face and pressed it to her lips. She may have been reluctant before and probably still was, but almost instinctively her lips opened slightly, and as he pressed against them she opened her mouth to take him inside.

If he squinted, he thought he could just about make out a light red smear on his shaft that might have been her cherry and he enjoyed having her taste her own torn innocence on him.

‘Look at me.’ He said, and she did. He held her chin so she would not look away as he wrapped her hand around him.

It had hurt. Like the sharp pinch when you have your ears pierced and then the dull throb afterwards. But there was more than just pain, she couldn’t explain it. She wasn’t too sure it had felt good, but it hadn’t felt bad either and she was curious to experience it again. Mostly though she was in shock.

She had been a virgin just a few minutes ago. And not just a virgin, but a proper virgin, she hadn’t done anything but kiss a guy. Now she wasn’t, and she was on her knees with his penis in her mouth. She wasn’t too sure how she felt about that or anything, she was too light headed to think. She had never particularly considered becoming a nun, but she hadn’t particularly expected to not be a virgin any time soon either.

She was woken from her musing by him lifting her up and bending her back over the desk again. She didn’t protest, just pressed her cheek against the leather cover that was still warm from before and gripped the edges of the desk. He panties were still around her ankles as he kicked them apart, took her by the waist and pushed himself back inside her. This time he didn’t stop, but began to thrust into her, slowly at first but then beginning to build in speed. He tugged her hair and pulled her up against him so she had her arms straight and her palms flat on the desktop. His hands half undid, half pulled her shirt buttons undone and he took the collar of it and her bra straps in his hands and pulled them down so that her breasts almost popped out with his thrusts. She realised she’d started to make little ‘hngh’ and ‘Huhh’ noises each time he pressed inside.

His hands were at her breasts, kneading them gently as he pulled her up flat against his chest. In that position he was pressing both in and outwards against her pubic wall and for some reason it was so much more intense. And when he told her to touch herself she could feel an orgasm build and finally shatter her consciousness for a second time that day.

It was when she felt herself gush against his shaft that he held her down against the desk and, a little painfully for her, thrust himself into her again and again with such speed and force that she thought he’d break her until at last he made a long grunting noise and with one final slam, blew his load deep inside her stomach.

He held her there as he felt the last of his cum pump into her and slowly his cock began to soften. He took a step back as he pulled out, just incase he got to see his cum drip out after he’d creampied her, but she was tight enough that her body held it inside. He felt incredible as his body relaxed. The pressure of wanting her had been so intense that he thought he might have gone mad. Still, he was determined not to miss the opportunity for more.

He stripped her skirt off and tossed her bra and shirt away. He took a few minutes to inspect her fully, to see everything. Her breasts stood to attention, the skin tight, the small dark nipples high. Little dark beauty spots ran up her stomach to her chest, and he traced them with his fingers before making her squat.

Her legs didn’t seem to want to hold her, but with her hair wrapped in his hand he held her to him.

‘Now suck it.’ He said. ‘I’ve blown a load inside you, but I’m not going to be happy until I’ve seen you with my cum all over your pretty face.’

She looked at him with eyes that conveyed, well, he didn’t know. Resentment, puzzlement, anger?

Whatever it was, he slapped her across the cheek. Not hard, but enough to get her attention and to get her to mind her manners, which was a funny concept considering what he’d just done. He had her take his cock in her small hands and suck him back to hardness. This time he made her do the work, pumping his dick as he held her close enough that her lips were always pressed to his shaft. He took the opportunity to cup her beautiful breasts, and squeeze her nipples roughly between his fingers.

Only when he was close did he take himself in his own hands and began to jack himself off.

‘Take your tits in your hands and offer them up to me like a little slut’ he commanded, and enjoyed the blush that reddened her cheeks.

‘Now look me in the eye, that’s right. Open your mouth little whore…Beautiful.’ He grunted.

As he prepared to cum again, he said ‘You may not have thought about becoming a nun, but you will. They’ll call you a bride of Christ, but that won’t be the truth, in truth, you’ll be my little fuck toy, to fuck in the vestry before I tend my flock. And to fuck again when I’ve finished. You understand?’ He asked, and finally watched as a few heavy streams of cum splattered her across her mouth. She flinched as it came at her and the rest rained down on her chest and gathered about her crucifix.

‘Good girl.’ He said, as he scooped up some of his cum and made the sign of the cross on her forehead with it and whispered ‘In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti. Bless you my child’.



Her black shoes echoed on that cold stone floor as she scurried along the stone courtyard of the church. Ostensibly the estate was a Seminary, but there were buildings across the large campus for all manner of church business. The large church was flanked by the seminary buildings and at the back, behind some of the churches finance offices were rooms used by the nuns for training, prayer and even accommodation.

She had a small ‘cell’, as it was necessary, for her family lived some distance away. She still felt lonely even though she’d been here almost two weeks; she’d never really intended to be a nun in the first place. She’d been sent to Catholic school by her family, and it hadn’t been her choice. Still, she’d tried to learn as best she could. She was fluent in Latin, something she was proud of, and although she was lamentable at bible verse (the reason why her backside seemed to be permanently marked) she’d still done her best to live by the rules of the church. But she thought that would be the end of it, that after school she’d be allowed to go her own way.

Some of her family seemed to be pleased, her Grandmother at least had practically shoehorned her in this direction, with priests and nuns popping by now and then and almost carrying her off.

It wasn’t only that it hadn’t really been her choice, but that she thought that if you were going to make a commitment to it, you should make that commitment. Not only had she not made that commitment, she knew the real reason why she’d been sent her. That was because ‘He’ had told her that she was to become a nun; but really what he’d told her was to become his whore. Whores might dress up (and she would, in black and white) but underneath they were still whores.

Thinking of ‘Him’, Father Black made her stomach clench, and it clenched more when she knew that any day now he would arrive to take up his new position here. It almost made her feel faint as she skipped up the steps and into the huge church. Here, all was quiet and dim, muttered words from the bowed heads of the priests in quiet discussion and the soft patter of steps from those coming and going to confession were the only noises.

Walking slowly with her head lowered solemnly she thought of him. She’d been thinking of him ever since that night in the Old Hall and her thoughts were just as confused now as they were then. She still didn’t know how she felt about that night either, because if you looked at it plainly, she’d been forced to strip then been beaten with a yardstick before having her virginity taken while bent over a desk.

Her stomach clenched again and that was the point! It was terrible and scary, but it also made her press her thighs together as she walked. And though no sound escaped her lips, inside she’d moaned.

She tried not to think of the sharp pain when he’d forced himself inside her and the feeling of his warm spill of his ejaculate when he finished, nor remembering the light slap he’d given her across the face before he made her take him in her mouth. All of it was wrong, but the thought that stuck with her most was that she hadn’t done anything to stop it.

She shook her head and mentally scolded herself for thinking such thoughts in a church. But that was the primary concern she had, the real root of the problem bothering her…this was a place of learning and enlightenment, but the things she’d learn and the enlightenment Father Black wanted to give her wasn’t that which a nun had any business knowing and she considered herself unworthy of this place.

She didn’t really know whether there was a god, well, not necessarily a Catholic god. But she was superstitious and the fact was irrelevant, even without the fear of an almighty being peering down and judging her, this place alone added it’s solemn weight of upon her, like the very stones of this old building were a burden of shame that she must carry.

She came to a stop at the confession box and waited patiently for the current occupant to finish. Then she entered and closed the dark wooden door, plunging herself in shadow. She sat and bowed her head and spoke the next words with anguish.

‘Forgive me Father, for I have sinned.’

There was a pause, and she heard the priest turn his head towards the patterned grate before he spoke.

‘And what is the nature of your sin my child’ came his muffled words.

‘I..I..I’m not worthy to be here. I don’t deserve this position…I just…I’ve done things…I mean, it’s not that, it’s just that I don’t think that I should be here. I don’t think it’s right.’ She said, stumbling over her words and having to backtrack before saying too much. She hung her head even lower and felt her cheeks redden.

‘…I’m not sure the reasons that I’m here are the right reasons.’ She finally started afresh. ‘I think that this isn’t the path that I should be taking. I mean, I want it . . . but I don’t think for the right reasons.’

‘You..’ a reply started, before a throat was cleared, and the reply started again, deeper ‘You contradict yourself child, we all have a reason to serve, how can our reasons be wrong if they are in service to a greater being.’

‘My reasons are…’ she again came to a pause, trying to find a way of explaining her anguish without telling too much. ‘I’m here because I was told to be her. But I don’t think the person telling me to be here has the right motivations.’

‘What are you saying my child? That this person has immoral reasons for wanting you here?’ The question lingered and her heart began to beat faster.

She said nothing, fearing even to open her lips until she knew what would come out of them. Still, the pause was present and obvious, so that she found herself filling it.

‘No, no!’ She cried. ‘I don’t think…’ she started, but trailed off. She took a breath to began speaking again, but his voice cut her off.

‘You forget, child.’ Came a hard whisper. ‘We all have reason to serve. Sometimes we need to simply submit to that Higher Power, and do as we’re told!’ Father Black said as his dark eyes suddenly stared though the grate.

Her heart, which had been beating fast anyway began to flutter like that of a small bird, so that the beats became indistinguishable from each other. Being confronted by him with no preparation was like a bolt of lightning; it froze her mind and stunned her body. By the time she started to regain control of them and began to rise, he had already stepped out of the box, opened her compartment and dragged her to his. When he’d bundled her inside, he stepped in as well with the door swinging shut behind him.

There was little enough room for one person, but with two, she was pressed to the partition with the grate pressing into her back. The closeness was intoxicating, she couldn’t help but touch him, in fact, she couldn’t help but be pressed up against him. She was so scared and shocked that she gave a little whimper, it was almost comical how pathetic she sounded.

He seemed to be as worked up at the close proximity as she was. She could hear his heavy breath as his hands gripped at her clothes and yanked her against him. When they wrapped around her waist she heard the gnashing of his teeth grinding together. He pushed her hair away from her face and took her cheek in his hand before pressing his face against her other. With his lips next to her ear he gruffly whispered.

‘I don’t want to be here anymore than you think you deserve to be here, but I have obligations. At least this position has benefits, and the primary one is…’ he whispered in her ear as his hand began to draw her dress up.

‘…Pleeease, please, not here, we can’t. It’s not right.’ She blurted out, trying to back away, and meeting only the wood of the partition.

‘Why?’ He asked mockingly. ‘Because we’re in a house of god?’

And a chuckle rumbled in the back of his throat before he threw his head back and laughed. It was good that his laugh broke and was silent at its height, or people would almost certainly heard it.

‘You don’t believe in that rubbish any more than I do.’ He continued as his laugh died away.

She bowed her heard in embarrassment, still not knowing what she believed. She didn’t expect to be struck down by lightning, but she expected there would be a price to pay for her transgressions, even if she didn’t know when it would be.

‘We both know that you’re already a fallen angel, you’re no longer pure, little girl’ he groaned as he pressed their faces back together.

‘Do you really believe in all the fishes and loaves nonsense? Or the immaculate conception?’ He asked, taking her cheeks in his hands and using those dark eyes to lock hers with their stare.

‘If you do, you’re silly. No, Mary, if she existed at all wasn’t impregnated by god. What happened was that Joseph got tired of watching her strutting about, pretending to be all innocent and pure.’ He said, his teeth gritted once more as he grabbed the hem of her dress and started to yank it up. ‘So he took her as he should have, as she deserved. And just like you, she did as she was told. No doubt she had the decency to pretend to be all shocked and wronged like you’re doing as well. But just like you, she enjoyed it. Yes, that’s right isn’t it, you enjoyed it, and that’s why you’re getting all fussy.’

‘You shouldn’t do this to me, why do you make me feel like this.’ She groaned and feebly tried to push her dress down, but when his teeth bit playfully at her neck and when he proceeded to kiss her there, she closed her eyes and let her head fall back against the wooden panel.

‘That’s right.’ He said ‘for all your good intentions, you’re nothing but a little Slut’.

He finished up with a devious chuckle, which she hated him for because she suspected he was right.

She wanted to protest, but there was little point lying when he succeeded in laying a hand on her thigh. The feel of it running up her leg was so incredible that the game was up and when her body betrayed her and her legs literally fell open. Saying ‘Ohh God’ was the only resistance she gave.

His fingers were at her underwear when without warning, the confessors door open and someone stepped in.

She froze and her stomach hit her floor. The shame of being someone’s plaything was one thing, but she couldn’t imagine what her family would say when they found out she’d been caught doing it in a confession box. She made to open the door and tear away from the place quick enough for people to not be able to get a glimpse of who it was, but as calmly as anything he held her and took control of her. Before he released her, he leant to her ear and whispered with a threatening tone:

‘There will be a punishment for your confession, and it won’t be a dozen hail Mary’s.’ And the soft kiss he placed on her lips afterwards did nothing to quell the mixture of excitement and dread that flooded her stomach.


The creaking floor was intolerable, as was the repetitive series of creaks that she’d had to listen to since she got here. It was the routine of Sister Margarita, the bitter faced crone that looked after the sleeping quarters. She seemed to sleep through the day and patrol the corridors at night, the sole protector, it seemed, of the virtue of the ladies under her charge. It was almost as if she thought the building would turn into a den of vice and iniquity if she didn’t make the rounds every ten minutes. You could practically time the routine of the creaks: creak, creak creak, creak, creak, pause. And then the series would start up again.

The creaks were the sound of the old nun zigzagging the corridor, and the pauses from when she listened in on each room to make sure nobody was doing anything that could be considered fun, for fun was Sister Margarita’s real enemy.

The only relief came when her footsteps faded as she moved to the other side of the building, although you could consider not having to see her beady eyes buried maliciously in her wrinkled face a relief as well.

She always rolled her eyes when the pause came outside her own door, as if anyone could have fun while stuck in here. She casually thumbed through the book she was reading and sighed. Even though it wasn’t the bible (Sister Margarita disapproved of what she called ‘heretical literature’, which was anything other than the Good Book.), she was still bored. However, her interest was peaked when a muffled voice spoke down the hall and Sister Margarita’s voice answered in return.

‘What is it Father?’ to which another mumble replied.

‘They’re doing what?!’ Came the zealous cry of the venomous old lady and she grinned bitterly at the thought of the nun bursting in on some poor souls with her cane gripped in her gnarled hands. At least she wouldn’t be pacing outside her door for a little while. She was surprised therefore when she heard creaks approaching, but knew instantly that they weren’t the dreadful methodical pacing of her ‘jailer’. She was further surprised when a pause came outside of her door before it swung open and He filled the frame.

Her mouth dropped as she rose from her bed and a dozen questions filled it. She settled on asking how he’d managed to get in, but stopped when she realised that the people now ‘enjoying’ a chastising from Sister Margarita had Father Black to blame. The next question that came out was what he was doing there.

‘I told you there would be a price to pay, had you forgotten already?’ was his reply, and he indicated the type of punishment by laying a hand on his belt.

‘I didn’t really do anything, I don’t think I deserve a punishment.’ She said with a bit of sass in her voice, that only a woman of colour could achieve.

‘Bold words’ he chuckled ‘Call it education, call it a past time, call it whatever you like. Or simply accept it as what it is, that I feel you need to be instructed, and this is the way I choose to do it. Or even that it’ll give me pleasure, and that’s rather enough wouldn’t you say?’

She realised she was standing with her mouth open again, it seemed to be all she could do when around him. The thought came to mind that earlier today she’d been full of doubt, but just being around him had made her forget her misgivings and had replaced them with the very type of thoughts that had made her be in doubt in the first place. And thinking about how easily her guilt had evaporated made her consider what the bible had to say about how easily it was to fall into sin and how those that would tempt you into sin made it all so simple. If any man was an Incubus, it was him. He may stand here in a priests collar, but he was blasphemy incarnate, but even so, her fear for her soul seemed to melt from her mind.

‘Let me get a look at you.’ He said, and she straightened up and smoothed her simple dress with her shaking hands. She chastised herself almost immediately for doing as he said so quickly, she could at least put up some resistance to give herself some ammunition when arguing her case at the pearly gates. Still, when he told her to turn on the spot, she did so. But there was a pause when he told her to kneel on her bed; though she hurried along when he started to undo his belt.

She watched him over her shoulder as he slipped the belt off, and then watched his eyes watching her when he told her to pull her dress up, and only broke contact with them when the hem of her skirts came up over her white cotton panties; at which point she lowered them demurely. They shot back over her shoulder when she heard the main door close, and the familiar creaking begin again as Sister Margarita continued her ceaseless pacing.

‘How will you get out?’ She asked in a fearful voice, to which he replied:

‘You want me to leave so soon?’

And then, with the ends of the belt clasped in his hand, he straightened the leather by placing his finger in the loop before bringing the belt down across her ass cheeks.

She cried out with shock, then clasped her hands to her mouth and looked back at him with her eyes full of alarm. He seemed unperturbed, and brought the leather down again with two measured strokes. The sound echoed about the small cell, and she heard the steady pacing of Sister Margarita speed up as she approached the room.

‘What’re you doing girl?!’ She hissed through the door.

‘I’m…uh…flagellating myself.’ She said, then cursed herself for such a silly lie.

The act of self-flagellation, or whipping oneself had been used for centuries by many schools of Christianity as an act of self mortification. It was like whipping oneself as Jesus was whipped, and unsurprisingly Sister Margarita gave a sound of approval at her self-punishment.

‘Very good, girl. Do not spare the whip, I shall make sure nobody bothers you.’ She said, for the first time ever, sounding happy. You could practically hear the spring in her step as she continued her pacing.

‘We’d best do as the good sister says.’ He said, and brought down the belt in another two strikes. From there on his blows came as predictably as the nun’s steps, each overhand strike landing squarely across both cheeks. She listened for each whistling sound but nevertheless cried out as each swat found its mark.

She was reduced to grunting as she gripped onto the starched sheets of her bed and as each punishing blow fell, she shunted forward and felt her heavy thighs shake at the impact.

Between sets of five he would make a noncommittal sound, or else reach out to caress the skin of her backside, warm against his cool hands. And when Sister Margarita arrived back at he door after one of her rounds and insisted that she strike harder, he had her roll down her underwear so that the pain increased.

She felt then as she had in the old hall, exposed, on display and fully vulnerable to anything he wanted to do to her.

He was silent for a moment, but she didn’t look back. She knew that he was enjoying the sight, probably as the soft brown of her skin turned to red. With his hand he gave one last stroke of her skin and this time his hand brushed across her tender labia, causing her to shudder and gasp out loud.

Then he drew in a breath as he raised the belt and she readied herself for the next round. This time he took the sister at her word and his whipping was all the more fierce. She could feel her eyes prick with tears as she waited for the footsteps to come back again, the first time that she had ever wished them to come round again quicker. She could have blessed the old lady when the pause outside her door finally came.

It’s amazing how quickly feelings can change when instead of bringing her relief, the word ‘Harder!’ came through the wood, and he obliged her and then obliged her again.

And when the final ‘HARDER!’ came and he forced her headfirst into the sheets so that her ass was thrust high, the final blow fell not just on her sore cheeks but also on the soft mound of her pussy as it protruded from her thighs.

With that last blow she flew forward and collapsed on the sheets with a scream. The pain was intense and she started to shake violently, and it was only when the old crone cooed a satisfied ‘Good’ did she realise that her spasms were not just of pain, but those of an orgasm that tore through her shattered body.

He let her lay there, immobilised by her shuddering as he tossed his belt over the chair at her desk and then began to strip. She did nothing but just watched him as he took his clothes off, and gaped like a fish out of water; her mouth opening and closing uselessly.

She hadn’t nearly recovered when he got on his knees behind her and bodily picked her up and set her back on her hands and knees. He didn’t seem to take it into consideration, and proved it by slapping the thick length of his cock against her pussy. It was nothing compared to the blow she’d just been dealt, but she winced regardless and gasped loudly when he began to press his shaft inside her. She was surprised by how wet she was, but he still had trouble forcing himself inside her.

It was his turn to sigh out loud when he successful pressed the head in and he slid further inside. He began to work the rest in with his thrusts, each time he drew out and pushed back in, he forced her to take more of him within. His hands pushed her dress up over her back and he gripped her about the waist as he built up speed. She began to remember that first night again, the feel of his cock squeezing her outwards, but it was still such a new experience that she couldn’t focus much on anything other than trying to stay upright on her shaky limbs and trying to time her breaths for when he slid out, for when he slammed back in, all air was driven from her lungs. She didn’t even have the spare mental capacity to listen to Sister Margarita’s footsteps, something she thought she could do in her sleep.

When the old bat was outside her door yet again, she didn’t know how she would take the ‘hnghh, hnghh, hnghh’ noises coming from the room, but the old lady must’ve taken them for pained gasped, for she said in a voice that was still full of satisfaction ‘Fear not child, for what you do, you’ve done in service to the Lord.’ She heard him snort from behind her.

Then the footsteps receded again, but his attention didn’t. He used the absence of the nun to take the fabric of her dress in each hand, and without stopping his thrusts, he tore it straight down the back in two great tears so that the sound of ripping material echoed about the small room. This done, he dragged it over her shoulders so that it fell in tatters about her wrists. If that wasn’t rude as it was, after giving her breasts a rough squeeze, he placed his hands on her bruised ass cheeks and gripped harshly as he began to fuck her harder than ever.

She swore she could feel every stroke he’d dealt her as he squeezed and rubbed each cheek.She didn’t think that pain could be such a stimulant, but his hands rubbing her tender rump felt almost as good as her own shameful explorations of her body did when she laid in her bed at night and thought of him.

She was less sure though when he placed a thumb against her arsehole and began to rub the tip over it. In shock she reached back and made to grip his wrist, but he just slapped her hand away and forced her head down so he could give her a few spanks to her tender cheeks. Then he humiliated her further by making her lube the thick digit with her mouth before placing it back against that tight hole and began to massage it inside her as he started thrusting again. She wasn’t sure, but she knew that if having him put himself inside her pussy was a sin, putting something in her arse was worse. Still, meekly she did nothing and let him use her as he wished.

When his grunting grew louder, he took her in his arms and flipped her over so she was on her back. He ripped away what was left of her dress and tossed it onto her bed as he stood and pulled her to the edge. He took her legs and placed her ankles over his shoulders as he put himself back inside her. She’d never been able to look at him while they fucked before, and she found it both incredible sexy and a little scary. His dark eyes were intimidating at the best of times, but right now the glowed with a fierce intensity. Whether it was anger, lust or some other emotion she couldn’t tell, but she just looked at his burning eyes as he fucked down into her. His hands held her breasts as they jiggled each time he slammed into her, but it was better when he placed one thumb against her clit as he crammed his dick into her, and placed the other in her mouth. She didn’t even care that it had been the one that had but minutes before been in her arse, to be honest she didn’t care much about anything as another orgasm built and cascaded through her body.

He seemed to take inspiration from it and pressed her knees back against her chest and began to fuck her faster than ever before. She couldn’t work out whether it was pleasurable or painful but didn’t have time to figure it out when he practically shouted as he pulled out and with a few quick jerks, shot his load all over her. It seemed to keep coming, long streams that splattered against her puffy pussy lips and even shot so far as her breasts so that a few droplets even peppered her chin.

He stumbled back from her and leant against the desk as he caught his breath, but his eyes never left her. She too did what she could to control her breath, but he beat her to it, and when he was ready he crossed to her. Sitting her on the edge of the bed so that she was level with his stomach, he had her take him in his mouth before he scooped up the drops on her chin for her to suck. Then he took the pitiful remnants of her dress and cleaned the rest of her.

She didn’t remember much of the next few moments, but they were the most tender as he held her against him, their naked bodies warming each other. She even helped him dress after, threading the belt that had just been used to whip her through its hoops. And when she’d promised to meet him again the next day, he kissed her on the lips and left. One wink was all he gave over his shoulder as he walked from her room carelessly and left her sore, lightheaded and once again unsure as to how she felt.


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