A glimpse of Lilith by Hoku Lani – Non- Fiction

Writer: Hoku Lani

Subject: A glimpse of Lilith

Link: MEWE / 24.06.2021 / A glimpe of Lilith video 

A glimpse of Lilith

Tonight I meditated and listened to the following, in front of the dedicated space I made to Honor our Beloved Mother.  https://youtu.be/apeKeBJksW0   … As the Dragonsblood incense filled the space and the gentle rhythm of the chant I orgasmed to honor Lilith and settled into the chant as I meditated and performed my chakras. 

Eventually this is what I was shown, as follows — As the ancient reddish brown desert, flew past beneath me, I perceived that I was looking through the eyes of another being or entity. As my view shifted and pulled away I saw a beautiful owl flying majestically above the desert landscape. As if someone cut away to another scene in a movie, I was in a cave and I observed, sitting by the fire a woman hidden in shadows, she was older and the long curly read hair was falling over her breasts as she tended the fire. I can not explain why she was obscured by shadows as the fire was between her and myself. Looking away from the woman and fire, i cast my gaze to the left and deeper in the cave. This is when I saw my desired Earthly avatar momentarily, nude and covered with all the tattoos I have been desiring. As I strained my eyes to make out the details and to see more of myself, my avatar was clothed in what I would say were ancient white robes, similar to Greek attire from days long past.

I recognized The Divine Mother and I asked for knowledge. I was shown a purple, blue and green iris with a line starting from the bottom left and in a 45 degree angle passed over the iris and stoped at the top. The line was black and had four small lines, similar to a child drawing stitches. What does it mean, i asked is it the cosmos or the old ones? When I know I will share — Hail Lilith and Hail Lucifer, our Divine Mother and Father.

2 thoughts on “A glimpse of Lilith by Hoku Lani – Non- Fiction”

  1. Thanks for this. I feel strongly drawn to Lilith, and I am deeply interested to learn about how best to work with her, and worship her as my Mother, and Queen.

    I’m particularly interested in why I find myself drawn to Her when what made me a a Satanist was a vision of Leviathan. Why I am drawn to Her, rather than to Him, puzzles me. He is obviously my Patron, but it is Her whom I’m feeling in my heart, and to whom I feel devoted:

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